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PM Imran approved the establishment of the National Job Portal – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in November 16, 2020 15:18

Usman Dar briefed the prime minister on the establishment of the National Job Portal.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved the establishment of a ‘National Job Portal’ to provide job opportunities for youth.

As per the details, Special Assistant for Youth Affairs Muhammad Usman Dar briefed the prime minister on the Kamyab Jawan Program during a meeting with the prime minister in the federal capital.

The Corona Relief Tigers Force and the formation of the National Job Portal were also discussed in detail.

The prime minister approved the creation of the National Job Portal to ensure job opportunities for young people, and also decided to reassign tasks to the Tigers Force to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic following the resurgence of the virus.


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PM Imran Khan gave the green light to build a National Job Portal | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has given approval to set up a National Employment Portal to provide youth employment, ARY News reported on Monday.

The federal government stepped up efforts to create jobs in the country when the prime minister approved the creation of a National Job Portal for youth. The approval was granted by the prime minister after special assistant for youth affairs Usman Dar called him today.

Usman Dar briefed PM Imran Khan about the Kamyab Jawan program and the progress of lending to youth. He also provided a detailed briefing on the National Job Portal as well as holding consultations for Tiger Force.

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It was also decided to give responsibility to Tiger Force volunteers again given the increasing cases of the corona virus throughout the country.

PM Khan said that youth is a valuable asset of the country and the government has prioritized empowering the younger generation.

Usman Dar said that the relevant authorities are making maximum efforts to provide employment for young people in accordance with PM Imran Khan’s vision.

In September, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Youth Affairs Usman Dar said that more than one million young people would be given jobs under the first phase of the Kamyab Jawan program.

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He said the main aim of the program is job creation for skilled young people and provide them with technical training. Dar said more than one billion rupees have so far been distributed among young people based on merit. He said benefits and transparency were guaranteed in the distribution process.

Usman Dar said industrial development was the government’s top priority and focused specifically on Small and Medium Enterprises being paid to create jobs.

Earlier on July 14, Prime Minister Imran Khan had agreed to launch the second phase of the Kamyab Jawan program, which aims to provide more opportunities to young people across the country.




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