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How K-Pop Dominated Luxury Fashion | Instant News

There is no world like the world of K-Pop.

His booming songs and successful choreography are a makeup of his different genres and global success. But despite the eye-catching auditory and visual pleasantries, it holds a superficial component in which lies the perfect style. Get in, fashion.

Over the decades and across all genres, fashion has played a large role in conveying the aesthetic of music from shows to music videos to album covers. But K-Pop’s massive reliance on conceptual styles and unique approaches to clothing, alongside its global presence, has created a luxury fashion movement that has everyone, from designers to fans, taking notice.

Originating in early 1990s South Korea, K-Pop (abbreviated as “Korean Pop”) is a product of exemption from a period of limited censorship. The debut of Seo Taiji and Boys pioneered modern K-Pop, blending South Korean culture with Western instrumentals and simple choreography. Dressally, however, they just echoed everyday 90s wear, often wearing bucket hats, overalls, flannels, and sports memorabilia. Resembling the hip-hop culture of old in the US, it may also reflect a strong global influence.

Seo Taiji and Boys


However, fashion did not undergo revolutionary changes until the end of the decade as a result of the new term “idol” (which is still in use today). Entertainment agencies are following the sonic momentum of K-Pop but turning their artists into celebrities or idols who not only convey the music but also visually narrate the new sound. If fashion didn’t take up a large part of K-Pop’s DNA, it must be now.

Clothing is powerful, using the ability to differentiate idols from their competitors, especially in terms of aesthetic precision, and allowing them to constantly put on new looks and undergo rediscovery. (This genre is not prone to monotonous boredom.) Despite the commercialization of K-Pop, fashion is now an instrument of expression, a tool if you will, that encapsulates music perfectly.

The late 90’s and early 2000’s saw a large number of performances representing an era of experimentation and escape. Some try on sportswear and streetwear, pairing puffer vests, anoraxes, and even glasses with primary color blocking and loose silhouettes. The abundant looks of leather, the full-length high-collared coat, and the narrow cyborg-transformed lens fills the matrix and gothic concept while futuristic vision is brought to life with metallic and galactic engineering.


HOT sports a darker concept, incorporating punk and sportswear into their look.


Famous Y2K articles like gum-cut graphic T-shirts, cargo, and jewelry hair ties followed the trends of the era or blended into funky ensembles. The academic concept is institutionalized with the school uniform and on the shoulders of JanSports styled for fashion, not value. Surprisingly, some played in costumes like HOT which Mario Bros paired with the circus for their music video “Candy”. Joining them, groups like Shinhwa and Baby Vox adapted fragments of each concept, reimagining their fashion bones, while others such as Fin.KL maintained their signature style.


Fin.KL’s image is often innocent. This tried and true Y2K wardrobe captures youth nostalgia.


In the late 2000s and 2010s, K-Pop overshadowed a fast growing industry. Reaping mainstream popularity in the East, he has also ridden the Hallyu Wave – South Korea’s cultural diaspora across borders that began in the 1980s – in the West. The advent of digital sharing is fast becoming the root of K-Pop’s burgeoning success overseas.

The same ability to concoct a vibrant and full of life – or in this case musical resonance – clothing flows to a second generation of artists. But it’s now featured on a broader scale, reaching out to international mansions and underground brands eager to graze this previously uncharted territory of fashion.

2NE1’s fiery and rebellious concept, capturing the essence of independence and rebellion, caught the attention of Balmain, Givenchy, and Moschino. In 2011, through his work with Adidas, Jeremy Scott transformed a pair of shoes into the 2NE1 motif – wild, electric colors wrapped in gold wings (literally) woven into a tie – for a group appearance. Scott’s colorful designs were also loved by Girls Generation which featured the Adidas collection in them “I have a son” music videos. Meanwhile, Super Junior, the group that has maintained its popularity to this day, wore Stella McCartney’s Beatle-inspired “All Together Now” collection in their 2019 music video. “SUPER Clap”.

Adidas Originals collaborated with Jeremy Scott and launch 2ne1

2NE1 members pose with their Jeremy Scott Adidas collaboration.

Han Myung-GuGetty Images

Fast forward to today and K-Pop is cemented in pop culture more than ever. Third generation artists, and even their juniors, shine in the fashion spotlight. First, they have ushered in new trends, such as modernized Hanbok, bridles and cut cardigans in men’s wear. But in the luxury fashion book, they have started a new chapter.

BTS’s success in the music scene coincides with their portfolio of styles. The look for their single “Mic Drop” itself was dressed in a multitude of designer wardrobes, from the military-esque outfit Kim Jones set for their 2019 world tour to the heavy color and graphic displays designed by Virgil Abloh worn during their time Saturday Night Live performance.

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Idols are also no stranger to fashion campaigns. Blackpink member, has been named as “biggest pop band in the world”, has worked individually with Celine, Saint Laurent, Dior, and Chanel. Under SM Entertainment, members of Red Velvet, Exo, and SuperM have worked with Prada, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Michael Kors, Burberry, among others, through campaigns, ambassador work, and social sharing. The list goes on.

blackpink lisa for celine

Lisa Blackpink plays an ambassador for Celine.

@ lalalalisa_m / Instagram

Being on stage in the best outfits has also turned some idols into high-end creative directors. Got7 Jackson Wang launched its own streetwear brand, Team Wang Design last year. Since his debut, he’s produced two collections that specialize in the industry, minimalist construction and hardware (although his latest focus is on velvet) and a capsule collection that mixes Monet’s work with clothing. Blackpink’s Jennie took over glasses in 2020 when she collaborated with the South Korean sunglasses label Gentle Monster in a repertoire of neat but nostalgic works.

Many of these have not only affirmed K-Pop as a fashion powerhouse, but have introduced luxury brands to an entirely new market: K-Pop fans. Any designer has an appeal, but when worn by a sought-after idol who seems to easily pull it off, it suddenly becomes a commodity of connection. On social media, Pinterest-style images embed the exact items that idols wear, be it on stage or at airports, creating channels for fans to track and purchase those items.

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This is the case for BTS, when it comes to looking for a certain Virgil t-shirt and pink shirt jumped after members Suga and RM were seen wearing their own, according to Lyst. The same is true of Fear of God, a label no stranger to the group; just by wearing it, not promoting it on purpose, FG’s signature logo has become the ligament of the group’s fashion identity.

So, next time K-Pop’s stunning looks make you surprise think about the fashion journey it has been on. Maybe you also surf the web for luxury.


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The German band turns the van into a club so that fans can rock one by one | Instant News

BERLIN (Reuters) – German two-member rock band Milliarden has turned a van into a club where they put on shows for one fan as well as a way to reach out to music lovers during the pandemic.

Separated by plastic sheets, Milliarden www.milliardenmusik.de, which translates as Billions, treats fans to an acoustic version of their song, recreating the club atmosphere with lighting effects, posters and plastic roses.

Major cultural events, including concerts, are nearly impossible to hold in Germany due to the pandemic.

“The fact that we have a club with us, that we are club owners, that is to say, is something we use to reach out to people who are not so close to this, to this cultural landscape, who are not in the city,” said the band member. Ben Hartmann.

“We actually went to the village and stopped in front of people’s houses and played for them. A crisis like this brings about so many opportunities that you only realize after you’ve done something. You just have to do it. “

Milliarden this month released their third studio album, “Schuldig” (“Guilty”). Fans can win tickets to exclusive shows via social media.

“I think it’s great to work like this and people respect it and accept it like that and connect emotionally with us here with this van. I thought it was a gift, ”said Johannes Aue, who is in charge of keyboards and applause.

“And that’s why it’s amazing that we can do it without thinking about how we can make money with it. Because we have a huge debt with our fans. “

“I am pleased. Just happy. It was very good … It was very good, it was really great, “said fan Nadine Spichal, getting out of a van parked outside the Berlin nightclub.

Reporting by Reuters TV; Written by Christoph Steitz; Edited by Giles Elgood


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Campaign, campaign! What is the fashion? | Instant News

Harley Weir Photography. Image courtesy of Charlotte Knowles

“Campaign! Campaign for everyone! Is Bubbles Devere’s signature screech in a medieval comedy sketch Little Britain. Or wait, is it ‘champagne’… after all, the first is what you get from us – though why not pour yourself a little coupe for while you read? this mode week, after all! From Loewe to Charlotte Knowles, we present a veritable feast of delicious fashion imagery in this week’s summary, arousing your appetite for all AW21 we’ll feed you in the next few weeks. We hope you are hungry! This is what is in fashion.

London Fashion Week gets a VR makeover

Not quite satisfied with the fashion show that was broadcast live? Do not be afraid! To mark the beginning London Fashion Week, Machine-A, the beloved independent London boutique, has partnered with the Institute of Digital Fashion to launch an immersive experience for you to truly step into your favorite designer world – without even leaving the bed. The platform, called A New Future, is a virtual augmented shop environment where you can interact with some of London’s most brilliant designers: Martine Rose, Richard Quinn, Goom Heo, A-Cold-Wall * and Eftychia Karamolegkou, to name a few. “At a time when the fashion calendar feels very flat and with the industry questioning what fashion means today, we wanted to raise the voice of the talents, dissect it,” said Leanne Elliott Young, co-founder of the Institute of Digital Fashion. “An important part of our work and mission is to democratize the fashion landscape, evaluate how technology can be used to get past some of the ancient structures that form the basis of the fashion industry as a whole.” Think of it like a fashion week video game to spend some time with. Plus, there might be a nice change from Netflix’s demand if you’re “still watching.” OA

htown SS21 campaign

Elliott James Kennedy Photography. For the good of htown

Spring has sprung up in East London men’s clothing destinations

“Opening a shop? In this unprecedented moment ?! “It’s a sensible question to ask someone who has plans to, well, open a physical shop right now. Someone who was a recipient, however, was Harry Fisher; he opens the door to htown, East London’s hippest menswear destination, in September. The past six months, however, have proven him right in exercising his instincts to bring a touch of haute to Hoxton. “We’re excited about our first season away – it didn’t come without its ups and downs” – a national lockdown that forced them to turn operations completely online and Brexit into two minor hurdles on the way – but we have adapted and found new ways to serve our existing customers. will benefit us and them in the long run. “And how lucky we are customers: after bringing us pieces of clothing from some of the best independent menswear designers out there last season, Harry and the team have reloaded for SS21 and launched a new campaign picked up by Elliott James Kennedy and styled by Kate Iorga. Between the Ahluwalia t-shirt, Saul Nash vest, Y / Project jacket, and more, the choices are almost too much to bear! So free yourself from stress and add it all to your basket – you’ve got it. MISS

Gucci Ken Scott

Image courtesy of Gucci / Mark Peckmezian

Gucci’s latest collaboration is with unsung fashion heroes

Florals for spring? In hand Alessandro Michele, that’s right, they could be a breakthrough! This week, GucciCreative directors such as shamans blessed us with a bouquet of bright flowers in the form of a new capsule collection, something to carry us through the next week of seemingly endless sluggishness. There is even a historical angle too! Gucci Ken Scott is a collaboration with one of Milanunsung fashion heroes. An American designer who pioneered the ‘lifestyle brand’, Ken Scott revolutionized Italian fashion in the 60s and 70s with his bright prints and easy-to-wear clothing. And now, his work is being put forward for a new generation, just as the flowers first bloom in spring. Bravo, Alessandro! Find out more here. OA

Charlotte Knowles SS21 campaign

Harley Weir Photography. Image courtesy of Charlotte Knowles

Charlotte Knowles takes a new spin on ‘florals for spring’

The AW21 digital show may be underway, but there are still some SS21 presentations and fashion movies that go live without rental fees on our minds. One of which is “Petals.” Charlotte Knowles”, A gorgeous gritty sketch directed by none other than Harley Weir. Now, a young London label has released the latest chapter in their collaboration with photographers, its SS21 campaign. The film and the campaign were shot at the same time, ”explained Charlotte and Alexandre Arsenault. “Harley understands exactly what we are looking for in terms of emotions and messages,” one of “fantasy and nostalgia, power and energy, fragility and beauty”. Rich with flowery collages and jagged strokes, there is an otherworldly timbre saturated to the image, the result of a hand-printed technique Harley did in a darkroom. “To us, the drawings were handcrafted and the textures were like works of art,” said the couple, providing “a glimpse into how we envisioned the Charlotte Knowles universe.” We only have one question. How do we get there? NOW?! MISS

Off-White x Andre Walker

Image courtesy of Off-White

Off-White brings fashion legends to life

Other collaborations that get you excited? Pale white and Andre Walker! Virgil Abloh has made the elusive designer the newest to participate in his label’s Foundation program, where he invites creative guests to jointly develop new ideas and work. For some time now, Andre has been following his own rhythm, opting to work on independent projects outside the orthodox schedule of fashion and the relentless pace of mass production. The pair collaborated on a small capsule, which features an abstract watercolor print of an airplane flying in a tangerine sky, decorated with the letters OOSOOM (‘Out of science, out of magic’). Considering that we all so badly want to get on a plane to go anywhere now, this should be done in the meantime. OA

Loewe's fragrance campaign

Tyler Mitchell Photography. Image courtesy of Loewe

Tyler Mitchell has recorded Loewe’s fragrances campaign

Next on the trail of this week’s campaign is a delicious visual delivery of everyone’s favorite Spanish home. The last time we did lyrics about Loewe, it was because The stunning AW21 menswear collection from Jonathan Anderson, served last month. This time, however, it’s all about the home olfactory offering – or rather the package they’re in. That’s right, the bottle for the Loewe fragrance range has been redesigned as a “rainbow-shaded single multisensorial repertoire” of block-shaped glass bottles, with every botanical hue referring to the precious fragrance inside. If the prospect of a new, fancy dressing table accessory alone isn’t enough to convince you, then a new campaign focused on iD contributors Tyler Mitchell will. Of the eight images, “distinct personalities are intimately depicted” against a ground colored background “along with organic elements representing natural beauty” and one of Loewe’s six scents. Enough say – sprinkle us, J-Dubz! MISS

Sneakers open the box

Image courtesy of the Design Museum

The sneakers exhibition is coming to the Design Museum

Oh how we miss the museum! Painting, not really, really. But fashion fairs – we’ve been starving for them! Fortunately, there are a few good ones news on the horizon: this week, the Design Museum announced that its next blockbuster exhibition will be dedicated to the sneaker cult. Yes, hypebeasts, this is the one for you! Sneakers Unboxed: From the Studio to the Street will open – or should we say ‘drop’? – in April, and recorded the history and cultural phenomenon of the world’s most popular form of footwear. Featuring more than 200 pairs of shoes, this fair will examine iconic styles – all from the first Talking Chuck Taylors to Yeezy 250 Zebra – the role sneakers have played in cultural movements including West Coast Skaters, Casuals and Dirt, and how they won the hearts of even the richest luxury fashion houses, like Dior. We’ll practically run there ourselves. Try stopping us. OA

HUGO campaign

Oliver Hadlee Pearch Photography. Image courtesy of Hugo

Oliver Hadlee Pearch captures the boundless passion of HUGO

After Brexit and the global embargo on the way due to the pandemic, the prospect of a world without borders is impossible. Becomes more interesting now. If you, like us, are scratching the walls to escape wherever you read this, HUGOSS21 campaign, shot by iD contributors Oliver Hadlee Pearch, is a welcome balm. “The idea is to create a world without borders,” said Richard Pang of HUGO. “We want to push cultural boundaries in a way that speaks to our global community,” with Oliver achieving this by photographing the international cast of seven rising faces everywhere from sun-shrouded forests to neon-lit clubby sets. Back at the club Lots Maybe a little longer, at least we have a picture like this to keep the dream alive. MISS

Onitsuka Tiger

Image courtesy of Onitsuka Tiger.

Willow Smith was flexible for Onitsuka Tiger’s SS21 campaign

When Willow Smith and Onitsuka Tiger first paired for the Japanese brand’s AW20 campaign, it’s a match made in fashion heaven. A perfect coating for the label’s mission of “sending innovative messages globally,” you could almost call the young American star the embodiment of “Onitsuka’s Tiger Attitude.” Someone who wholeheartedly agrees is Andrea Pompilio, the creative director of OT, who chose Willow as the star of his SS21 campaign. A testament to the “essential beauty that overflows from within Willow”, the image shows the youngest member of the Smith clan wearing a fluffy marigold gown and structured nylon coat from the label’s latest collection, while demonstrating the level of flexibility we haven’t seen since the yoga studio closed in. lockdown 1.0. Think of this as the motivation you need to take the online class in the meantime. MISS

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Rhythms of Brazil will be featured at the annual world music showcase | Arts & Entertainment | Instant News

Brazilian musician Eduardo Mendonca will headline the University of Idaho World Music Celebration 2021 Friday and Saturday online.

A vocalist, guitarist and percussionist, Mendonca has played, composed and directed various genres of Brazilian popular music in the US, Canada, Nepal and Brazil since 1974.He has performed for the 14th Dalai Lama, Pope John Paul II and former South African President Nelson. Mandela and was featured in the PBS documentary American Masters “Paul Simon: Born at the Right Time.”

The Mendoca concert will be broadcast live at 7:30 pm Friday via Zoom from the Haddock Hall UI to the audience online. In previous live and recording performances, he will join Navin Chettri on percussion and vocals, along with World Beat Ensemble and Lionel Hampton School of Music Jazz Band, string quartet and faculty members.

Chettri is a percussionist, vocalist, composer and founder and artistic director of the Kathmandu Jazz Festival (Jazzmandu) and the Jatra Drum Percussion Festival in Nepal. He is considered the pioneer and driving force behind the growth of jazz in Nepal, according to a news release from the university. He is the artistic director for UI’s World Music Celebration.

The theme of this year’s festival is “Exploring Culture Through Music”. In addition to the concert, Menonca and Chettri will lead a free master class workshop at 4:00 pm Saturday on “The Essence of Brazilian Rhythm” via Zoom.

Pre-registration for free online events is required and is available via a short link: www.bit.ly/360WorldMusicFest.


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JCD Fourth Place On All Teams Of The ORVC 2020-21 Women’s Basketball Conference | Instant News

South Ripley, Switzerland County, Rising Sun and Milan are also well represented.

Shutterstock photo.

(Osgood, Ind.) – Sixteen girls have claimed their place as one of the top basketball players at the Ohio River Valley Conference.

ORVC releases the 2020-21 ORVC Girls Basketball Awards on Wednesday.

Jac-Cen-Del won the conference championship with a perfect 6-0 record in conference games. Anna Hubbard, Kadee Kuhn, Paige Ledford, and Annabelle Williams representing JCD on the All-Conference Team

Ledford is the conference’s top scorer with 15.4 points per game. He also led the conference in rebounds at 11.0 per contest.

Williams leads ORVC with 81 assists, while Hubbard has the best field goal percentage with 58 percent.

South Ripley finished second in the conference 5-1. Rachel Meyer, LJ McQueen, and Gracie Gunter named the All-Conference.

Switzerland County also has three All-Conference options in Jessie Duvall, Maddie Duvall, and Keirsten Oeffinger (ORVC Mental Attitude Award 2020-21).

Rising Sun and Milan complete the All-Conference Team with three choices in total.

Head coach Jac-Cen-Del Scott Smith is ORVC Coach of the Year.

The ORVC 2020-21 Girls Basketball All Conference Team is listed below.

Jessie Duvall, Switzerland Region

Maddie Duvall, Swiss Territory

Ellie Foley, Southwest

Ashton Goode, Southwest

Gracie Gunter, South Ripley

Anna Hubbard, JCD

Kadee Kuhn, JCD

Paige Ledford, JCD

Trinity McLain, Southwest

LJ McQueen, South Ripley

Rachel Meyer, South Ripley

Baylee Morris, The Rising Sun

Kiersten Oeffinger, Swiss Territory

Audrey Schmidt, Milan

Annabelle Williams, JCD

Maddi Wilson, The Rising Sun


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