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Today is Monday, March 1, the 60th day of 2021. There are 305 days left in a year.

Today’s highlight in history

On March 1, 1954, four Puerto Rican nationalists opened fire from the US House of Representatives audience gallery, injuring five members of Congress.

In 1781, the Continental Congress declared the Articles of Confederation in effect, after it had been ratified by Maryland.

In 1954, the United States detonated a dry fuel hydrogen bomb, code-named Castle Bravo, at Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

In 1957, “The Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Seuss released to bookstores by Random House.

In 1961, President John F. Kennedy signed an executive order to establish the Peace Corps.

In 1971, a bomb exploded inside the men’s room in the US Capitol; the radical Weather Underground group claims responsibility for the pre-dawn explosion.

In 1974, seven people, including former White House assistant Nixon HR Haldeman and John D. Ehrlichman, former Attorney General John Mitchell and former Assistant Attorney General Robert Mardian, charged with conspiring to obstruct justice in connection with the Watergate break-in. (The four defendants were convicted in January 1975, although Mardian’s sentence was later overturned.)

In 2005, Dennis Rader, church-going family man accused of living a double life as serial killer BTK, is charged in Wichita, Kansas, with 10 counts of first degree murder. (Rader later pleaded guilty and received multiple life sentences.)

President of Yemen who is being fought, Ali Abdullah Saleh, accused the US, its closest ally, of instigating mounting protests against him, but the move failed to slow the momentum of his ouster.

In the primaries and caucuses Super Tuesday, Republic Donald Trump won Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia; Ted Cruz won Alaska, Oklahoma and his home state of Texas; Marco Rubio won Minnesota. On the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton won Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia in the meantime Bernie Sanders won in Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma and his home state of Vermont.

Health officials in Washington state, announcing what was believed at the time to be the second US death from the coronavirus, said the virus may have been circulating for weeks undetected in the Seattle area. (Previous deaths in the Seattle area and in California were later linked to the virus.)

The US government is advising Americans not to travel to areas in northern Italy affected by the virus; The US has also banned travel to Iran, where the official death toll has soared to more than 50.

President Donald Trump says there is “no reason to panic” about the virus.

Singer / actor Harry Belafonte is 94.

Rock singer Mike D’Abo (Manfred Mann) 77 years old.

Rock singer Roger Daltrey is 77.

Actor-director Ron Howard is 67.

Country singer Janis Gill (aka Janis Oliver Cummins) (Sweethearts of the Rodeo) 67 years old.

Actor Catherine Bach is 66.

Actor John David Cullum is 55.

Actor Javier Bardem is 52.

Actor Jack Davenport is 48.

Rock musician Ryan Peake (Nickelback) is 48.

Actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar is 47.

Singer Tate Stevens is 46.

Actor Jensen Ackles is 43.

television presenter Donovan Patton is 43.

Actor Lupita Nyong’o is 38.

Pop singer Justin Bieber is 27.

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Wiedmer: Golf gave Tiger the award for fittest fashion | Instant News

They are ubiquitous on Sunday afternoons at the WGC-Workday Championship at The Concession, all of these PGA Tour golfers wearing red shirts and black pants. Unfortunately, the man who made the fashion combination famous in his Sunday golf outfit was not among them, the legendary Tiger Woods was locked up in a Los Angeles hospital bed as he struggled to recover from the career-threatening injuries he suffered in an SUV crash last Tuesday.

Still, the moves are pretty cool, and certainly appropriate, because no golfer since Arnold Palmer has done as much as possible to increase the allure and financial power of golf on the world stage like Eldrick “Tiger” Woods.

For the last 15 years or so, Woods has played golf, for good or for bad, though mostly good. No, he probably won’t surpass Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors, which once seemed certain. Though he reached number 15 with an unexpected win at the 2019 MastersWoods’ continuing back problems and advancing age (45) appear to have reduced that likelihood even before experiencing multiple leg fractures last week.

Beyond that, his personal problems with infidelity and driving under the influence have long tarnished his once carefully constructed and controlled image as a sort of golf cyborg, obsessed with golf and golf alone.

This is where an old quote from his late father Earl, a serial filmmaker, cannot be ignored. Said Papa Woods in 2001: “A wife can be a deterrent to a good golf game. Problems limited to Tiger’s level can destroy him.”

Of course, the wife didn’t destroy it. The mistresses did quite a lot of damage, after all, injuries, accidents, and perhaps, just maybe, the price of fame in today’s celebrity-obsessed 24-7 news cycle world.

Another quote from Papa to consider: “You can’t have both. You can’t have passion, intensity, competitiveness and aggressiveness if you don’t put out your energy.”

AP photo by Phelan M. Ebenhack / Rory McIlroy playing on the 17th grid during the WGC-Workday Championship finals at The Concession on Sunday in Bradenton, Fla.

Nobody has both forever. Life has a way of demeaning you, exposing your worst weaknesses as well as your greatest strengths. So Tiger fell, got back up, then suffered the most violent fall of the last week in what appeared to be an accident.

But a story told by former professional caddy and current ESPN analyst Michael Collins may also be the reason why we should all strive for Woods’ recovery and return.

Appearing on ESPN, Collins recalled a conversation with golfer Paul Azinger about the changes at Woods in recent years. In the past, Azinger has reportedly told Collins: “Tiger feels uncomfortable (on the pitch) if you are comfortable with him. Now he is uncomfortable if you are uncomfortable with him.”

So on a Sunday in Bradenton, Florida, many people whose pay was much more comfortable due to Tiger’s influence on golf got comfortable in a red shirt and black pants. Equivalent to that award, if not greater, is what happened at the Puerto Rico Championship – a PGA Tour event played opposite the World Golf Championship which takes place in Florida – where the entire field crew is wearing a red shirt and black pants. Borrowing a line from ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt, it was possibly the best sporting moment I’ve seen all day.

Nobody is perfect. Not Woods. Not the late Kobe Bryant. Not Tom Brady. (Well, maybe Brady, or maybe he just has a better spin doctor.) But life is about evolving, changing, recognizing and erasing your imperfections rather than constantly drawing attention to your perfection.

Which brings us to Max Homa, who won last week’s Genesis Invitational in Los Angeles, with tournament host Woods earning him the trophy.

On Saturday night, Homa appeared to take to social media to say he would honor Woods by trying to play his best at the finals of the WGC Weekday Championship (he is 22nd behind winner Collin Morikawa). Unfortunately, that doesn’t include her wearing a red shirt because of her wardrobe sponsorship, which seems to have gotten her quite a rebuke on social media.

Understandably tired of criticism, Homa ended up writing, in part, the following: “I love Tiger more than you guys. Promise it. Listen to the interview from last week. Red and black don’t prove it. A lifetime attempt to emulate the approach to the game.”

Anyone who is uncomfortable with it should make all of us uncomfortable.

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Mark Wiedmer

Contact Mark Wiedmer at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter @TFP.


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Swiss-Cantonese rebels bow to the whims of the government on the ski terraces | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) Some Swiss cantons that have reopened ski resort terraces in violation of national regulations are now reluctantly turning around under pressure from the federal government.

This content is published on 26 February 2021 – 16:18 26 February 2021 – 16:18 Keystone-SDA / jc

The canton in central Switzerland as well as Glarus and Ticino said on Friday that they would close open terraces again at the weekend. Graubünden, who has also opposed the ban, announced earlier in the week that it was changing tactics under pressure.

Unlike neighboring countries, Switzerland opened ski resorts during the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, but with strict hygiene rules.

Shops, restaurants, bars, culture and ‘non-essential’ sports venues are currently closed across the country in a bid to contain the spread of the virus, particularly in connection with a new, more contagious strain. With the number of cases and hospitalizations now falling slowly, the government announced on February 17 that it would “carefully and gradually” ease the restrictions imposed on January 15.

Starting March 1, it plans to reopen shops, museums and sports facilities. The restaurant will have to wait until at least 22 March. There is intense pressure to accelerate easing measures, and when this is not being done, some cantons are defiantly reopening ski resort restaurant terraces to take home.




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Canada, Australia agree to coordinate online platform regulatory efforts | Instant News

OTTAWA – Justin Trudeau and his Australian counterpart Scott Morrison have agreed to continue “coordinating efforts” to ensure the web giant’s revenue is shared more equitably with makers and the media, a statement Tuesday from Ottawa said.

The two prime ministers spoke on Monday on a variety of topics including the need to tackle online dangers and ask social media companies to pay for journalism, the statement said.

Canada and Australia’s growing cooperation on online platform regulation comes as Facebook steps back from a ban imposed last week that prevents Australians from viewing and sharing news on its platform.

The social media company announced Tuesday it would lift the ban, saying it had reached an agreement with the Australian government on a proposed law that would make the digital giants pay for journalism.

The statement from Ottawa signals Canada’s intention to follow Australia’s lead and comes after Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault last week promised to introduce laws that would force tech giants like Facebook to pay Canadian media companies for their content.

Facebook is alarmed by its sudden decision last week to block news on its platform across Australia after the House passed the bill.

The Facebook partnership is a huge win in Australia’s quest to create two main gateways to the internet, Google and Facebook, to pay for the journalism they use.

It’s a fight that governments and tech companies around the world have been closely watching.

Google also briefly threatened to remove its search functionality from Australia due to proposed legislation, but that threat has faded.

Facebook said it would now negotiate a deal with an Australian publisher.

Google, meanwhile, has listed Australia’s largest media company in content licensing deals through its News Showcase.

The platform says it has handled more than 50 Australian titles and more than 500 publishers worldwide are using the model, which launched in October.

– With files from The Associated Press.

The report by The Canadian Press was first published on February 23, 2021.

Facebook funds a fellowship that supports journalism’s position on The Canadian Press.


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Covid 19 coronavirus: National wants MIQ to be moved outside of downtown Auckland | Instant News

Rydges Hotel is one of the Auckland CBD hotels that is used as a Covid-19 MIQ facility. Photo / Dean Purcell

National is calling on the Government to move the Covid-19 quarantine and manage isolation facilities from downtown Auckland as a way to protect New Zealand’s largest city from a future lockdown.

Chris Bishop, party spokesman for the Covid-19 response, said this could be in the form of a purpose-built facility on the outskirts of Auckland.

There are currently 5,583 people in managed isolation facilities and 76 in quarantine, many of which are housed in facilities within Auckland’s CBD.

The downtown hotels currently used for MIQ are Pullman, Stamford Plaza, Rydges, M Social, and Grand Millennium.

National Party spokesman for the Covid-19 response, Chris Bishop.  Photo / NZME
National Party spokesman for the Covid-19 response, Chris Bishop. Photo / NZME

“The recent Pullman hotel case shows how much risk Auckland is from another community outbreak due to ingrained problems with MIQ,” Bishop said.

“New Zealand can’t afford to let yo-yoing in and out of lockdown and the Auckland economy can’t afford to continue bleeding more than $ 30 million a day.”

Bishop said the Victorian government is currently planning a cabin-style hub outside Melbourne’s CBD to replace its MIQ hotel following a recent outbreak that led to a lockdown.

“This facility will likely be a village with a pre-built one-story building with a separate ventilation system for each room. The returnees share the facilities but do not have the same roof,” he said.

The Pullman Hotel is one of the hotels in the city center that is used as a Covid-19 MIQ facility related to the recent Covid community outbreak.  Photo / Dean Purcell.
The Pullman Hotel is one of the hotels in the city center that is used as a Covid-19 MIQ facility related to the recent Covid community outbreak. Photo / Dean Purcell.

“Having plenty of fresh air reduces the risk of airborne transmission among returnees, while an isolated location makes it harder for the virus to find its way to densely populated urban areas where it can spread more quickly.”

National believes a similar facility should be built on vacant lots near Auckland Airport, Bishop said and called for an investigation to begin immediately.

These costs can be covered by contributions from the Government, the private sector and payments made by returning New Zealand residents.

“A purpose-built facility may prove expensive but the costs will be reduced due to the economic impact which makes Auckland more locked up,” Bishop said.

“The government must act now to address the problem before the Covid-19 outbreak forces another lockdown. We have more than enough wake-up calls.”

University of Otago Public Health professors Nick Wilson and Michael Baker have called for the closure of the MIQ facility in Auckland “to protect major economic centers” and eliminate the use of shared space at the facility.

“It is clear that New Zealand will need MIQ facilities for some time to come with mass vaccination not possible until the end of the year,” Bishop said.

“We have done well to prevent Covid-19 from spreading, but it will come at a price. Maintaining this effort will require innovative thinking, especially as the virus mutates.

Bishop said if done right, the new facility could be turned into housing once it has served its original purpose.


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