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Scientists from Germany make crippled mice able to walk again. How do they do it ?, Science News | Instant News

Scientists from Germany have done something unprecedented after making crippled mice walk again. They are capable of establishing neural connections, which have so far been considered irreparable among mammals. To do this, they injected a design protein into the brain.

Spinal cord injuries are notorious for being disabled for life, from being caused by strenuous physical activity or accidents. Even in humans, spinal cord injuries can be fatal. Often times, the nerve fibers that carry information between the muscles and the brain can’t grow back, causing paralysis.

If researchers at Ruh University Bochum in Germany are to be believed, a breakthrough in stimulating paralyzed cells may have been achieved in mice.

Using a design protein, the researchers stimulated the cells responsible for carrying information to the brain.

“The special thing about our study is that the protein is not only used to stimulate nerve cells that produce themselves but is also carried further (through the brain),” head of study Dietmar Fischer told Reuters.

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“In this way, with relatively small interventions, we stimulate a large number of nerves to regenerate and in the end that’s the reason why the mice can walk again,” Fischer added.

The results of the study have been published in the journal Nature Communications. Rodents receiving treatment can start walking two to three weeks after receiving treatment.

These injections carry genetic information into the brain to produce a protein called “ hyper-interleukin-6 ”.

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Currently, the team is working on improving treatment.

“We also have to see if our method works on larger mammals. We’ll think about pigs, dogs or primates, for example … Then, if it works there, we have to make sure that the therapy is safe for humans too. But it will definitely be. take years, ” the researchers added.

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What gaming peripherals should you buy | Instant News

If at any time this year, you find that you have some extra cash, you may be inclined to buy the novelty gaming mice and gaming keyboards that you have been watching for the past few weeks.However, before you click the “Add to Cart” button, let me first introduce whether you true Need those gaming peripherals.

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Does it really matter when you add the word “game” to your keyboard, mouse, headset or monitor? It depends on who you ask. Some professional e-sports players and streamers will say this is true. However, here is a breakdown of some of the more common “gaming peripherals” and whether you really need one.

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gaming Mouse

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One of the cheapest but most controversial decisions: Do you really need a “gaming mouse”?For one of the greatest Pinoy Dota 2 The team all the time, the TNC Pro team from The International 6, the clear answer is: no.

Former TNC captain Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho released photos of his team’s preferred mouse within a few weeks after the iconic TNC vs. OG game, in which the unknown Pinoys eliminated OG and then the four-time Grand Slam winner 2-0 , Located in the bottom row of the game.

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In addition, this is a former League of Legends player who proved that the mouse is just a matter of personal preference.

But if you like FPS CS: Start Either Value, You may need to use a “gaming” mouse. Gaming mice usually have higher dots per linear inch (DPI), which can measure the sensitivity of the mouse. FPS games flourish on high DPI because the player needs faster mouse response when “clicking” on the enemy’s head, and if you are a player who overshoots when reacting, the sensitivity is lower.

Compared with non-gaming mice, other features that gaming mice may provide include additional mappable buttons, better feel, and (depending on whether you like) RGB lighting.

Gaming Headset

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For many people, it’s easy to have a great headset, but for some people, especially considering the price, it’s hard to get a “gaming” headset.

Is it necessary to become a better player? not really. In terms of sound quality, “gaming” headsets are not much different from ordinary headsets. The sound quality of some gaming headsets is even lower than similarly priced headsets used by dedicated audiophiles.

If you need to use a gaming headset, it is actually the included microphone. E-sports games require a lot of teamwork, and having good communication skills is essential to becoming the best team player. (Emphasize team)

In addition to eliminating the need for a microphone, most of the other functions are fancy techniques and can’t really help beginners improve their level. For example, surround sound in gaming headsets is sold in a way that allows players to know where the opponent is from, but it is still not precise enough, and the free Windows Sonic surround sound feature on the desktop can be used to approach the headset.

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Gaming keyboard

Among all gaming peripherals, the keyboard is undoubtedly the most problematic. Gaming keyboards are not much different from regular keyboards.

Almost all gaming keyboards currently on the market are mechanical keyboards. According to different users, their typing feel is better than ordinary membrane keyboards. The only difference between the more expensive keyboard and the entry-level keyboard is the switch, additional functions and media keys, and of course more RGB customization.

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If you are a user who prioritizes gaming over gaming, a high-quality keyboard with preferred key switches can change the rules of the game. If you are just using the keyboard to play games instead of typing, it doesn’t matter what you get.

Nevertheless, if the boom of mechanical keyboards develops a good thing, it is the hobby of custom keyboard making. Having a customized keyboard can make the game and use very personal.

Gaming monitor

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If there is one thing that definitely affects the player’s game, it is the display.

For FPS players, monitors with a higher refresh rate do show a significant improvement. This is because of the speed at which it refreshes the image on the screen and the time it takes for the player to register this information and react. If you want to learn more about refresh rate and FPS, you can check out the technical Youtuber Linus technical tips and its tests with Shroud to understand how refresh rate affects performance.

Higher refresh rate monitors are very expensive, a 144Hz monitor requires approximately 10,000 PHP. If you are a casual player, then this is more of a luxury than a necessity. But for those who want to become professionals, if you have enough cash, you may want to see it as a future upgrade.

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Miniature optical thumb mouse provides unparalleled aiming accuracy for this game controller | Instant News

The debate about which is a better gaming system (game console or PC) may never be resolved, but it is difficult to contend with the benefits of using a keyboard and mouse for gaming (including increased accuracy).You can get the best of both worlds because this Smart skills for grafting computer mouse Proof to the game console handle.

There is no doubt that there are some very talented gamers who can compete with the controller, but for games like first-person shooters (popular on PCs and consoles), analog joysticks have limited movement and mobility. Being able to accurately determine the target is particularly challenging.This is exactly why Valve was launched Its Steam Box console also created the innovative Steam Controller gamepad, which replaces a pair of analog joysticks with a set of vibrating touch-sensitive trackpads that promise to provide as high as a mouse and keyboard Accuracy.

Despite the innovative capabilities of the Steam controller, it did not lose control. As early as the end of 2019, the remaining inventory of the controller was sold, leaving a loophole. YouTube channel Tech yesterday Think they can be filled. They created their own variant on the Steam controller, which works more like a mouse and keyboard, but without a table.

As we all know, Mouse Controller V2 started to be used as a standard Xbox 360 wired game handle, which has undergone some hobby modifications. The only thing left is the original left analog joystick. TAll the action buttons have been relocated and replaced by mechanical keyboard switches, while the analog stick on the right has been replaced by a small four by four inch mouse pad. Functionally, the correct analog joystick still exists, but instead of the joystick, there is now a miniature thumb-controlled optical mouse (with its own cable), harvested from the larger gaming mouse.

With the intrusion of hackers, this is not a simple weekend project.The mouse controller in the video above is actually an update of the original optical mouse controller Announced as early as October, And this version represents weeks of hard work and patching to make certain features work as expected. Even the second version is not very beautiful. Its creator has promised to launch a third version to improve the design and functionality of the game “Frankenstein”.

Will it become popular among gamers? It is no secret that people are willing to pay a lot of money for even the smallest competitive advantage, and the concept here has great hope, provided it can survive the harsh game process. In its current form, It looks a bit subtle and may not be immune to angry players. But its creator has applied for a patent on how its custom controller works (especially the function of using a miniature optical mouse on a handheld gamepad), so one day it may end up being more than just a smart hacker.


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Scientists are beginning to better understand how space travel affects the body | Instant News

Space travel has been one of the greatest achievements of the last century. Indeed, putting humans in space took a lot of time, effort, dedication, and planning. However, there is still a lot to learn. Recently, scientists have gained a better understanding of how space travel specifically affects the body at the molecular level, providing insight into the potential long-term effects it will have on an individual’s health. According to a recent NASA statement, scientists are now starting to understand that “a possible underlying factor of these impacts [is] the powerhouse of the cell, called the mitochondria, [which] undergoes changes in activity during space flights. This full view of the International Space Station was photographed from Space Shuttle Discovery … [+] during the STS-114 return flight mission, following the undocking of the two spacecraft. getty The statement says this preliminary belief stems from decades of research conducted on the International Space Station and samples from around 59 astronauts. The findings are based on a larger compendium of research by several principal investigators, studies and scientific efforts that take a closer look at how space affects human health. Afshin Beheshti, who is one of the key scientists, says, “We have found a universal mechanism that explains the types of changes we are seeing in the body in space, and in a place that we did not expect. […] Everything is turned upside down and it all starts with the mitochondria. Beheshti continues: “When we started to compare the tissues of mice transported on separate space missions, we noticed that mitochondrial dysfunction continued to emerge. […] Whether we were looking at eye or liver problems, the same mitochondrial pathways were causing the problem. CAP CANAVERAL, FL – NOVEMBER 15: NASA astronauts, vehicle pilot Victor Glover (front L), commander … [+] Mike Hopkins (front R), mission specialist Shannon Walker (rear L) and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) mission specialist, astronaut Soichi Noguchi (rear R) exit the operations building and aircraft en route to the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with the Crew Dragon spacecraft on Launch Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center November 15, 2020 in Cape Canaveral, Florida. This will mark the second astronaut launch from American soil by NASA and SpaceX and the first operational mission named Crew-1 to the International Space Station. (Photo by Red Huber / Getty Images) Getty Images The press release further states that “NASA data on humans has confirmed this hypothesis. The changes identified in the immune system of astronaut Scott Kelly during his year in space from 2015 can also be explained by the changes observed in the activity of his mitochondria. Blood and urine samples from dozens of other astronauts have shown additional evidence that in various cell types being in space results in altered mitochondrial activity. Evagelia C. Laiakis, PhD, associate professor of oncology at Georgetown said that “although we have each studied different tissues, we have all come to the same conclusion: that mitochondrial function has been adversely affected by travel in l ‘space.” Regardless, the disease related to mitochondrial dysfunction is a broad area of ​​study, which has some level of understanding in both physiological and pathological contexts. So, Beheshti states that perhaps “We can look at the countermeasures and drugs that we are already using to treat mitochondrial disorders on Earth to see how they might work in space, to begin with. Indeed, this crucial finding reaffirms that more research needs to be done in this area to continue examining the short and long term health effects of space travel on humans. Only then can humanity truly unlock and explore the full potential that space has to offer. .

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Giant rat wins British hero award for sniffing out landmines | World | Instant News

LONDON – A rat for the first time won the best civilian award from a British charity for animal bravery, receiving the honor of searching for an unexploded land mine in Cambodia.

Magawa, a marsupial African giant rat, was awarded the PDSA Gold Medal for “life-saving courage and devotion” after finding 39 landmines and 28 regulatory items that had not exploded in the past seven years, according to the PDSA, or People’s Pharmacy for Sick Animals, based at Great Britain.

In this undated photo released by PDSA, Magawa a Cambodian landmine detecting mouse is photographed wearing his PDSA Gold Medal.


Magawa was trained by a Belgian organization that has taught rats to find landmines for more than 20 years. The group, APOPO, is working with programs in Cambodia, Angola, Zimbabwe and Mozambique to clear the millions of mines left behind from war and conflict.

The Magawa were the rat’s most successful group, having cleared more than 141,000 square meters of land, the equivalent of about 20 football fields.

More than 60 million people in 59 countries continue to be threatened by landmines and unexploded regulations, according to APOPO.

While many rodents could be trained to detect odors and would work on repetitive tasks to earn food rewards, APOPO decided that giant African marsupial rats were best suited for clearing landmines because of their African origins and their lifespan of up to eight years. Their size allows rats to walk across minefields without triggering explosives and do so much faster than humans.


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