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CM Murad Ali Shah wants 10,000 cameras across Karachi as part of the Safe City Project | Instant News

To improve the security and safety situation and quality of life in Karachi, the chief minister of Sindh has decided to start the implementation of the Safe City Project, which he has meeting next week so that the different components can be used. Approved.

Addressing a meeting on law & order at CM House on Saturday, Syed Murad Ali Shah said that the situation of the city as a whole has improved a lot, which can be gauged from the fact that Karachi’s ranking in the World Crime Index has risen from sixth in 2014 to 103 in the year 2020.

The World Crime Index surveyed crime rates in 396 international cities. It was ranked Karachi sixth in 2014, 10th in 2015, 26th in 2016, 47th in 2017, 50th in 2018, 61st and then 71st in 2019, 88th at the start of this year and 103th in mid-October.

Sindh IGP police chief Mushtaq Mahar told the meeting that Cape Town was ranked 19, Mexico 29, Kuala Lumpur 38, Houston 50, Washington 52 and Delhi 71.

The chief executive said the city could be made safer and more secure if the Safe City Project was implemented at the earliest. He told Mahar to hold a meeting with the National Radio & Telecom Corporation next week for a detailed discussion of the project’s technical and financial proposals.

The Safe City Project was created in 2011, aiming to install 10,000 high-powered CCTV cameras across the city in its first phase. CM has approved Rs10 billion for the purpose but the project cost has increased to around Rs20 billion.

Shah said the security and safety situation as well as the quality of life in the city could be improved with the help of the latest technology.

He directed the police department to install 10,000 cameras in various places, including in the city’s red zones and problem areas for criminal activity.

Eid Al-Fitr Milad-un-Nabi

During the meeting, IGP said that Eid will be celebrated on 30 October, and the main procession on the occasion will be conducted from the Memon Mosque at noon. He said the police department would deploy 4,706 personnel for the safety of the participants.

Mahar said that another procession would move from the Merewether Tower at noon and stop at the Arambagh Mosque, while the third procession would start from Chhutan Shah Mazar at 1.30pm and stop at Purani Numaish. In this way, a total of six processions would emerge from different parts of the city and stop at designated places, he added. He also said that 947 processions and 902 Mehfils in connection with Eid will be held across the province, and all of them will be provided with the security they deserve.

Chup Tazia

The IGP said that Chup Tazia will take place on the 8th of Rabi-ul-Awwal, which will fall on October 26, adding that the procession will take place on that day from Nishtar Park and stop at Imambargah Iran Hussain in Kharadar.

He said the procession would be carried out securely by a force of 8,000 police officers, adding that another procession would be moved from Qasr-e-Musayyab in Rizvia Society and stop at Shah-e-Najaf Imambargah, and around 1,200 police officers would provide it. with security.

The meeting informed that 30 Chup Tazia processions will be held across the province, of which nine have been declared the most sensitive and five as sensitive.

Crime situation

Sharing data on the criminal situation, Mahar said that in 2019 423 murder cases occurred in the city, while in 2020 there were 414 cases reported, showing a difference of nine cases.

He said that in 2019 there were a total of 12 targeted murder cases, while in 2020 there were a total of eight cases which showed a decrease of four cases.

He also said there were 31 cases of ransom kidnapping in 2019 and 29 in 2020, 107 extortion cases in 2019 and 116 in 2020, which shows an increase of nine cases. He added that there were 242 home burglaries in 2019 and 200 in 2020, which represents a reduction of 42 cases.

The IGP said that 1,404 four-wheelers were kidnapped in 2019 and that the number had dropped to 49 in 2020, when 1,355 cases of looting were reported.

He said, there were 23,141 two-wheeled vehicles confiscated in 2019 and increased in 2020 by 5,264 units, while in 2019 15,058 cell phones were confiscated and increased to 16,765 in 2020.

CM ordered that an app should be developed to promptly file complaints of incidents and robbery of mobile, car, motorcycle and other theft without visiting the police station. “This will help the police activate their force across the city to catch criminals.”

The chief executive was told that target killings across the province had fallen by 33.3 percent, homicides by 2 percent and cases of extortion by 14 percent.

‘Excellent performance’

CM lauds the professionally launched operations against muggers in the kutcha area of ​​Khairpur and Larkana. It was an “extraordinary performance” of the police in both districts, he said.

IGP Mahar said the operation was launched in the Baradi Jatoi kutcha area, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Khairpur and Larkana police, adding that in the operation, six high-profile robbers were killed, each with a head money of Rs2 million.

He said police found anti-aircraft guns, two G-3 rifles, a sub-machine gun, a rocket launcher with bullets and a large amount of ammunition.

Karachi Corps commander Lt. Gen. Humayun Aziz said he would get any anti-aircraft and other weapons recovered from the robbers who were examined by military weapons experts to determine where the robbers got the weapons.

The chief executive said at the meeting that when he visited Sukkur earlier, he appreciated SSP Khairpur for the successful operation against the muggers.

Anti-narcotics drive

From the meeting it was informed that 8,081 raids had been carried out in drug dens this year, with 12,788 suspects arrested and 10,427 registered FIRs. From the meeting it was also informed that the police found 7,173,959 kilograms of charcoal, 62,178 kg of heroin, 23.2 kg of ice, 170,288 kg of opium and 195,606 liters of liquor.

During the meeting it was informed that the police arrested 6,383 people who made Gutka and Mainpuri, confiscated 625,153 kg of Gutka and Mainpuri, and sealed 66 factories. IGP said that 5,314 FIRs were registered during the trip.

The chief executive urged the police to continue their efforts against the drug traffickers. “This is a crusade to save the next generation from threats.”

The meeting was also attended by Information Technology Minister Taimur Talpur, CM Barrister Murtaza Wahab’s Legal Advisor, Main Secretary Mumtaz Shah, Director General of Sindh Rangers Maj. Gen. Omer Bukhari, Main Secretary CM Sajid Jamal Abro, Head of Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs Usman Chachar and others. related officials.


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CM Murad Ali Shah will lay the foundation stone for Malir Toll Road next month | Instant News

The chief minister of Sindh has decided to hold a groundbreaking ceremony for the 39-kilometer Malir Toll Road project in the second week of November. He also approved the construction of a connecting road for the Korangi.

Syed Murad Ali Shah took this decision on Thursday during a meeting he chaired at the CM Building to review a project launched as part of a public-private partnership.

Malir Toll Road

The Sindh Investment Department notified the chief executive that the concession agreement for the Malir Toll Road project had been implemented, while an independent auditor as well as an engineer had been appointed for the project.

The meeting was informed that the agreement was being finalized and the bank had begun approving the financial closure of the project, while the concessionaire had finalized the detailed design of the project.

The Malir Toll Road is a 39 km long road which will be built along the Malir River. This will be a four-lane line. The initial estimate of the completion period is three years, but CM has directed the investment department to complete it in two years.

Three overpasses and eight underground roads will be constructed as part of the project, which will start from the KPT Interchange in Qayyumabad and end at the Karachi-Hyderabad Highway near Kathore. CM Shah gave the investment department permission to mobilize machinery for the project, saying he will lay the foundation stone in the second week of next month.

Korangi connecting road

The chief executive also approved the construction of a 12 km connecting road for Korangi. The starting point of the road is Creek Avenue at the Korangi Causeway intersection and ends at the PAF Airmen Golf Club.

The road alignment will be along the Korangi Causeway and the Malir River. This will be a new four-lane road that connects to Korangi. Shah directs the planning & development department to complete geotechnical investigations and traffic surveys before submitting their results for collection as part of a public-private partnership or through an Annual Development Plan.

Recycling plant

Municipal Wastewater Recycling Plant at Treatment Plant-I in Karachi aims to supply 50 million gallons of recycled wastewater per day in two phases – 30mgd in first phase and 50mgd total in second phase – to Haroonabad Wastewater Treatment Plant for Industrial Estate SITUS .

The private sector will be involved to bring water supply to industry, handle operations & maintenance, upgrade and replacement, and prepare the necessary water supply infrastructure.

A special pipeline network will be installed for water distribution to industries in the SITE Area. CM directed its government public-private partnership unit to accelerate the project and start working on it.

Water supply

The 30mgd water supply project requires the establishment of a special bulk water transmission system from Dhabeji to Korangi Crossing to supply an additional 30mgd of water, of which 10mgd will be provided for the Dhabeji Industrial Zone and 20mgd to the South Karachi District.

This also includes laying a pipeline from Dhabeji to the Korangi Crossing, and setting up a pumping station and filter factory at the Korangi Crossing Area. The water will be distributed through the existing network at the Karachi Water & Sewerage Board and the cantonment board.

Waste treatment

The chief executive was informed that KWSB was interested in building a wastewater treatment plant project at TP-IV, and that the project covered the design, construction and management of 180mgd primary and secondary treatment plant facilities.

The Asian Development Bank’s Public Private Partnership Office is in the process of hiring a consultant for the project feasibility study. It has submitted an expression of interest to undertake transaction consulting services of the TP-IV project.

CM said the project had been approved at the 30th Public-Private Partnership Policy Council meeting to carry out advisory services. He directed the investment department to speed up consulting services to get the project started.

Pump station

The Jamila Wastewater Pumping Station Project requires the rehabilitation, upgrading and operation of the existing Jamila Water Pumping Station in Karachi, including the adjacent infrastructure. The CM directed KWSB to present the project to the Public-Private Partnership Policy Board so that project implementation could be approved as part of the public-private partnership.


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CM Murad Ali Shah finds out ‘city government agencies have ghost employees’ | Instant News

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah on Tuesday said he was aware of a large number of ghost employees on the payroll of the Karachi city agency.

CM made this unusual confession while chairing a meeting at the Main Ministerial Building to review the work of city agencies and city civilians. The meeting was attended by Sindh Regional Government Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, Sindh Environmental and Legal Advisor, Barrister Murtaza Wahab, Karachi Administrator Iftikhar Ali Shallwani, Commissioner Karachi Sohail Rajput and deputy commissioner stationed in the city.

The chief minister said that from now on, Accountant General Sindh would be in charge of disbursement of salaries to city agency staff instead of the finance departments of those civilian institutions. He said the move would help detect cases of ghost staff.

Shah said that at a later stage, city staff in other divisions of the province would also get salaries from Sindh AG. He asked the heads of municipal and civic agencies in the city, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, Karachi Development Authority and Sindh Building Control Authority, to verify the availability of each employee at their respective institutions before assigning salaries to them.

The CM also discussed how retired city staff regularly withdraw salaries because of the city’s civilian bodies’ faulty financial system. Shah said he was also aware of the situation that “lower class employees of city agencies have illegally withdrawn salaries from senior positions in their respective agencies”. He said irregularities in the affairs of city agency services must be detected and corrected.


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CM Murad Ali Shah ordered the transportation department to complete the Orange Line infrastructure | Instant News

The chief minister of Sindh has directed the transport department to complete the Orange Line infrastructure, and use the Asian Development Bank (ADB) loan for the Red Line and finalize the Yellow Line design so that work can begin for the greater good. Karachi.

CM Syed Murad Ali Shah chaired a Sindh Transport Department meeting on Tuesday to review the progress of the city’s bus fast transit system (BRTS). The meeting was attended by the Minister of Transport Sindh Awais Qadir Shah, Chairman of Planning & Development Mohammad Waseem, Administrator Karachi Iftikhar Shallwani, Commissioner Karachi Sohail Rajput, secretary of transportation and project consultants.

The chief executive said the BRTS project planned by the provincial government was starting to mature, so the transport department had to set a schedule for its breakthrough.

Orange Lines

Renamed philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi, the Orange Line part of BRTS is a 3.88 kilometer long project that has four bus stations. One bus terminal has been launched by the provincial government for Rs2.36 billion from its resources.

The route starts from the municipal administration office of Orangi Town to Jinnah University for Women in Nazimabad. National Engineering Services Pakistan is a project design and supervision consultant.

Transportation Minister Shah said the Orange Line infrastructure was almost complete but was delayed because of the Green Line because the two projects would be integrated. CM orders him to finish remaining work and report to him.

Red line

P & D chairman Waseem said Red line has three packages: the first is engineering, procurement & construction management and operations design, and the second is project management, coordination & capacity building, where the capacity building of the Sindh Mass Transit Authority and Trans-Karachi Company BRT is in process.

He said the third package is operation, design & business management, in which consultants who develop operational plans, financial models, transportation models and restructure of the bus industry will be carried out.

The Minister of Transportation said that all project consultants would support the provincial government in procuring procurement to select civil works contractors and suppliers for all project equipment such as BRT vehicles, smart transportation systems and tariff systems.

Answering CM’s questions, he said that the consultants in charge of detailed engineering design had almost completed their designs and draft versions of their drawings, and had submitted them for review and comment by the project director.

Waseem said the project consultant selection committee had selected the qualified consultants and was now waiting for ADB to issue a certificate with no objection. The Red Line section costs around Rs74.68 billion.

Yellow line

At the request of CM, the World Bank agreed to implement the Yellow Line, with the aim of improving urban mobility, accessibility and road safety in Karachi through the construction of a Yellow Line BRT Corridor, including a 22 km long corridor, drainage, lighting, busway. , stations, terminals and depots.

Waseem said the project concept paper had been approved by the Provincial Development Work Party and had been sent to the Planning, Development & Reform Commission for consideration and approval in the Central Development Work Party.

CM was notified that the PC-1 of the project was prepared based on a preliminary design, of which Rs61 billion had been approved by the National Executive Committee.

Economic Council.

The Minister of Transportation said the Yellow Line route will start from Dawood Chowrangi and continue to Korangi via Jalan Korangi 8000 and Jalan Korangi via Sharea Faisal and Shahrah-e-Quaideen and will be integrated at the Numaish BRT station.

He said the project will have eight underpasses and two elevated U-turns, 268 diesel hybrid technology buses, and 28 stations, including 22 at level and six underground stations. CM directed him to start the process of procuring consulting services for the preparation of detailed designs. The minister of transport said that hiring for key positions such as environmental, communications, gender, social, procurement and financial management specialists was underway.

The chief executive directed the transport department to get consultants on board. “I have to start these two projects – Yellow Line and Red Line – so they can be completed in two years.”


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Murad accused the Center of treating Sindh like a stepmother | Instant News

KANDHKOT – Chief Minister (CM) Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah accused the federal government of treating Sindh like her stepmother.

While speaking to media people here in Darri village on Sunday, Syed Murad Ali Shah asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to treat all provinces as equal to each other.

Murad called on both Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the Supreme Democratic Alliance (GDA) to stop what he called a conspiracy against the Sindh government, especially at a time when people in the province were faced with situations such as flooding.

Answering the question, he wonders why importance is given to people like Sheikh Rashid because he is always so convoluted.

However, he declined to comment further on the latest statement made by the federal minister for railways.

In response to a question about the Sindh division circulating in the media lately, Syed Murad Ali Shah vowed not to allow anyone to divide the province, adding Sindh is one and will remain one.

The chief minister of Sindh informed that all classes from primary and secondary schools would be resumed from the 28th (today) across the province.

He asked students and teachers to follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) because the threat of COVID-19 still exists.

Recently, Syed Murad Ali Shah, along with members of his cabinet, including Mir Shabir Ali Bijrani, Mukesh Kumar Chawla, Mir Aijaz Khan and Mumtaz Khan Jakhrani, also shared their condolences with MPA Sardar Mir Abid Khan Sundrani for the sudden death of his younger brother Mir Majid Khan Sundrani. and pray to Allah (the Almighty) for peace for the souls of the deceased and patience for the bereaved family to endure this irreparable loss.


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