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Gazoo Racing participates in the Corolla Open of the day | Instant News

A dream come true

The second game was a dream come true for home hero Julian van der Watt (Julian van der Watt), who powered the team’s new European performance RDSA Ford Focus, beating Volcker and Mandela for the first time Gazoo Racing Corollas from Mandla Mdakane. Wolk’s second place is enough to secure a Universal BMW that surpasses Lee Thompson, Scott Temple of the second chemical logistics Corolla, and Van der Water ( van der Watt, van Rooyen and Mdakane as a whole.

Bradley Liebenberg’s GTC SupaCup defeated Jonathan Mogotsi and Jeffrey Kruger’s Volkswagen, the latter defeated rookie Saood Variawa And Mikaeel Pitamber, and defeated veteran Andre Bezuidenhout for sixth place.

Charl Arangies and his A+ class Stradale march into Africa. Lamborghini Huracan appeared in devastating form. The Johannesburg driver won in the extreme supercar race in Killarney. Three consecutive victories. In the opening two games, Arangis was unshakable, but when Arangis chased him home, after Arangis spun early in the final, Dane Angel managed to keep his Porsche lead. status. Only allowed Angel to get a 30-second takeoff penalty.

Swat won the Polo Cup.

Therefore, Charl Arangies took over from Silvo Scribante, Marcel and Dayne Angel for a day, because Marcel Angel’s Autohaus Angel Ferrari 488 GT3 achieved a balance in the Performance GT3 category. Rick Loureiro’s BMW won the A category, Nieyaz Modack’s BMW M3 category B, Marius Jackson’s Audi R8 category C and Ima Imaad Modack’s BMW M3 category won the D category.

Cape Town Home Hero

Cape Town family hero Umpie Swart kicked off his 2021 Volkswagen Polo Cup with perfect style. He rushed to pole position and won two games. This was a great victory for the local Alpine Autohaus Racing driver. He participated in the race alone and defeated the much-loved multi-vehicle off-road Polo Cup team. He made Leyton Fourie, Arnold Neveling, Jean-Pierre vd Walt, Clinton Bezuidenhout and the most impressive The profound local young man Tate Bishop (Tate Bishop) came to the fore.

Another family favorite, Andrew Rackstraw, also completely dominated the Investchem Formula 1600 weekend in his Investchem RDSA Mygale. He defeated the young Gunners, DAW lads Jarrod Waberski and Josh le Roux’s Mygales in the opening game, and defeated Nicholas van Weely’s Magnificent Paints van Diemen and second place Waberski in the second game. Ian Schofield defeated the first two races in his investment strategy Mygale, winning the Ford Kent Formula.

Toyota is ahead of GTC.

The Mobil 1 V8 supercar returns to Killarney for the first time in seven years, and Mackie Adlem’s Adlem Auto Jaguar is at Terry Wilford’s Fuchs Falcon (Fuchs Falcon) and Franco di Matteo (Franco di Matteo) Deltec Jaguar (Deltec Jaguar) stood out in the first game. Thomas Reib won the Mobil of Adlem and di Matteo in the second day of the match between Adlem and di Matteo Lumina’s second game.

David McFadden’s Yamaha used two wheels to overcome Honda’s Clinton Seller’s return to the 1000cc superbike, Gareth Gehlig’s Kawasaki defeated on Yamaha Garrick Vlok (Garrick Vlok). Brett Roberts (Brett Roberts) defeated Brandon Staffen (Brandon Staffen) similar Yamaha, won the 600cc superbike honor, while BMW driver Jonathan Schwerin (Jonathan Schwerin) driving Bridgestone super bike car. David Enticott, the champion of the first game, defeated second-place champions Rob Cragg and Graeme van Breda in SunBet ZX10 Masters.

And other news

In other races, the French trio Tristan Vautier, Loic Duval and Sébastien Bourdais drove a Cadillac to beat the British Oliver Jarvis and Harry Tincknell in a 12-hour IMSA race in Cyberjaya, Florida, USA, and formed a Mazda car with Jonathan Bomarito. The eclectic trio Jimmie Johnson, Kamui Kobayashi and Simon Pagenaud’s Cadillacs came in third, with Dane Cameron, Olivier Pla and Juan Pablo Montoya and Ricky Taylor, Filipe Albuquerque and Alex Rossi respectively.

Cadillac won Sebring.

Ben Keating (Ben Keating), Mikkel Jensen (Mikkel Jensen) and Scott Huffaker (Scott Huffaker)’s ORECA leads the GTLM top two, Cooper MacNeil (Cooper MacNeil) , Porsche 911 RSR by Mathieu Jaminet and Matt Campbell and Connor de Phillippi, Philipp Eng and Bruno Spoon The BMW M8 GTE by Bruno Spengler. Porsche’s Sebring race car swept through, Laurens Vanthoor, Zacharie Robichon and Lars Kern’s 911 GT3 R won the GTD championship, while South Africa’s Stephen Simpson finished 38th with a Lamborghini Huracan GT3 race car.

Finally, despite participating in the slippery clavicle race in Sandown last weekend, as Holden played three races, Kiwi Shane van Gisbergen maintained his perfect Australian V8 supercar He won his fifth victory in the trot, which was his fifth consecutive victory.

Super car.

Next weekend will be the biggest racing competition so far in 2021, including Formula One and Moto Grand Prix abroad, as well as a whole weekend of car and bicycle off-road racing home. Watch this space to get an overview of all your activities in Toyota Gazoo Racing Week, this is next Monday…

Source: Motorsports Media/Photo: Paul Bedford


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JI declared a long march on March 14 as part of a movement for Karachi rights | Instant News

Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi Emir Hafiz Naeemur Rehman announced Monday that the party will hold a massive march on March 14 which will start in Quaidabad and end at the Governor’s Building.

He said the JI movement for Karachi rights aims to solve the problem of every citizen of Karachi, a city called mini-Pakistan where people who speak all languages ​​in the country live.

If Karachi develops, the whole country will develop, said the head of the JI city, adding that for the development and prosperity of Karachi, the party will hold a march on March 14 and announce its future actions at the Governor’s Building.

He directed party workers and officials to make extensive arrangements and preparations for the parade to be successful. He gave a speech at a meeting of party members in Idara Noor-e-Haq.

The JI leader claimed that the party’s movement for Karachi’s rights received an overwhelming response from the public because for years, JI was the only one to bring up the basic issues and problems of the city.

He went on to say that the Karachi people were disappointed with the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the Muttahida Qaumi-Pakistan Movement (MQM-P). Practically nothing was being done for the Karachi people, he said, adding that the three political parties had only made false promises to the people of the city.

He said that although the federal government, of which PTI and MQM-Pakistan were coalition partners, approved the controversial census results, PPP in the Sindh government also did not take action to correct the flawed census count.

Half of Karachi’s population has been missing from the census count, he lamented when he demanded that the census results be corrected. The PPP is not ready to hold local body elections in Sindh based on the latest census and wants to occupy all local bodies in Sindh, including those in Karachi, the JI leader said.


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‘Senate poll to pave the way for no-confidence vote against prime minister’ | Instant News

Pakistani People’s Party (PPP) president Sindh Nisar Ahmed Khuhro said on Saturday that after the upcoming Senate elections, passing a vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Imran Khan would be drawn up in the National Assembly.

He said when Pakistani leaders and activists Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) disgruntled from Malir District joined PPP. Khuhro predicts that the ruling PTI will not succeed in upcoming Senate elections like the country’s recent by-election as the PM no longer enjoys the trust of his allies and MPs. He added that PTI’s own people and their allies had become annoyed with the ruling party.

He said the PTI had done nothing but use profanity against their opponents and slander politics. “Their own allies are no longer willing to board the sunken ships of Imran Khan’s rule.”

He said the current government would no longer maintain its existence on the basis of lies and fraud. The President of PPP Sindh was of the view that the PTI government did not provide assistance to the masses. He claimed that those behind the formation of the government no longer supported the incumbent PM after feeling public hatred for PTI rules. People have to suffer from unemployment and rising prices for gasoline, gas and electricity.

Khuhro said people from all over the country wanted to get rid of this government, and a movement had been launched to get rid of the problem under the leadership of PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. He said that hundreds of thousands of people will start a March 26 march from Sindh to Islamabad to fight the government.


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Crestwood used the second half of the fierce battle to get the college voice through the West Valley | Instant News

Plymouth-For Crestwood’s offense on Friday night, there was no one in between. The Comets are looking for a three-pointer or a layup, and sometimes the layup is caused by cutting into the lane.

Therefore, when the shot from outside the three-point line did not fall in the first half, the Comets did not panic. They did not slow down. Instead, Crestwood became faster, able to speed up the game and get another victory.

Ryan Petrosky scored a game-high 16 points and Jacob Zaleski scored 11 points in Crestwood’s 44-29 victory in West Valley. Crestwood is currently 10-0 in Division 1 and 12-1 overall. This is Crestwood’s 12th consecutive victory since losing to Dallas on January 9. West Valley’s record in this division is 3-6, and the overall record is 3-8.

The Comets missed the first eight shots at the start of the game, six of which came from outside the three-point line. The Western Valley could not take advantage of Crestwood’s unfortunate fate, but Mason Mendygral’s basket gave the Western Valley a 1-point lead at the end of the first quarter.

Crestwood made 1 of 14 from beyond the three-point line in the first half, but scored six points at the end of the half, two barrels of turnovers and layups, the last barrel cut by Jacob Zaleski (Jacob Zaleski) – Lead the comet 15-14. West Valley turned the ball eight times in the second quarter. Although the Comet did not seize all the extra opportunities, it eliminated West Valley’s scoring opportunities.

“I think you are very happy to be in the game,” said Chris Wood club coach Mark Atherton. “We dealt with them a little bit on the court and handed them over. We let them play faster and get them out of the rhythm.”

Atherton’s message in the first half is to continue to maintain rapid development. With this in mind, Comets gave up the game and entered an important third quarter, which helped the game to end.

The Spartans turned the ball six more times in the third quarter, and the Comets started the quarter with a score of 13-1, thus opening a 28-15 lead. The comet is able to manipulate the ball on the perimeter and can pass the ball to the corner, which helps to open something on the outside.

“We have two games in two days,” Atherton said. “We started playing in es. We were not beaten by it, we just need to speed up. It moved us.”

Petrosky scored 9 points in the third quarter and Paul Feisel added three points. Crestwood (Crestwood) ended the fifth game from beyond the three-point line, a total of 22 games.

Atherton said: “I don’t want to disappoint them (the shooting percentage is 3 seconds).” “We have to mix it, but I don’t think we can mix it well. They packed it. We found it in the second half of the year. We have found the corner and we can attack from there.”

Crestwood led by 11 points at the end of the third quarter and scored the first five points in the fourth time, thus establishing the biggest lead.

The Comet will now head to the Hazelton area tonight to fight the Cougars. Comet was two games ahead of his opponent in the loss column. Hazleton Area defeated Pittston Area on Friday night and wandered in the division title race.

Atherton said: “We just need to go there to have confidence.” “This is a new game, it’s a big stadium. When it’s Crestwood and Hazleton, the stakes are always high. We just need to go there to play us style of.”


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The Atlanta FaZe Family Series will kick off in the CDL 2021 season | Instant News

The second season of “Call of Duty League” will begin on Thursday in the team’s live broadcast room in downtown Atlanta, starting with the Atlanta FaZe home series.

The tour returned to the 2021 season, with all 12 CDL teams participating in the knockout rounds. The broadcast of the seed will depend on the three “family series” mid-week head-to-head group matches before each Grand Slam.

The regular season will include five stages, each with a main stage. All teams will participate in five group matches to determine the main seeds for each stage. Each win in the game will earn the team CDP points and additional points in the majors.

Eight teams will be eligible for the 2021 playoffs.

Rokkr, Minnesota, played the opening season with the Los Angeles Thieves on Thursday. This marked the first CDL game for the Rogues, who acquired the position previously held by OpTic Gaming during the offseason.

Defending champion Dallas Empire played Seattle Surge in the second game of the day.

On Friday there will be OpTic Chicago vs. Paris Legion and FaZe against Los Angeles Guerrillas. Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez, co-CEO of NRG Esports, reacquired the Chicago brand and regained the OpTic brand he helped build before CDL.

FaZe plans to play OpTic in the final game of the weekend. Atlanta will be runner-up in the first CDL season.

“It’s like the opening day of our Atlanta Warriors. We are excited to start participating in the 2021 Call of Duty League,” said Paul Hamilton, CEO of Atlanta Esports Investment. “Although we cannot hold live events for fans like last year at Gateway Center Arena, we are happy to welcome our team into our new facility to safely compete online and show the world that we plan to be the best of 2021 of.”

As part of the celebration of the opening season, FaZe created a team-branded ammunition box, which includes gas masks, ski masks and thermos, among other items.

FaZe’s Chris “Simp” Lehr said: “The customized ammunition box is completely sick and shows our fans our commitment to you. We plan to do everything possible to win the championship in 2021.” We will do our best. FaZe Up!!!”

Phase 1-Atlanta FaZe weekend opening schedule (all time US Eastern Time):

Thursday, February 11

3pm-Minnesota Røkkr vs. Los Angeles Thieves

4:30pm-Seattle Surge vs. Dallas Empire

February, Friday 12

3 p.m.-Paris Legion vs. OpTic Chicago

4:30 pm-Los Angeles Partisans vs Atlanta Fazer

February, Saturday 13

3pm-Paris Legion vs. Los Angeles Partisans

4:30 p.m.-Toronto Superman vs. Florida Mutineers

6pm-New York Subliners vs. Los Angeles Thieves

Sunday, February 14

3pm-Seattle Surge vs. London Royal Ravens

4:30 pm-Minnesota Røkkr vs. Dallas Empire

6 p.m.-Chicago OpTic vs. Atlanta FaZe

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