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A group of thieves regret breaking into Karachi’s house, locals set an example | Instant News

KARACHI: A group of thieves allegedly broke into a Nazimabad house on Thursday for a robbery that was intercepted by a householder screaming for help, ARY News reported.

According to a report compiled by ARY News at the event, six buglars who were suspected of coordinating a robbery at a house were cornered by local residents after residents raised their alert and gathered help.

Local residents crowded around the victim’s house after hue and crying caught their attention and when the thieves came out, they ambushed them.

While two of them managed to escape, the other four suspected thieves were caught by the locals they attacked until the Police arrived at the scene.

The police found four thieves from the local population and detained them for further legal proceedings.

With that Upon arrival of the police, the local population withdrew and allowed the personnel to come take lead and detain the suspect and whatever the suspect has




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KMC officials clear encroachment in Nazimabad Karachi | Instant News



Remove the generator, tire repair shop, wheelbarrow from the road

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Web table – Posted: Nov 3, 2020 | Last Updated: 1 hour ago

Posted: Nov 3, 2020 | Last Updated: 1 hour ago

Officials from the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation anti-encroachment department carried out operations Tuesday in the Nazimabad and North Nazimabad areas in the Central Karachi District.

They removed chairs and tables that were placed outside the teahouse, cabins with leaky tires, gas cylinders and wheelbarrows from roads and walkways around Haroon Shopping Center in North Nazimabad.

KMC Senior Director Bashir Siddiqui is leading the second operation near the Hotel Saifullah in Nazimabad. The anti-encroachment team removed generators, abandoned vehicles and rickshaws, and small water barrels from trails and service roads.

Siddiqui said the major operation was carried out after several complaints were received of the existence of illegal buildings in an area known as ‘Saifullah ka Adda’.

The assistant commissioners of the District Center and SHO Rizvia, Nazimabad and Paposh Nagar assisted the KMC team in the operation.


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The Sindh government will build a sports complex in North Nazimabad | Instant News

KARACHI: The Sindh government has announced plans to build another sports complex in Karachi.

Syed Imtiaz Ali Shah, Secretary of the Sindh Youth and Sports Affairs Department, said that in the next five years, Karachi youth will be rewarded with another sports complex on a six-hectare plot of land in North Nazimabad, which has been recovered from land grabbers and encroachers.

Imtiaz said it would be equipped with modern facilities and have hockey and football fields and a swimming pool.

Haider Hussain, Secretary, Karachi Hockey Association, thanked Abdul Ghani Soomro, Administrative Judge, NAB Sindh, for restoring land from the squatters.

In his statement, Haider Hussain said that the Sindh Sports Department has always played a frontline role in providing modern sports facilities for Karachi youth. He said Syed Murad Ali Shah, Chief Minister of Sindh, also always supported the national hockey game.


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Enraged Karachi residents staged a protest against the load cut, blocking the road | Instant News

KARACHI: Residents angered by hours of power outages not announced by sole electricity distributor Karachi K Electric, gathered around the Nazimabad area to hold protests on Friday, ARY News reported.

Angry protesters chanted slogans against the uncontrolled unloading and demanded that it end permanently. They blocked the road to Nazimabad to show their frustration K Electric after experiencing undue unloading and for a long time in already hot weather.

After hours of protests and road blockages, the local government stepped in and promised to defuse their grievances. The protesters relented after the government engaged in dialogue with them and advised them to clear the blockade.

The angry protesters were eased by the certainty that the authorities would disperse the protests and make way for traffic into the late hours of the evening.

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People in different areas of Karachi face huge problems due to severe power cuts without prior notice.

According to the details, Orangi Town, Malir, Liaquatabad, New Karachi Town, Lines Area, Manzoor Colony Gulistan-e-Johar, North Nazimabad and others experienced power outages for nine to ten hours.

The sudden blackout has poorly distributed routine and business life in the metropolitan city. To ARY News, Chairman of the Businessman Group Siraj Kassam Teli said that the K-Electric monopoly had a bad impact on the port city.

READ: Karachi may face severe gas, power outages during winter: source

It is important to note that previously the metropolis utilities provider said that the gas and electricity crisis could worsen during the coming winter in Karachi and other parts of Sindh province due to acute gas shortages.

According to sources, gas load shedding will spike over the coming winter in the province which may face a 300mmcfd shortage.




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