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Dramatic photos show injured hikers climbing ropes to mountains in Aoraki / Mt Cook National Park before being rescued | Instant News

The two climbers were before they saved. One of them had a badly broken arm and was tied to the side of a mountain. Photo / Provided

Two climbers – one seriously injured – spent one night in Aoraki / Mt Cook National Park as rescuers departed complicated mission to take them to safety.

The climbers were trapped by a rock slide on steep terrain on Wednesday evening and weather conditions hindered rescue efforts, but a lull in the clouds early Thursday allowed the helicopter crew to unload an alpine cliff rescue team.

A Greymouth Rescue Helicopter then flew the couple – a man and a woman in their 50s – to Greymouth Hospital.

The man’s arm was badly broken in two places, a concussion and a badly injured leg. The woman was relatively unscathed, and she had tied the injured climber to the steep slope to prevent her from falling and suffering further injuries.

The two climbers were before they saved.  One of them had a badly broken arm and was tied to the side of a mountain.  Photo / Provided
The two climbers were before they saved. One of them had a badly broken arm and was tied to the side of a mountain. Photo / Provided

New Zealand’s Maritime rescue coordination center is leading a complex rescue. Search mission coordinator Neville Blakemore said the climbers activated the danger warning function of their InReach device at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday following the rock slide.

The rescue was completed at 8:50 a.m. on Thursday when the climbers arrived at Greymouth Hospital, having been flown there in a rescue helicopter.

Blakemore said being able to activate the device may have saved the wounded
a climber’s life. The pair were well equipped for the terrain they were on.

On Wednesday evening, the coordination center requested Helicopter Line helicopters to fly from Aoraki / Mt Cook with the Department of Conservation’s alpine cliff rescue team.

A lull in the clouds early Thursday allowed the helicopter crew to drop off the alpine cliff rescue team.  Photo / Provided
A lull in the clouds early Thursday allowed the helicopter crew to drop off the alpine cliff rescue team. Photo / Provided

They were unable to get to the site of the rock slide at an altitude of 1,800 meters on Mount D’Archiac (50 km northeast of Aoraki / Mt Cook) due to thick clouds. Instead, they landed a rescue team at Godley Hut to wait the night, monitor the weather and stay in touch with the coordination center.

The center has helicopters with night flying equipment on standby in Christchurch and

Low clouds prevented Christchurch helicopters from flying, but at 3 a.m. on Thursday, during a lull in the clouds in the mountains, Greymouth Rescue Helicopters were able to fly to the scene and bring down an alpine cliff rescue team.

The two climbers were flown to Greymouth Hospital at around 7.30am.


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Small mountains will not be as affected by travel restrictions | Instant News

BOLTON, Vermont (WCAX) – Ski resorts in northern New England are working to prepare for the start of their season if they aren’t already open, but with limited travel across the country, some resorts in Vermont say they will “I think what we expect to see this year is fewer out-of-state skiers,” said Lindsay DesLauriers, president of Bolton Valley. “If the off-staters don’t come, it probably won’t have an effect on our results,” said Jimmy Cochran, Cochran ski area manager. Big ski resorts like Stowe and Jay Peak should be among hardest hit due to out-of-state travel restrictions. But according to DesLauriers, that doesn’t mean smaller mountains won’t feel the pinch. “This reduced travel, this interstate travel is going to be a challenge for the ski industry this year, “she said. DesLauriers says Vermonters are fortunate to have hills in their hometown. And with good execution of guidance and protocol, the trails still have a lot to offer, safe. But despite the optimism, COVID-19 will affect more than the pockets of the resorts, but in a different way. This morning from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. to see how the small resorts should be touched. Copyright 2020 WCA X. All rights reserved. .

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Swiss ONZA Tire Releases New EU-Made Tube and Its Strongest Gravity Tread to Date is Called Porcupine RC | Instant News

Are you tired of sifting through alphabet soup pages to find the right tire version for your road? Apparently, the guys at ONZA Tires in Switzerland are too, and they’re starting their newest footprint with just one choice.

That RC hedgehog roughly mimics the tread pattern of the brand’s historical Hedgehog models, adding higher space between the knobs for shedding mud, and reinforced shoulder treads for added grip. It’s only available in 29 × 2.5 ″ sizes, with one hefty 1200g gravity case and one soft tread compound for maximum grip, with brown sidewalls. No options required.

ONZA says the Porcupine RC is their most aggressive tread, with wide-spaced lugs that look a bit shy about their mud-like stature. The middle rubber compound measures a fairly soft 50a on the durometer, while the shoulder knob grip is even stickier at the reported 45a. The shoulder lugs are supported by a pair of pillars to prevent wriggling during heavy compression.

The 120 TPI single-ply case is supported by a two-layer reinforcing layer and a pair of nylon bead protectors. This brown-walled tubeless folder is ONZA’s answer to enduro, DH, and e-bike applications.

Pick up a set of Porcupine RC tires at your local ONZA dealer for € / $ 70.90.

The 47 mm long valve stem must correspond to nearly all the depths of the MTB rim.

ONZA has also moved their tube production to the EU for the purposes of quality control, shorter waiting times, reduced environmental impact, and to support domestic workers and businesses. The tubes have two different thicknesses, and all three wheel diameters. Heavier SA3 the tube weight is reported to be 200g in size 29 ″, which is light SA2 the balloon weighs about 160g.

The SA3 mountain bike tube retails for € 7.90, and the lighter SA2 is € 10.90.


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Fall break to Bridgeport | Instant News

Jolly Kone is located in Bridgeport, California along Highway 395 south of the Carson Valley.

It’s Columbus Day and we’re celebrating by driving to Bridgeport. Highway 338 at Smith Valley’s south portal places us right between piñon pine, juniper and the occasional sparkling green. Nature has found a way to conserve water by using underground flow networks. Many years ago, American Indians and settlers noticed this and prospered. Cows get fat on a rich diet. Man is God’s masterpiece, and he is never closer to his creator than when he realizes his dependence on nature, acting accordingly.

After driving on roads with more curves than Marilyn Monroe, nature surprises us with the Sweetwater Mountains. Switzerland is famous for its mountains as beautiful as this. The only difference between their house and ours is they have a chalet and make cheese with holes. I recommend that this route be converted into a toll road. Then people will respect them more and give them the respect they deserve.

After passing the dirt road that led to Hawthorn, we entered another valley. This one is more compact, more intimate than Sweetwater Valley. Here, ahead of us, was a meadow of tall grass. The grazing cow and the agile calf didn’t notice. The main attraction is the East Walker River, a snowy river. If you’re willing to abide by a handful of “catch and release rules,” it’s your privilege to throw the rope and, odds are you lucky, you’re sure to catch some fish.

Coincidentally, our road became straight and several cars screamed past us reproachfully. They wanted me to step aside so they could reach their goal as quickly as possible. My idea is to see as much as I can until I get there.

The thought of a Jolly Kone hamburger, french fries, and soda enters my mind and we’re almost there. In less than an hour we were on the verge of Sierras. We’re circling the Bridgeport Reservoir. (An ugly name for the jewel of a lake.) A home community claims majestic mountain, lake, and sky views. Right past Bridgeport airport, we turned the “secret” entrance to Bridgeport. A small church sends a tower of pride into space, and a prison which, in the past, was used for bandits and claim jumpers, is a legacy of the city, as is the Bridgeport Museum.

We stopped at the Jolly Kone parking lot. I walked to the window, ordered, and picked up a number. Everyone is fun and approachable. When I mentioned to a woman that we were near Smith Valley, she said they were on their way from Oakland, and I congratulated her on the ambition.

While waiting for our order, my mind wandered and I realized that for a moment, I had lost all thoughts of who was running for president. Life is simple. One contestant will win and one will lose. But from what I’ve heard, they both have very good retirement and should be fine. My order number was called. Ole!

Ron Walker can be reached at [email protected].


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7 These Countries Have the Potential to Become the Top Travel Destinations in the Post-Covid World | Instant News

Ushguli is an area consisting of four separate Georgian villages, and is recognized as … [+] World Heritage Site.


Editor’s Note: * Because of the current Covid-19 outbreak, be sure to postpone travel plans until well after the pandemic has subsided. *
As the global tourism industry struggles in the midst of this unprecedented decline, many countries around the world are preparing a surge of international visitors once travel is more feasible – for some countries, this could be their first chance to establish themselves as a leading region of strength for tourism. While the following countries are not yet world-class destinations, all the ingredients are there – pristine natural beauty, historic ruins, and amazing cultural experiences can be abundantly found in these seven highly underrated countries.

Abidjatta-Shalla National Park is located in the Great Rift Valley, the main destination for … [+] those who hope to find Ethiopian wildlife.


Of the 54 countries that make up Africa, one can make the argument that Ethiopia has the most interesting historical background – it is the second civilization in the world to adopt Christianity, the only African country that defeated European powers in battle and against colonialism during the Seizure for Africa , and it is believed that the earliest human ancestors first came from this fertile region. Visitors to this unique country will find a truly diverse scope of natural beauty – the western edge of Ethiopia is home to lush rainforests, which quickly give way to the towering peaks of the Ethiopian Plateau as one of the businesses in the east. If the rich history and spectacular natural sites did not push this country to become a star, national cuisine would surely – eating injera by hand is a cultural experience that everyone must take part in at least once in their lives.

Lar National Park has been a protected area since 1982, and is located just outside the capital … [+] from Tehran.


Decades of geopolitical conflict have dealt a major blow to Iran’s reputation, but it cannot be denied that the country’s cultural heritage is one of the most attractive in the world. This nation is a real pleasure for historians – Persepolis, an ancient city that functioned as the capital of the Achaemenid Empire about 2500 years ago, only a short trip to the northeast of Shiraz, while the ancient city of Hamedan is still inhabited today. There are countless activities available throughout the country – visitors can ski at Dizin, sunbathe on the white sand beach in Hormozgan Province, and explore the dense forests of Gilan Province, while charming mosques and Zoroastrian temples can be found in abundance at all over the nation. While visa requirements are a difficult hurdle to overcome, one can only hope that geopolitical tensions cool in the future, enabling this enchanting country to realize its full potential as a friendly tourist destination.

Myanmar (Burma)

Bagan serves as the capital of the Pagan Kingdom, the first settlement to conquer land that … [+] shape modern Myanmar.


Famous tourist destinations such as Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia have pushed Southeast Asia to become a world-class tourist destination, but the region is still filled with hidden gems, with Myanmar, also known as Burma, serving as one of the most underrated. . The country is equipped with many of Thailand’s most captivating attributes – ornate Buddhist temples, remnants of ancient civilizations, and bustling cities – while a thriving economy allows more budget-conscious travelers to explore without damaging banks. The capital city of Naypyidaw is a planned city, famous for its large size and low population (generating very little traffic), while its capital Yangon is home to the country’s holiest Buddhist pagoda along with a variety of British colonial architecture.

The structure that towers over the Old City is called “Narikala” – this special fort … [+] built in the 1990s to replace the 1200s church that was lost in a fire.


Although sometimes confused with Peach State, the country of Georgia is on its way to becoming one of the most beautiful destinations in the Caucasus region. Start your journey in the national capital, Tbilisi – this charming city is home to a cobblestone Old City filled with ancient churches and restaurants lining the Mtkvari River. Although urban Georgia is spectacular, don’t miss the natural beauty of this country – the rolling grasslands and beautiful small towns to the west are the places to visit, and be sure to taste your fair wine while exploring. Georgia is one of the oldest wine regions in the world, with evidence of the fast growing wine industry since 6000 BC.

The Philippines

Coron is a leading tourist destination in Palawan Province, and is best known for … [+] dive site.


With around 7,500 islands to choose from, this large archipelago has something to offer even the most fussy tourists. The northernmost island, Luzon, is home to Metro Manila, a truly large metropolitan city made up of 16 cities – the national capital of Manila and the country’s most populous settlement, Quezon City, are two popular destinations for deep immersion into culture Mainstream Philippines. Those who plan to relax on the sandy beach should go to Visayas, the country’s central islands, island destinations such as Palawan and Boracay offer some of the best white sand beaches in the country, as well as countless opportunities to find some endemic plant and animal species. The Philippines.

Lake Bled is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Slovenia, with Bled Castle overlooking … [+] beach from above rocky outcrops.


Many of Slovenia’s close neighbors – Italy, Croatia and Austria, specifically – attract many tourists each year, while this small mountain country remains one of the more underrated gems in the region. Its capital, Ljubljana, is the main cultural center in the region, which features world-class art and history museums in addition to an elaborate centuries-old cathedral and a spectacular castle overlooking the Old City. After exploring the city as a whole, be sure to travel north to the Julian Alps – this magnificent mountain range is named in honor of Julius Caesar, with most falling within the confines of the Triglav National Park, where the natural beauty of Slovenia can be found in large quantities .

Carthage was the leading city-state in the Phoenician Empire, although it was finally destroyed … [+] around 146 BC after a decisive battle against Rome.


Filled with beautiful Mediterranean beaches, ancient ruins and Maghrebi cuisine, Tunisia forms the perfect destination for those who want to experience the vibrant and unique culture of North Africa. For many potential visitors, the country’s vast coastline serves as the main attraction – the Cap Bon peninsula in the northeast is filled with beautiful white sand beaches, with the bustling capital of Tunis only a short distance away. For history buffs, the remains of Carthage, one of the richest cities that existed during the classical era, are an absolute must see, while the more adventurous adventurers can travel south to tour the Sahara Desert, the perfect destination to meet the remnants of settlements Historic Berbers.

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