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Motorola Moto G Play appears on Geekbench; lists tips about 3 GB RAM, Android 10 OS and more-Technology News, Firstpost | Instant News

A new Motorola device is temporarily called “Moto G Play (2021)” Geekbench recent. The list shows some key specifications of the upcoming device.Data from Geekbench The database shows that Moto G Play will be equipped with 3 GB RAM and can run on Android 10.Although no information about the launch date or the processor used is mentioned, the source code of the product Geekbench It has been shown that the device will be powered by the Adreno 610 GPU.

Motorola Moto G10 playback.Picture: Voice

The list was originally discovered by a technical publication MySmartPrice The report believes that the eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 chipset may be the processor installed in the device. It is not clear whether the model will see stored variables.

The cross-platform processor benchmark test also scored for Moto G Play. Scored 253 points in the single-core test and 1,233 points in the multi-core test. Its appearance in the database suggests that Motorola may soon announce details about the phone’s manufacturing and release dates.

Earlier this month, the popular secret Steve Hemmerstoffer (Steve Hemmerstoffer) used the username leakage, Provides some insights into the design of Moto equipment.in Blog post, He talked about the successor model of Moto G9 Play, the model of this model is XT-2117. He suggested that the model could be called Motorola Moto G10 Play.

The device measures 165.3 x 75.4 x 9.5 mm and may have a 6.5-inch flat panel display. Although still retaining specific camera specifications, leakage A three-camera system that can report that there is a square camera bump on the back. This design is very similar to Moto G9 Play. Motorola XT-2117 has obtained FCC and TÜVRheinland certification.


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Kiwi’s father, Craig MacLugash, was killed in a motorcycle accident in Brazil | Instant News

Kiwi Craig MacLugash, second from right, lives in Brazil with his wife Simone MacLugash, son Braedyn MacLugash, 11, and daughter Islay-Karyn MacLugash, 14. Photo / Provided

A Kiwi who dies while riding a motorbike with friends in Brazil is remembered as a loving father and husband who made friends around the world.

Former Auckland business owner Craig MacLugash died on November 7 after colliding with a water truck near his home in Votuporanga, 500 km inland from Sao Paulo.

The 52-year-old is survived by his wife, Simone, daughter Islay-Karyn, 14, and son Braedyn, 11.

MacLugash’s mother and stepfather, Joclyn and Ian Trethowen, spoke with the Herald from their home in Auckland today.

Her son, a successful entrepreneur who retired early, was someone who always worked hard, and who won many friendships, said Joclyn Trethowen.

“He has lots of friends … [and] he is a good father. Children were taken to many places. “

Auckland couple Joclyn and Ian Trethowen lost their son and stepson, Craig MacLugash, in a motorcycle crash in Brazil on November 7.  Photo / Cherie Howie
Auckland couple Joclyn and Ian Trethowen lost their son and stepson, Craig MacLugash, in a motorcycle accident in Brazil on November 7. Photo / Cherie Howie

Māngere College-educated MacLugash has a passion for rugby league, starting in his youth as central midfielder for the Manukau Magpies and then playing in the club’s rugby league in England, and also has deep ties to his father’s home country of Scotland, says Ian Trethowen.

“Very little he doesn’t know about the league. And he is very proud of his Scottish heritage. When he went there, he learned Gaelic, and he was very involved in the Highland Games here.

“She even married in a skirt.”

MacLugash worked as baggage handler for Air New Zealand prior to his electrical apprenticeship and in his 30s has started, with co-owner, construction and maintenance company Total Property Worx.

MacLugash sold half of his business three years ago and is following his dream of moving his family to Simone’s home country of Brazil.

But he’s starting to think about moving closer to home, says Ian Trethowen.

“He’s determined to buy property on the Gold Coast next year.”

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His stepson loved Harley-Davidson motorcycles and bought his own motorbike from the United States.

“He goes horse riding every weekend and enjoys life.”

His family doesn’t know what caused the accident because MacLugash was speeding ahead of others in his motorbike social group when he crashed into a water truck. He was dead by the time his friends called him.

“There are no witnesses and we don’t think there will be a police report, which is pretty tough for us.”

MacLugash has already been cremated and it is likely that Simone will bring his body back to New Zealand next year, said Ian Trethowen.

“Our hope is to take him home.”


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The taxed motorbike parts dealer screamed for a break | Instant News

KARACHI: Burdened by high taxes and duties, motorcycle parts dealers have urged Karachi’s main trade body to file their case with the authorities for immediate release as they are on the brink of closing due to high costs of doing business, a statement said on the day Friday.

“As many as 35 percent of Duty and 11 percent of Additional Duty have greatly increased costs, making these parts unaffordable for the poor,” said Khalid Waheed, chairman of the All Pakistan Motorcycle Parts Importers & Dealers Association (APMSPIDA), at a meeting here. Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI).

Waheed, who led the APMSPIDA delegation to KCCI, said that in addition to the Customs and Additional Customs mentioned above, importers of motorcycle parts also pay a number of other taxes including sales tax, income tax and additional sales revenue, so they are finished. uncompetitive goods.

“Due to the rampant smuggling of motorcycle parts, importers and authorized dealers are facing serious difficulties and are unable to compete with smuggled parts due to outrageous taxes and duties and higher valuation rules for motorcycle parts, which have been drastically reduced to allow for preventing smuggling and encouraging legal imports, “said Waheed.

Anjum Nisar, Vice Chairman of the KCCI Businessmen Group, assured the APMSPIDA delegation that the KCCI under the supervision of the President will certainly raise this issue to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) so that it can be resolved according to the aspirations of related stakeholders.

Ajnum assessed that Customs and Excise, which currently reaches 35 percent, should be around 20 percent.

M Shariq Vohra, President of KCCI, also assured the delegation that the Karachi assembly supported their rightful demands of lowering exorbitant taxes and duties, which severely affected local production and gave full support to resolve this serious problem.

Vohra suggested forming a team consisting of representatives from KCCI and APMSPIDA whose task was to identify problems and provide similar advice to create a conducive environment that proved beneficial for the economy by creating jobs.

“If the problem of exorbitant import duties and taxes is not resolved, then the hamber will invite related officers at KCCI to be able to get comprehensive guidance on the severity of the problem and be asked to provide relief to importers and traders,” he added.

M Saqib Goodluck, Senior Vice President of KCCI, said if it was not possible to stop smuggling from the point of entry, the best solution would be to cut import duties and taxes, while traders should also boycott contraband completely, which would save them. from raids by various institutions.


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M235i Gran Coupe brings sedan Sass | | Instant News

BMW hopes to cover all bases with its new 2020 M235i xDrive Gran Coupe. It mixes all the best parts of cars, crossovers and coupes.

Despite the name, the M235i Gran Coupe is a four-door sedan that can compete with other European luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz AMG CLA 45 and Audi S3. M235i is a performance model of the 2 series. You can also choose the 228i, which is very similar to the M235, but with less engine power and a shorter list of standard features.

The Gran Coupe is only 4 inches longer than the two-door 2 series and 7 inches shorter than the 3 series. What makes Gran Coupe a coupe makes sense? It has a slanted rear roofline and rear window, just like you see on your favorite sports car. Its driving force is somewhat encouraging, but almost none. All models are equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive as standard. All-wheel drive is only engaged when needed (via the rear axle). When all-wheel drive is not used, a laterally mounted engine will power the front wheels.

Under the hood of the M235i, you will find a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that can provide a very powerful 301 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. It moves quickly around bends and corners, and feels solid and exciting during the journey. The steering is very precise and the braking is very sensitive. Although BMW fans may have a lot to say about this BMW and its fake sports car, I think its handling is excellent and it is really fun to drive.BMW said that the M235i xDrive Gran Coupe will accelerate from a standstill to 60 miles per hour in 4.6 seconds by starting control; but I have not tried it myself.

For vehicles like this, the average mileage is average. During the week I drove, my fuel consumption was 23 miles per gallon. The EPA is rated at 23/32 mpg.

The list of features that make it a true luxury car includes 18-inch wheels, integrated navigation system, Apple CarPlay interface, leather interior, 10-speaker audio system, ambient interior lighting, and keyless entry and start. It also comes standard with a series of driver safety/assistance functions, such as a forward collision mitigation system, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, front and rear parking sensors and rear-view cameras.

I like adaptive cruise, head-up display and wireless phone charger. The seat is very comfortable, and the electrically adjustable seat has the best lumbar support, which can be remembered in the car. Maybe my back hurts more than usual that week; it feels good to sit and drive.

Although the 228i has a much smaller start, the base price of my M234i xDrive Gran Coupe is $45,500. My test car added few extra features (not a lot), and the final price was $51,295.


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2020 Cadillac CT5: General Motors’ luxury division takes the compact sports sedan segment seriously | Commercial | Instant News

The new 2020 CT5 basically replaced the ATS and CTS in the Cadillac sedan series.Photos provided by Cadillac

Judging from the reaction to our 2020 CT5, there are rumors that Cadillac has indeed restored its style.

From the child of the Mitsubishi Eclipse in the 90s (“cool car, sir”) to the middle-aged man of his Dodge Avenger (“that car is beautiful”) at the beginning of this century-this guy is probably the most interesting thing about Cadillac, He is the owner of Hyundai Lexus IS (the owner of “Dude, that front end is so beautiful!”), and those who comment on this Caddy haberdashery are consistent additions.

Of course, for car fans, the pinnacle of Cadillac’s metal curvature must be the ’59 series 62 convertible, whose 19-foot length ends with the exclamation mark of the foot-high tail fin. mercy! At that time, Detroit ruled the auto market, and Cadillac was the “world standard.”

Photos provided by Cadillac

Photos provided by Cadillac

However, the new CT5 (actually a replacement for CTS and ATS) is itself a disruptive thing, even though it goes beyond bold for modern simplicity (did we mention the high-footed tail?).

This compact luxury/high-performance sedan looks to be carved from a piece of metal, so it lacks eyesight. The appearance is clean and tidy, the grille merges smoothly, and there are LED driving lights next to it. In the profile, the classic sports car is composed of a long hood and a short deck, and is equipped with a fast backlight. Behind is the taillights, vertically upward and upward fenders, to pay tribute to those old fins.

This is the first version of CT5, available in rear-wheel or all-wheel-drive versions, divided into deluxe version, premium deluxe version, sports version and V version. The first three are equipped with a 2.0-liter 237-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder standard engine, while Premium Luxury offers a 3.0-liter 335-horsepower twin-turbocharged V-6 engine. The power of the V is the high-output version of the aforementioned 360-degree horsepower double-blow 6 engine.

In any case, every 2020 CT5 is managed by a 10-speed automatic.

We are driving a premium luxury version, whose performance can be selected with all-wheel drive and a 335-horsepower turbocharged six-cylinder engine.

During the journey, the CT5 perfectly balances the sportiness of a sports sedan and the luxury of Cadillac. Although this caddy is aimed at European powerhouses such as Audi A4, BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-segment, it avoids the inner driving experience of the Germans. Instead, it adopts a soft manner and integrates more More enthusiasm and quiet comfort. Not bad.

Photos provided by Cadillac

Photos provided by Cadillac

All CT5s include driver-selectable chassis modes, including “Tour”, “Sports”, “Snow/Ice” and a customizable “My Mode” selection. V added tracking mode. In our six-cylinder turbocharged luxury sedan, we greeted a speed of 60 mph in 5 seconds.

In terms of size, CT5 is larger than ATS but smaller than CTS, which means that its shadow size is close to A4, 3 series and C grade. Inside, the shading indicates that the front space is good, while the back effect is better than expected. Although the accommodation is comfortable, a 6-foot-tall person can sit behind a 6-foot-tall driver.

Standard driver assistance technologies include forward collision warning, low-speed forward automatic emergency braking and pedestrian braking. Options include advanced adaptive cruise control, enhanced forward automatic emergency braking, automatic parking assist, high-definition surround vision (including video recorders!), rear pedestrian detection and warning, and automatic reversing braking.

Displaying the latest version of CUE (Cadillac User Experience) on a 10-inch screen is to handle the infotainment task of our car. Both technical and intuitive. No complaints. The radio knob is appreciated.

Finally, it is reported that there are few upgrades to the 2021 CT5, but it is worth noting. These include the newly installed high-definition 12-inch diagonal instrument panel, and the partially automated driving “enhanced super cruise with lane changes on demand.” On Premium Luxury and V, self-driving talent is optional.

Please pay attention to A4, 3 and C. Caddy attaches great importance to the compact sports car segment.

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