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CM Murad ordered the completion of 141 health departments’ appointment schemes | Instant News

KARACHI – Chief Minister (CM) Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah has directed the health department to ensure completion of 141 sustainable development schemes launched worth Rs13.5 billion so that health care facilities start operating in every nook and corner of the province. “The COVID-19 situation has created financial constraints even though the government has prioritized the health sector so that the ongoing scheme can be finalized in the interests of the larger provincial community,” he said Monday while chairing the meeting. to review progress of the Ministry of Health’s development scheme in the CM Building. The meeting was attended by Minister of Health Dr Azra Fazal Pechuho, Parliamentary Secretary of Health Qasim Siraj Soomro, Main Secretary (CS) Mumtaz Shah, Chair of P&D Mohammad Waseem, PSCM Sajid Jamal Abro, Finance Secretary Hassan Naqvi, Health Secretary Kazim Jatoi, Member of P & D Fatah Tunio, SE Building Arshad Bhutto and others.

During the meeting it was informed that the health department had 192 schemes with an allocation of Rs93,273,567 million of which Rs32,886,737 million had been used up to June 2020 and the throw-forward was Rs60,386,830 million. Of the 192 schemes, 141 are in progress of which Rs23,500 million has been allocated for the current financial year and Rs4,566,766 has been released while utilization is recorded at 36.11 percent or Rs1,648,845 million. The allocation for 141 schemes that are currently running for 2020-21 is Rs. 13,500 million, which has been released for Rs. 4,565,954 million and the utilization is 36.11 percent or Rs1,648,845 million. As the CM prioritized the completion of the ongoing schemes, no funds were spent on 51 new schemes. CM was informed that 72 schemes are likely to be completed by the end of the current financial year. Some of them are as follows: Establishment of Thalassemia Day Care Center in Dargah Jaral Shah, Larkana for Rs21,986 million, RHC in Karejha Chandio village, Naushehroferoze for Rs 65,832 million, BHU upgrade to RHC Phull, Naushehroferoze for Rs63,832 million, Increase BHC became RHC Fakir Faiz M Bilalani, Mirpurkhas amounted to Rs61,709 million, increased BHU to RHC Wahi Pandhi, Dudu amounted to Rs64,930 million, increased three BHCs to RHC in Kantio, Amrio, Veenjhniyari, Tharparkar district, increase from BHC to RHC in Janhero , Samaro and New Chhor of Umerkot. The establishment of the Sukkur Children’s Health Care Center amounting to Rs162 million, the establishment of the Center for Maternal & Child Health at Liaquat University Hospital, Jamshoro and various others. Other schemes to be completed in the following fiscal year include the establishment of a 25-bed Trauma Center at the Sindh Lyari Government General Hospital, strengthening of the Qattar Hospital, Orangi, establishment of the Gastroenterology and Neuropsychiatry Unit in NICH, Karachi, establishment of the NICVD Paeds Heart Unit, Karachi, establishment of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Liaquat University Hospital, Hyderabad and various others.


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Murad will write a letter to the prime minister asking the Sindh government to run the three Karachi hospitals | Instant News

The Sindh government has said it will approach the federal government to maintain administrative control of the three major hospitals in Karachi – the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD), Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC) and the National Institute of Children’s Health (NICH) – so that healthcare is free to the public in the province could continue without a hitch.

“I will write a letter to the prime minister with a request to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the provincial government to run these three hospitals,” Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah said on Monday while chairing a meeting to discuss the issues of the three hospitals.

Last week, the Prime Minister’s Special Assistant for Health, Dr Faisal Sultan, said that they were in the process of forming an independent board of governors to run the three health facilities. He added that he had approached the provincial health minister, Dr Azra Pechuho, to seek a candidate from the provincial government for a board of governors created by the federal government to run the facility.

“I have asked a name from him [Dr Azra] also for boards. Will put the right professional and not controversial [in these boards], “Said Dr. The Sultan was asked why the Center was blamed for appointing people on the board of governors who were not Karachi and who had no experience running a health institution.

In a meeting on Monday, CM was informed that the federal government has decided to run all three hospitals under a board of governors, where he said the move would be against the Supreme Court ruling.

Shah stressed that his government has been working day and night to make the three hospitals one of the best in the country. “We are not only increasing their budget provisions but launching new initiatives such as cyber knives at JPMC, establishing NICVD satellite centers and upgrading NICH,” he said, adding that the shift in administrative control of these hospitals from the provincial government to the federal government at this stage would greatly affect the service. their delivery.

CM directed the Sindh health department to write a letter to the federal government and inform them of the situation. He added that he will also write a letter to the PM, urging him to sign an MoU with the Sindh government so that the latter can run these facilities and ensure free health facilities for the people.

The meeting was attended by Dr Azra, Main Secretary Mumtaz Shah, Advocate General Salman Talibuddin, Health Secretary Kazim Jatoi, Legal Secretary Dr Mansoor Rizvi and others.


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CM Murad Ali Shah ordered the renovation of 555 rainwater channels in the city | Instant News

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has directed the provincial government departments to draw up a detailed plan for the cleanliness of the remaining 555 rainwater channels in Karachi, including 41 under the jurisdiction of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) and 514 under the District City Corporations (DMC), with the same rehabilitation model that was adopted for Mehmoodabad and other waterways.

“The Mehmoodabad and Gujjar canal cleanliness model is a complete package where not only is encroachment along the sewer eliminated, but affected people have been compensated and roads are being built along the nullah embankment,” he said while chairing a meeting of the Coordination and Implementation Committee. Province (PCIC) at CM House on Friday.

The meeting was informed that the anti-encroachment movement along Mehmoodabad Nullah had started on January 4, 2021 and 7.5 kilometers along both sides of the sewer had been cleared. Of the 56 compensation checks to be distributed among people displaced by the anti-encroachment movement, 49 have been distributed, he said.

Karachi Commissioner Naveed Shaikh briefed the meeting at the Karachi sewer and said that apart from the big nullah, the DMC has control over 514 drains in the city and cleaning work will begin on the 298 sewers.

He informed the meeting that the cleaning work would cost around Rs430 million, of which Rs119 million would be spent by the DMCs from their own resources and the remaining Rs316 million would have to be funded.

CM directed Local Government Minister Nasir Shah to submit documents to him in this regard so that the necessary finances could be approved and released. NED University Deputy Chancellor Dr Sarosh Lodhi told the meeting that the total drainage network of 39 waterways in Karachi is spread over 229.12 kilometers.

He added that his party had submitted a detailed survey report of the Manzoor Colony drainage, the main Gujjar drain, the Orangi main drain, the tributary of the Gujjar drain and the Manzoor Colony drain and a survey report of 25 drainages was being prepared.

He also made suggestions for improving drainage from the Hub, Eassa Nagri, Madina Colony, Mawach Goth and other waterways. The CM directed local government departments to draw up a detailed plan for restructuring of the Nullah as suggested by the vice chancellor.


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CM Murad Ali Shah orders the city’s beauty, security measure for the upcoming naval exercise | Instant News

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, while reviewing the arrangements for the upcoming AMAN-21 Multinational Maritime Exercise organized by the Pakistan Navy, directed all civilian bodies to give a festive look to the city.

“It is an honor to host the AMAN-21 gymnastics which is participated in by 46 countries, therefore all arrangements, including repair, maintenance, painting and installation of welcome signs must reflect the best of hospitality,” he said while chairing a meeting at the CM Building on Friday. .

The Pakistani Navy will host the multinational exercises from February 11 to 16, 2021, in which more than 46 countries will participate. “The main aim of this exercise is to enhance Pakistan’s positive image at the global level,” said CM. The theme of the event is ‘Together For Peace’.

Since 2007, the Pakistani Navy has hosted AMAN exercises in which the United States, Russia, China and UK fleets have participated. CM said that participation from around the world is testimony to the fact that the Pakistan Navy is a respected and professional force at global and regional levels.

Shah added that the prevailing security, and the law and order situation in Karachi had improved with the consistent efforts of the provincial government. He added that due to increased security, a number of foreign delegations often visited Karachi. “Traffic management during the exercise must also be carried out accordingly,” he told the police department.

Shah directed law enforcement agencies to maintain a favorable security environment and a pleasant atmosphere during AMAN-21. He also directed all local bodies to carpet paths, wherever needed, beautifying roundabouts and painting walkways.

The meeting was attended by the Main Secretary of Sindh Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah, Commander of Vice Admiral Karachi Faisal Lodhi, Main Secretary of CM Sajid Jamal Abro, Additional Main Secretary Usman Chachar, Commissioner Karachi Naveed Shaikh, Additional IG Karachi Ghulam Nabi Memon, Regional Government Secretary Najam Shah, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation Administrator Laeeq Ahmed, Director General of the Karachi Development Authority Nasir Abbas, Managing Director of the Karachi Water and Wastewater Agency Asadullah Khan, Brigadier Faisal Nawaz of Rangers, representatives from the Corps –V and cantonment councils, and others.


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Both Bilawal, Murad were born in Karachi and have shares in the city, said Murtaza Wahab | Instant News

It would be wrong to assume that Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah are apathetic to Karachi’s development because both were born in Karachi and have a share in the city.

This was confirmed by CM Sindh Advisor for Law and Environment Lawyers Murtaza Wahab during a speech at the Federal Area B Trade and Industry Association ceremony on Wednesday.

The legal adviser mentioned that CM has promised to develop the Karachi SITE area and two roads are being built there while nine more roads will be built in the coming year.

He claimed that the Sindh government had carried out construction work in all of the city’s industrial estates without the fanfare of ribbon-cutting ceremonies after the projects were completed.

Wahab claims that the Sindh government has invested billions of rupees in industrial estates. He said that the provincial law and environment department under his auspices would hold monthly meetings with industry players to solve their problems.

He said industrialists face injustice because they do not get natural gas that they produce themselves. He alleged that the federal government did not pay a cent of its Rs300 billion share in the Rs1,100 billion Karachi Development Package.

He said the federal government had attempted to carry out Chinese cuts in the Sindh region by seizing control of two islands off the coast of Karachi through a presidential decree. He said that for this reason, the federal government was hesitant to present the same rules in the National Assembly.

Wahab said the federal government is not providing the sovereign guarantees needed for the revival of the Karachi Circle Railway as it is more interested in building the ML-1 railway project between Karachi and Peshawar.

He said the controversial census results committee set up by the federal government under Maritime Affairs Minister Ali Zaidi had not consulted Sindh.


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