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Jibran Nasir tied the knot with Mansha Pasha – Entertainment | Instant News

Published in April 11, 2021 9:55 am

Jibran Nasir’s bond with Mansha Pasha

KARACHI (Web Desk) – Pakistani actor Mansha Pasha and social activist and lawyer Jibran Nasir got married in an intimate ceremony in Karachi.

The model took to Instagram to announce the news and post a picture of the wedding ring.

The Aangan star shared photos of the event on Instagram.

Fans and well-wishers conveyed their sincere wishes to the couple to embark on a new journey in life together.


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Nasir ordered KMC to identify land for the establishment of new gas stations | Instant News

As part of efforts to help increase Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) revenue, the Sindh local government minister has directed the city agency to identify land in the city for setting up new filling stations, as well as revising 71 market leases. and 274 Hawkesbay huts.

Syed Nasir Hussain Shah issued this directive to KMC Administrator Laeeq Ahmed on Wednesday during the first meeting of a committee set up to explore new avenues to generate revenue for municipal municipalities, according to a statement released by the provincial government.

Shah said any expressions of interest should be snubbed by a petroleum marketing company to run a filling station to be set up by KMC. He said that the KMC and district municipalities can solve the problem of paying pension and other employee contributions by increasing their income and using their assets properly.

He also said that legal barriers should be removed to increase the rental prices of 11 existing KMC filling stations, adding that two or three markets should be selected from 71 municipal agency markets to prepare public-private partnership proposals.

“KMC has valuable assets. They need to be used properly, “said the Minister of Finance. He ordered that a survey be carried out to find the exact number of shops and other properties of the city agency.

Shah said that proposals should also be prepared to establish a mall or large shopping square with a public-private partnership on the land near the Glass Tower where the 100 quarters are located and provide alternative accommodation for its residents.

He said that no new taxes would be levied and no increases would be made to existing taxes. “The tax collection system must be made transparent and it must be ensured that all income goes to the state treasury, not anyone’s pocket.”

He directed the Senior Member of Revenue Council Qazi Shahid Pervaiz to make the transfer of property in the city conditional with a city utility fee and tax permit, so that no property can be transferred without a permit certificate issued by the KMC.

He also ordered that municipal utility charges and commercial company taxes should be outsourced in the first phase to reach 100 percent of the collection target.

The minister asked for details of the litigation against the KMC, along with the suspension period, within three days and issued a suspension order for the municipal corporation’s legal director.

He suggested hiring a reputable law firm to end the litigation as KMC incurred billions of rupees in revenue losses. He said the law firm’s fees would be borne by the provincial government.

The meeting was also attended by LG Secretary Najam Ahmed Shah, Director General of Public-Private Partnerships Khalid Khan, City Commissioner Syed M Afzal Zaidi, Senior Director KMC Masood Alam and Sindh Building Control Authority DG Shamsuddin Soomro.


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Plan ready to demolish dilapidated buildings in the city, said Nasir | Instant News

KARACHI: A plan has been prepared to demolish a dilapidated building in Karachi to avoid a major tragedy due to possible collapse.

Sindh Information Minister and Local Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah revealed this on Friday when he spoke at a ceremony to distribute financial compensation checks to 24 affected families of the Al-Ramzan Center at the Kayu Market which collapsed in December 2019 due to his condition. dilapidated. .

He said a one-window operation would be launched to help people displaced by demolition of dilapidated buildings in the city. He added that residents of the rickety building will be given alternative accommodation or rent after they evacuate.

According to the Minister, the location has been identified outside the city to relocate the Timber Market from its current location within the metropolitan city. He said the Kayu Market would be relocated to a suitable location after obtaining approval from the traders.

Shah stated that the Sindh government did not provide any assistance to anyone by paying financial compensation nor was it an achievement because the government was only fulfilling its obligations in this regard.

He emphasized that the Sindh government stands with the concerned merchant community in the city and realizes the plight of the business community due to the prevailing coronavirus health emergency situation.

Shah also reminisced about the services of the late business community leader Siraj Kassam Teli who headed the rehabilitation committee for the affected traders. The Minister appreciated the services of the Chairman of the Wood Market Traders Association Sharjeel Goplani, who said that he upheld the traditions of the late Teli.

On this occasion, Goplani expressed his gratitude to the Sindh government for the restoration work of the Kayu Market after the fire accident.


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Sindh PA will soon pass the bill on journalist protection: Nasir Shah | Instant News

KARACHI: Leaders of various political parties, rights groups and journalist fraternities at a seminar on Saturday expressed serious concern over harassment of journalists, unannounced censorship through financial restrictions in media houses, threats against owners and journalists by anti-media forces to forcing them to give up. official line or face government wrath. They demanded the Sindh government and political parties to enact a journalist safety law.

The Karachi Journalists’ Union organized a seminar at a local hotel where a book “Pakistan Journalists Union” covering 70 years of its struggle for freedom of expression and the economic rights of media workers was also launched. Speakers included: Sindh Information Minister and PPP leader Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, Federal Minister and Leader of the Muttahida Qaumi-Pakistan Movement Syed Aminul Haque, former governor and leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Leader Nawaz Mohammad Zubair, Pakistan Human Rights Commission Co-chair Asad Iqbal Butt, senior politician Dr Farooq Sattar, president of the Awami Sindh National Party, Shahi Syed, senior lawyer Shahadat Awan, senior journalist Hamid Mir, Mazhar Abbas, PFUJ president Shahzada Zulfiqar and Secretary General Nasir Zaidi.

The speakers emphasized that there was an urgent need for substantive laws to protect the journalist community and asked the Sindh government and political parties that have representatives in the Sindh Assembly to pass a journalist safety bill from the legislature.

Speaking at the event, Sindh Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah said that the Sindh Council would soon pass the journalist protection bill and also announce to include journalists in the Labor Welfare Program on the recommendation of PFUJ and KUJ. Federal Minister Aminul Haque said that MQM-P has always supported the demands of journalists both inside and outside the parliament.

Hamid Mir said that journalists themselves cannot fight for press freedom and therefore only the collective struggle of groups representing workers, students, lawyers, professionals, doctors and teachers will achieve this goal. Mazhar Abbas highlighted the history of the struggle for press freedom in Pakistan, mentioning how journalists have always fought for constitutional supremacy in the country.

Giving a three-month ultimatum to the government, Shahzada Zulfiqar of PFUJ said that if issues related to media workers and press freedom are not resolved, a campaign will be launched from Quetta which will be closed in Islamabad.

Former Sindh governor Mohammad Zubair said it was the government’s responsibility to ensure a free and fair media. Asad Iqbal Butt from HRCP said that while freedom of expression is guaranteed by the constitution, the government must ensure the protection of journalists.

Lawyer Shahadat Awan said that journalists and lawyers always work together for the supremacy of the constitution and ensure that the legal fraternity will always defend journalists’ rights.


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Nasir Hussain Shah ordered the dismissal of Central, the municipal commissioner of Korangi | Instant News

The Sindh local government minister has ordered the immediate removal of the Central district city commissioner and Korangi Karachi from their posts due to their failure to resolve public complaints.

Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, who also holds an information portfolio, issued an order to fire them on Wednesday during a meeting he is chairing to review ongoing construction projects across the city.

Shah also issued a final warning to Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KWSB) Managing Director Asadullah Khan, telling him to immediately resolve public complaints regarding water utility services.

The minister said that the meeting was held at the direction of the chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to ensure that the complaints of the Karachi community are handled.

Shah said the Sindh government would do its best to ensure a timely completion of construction projects all over Karachi. He admitted that only the provincial government carried out development projects in the city.

He ordered KWSB to stop water and sewage leaks in the city to protect the road network from being damaged. He said that the ranks of agencies related to public services must hold meetings at the district level to resolve community problems on a priority basis.

Education and Manpower Minister Saeed Ghani said during the meeting that other political parties had been trying to gain political mileage based on development work being carried out by the provincial government.

He said that some political parties had tried to give the impression that the Karachi federal government development package was being used to run city affairs. He recalled that the Rs162 billion construction package announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan had not materialized, and that the Center had not provided the funds to complete the city building project.

Local leaders from the ruling PPP who attended the meeting expressed their lack of confidence in the functioning of the KWSB, saying that utility officials did not cooperate with them to help solve public problems.

The meeting was also attended by PPP Secretary General Sindh Waqar Mehdi, Karachi Secretary General Jawed Nagori, district president and general secretary, Sindh LG Secretary Najam Ahmed Shah, Karachi Laeeq Ahmed Administrator, and city administrators and commissioners of all district municipal companies.


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