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Science News Summary: A Brazilian variant can re-infect survivors of the virus; The persistence of the Martian explorers was once taken | Instant News

The following is a summary of the latest science news.

The Brazilian variant can re-infect survivors of the virus; The COVID-19 vaccine antibodies pass into breast milk

The following is a summary of some of the latest scientific studies on the novel coronavirus and efforts to find a cure and vaccine for COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus. Inner variant Brazil more likely to re-infect survivors

The Mars rover of Persistence takes its first spin on the surface of the red planet

NASA Mars Persistence rover has made its first short trip over the surface of the red planet, two weeks after the perfect landing of a robotic science lab on the floor of a large crater, mission managers said on Friday. A car-sized six-wheeled astrobiology probe placed a total of 6.5 meters (21.3 feet) on its odometer on Thursday during the deep half-hour test run. Lake Craters, the site of long-lost ancient lake bottoms and river deltas on Mars.

The SpaceX Starship rocket prototype lands … then explodes

The third time seems to be a charm Elon Musk Spaceship rocket – until the end, no. SpaceX’s latest heavy-duty prototype launch vehicle shot flawlessly into the skies in an altitude test Wednesday from Boca Chica, Texas, then fly back to Earth to achieve the first upright landing for the Starship model.

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Switzerland’s outstanding award for the NASA Perseverance rover mission | Instant News

The giant projections of NASA’s Mars 2020 mission “Perseverance” rover on Mount Tschuggen (left) and Mars on Mount Jungfrau (right), by Swiss light artist Gerry Hofstetter, can be seen in this photo taken on February 15, 2021.

Among the instruments carried by “Perseverance”, which is about the size of a small car, is a sophisticated camera with panoramic capability and the ability to zoom in on rock textures from a distance of 100 meters (328 feet). It is also equipped with a “SuperCam”, which will spray rocks with a laser to study steam, and one very important instrument, known as “SHERLOC”, which also uses lasers to search for organic materials and minerals that may have been transformed by water, providing important insight into the signs of past lives.

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NASA Fitbit assists astronauts and mission-critical employees in raising COVID-19 vigilance-Technology News, Firstpost | Instant News

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is using Fitbit and Fitbit’s Ready for Work system to conduct a pilot program for the space agency’s 1,000 employees.according to statement The company’s Ready for Work solution is part of an effort to help employees make informed decisions to work on-site during the COVID-19 pandemic. The statement added that in the program, 1,000 NASA employees performing mission-critical work at six locations in the United States will receive Fitbit Charge 4 devices and will be able to gain Fitbit’s “ready to work” daily sign-in experience.

The daily check-in function in the app allows users to record their symptoms and body temperature as well as key health indicators of the rack, and receive aggregated COVID-19 guidelines according to CDC guidelines. The Fitbit Ready for Work daily check-in function allows users to observe key health parameters, such as resting heart rate, respiration rate, and heart rate variability, which are tracked by their Fitbit device.

Prepare the working procedure. Image: Fitbit

Fitbit said that among the people participating in the NASA-Fitbit project, 150 astronauts and employees of the agency are critical to future space flights. The plan aims to reduce the risk of infectious diseases, which can spread to astronauts during the critical pre-flight period.

According to the company, the goal of the Fitbit pilot program is to help NASA and its employees prevent the spread of COVID-19, while also supporting their overall health and well-being.

According to Amy McDonough, managing director and general manager of Google Fitbit Health Solutions, the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the key role that Fitbits plays in supporting people’s better lives through proper sleep, eating habits, and overall control of themselves. . Improve their health to get a healthier lifestyle.


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SpaceX wins contract to launch NASA astrophysics mission | Instant News

NASA has selected billionaire Elon Musk’s private aerospace company SpaceX to provide launch services for astrophysics missions to detect the sky in near-infrared light.

The planned two-year mission is called SPHEREx, which is short for the history of the universe, the age of ionization, and the spectrophotometer of Ices Explorer.

According to NASA, although near-infrared light is invisible to the human eye, it is a powerful tool to answer cosmic questions concerning the birth of the universe and the subsequent development of galaxies.

SPHEREx will also look for water and organic molecules (the elements of life as we know them) in the discs around stars called star nurseries, produced by gas and dust, and stars that may form new planets. NASA said this week.

The mission’s current goal is to launch a Falcon 9 rocket as early as June 2024 from SpaceE Complex-4E at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

Astronomers will use this mission to collect data on more than 300 million galaxies and more than 100 million stars in our own Milky Way.

NASA’s total cost of launching SPHEREx is approximately $98.8 million, including launch services and other mission-related costs.


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An asteroid the size of the Eiffel Tower is approaching Earth | Instant News

Latest Asteroid News: The famous French astrologer Nostradamus predicts that an asteroid as large as the Eiffel Tower is approaching the Earth and is expected to strike in early 2021.

The huge huge asteroid is 0.83 times the height of the Eiffel Tower and will fly over the earth. The asteroid is named 2021 CO247.

Asteroids close to the earth are no longer a rare observation event. Earlier, on January 3, a huge 220-meter asteroid (about the width of the Golden Gate Bridge) flew over the Earth from 6.9 million kilometers.

NASA scientists say that an asteroid named 2021 AC is scheduled to hit Earth’s orbit on Wednesday (January 6). The asteroid is twice the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza. It will zoom 3.5 kilometers.

Whenever the asteroid approaches, the social media platform is overwhelmed by panicked users who talk about the end of the world. Therefore, in the first few days of January, three additional small near-Earth objects (NEOs) will appear around the earth.

15 meters Asteroid In 2019, YB4 will fly at a safe distance of 6.4 kilometers, followed by another two pieces of space debris, 15 meters 2020 YAI and 21 meters 2020 YP4, which will fly 1.5 kilometers and 2.1 kilometers across the earth, respectively. the next day.

NASA reports that the same event occurred earlier, and that a similar-sized asteroid passes through the Earth several times at a similar distance once a year. Unless it flies directly toward the planet, it is difficult to record. In this case, it is usually An explosion in the atmosphere can be detected.

The world-famous French astrologer Nostradamus made 6,338 predictions, 3,797 of which proved to be correct.


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