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Cape octopus, Balinese ants in my pants, predictions, romance, pintxos, more | Instant News

Writing my articles on forbes.com Getty Fun! Foolishness! Disease! Genius Mollusks! Death! Food! Romance! (Genius Mollusks?) Yes, you’ll find that and more in the following 11 articles, along with information on some of the fascinating places you can hopefully head to later this year. This bespoke frenzy collection takes you across the world while you’re still not out of the country, with what I consider my best travel items from last year. It has become a tradition of mine over the past six years on forbes.com; this year a gift of good travel experiences in Europe, South Africa, Bali, Mexico, Guatemala, USA and more. Is to share them with friends who love to travel. Let’s go: I fell in love with “My Octopus Teacher”, the recent documentary on Netflix. It is perhaps the most beautiful and empowering animal / human bond I have ever seen. (Well, definitely the most touching mollusc / human connection.) And so when I realized I had traveled to the area at the tip of South Africa where this intelligent little octopus lived in a kelp forest , I wrote about the surroundings above and underwater, with great pleasure. MORE FORBESAventures In False Bay, South Africa, near Cape Town: Location of “My Octopus Teacher” By Lea Lane I was blown away by the ceremony and thrill of La Dia de Los Muertos. I offer you a unique weekend in the Yucatan Peninsula from a personal point of view. MORE FORBES “Day of the Dead” in Mexico – Haunted, Sensual, Unforgettable By Lea Lane It’s a true story, a lot funnier after the fact. I was a distraught solo with ants in my pants in a beautiful and solemn ceremony. Literally. Check it out and you will see. MORE FROM FORBESSince Bali limiting tourism until 2021, here’s a fun and haunting travel story from there – To Enjoy Now By Lea Lane Let’s get serious for a moment. I am among the many in 2020 to have caught Covid-19. It was pretty bad, and the worst thing for me was that it continued to be bad from March to August. I’m so much better now, but it’s been a long journey that I never want to take again. Please keep yourself and the others safe and wear a goddamn mask until the scientists tell us we don’t need to! MORE FORBESS Six Months as Covid Long-Hauler: Endless Symptoms, Many Unknowns By Lea Lane These American cities are some of the best we can do for old world charm – nationally. MORE FORBESMiss Traveling in Europe? These 10 American towns and cities offer European charmBy Lea Lane Ride the rails in privacy through some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, then stop at parks along the way – nifty. This article will be of interest to you even after the pandemic and is a good article to share with nature lovers. MORE FORBESSix stunning national parks you can reach with Amtrak – in private roomsBy Lea Lane How will travel after the pandemic be? These travel enthusiasts have some pretty interesting ideas. One of my most read articles ever. MORE FORBES Where do we go from here? Surprising Predictions From 12 Travel Experts By Lea Lane Perhaps this Easter is a safe way to splurge and visit this incredible cultural event. It is worth looking at least once in your life for the pageantry alone. And Antigua, Guatemala is beautiful. MORE FROM FORBESWorld’s The Most Beautiful Celebration of Holy Week: Antigua Guatemala, a UNESCO World Heritage Site By Lea Lane, I posted this article on Valentine’s Day 2020, when I hadn’t much awareness of the devastating pandemic to come. Afterwards, it is particularly dreamy. MORE FROM FORBESThe 12 Most Romantic European Destinations Of All By Lea Lane As soon as I can safely transport myself to the world, if I had to choose to visit a city – besides Paris, a no-brainer – it would be San Sebastian, in northern Spain. In other words, if they let me in. I can taste the fresh fish in the chaming restaurant at the port, see the art nouveau carousel rotating near the town hall, imagine the sound of the waves on the festive beach … soon. I hope. MORE FROM FORBESThe Best Of San Sebastian, Spain: Including Legendary Hotel and Pintxo Pub Crawl By Lea Lane, I’ll end early – January 2020, when I thought about this dark topic. It’s a fitting ending to my collection of favorite posts, because it shows us just how bad things can get and we can continue from there. MORE FROM FORBES 75 years after liberation: Jerusalem Forum, “Faces of Auschwitz” – and tour of the death camp by Lea Lane.

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10 ways travel will be different in 2021 | Instant News

stellalevi / Getty Images Travel has been virtually at a standstill for much of 2020, thanks to the pandemic, which has kept millions of Americans at home for months, their vacations canceled or delayed indefinitely. The COVID-19 outbreak has so far resulted in losses of more than $ 500 billion to the U.S. travel economy, according to the US Travel Association, an industry advocacy group. Travel insiders predict the industry’s recovery is still at least two years away – but many see the start of COVID-19 vaccinations as cause for hope. “For the first time in a long time, I feel upbeat about travel again,” says Jan L. Jones, professor of hospitality and tourism at the University of New Haven in Connecticut. So what to expect in 2021? 1. That $ 200 airline change fee may be gone for good. American, Delta, United and Alaska Airlines, which are looking to get more passengers on planes in 2020, have stopped charging outrageous fees (usually $ 200) to customers just to change or cancel domestic flights. has extended this policy to include international flights (with a few exceptions for Basic Economy fares). In 2021, says Jones. “I think the airlines are going to do whatever they can to get passengers on the flights.” 2. Flexibility will be paramount. Before embarking on a trip, travelers will want to be sure that they can easily cancel their cruise, hotel, or excursion without penalty. Suppliers respond: Celebrity Cruises, for example, now allows customers to cancel their cruise. up to 48 hours before departure and make a new reservation until May 2022 (certain conditions apply). Intrepid Travel, which offers small-group tours, allows customers to change the departure date and / or destination up to 21 days prior to travel at no cost. For the first time in my life, consumers are in the driver’s seat, ”says Clint Henderson, news editor at The Points Guy, a travel and credit card rewards website.

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NT police search for missing man Yun-Seob Shin in Central Australia | Instant News

Northern Territory police believe a man who went missing in Central Australia since Thursday planned to go camping in a national park west of Alice Springs.

The air and ground search for 37-year-old Yun-Seob Shin was carried out yesterday amid temperatures hitting nearly 40 degrees Celsius.

Police said Shin, who is believed to be from Victoria and drove a white Nissan X-Trail, has been in Alice Springs for the past month.

He didn’t come to work yesterday morning.

His colleagues told police he had informed them of his intention to go camping near the Boggy Hole or Palm Valley on Thursday and Friday.

Both campsites are in Finke Gorge National Park, about 140 kilometers west of Alice Springs.

Police said Shin’s last confirmed location was at the Stuart Well Roadhouse, 90 kilometers southwest of Alice Springs, on Thursday.

“It is not known what provisions or bush skills Mr. Shin has, and the police are concerned about his well-being.”

The police urged anyone with information about Mr. Shin to call them on 131 444.


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This mountain town should be on your travel wishlist | Instant News

Sunset over Bozeman seen from the top of Peets Hill in Spring. Getty Navigate to John Mellencamp’s ‘Little Town’ and embark on a mountain adventure filled with lodge pine and Rocky Juniper trails, western-style shops lining a quintessential Main Street, and a national park with large herds of bison and moose, packs of wolves, grizzly bears and black bears, all living in an active volcanic environment with hydrothermal geysers, hot springs, travertine terraces, fumaroles and mud pots . Bozeman, MT is the kind of town where craft brewing thrives, where you’ll see cowboys, college students, farmers, hippies, and hunters all jostling at the same bar. Read on to find out why this city is so indelible, and why you should visit it when you feel safe. Yellowstone is a Dangerous Place A bison makes eye contact in Yellowstone National Park. Wendy Altschuler Inside the visitor’s guide for the current Yellowstone National Park newspaper is a bright yellow insert that says, “Think Safety, Be Safe. Yellowstone is a dangerous place ”. There is a drawing of a bison goring and flipping a stick in the air to illustrate caution. That’s right: park visitors have died or been seriously injured by bison, as well as grizzly bears (although bears are rarer). Burns, falls and drownings were also the plight of many tourists. Heed the warnings – be aware of bears, give bison plenty of room, and stay on designated trails and boardwalks – and visit this colorful playground in the west. Good to know: Hot springs, of different depths, colors and viscosities, are the most common hydrothermal features in the park. Mud pots, sour and gurgling, are a crowd favorite. The highest temperature ratings are given to fumaroles, which can be seen without a doubt during the cooler months. The Old Faithful Geyser, also known as “Eternity’s Time Piece,” is one of the park’s 500 geysers, erupting approximately every 98 minutes. Pro Tip: The best time to experience the awe-inspiring scenery, wildlife, and history of America’s first national park is off-season and off-season, outside of July and August. Best Hikes Near Downtown Bozeman Two women heading into the mountains for a snowshoe adventure. getty The great outdoors and fresh air draw many visitors to Bozeman, and there’s no better way to experience the great country from the sky than by hiking, whatever the season. You will see lots of adorable dogs running past their owners, tongues escaping the sides of their mouths. Over 80 miles of trails are part of the Main Street to the Mountains trail system. Drinking Horse Mountain Trail: This hike is right across from the famous ‘M’ Trail, making it a great option for the initiated, located just under five miles from downtown. This 2.2 mile loop trail is perfect for a short run or for hanging out with little ones in tow. “M” Trail: For breathtaking views of the Gallatin Valley, choose the “M” trail, a short 1.7 mile loop with a moderate trail that zigzags the side of the mountain as well as a more direct one that climbs to 850 feet expressly. Baldy Peak Summit: Go further off the ‘M’ trail and hike to Baldy Peak Summit in the Bridger Mountain Range which is 10.9 miles round trip and will likely take you most of the day. Gallagator Trail: This is an easy 2.2 mile round-trip urban trail that connects the Museum of the Rockies (a must-see paleontology museum) to the city center, ending at Lindley Park, where another trail takes you will lead to the top of Peet’s Hill (a great place to watch the sunset or go sledding in winter). View from the famous “M” trail in Bozeman, Montana. Wendy Altschuler Good to know: Other great trails, inside and just outside of Bozeman, include: Hyalite Creek Trail, Sourdough Trail, Sypes Canyon Trail, Middle Cottonwood Creek, Palisade Falls, Grotto Falls, Emerald Lake , Bozeman Creek Trail, Lava Lake Trail, and Painted Hills Trail. Pro tip: Make sure you take plenty of water with you as well as sun protection, diapers if needed, and healthy snacks. Bozeman’s elevation is between 4,600 and 5,000 feet above sea level, depending on where you are in the valley, and the six surrounding mountain ranges have many peaks over 9,000 feet. Plan accordingly. Education A beautiful sunset in a rural Montana scene. A simple barn sits in a field at sunset while … [+] the crescent moon rises above. getty A great way to start your travel research is to read local magazines and newspapers, powered by local coffee – Treeline Coffee Roasters’ “Outdoors (Wo) man” is a solid choice, to get an overview of how locals live and play in Bozeman. Edible Bozeman spotlights the stories of local chefs, farmers, food writers and business owners. Big Sky Journal, a culture and lifestyle publication, is full of beautiful photographs and eye-catching covers. Outside of Bozeman, planning for outdoor adventures, from gear to buy and maps, to local skiing, trail and hunting conditions, is essential. Good to know: Other key magazines include Montana Quarterly, Distinctly Montana, and Mountain Outlaw. Rest your head The rooms at the Kimpton Armory Hotel, with their white linens and wooden pendant lights, are … [+] the best excavations of Bozeman. Wendy Altschuler Bozeman is one of the fastest growing towns in the west and the busiest street, it seems, is Mendenhall Street, where new hotels are being built near the city center. In 1941, the Armory, which housed the 163rd Montana National Guard Infantry Regiment during World War II, was built on two floors. Now in the same spot, along with the facade of the armory, is the tallest building in the city center: the Kimpton Armory Hotel, Bozeman’s first and only four-star hotel. From olive window treatments throughout the hotel to the concrete walls of the existing armory building outside the conference rooms to the little green plastic army men toys in every room, clapboards eye to a bygone era exist. Fielding’s, the chic restaurant that serves regional American cuisine, was named after Fred Fielding Willson, the architect of the original armory building, along with dozens of other Bozeman buildings that are now listed on the National Register historic places (Bozeman Sheet Metal Works, Coca-Cola Bottling Plant, Bozeman YMCA, Emerson School, Gallatin County Courthouse, Baxter Hotel, etc.). Visit the basement bar, Tune Up, and admire the art decorating the armory’s original music room. Acquired through acquisitions, a horizontal metal sign in red, white, gold and navy blue, which reads “163 Armored Calvary Regiment. Motto: men, do your duty. Montana Army National Guard ”adorns the wall. These are the things you want to see when a new upscale hotel is built in a mountain town to the west. View of the iconic Baxter Hotel from the Sky Shed of the Kimpton Armory. Wendy Altschuler And, it’s chic. The Kimpton Armory Hotel has a beautiful Sky Shed on the roof, which offers views of the Bozeman Mountain Ranges and the town center, protected from glass to protect you from the elements. From a comfortable seat by the fire, you can see the Art Deco Baxter Hotel, which was built in 1929. The 32-foot red electrical panel above the building is as iconic to Bozeman as the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. or the Burj Khalifa is in Dubai or the Colosseum is in Rome. Good to know: The creative works throughout the hotel are a highlight of the experience. Admire a black and white image of the Ladies Imperial Band in the Tune Up Bar, one-of-a-kind multi-colored chandeliers in the Armory Music Hall, local cowboy art in the boardrooms, a landscape of the park National Park and shelves lined with hardcover books in the lobby and Bozeman-centric paintings at Fielding. Pro Tip: The best part about Kimpton is consistency across the brand. Even though you will experience something unique to the destination (design touches, nod to history and location), you can expect certain standards such as free tea and coffee in the lobby, hours of wine and / or beer every night, availability of workout equipment and yoga mats, and the pet friendly atmosphere. Connect with Wendy Altschuler on Instagram. .

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Hear advice from this travel expert on how to safely discover American treasures | Instant News

Staying Safe and Enjoying Yellowstone Getty Images Marty Behr is such a nice guy, he doesn’t mind sharing travel secrets from one of the best See-America-Now programs. And seeing America first isn’t just your only option as the world grapples with the Covid-19 crisis, it’s one of the best travel experiences in the world. Luckily, Abercrombie & Kent brought Behr on board in 2019 – without expecting a pandemic within a year – as managing director of A & K’s USA Destinations. “They decided that domestic travel was very important. It turned out to be a wise decision, ”he says. Now, A&K offers what it likes to call a “pandemic travel program”. But it’s a lot more sophisticated than it looks. One of Abercrombie’s distinguishing qualities as a world-class travel company is its personal nature – “we like to stay away from the crowds”, is how Behr describes it. Marty Behr exploring a private location Credit: A&K So if you’re going to be in Yellowstone National Park and want to see Old Faithful, for example, A&K won’t get you there at 10:30 am. Instead, you’ll have a 5:30 p.m. wake-up call, breakfast at 6:30 a.m., and you and your tight little group will watch the geyser erupt at 7:30 or 8, without having to make your way to it. ‘before. It’s like having an orchestra seat at the toughest ticket on Broadway. “Timing is one of our secrets,” he reveals. “And we like to stay away from the crowds.” Take the Grand Canyon – “It’s 250 miles around, but most people go somewhere in a hotel. Behr knows where the great outdoors is. Another secret he shares – try going into shoulder season, say September, for Yellowstone. “In fact, the whole month of September is one of the best times to travel – the golden colors, the elks come together for the winter; the natural symphony of elk sounds, temperature in the 60’s. I suspect we’re all concerned about safety these days. A&K looked for lodgings away from the crowds – with private entrances, no long corridors to avoid passing other people, “casitas” if possible. And every driver and guide goes through daily temperature tests and wears a mask, just like other travelers with you when sharing a vehicle. In national parks, many restaurants are closed. But do not worry. Behr says his tours also offer “gourmet picnics” so you won’t go hungry after spending time and building an appetite in the great outdoors. Along with concerns about restaurants and crowds, travelers have one more thing on their mind these days: getting there. Commercial air travel has become intimidating for many people. Up close and personal Barcroft Media via Getty Images “Some people don’t feel comfortable stealing ads these days,” concedes Behr. His company started a program called “Tailor Made National Parks by Air,” and that’s exactly what it is. You travel on private charters, for example, to the three most popular national parks – Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone. There are also similar private trips to Alaska. What happened in the wake of the pandemic is that Americans have rediscovered themselves and the beauty of this country. There is much more. “You don’t have to travel 5,000 miles or more to see natural wonders,” Behr explains. And while we focused on the southwest, there is an even bigger world in the United States: Alaska and its whales, a ranch of wild horses (there are, you will be surprised to know, about 20,000 wild horses still roaming the American West). These, and more, can be found at: abercrombiekent.com. Just looking at the photos on the website will give you a feeling of freedom. .

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