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The prime suspect was arrested in the murder case of Mufti Abdullah: CTD | Instant News

The prime suspect in the murder case of Karachi cleric Mufti Abdullah was arrested by police in raids on Sunday.

The suspect has been identified as Haris alias Farhan. He has confessed to the crime, CTD personnel said during a press conference late Sunday.

Mufti Abdullah first attacked on November 1 shortly after leading the prayer.

According to police, they have found evidence that the attack was funded by the Indian intelligence agency RAW. “The attackers were paid through hawala-hundi,” said a police officer.

Karachi CTD chief Umar Shahid said the attackers were paid Rs300,000. The gang behind the attack operates from Dubai. It was run by a man named Zahid Umar.

“Umar went to Dubai via Iran,” the official said, adding that he was reportedly supplying weapons to people pretending to be deliverymen.

On November 11, another suspect, who was arrested from the crime scene, retracted his previous statement. He initially said he shot scholars for money.

In hers new statement, he said he rescheduled the cleric for five days before shooting him, adding that he was paid through a foreign account for the murder.

IG Sindh has noticed the killings and ordered an investigation.


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