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Kh Asif confirmed that the PTI Minister invited PML-N not to trust Imran | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: PML-N supporters of Khawaja Muhammad Asif on Saturday confirmed what The News Investigative Editor Ansar Abbasi reported more than three months ago that a federal minister from PTI invited PML-N’s top leadership to file a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

On his social networking site, PML-N’s senior leader Khwaja Muhammad Asif in response to the federal minister’s statement commented on contacts made by a PTI leader for PML-N leadership in London some time ago.

“Someone has to ask him who the minister is making the phone call in London and be told he has the support of 11/12 MNA PTI.

Do something, when we’re ready. I can find out the names of people approached by phone, ”Khwaja Muhammad Asif tweeted on Saturday.

The News reports on the alleged contact of the PTI federal minister with PML-N leadership on July 6, 2020.

However, the next day the news was published, Khwaja Muhammad Asif denied the news and claimed that no one had contacted him.

“Nobody has contacted me. Ansar Abbasi is a respected and authentic journalist. I don’t have to argue with that story if he contacts me to confirm the facts, ”tweeted Khwaja Muhammad Asif on July 7, 2020.

Earlier, on July 6, The News reported that a federal minister approached family members of PML-N leaders to convey that in the case of a vote of no confidence, the opposition could even get support from some PTI MNA at a time when PTI’s relationship with its coalition partners was already facing difficulties.

According to the July 6 report, the minister’s message was conveyed to Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif and Khawaja Asif. PML-N has not responded to the minister’s “idea” and prefers to wait and see policy at least for now.

“This correspondent contacted the minister, who emphatically denied that he had conveyed such a message to Sharif.

It said the federal minister used his personal cell phone number to contact family members of top PML-N leaders. He is said to have a longstanding relationship with his PML-N related contacts. This relationship seems to have prompted the minister to convey his ideas to PML-N, ”said the July 6 report.

The News report further claims that the minister also conveyed that more than a dozen PTI MNAs are ready for internal changes.


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Germany might finally be able to change their addresses online – this is why it matters News | DW | Instant News

The German government launched a plan to overhaul the country’s Registration Law on Wednesday, in an effort to ease the burden of bureaucracy on residents and local administrators.

Under the draft law, the process for registering your steps and changing your address in Germany will have digital options in the future – in what could be a big step forward in Germany’s efforts to catch up with digitalization.

“The digitalization of administrative work is proceeding at full speed,” said Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, who submitted the draft law. He added that he hoped to “make real progress here soon” and modernize the German administrative system.

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What will change?

Under current regulations, anyone who moves into an apartment or a new home in Germany must register their move to the local town hall within a certain period or face a fine or other penalty. This process involves a series of letters, written confirmation from the owner, and often face-to-face meetings with local administrative authorities.

Under the new changes, residents will have the option to fully register their movements online. The code will be sent to the person’s new address and they can enter the code on the website.

However, the bill emphasizes that online options are not mandatory and that residents can still change their addresses directly.

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In addition, residents will have the opportunity to access their data digitally for the first time that has been stored by local authorities. By using the administrative portal, they will be able to retrieve their data and use it for other administrative tasks, such as the next step.

The reforms also made it easier for local authorities to digitally access data from various countries. Until now, certain data can only be released if a written application is made.

Why is this a big problem?

What appeared to be a small and friendly administrative step for Germany actually marked a significant leap forward in Germany’s attempt to digitize its notoriously cruel analogue bureaucracy.

Digitalisation has been a goal that the Merkel government has repeated many times over the past few years. The term itself covers various fields ranging from expanding and updating the country’s internet infrastructure and cellular networks, to improving technology in schools, to moving more administrative tasks online.

Despite recent efforts to increase, some research shows that Germany is still far behind Europe’s neighbors in terms of digital infrastructure and “e-governance.”

The new change will move most of the local administrative work online and seek to increase data sharing across the state.

Even though the digitalization plan has been running for years, The coronavirus pandemic has served as a catalyst. Measures to curb the spread of the virus killed the local administration office in Germany, encouraging the drive to expand digital services.

What happens next?

The bill still requires parliamentary approval before it is enacted – although it is likely to be passed. But for those who hope for a quick change have to wait a little longer.

After the law is approved, the new digital process will be tested in the city state of Hamburg before it goes into effect nationally.

This step will take time, with current national regulations scheduled to take effect in November 2021.



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Ahsan Iqbal moved NAB to submit a reference to PM Imran – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when July 14, 2020 4:46 p.m.

He said the project in which our Olympics would be trained had been sabotaged

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Former interior minister and senior leader of the Pakistan-Nawaz Muslim League (PML-N) Ahsan Iqbal on Tuesday moved the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to submit references to Prime Minister Imran Khan for withholding funds for Narowal Sports City Complex project.

Speaking to the media in Narowal flanked by a PML-N spokeswoman, Marriyum Aurangzeb on Tuesday, he said that former Pakistan Cricket Council (PCB) chairman Najam Sethi had promised to hold a Pakistan Super League (PSL) match at the Narowal Sports City Complex.

The PML-N leader said that a case was brought to him for irregularities in the Narowal Sports City Complex, adding that the astroturf from the imported complex worth millions of rupees was not installed on time and had been wasted. He said Pakistan lost sports projects as a result of revenge tactics, and added that the Narowal City Complex project had to be completed immediately.

Ahsan Iqbal further said that PM Imran Khan withheld funding of the sports complex soon after coming to power, adding that baseless allegations were brought against him.

He asked why the project was included in the PSDP, adding that union council level projects were included in the PSDP.

The project in which our Olympics will be trained has been sabotaged, “he said and added that all national players had played matches at the Narowal Sports City Complex.

The PML-N leader went on to say that the Peshawar BRT project was the biggest corruption scandal of the ruling government. He said: “Anti-corruption monitors held a meeting within 2 hours to appeal against our bail, adding PTI looted Rs300 billion but no one questioned them.”


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Roman police sealed the nightlife box | Instant News

The police moved the crowd from the places of nightlife in Rome.

Piazza Trilussa and Piazza Bologna in Rome – two areas related to the nightlife in the capital – were temporarily closed for the weekend because of the large number of people.

Police broke up a meeting in violation of Italy’s social distance rules aimed at accommodating corona virus pandemic.

Roman police conducted more than 3,000 checks on the night of Saturday 11 July, focusing their attention mainly on the area of ​​the nightlife of S. Lorenzo, Trastevere, Ponte Milvio and Piazza Bologna.

Square trilussa. Photo of the Capital Police of Rome.

Police also handed out fines for “more than 50 irregularities” related to the consumption and sale of alcohol outside the allowed hours, the Italian newspaper reported Republic.

Cover image: Piazza Trilussa, photo file. Award: Stefano Guidi / Shutterstock.com.


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PTI decides to move NAB Sindh against the government of Pakistan | Instant News

Last Update July 12,2020 12:32 PM

Firdous Shamim Naqvi and Halim Adil decided to move NAB against Sindh government

Karachi (Dunya news) – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders Firdous Shamim Naqvi and Halim Adil on Sunday decided to move the National accountability Bureau (NAB) against the government of Sindh.

Holding a press conference, shameem Firdous Naqvi said that PTI has always tried to expose the mismanagement of the local authorities. Those involved in corruption have no place in PTI, they said.

Meanwhile, Halim Adil showed that 52 per cent of the bribe taken for the execution of any work in the province.

There is no truth in the question concerning 256 acres of land, as it does, he added.


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