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The Biggest Runway Removal in Fashion History | Instant News

As the couture runway runs through the week, we feel inclined to revisit history and compile a short list of catwalks that don’t necessarily make for the nimble ambulation our models are accustomed to. Even the most grandiose of steps, and the most skillful of steps can overcome mistakes. Check out this as a cautionary warning because this week has just ended, we hope the Prada Spring / Summer 2009 show scene will stay in the beginning, and that their entire catwalker roster has taken some time to recover.


Naomi Campbell, Vivienne Westwood Fall 1993

Dating furthest back on our list, Naomi pioneered the path for fellow modeling, and showed all of us no downsides we couldn’t go back.


Catherine Loewe, Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2015

Loewe reappeared four times after missing a move or two. In a Gaultier outfit, it could always be worse.


Karen Elson, Zac Posen Fall 2008

With a clever trick, Elson closed the show with an unforgettable spill under the mound of tulle, and walked unscathed.


Bella Hadid, Michael Kors Spring 2017

Almost gliding flawlessly down the runway, young Bella Hadid regained her pace with the elegance and ease of a true showstopper.


Abbey Lee, Rodarte Spring 2009

While Abbey has had some graceful runway moments, Rodarte’s 2009 departure included a quick spill in the middle of the Spring / Summer microdress.


Tiiu Kuik, Oscar Fall 2004

Oscar de la Renta should think twice about furry trouser hems.


Lindsey Wixson, Versace Spring 2012

Dressed in supernal silk recedes and golden frivolity not often seen on Versace runways, Wixson drowns it all in one fell swoop.


Karlie Kloss, Fendi Spring 2011

Barely injured, Kloss closed the catwalk in a dive, adding a dash of vibes to Spring 2011.


Candace Swanepoel, Givenchy Spring 2016

The collective responsibility of the vanguard for Candace’s downfall must truly be a prerequisite for occupying the coveted seat.


The Entire Roster, Prada Spring 2009

Hard to look at, Muiccia Prada took the heist on a wooden sole that was probably better left in the box.


Caida Ming Xi, 2017 Victoria’s Secret Show

Even angels fall sometimes but that doesn’t take away from its beauty.


Kamila Wawrzyniak, Vivienne Westwood Fall 2006

Years later, we are once again reminded of Naomi Campbell’s iconic runway crashing onto the same catwalk.


Nina Porter, Burberry Fall 2010

Sometimes being in a model’s “shoes” is not as smooth as it seems.


Jessica Stam, Chloe Fall 2006

Jessica Stam made it out of this very painful episode with a smile.

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Fashion label Victoria Beckham may be loved by stars – but has lost £ 60 million in 7 years | Instant News

Gwyneth Paltrow looks amazing in purple mini … and Naomi Campbell just as dazzling in a white halter-neck gown.

Both clothes are from Victoria Beckham distance. VVB, as it is known.

Other big name fans include January Jones, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Lady Gaga and Prince harry wife Meghan.

Even the actress Eva Longoria The 2016 wedding dress was made by Victoria, 46 years old.

All the stars look very luxurious. The outfit was designed by Posh.

Are you a fan of the Victoria Beckham fashion label? Share your views in the comments below …

Gwyneth Paltrow poses in VVB purple in 2013
(Image: WireImage)

And with such marketing power, it made Victorian business struggles even more confusing.

The latest figures reveal that the Victoria Beckham fashion house has lost nearly £ 60 million over the past seven years.

And while the pandemic hasn’t helped, commentators say Victoria’s struggles lie in the fact that she hasn’t changed her popular image to one that can be associated with a normal woman.

Victoria Beckham poses in a long coat in front of a clothes rack
The Victoria Beckham fashion label has been recording losses over the years
(Image: Getty)

Put simply, VB seems to be designing clothes for its own wardrobe, not a buyer’s wardrobe.

Fashion journalist Hilary Alexander said: “It’s part of the problem that the outfit appears to be designed to be worn by Victoria Beckham, who is somewhat exclusive to someone else.

“The design doesn’t fit the right kind of market.”

David Beckham took Romeo's son Cruz and daughter Harper to the 2020 Victoria's London A / W show
David took Romeo (second left) Cruz (third left), and Harper to the 2020 Victoria’s London A / W show
(Image: Getty)

Another clue came at Paris Fashion Week, where sexy young designer Kim Jones – mentored by the late Alexander McQueen – presented his first collection of women’s clothing for Fendi.

Kate Moss, 47, for the first time joined on the catwalk by her daughter Lila, 18. Supermodel Naomi closed it.

Kate Moss and daughter Lila Grace Moss model Fendi at Paris Fashion Week 2021
Kate Moss and daughter Lila Grace Moss model Fendi at Paris Fashion Week 2021
(Image: Getty)

Further evidence, it seems necessary, of the level of success still lingers on McQueen – who died 11 years ago – and his protégé Kim.

Victoria’s challenge was to join the ranks. She launched a huge frenzy in 2008 and with the backing of soccer star husband David, Beckham’s foray into high fashion emerged as a safe bet.

At the time, Victoria was heralded as a very promising fashionista, supported by Vogue editor Anna Wintour hard to impress, who championed her in magazine editorials.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell wearing a white VVB dress in New York
Supermodel Naomi Campbell wears VVB in New York
(Image: Getty)

Journalists called her debut a “very impressive and successful collection, with not a single outfit.”

Indeed, some of his first collections were both critically and commercially successful.

Since then there have been London fashion shows and partnerships with sports brands such as Reebok.

But financial success never followed. Victoria Beckham Holdings Limited, which owns the fashion business, reported a £ 2.5 million increase in sales to £ 38.3 million in 2019.

Actress January Jones in a red fire engine suit by label Victoria Beckham
Actress January Jones in a red firefighter suit by label Victoria Beckham
(Image: WireImage)

But it still lost money – largely because of the costs involved in launching Victoria Beckham Beauty.

Annual pre-tax losses for 2019 were £ 16.6 million, up £ 4 million in 2018. So far 2013, VBHL had an operating loss of £ 3.4 million. In 2014, it was £ 3.8 million, in 2015 it was £ 4.4 million and a year later it was £ 8.2 million.

And in 2017, the loss was £ 10.2 million. All of this apart from a number of injections of money to stay afloat. There have been reports of the Mayfair flagship store being empty, deserted, intimidating – like a museum.

Pricing is a problem. In November, fans refused to pay £ 515 for a VVB range sportswear.

One fan saw Instagram Victoria posts in gear and writes: “Have you ever gone out in a line the average person can afford?”

A model wears a dress on the catwalk for Victoria Beckham's Autumn / Winter 2020 collection
The Victoria Beckham Autumn / Winter 2020 collection was showcased at London Fashion Week last February
(Image: Getty)

Another asked: “Couldn’t you design a more realistic price range for us commoners?”

A year earlier, Victoria made headlines for whipping a VB T-shirt for £ 390 per pop. The company’s financial woes may not diminish the mother of four’s personal appeal.

But he took criticism last April for 30 staff leave – when Beckham was worth a combined £ 335 million. There was a quick turnaround.

When Covid was hit hard, the company lost a fifth of its staff and reduced the number of annual collections it produced.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley wore a gray VVB dress to the Cannes festival in 2014
Rosie Huntington Whiteley wearing the VVB to Cannes in 2014
(Image: WireImage)

The auditor warns of “material uncertainty that could cast significant doubt on the company’s ability to continue as a going concern”.

The Board of Directors said it still needed shareholder support to survive. A spokesman for the VBHL did not comment.

But it’s not all bad news. The couple paid themselves £ 14.5 million in dividends last year – £ 39,726 per day.

David Beckham Ventures Limited, owned by the couple, manages the brand of the former Man United star, and partners with the likes of Adidas, Haig Club whiskey, and his stake in Inter Miami CF, the Major League Soccer team he co-founded.

DBVL revenue rose to £ 16.2 million. Allowing a £ 1m prize for Unicef, of which David is a goodwill ambassador, DBVL made £ 11.3 million in profit in 2019.

Impressive figure. And they can convince Victoria’s supporters that she, too, can still shape a successful future.


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Great Outfits in Fashion History: Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington at the 1995 Met Gala | Instant News

Christy Turlington Burns, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss at the 1995 Met Gala.

Photo: Kevin Mazur / WireImage Archives


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Need some fancy style? Meet Couture’s Fashion Designers, Huishan Zhang | Instant News

Chinese-born, designer based in London, Huishan Zhang will come to his 10th birthday in the fashion business and he accomplishes many things today.

He studied at London Central Saint Martins and after serving Dior Paris in the third year (he was chosen by Delphine Arnault no less), he started his namesake label at 2011. He is greatly influenced by his national identity and geographic location, so expect East-West romance to meet and not to mention, luxury.

Aesthetically has a global appeal, and this allows him to mark most of his work list. Top stockist (Bergdorf Goodman, Selfridges, Joyce, Harvey Nichols, Moda Operandi) check, celebrity fans (Gwyneth Paltrow, Felicity Jones, Naomi Campbell, Gigi Hadid, Saorise Ronan) check, and then there are awards (Elle China Designer of the Year, LVMH Prize finalist and recipient of BFC Fashion Trust) checks.

And there’s more, because the V&A Museum includes its ‘Dragon Gown’ couture in the T.T Gallery. Tsui, made him the first Chinese contemporary fashion designer to receive this honor. With all this under his belt yYou would think there isn’t much more on the to-do list, but as Zhang said, he felt like he was just getting started.

Felicity Carter: What is your first memory of fashion?

Huishan Zhang: That was the first time I opened a fashion magazine in China when I was in middle school. I am very fascinated by the world of fashion and have the ability to take me to far away places and let my imagination run wild.

FC: What inspired you to study fashion, and why is it Central Saint Martins?

HZ: I am interested in the multicultural nature of London and Central Saint Martins is my first choice to learn to follow in the footsteps of my fashion design icons.

FC: How do you summarize the aesthetics, and marriage between east and west?

HZ: Traditional meets modern life.

What is luxury for you?

Beautifully considered and manufactured products that stand the test of time in quality and aesthetics.

FC: Who are your customers?

HZ: Our customer base is very varied and covers many ages and nationalities. I would say that he is cultured and travels well.

FC: What is the foundation of your brand?

HZ: Quality, Luxury Ready to Use with varied international couture and demographic techniques.

FC: Which was the first time you designed it and how did it happen?

HZ: meIt is a traditional Chinese cheongsam that I am still inspired by. My debut collection is an extension of this cheongsam and a work is displayed in the permanent gallery at V&A.

FC: What’s on your mood board right now?

HZ: Many new things and developments from our pillar fabric. I have fun with this collection. It makes me think of the better times we have.

FC: You stocked up at leading stores globally – which was the first stockist to pick you up?

HZ: The first store is Browns in London. Mrs. B actually came to my apartment to buy a collection directly and I still remember the excitement of that day.

FC: You’ve accomplished a lot in your 10 years, what else is on your to-do list?

HZ: I sometimes feel like I’m just starting!

I would love to have a mainstay in China because my heart is always divided between the United Kingdom where I study and live half the time, where I own my flagship store and have a part of my team and China, where I grew up, owned my shop and was surrounded by family .

We continue to add things to our company list of things to do, so there will be interesting things in the brand shop!

See more about huishanzhang.com.


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