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Local travelers react to California travel advisory – NBC Palm Springs – News, weather, traffic, breaking news | Instant News

California is joining several other west coast states in issuing a travel advisory for the upcoming holiday season. “It’s not a ban, it’s not a restriction, it’s an opinion. We encourage Californians to stay close to home to avoid non-essential travel to other states, other countries and frankly across the state if it can be avoided, ”said Dr. Mark Ghaly, Secretary of Public Health. California Health and Human Services. In addition to quarantine after entering the state, health officials are asking residents to stay put as much as possible. “I think it’s a good idea, you in particular we have this big wave, we have to be careful and careful. I think it’s going to interrupt a few projects during Thanksgiving and Christmas, ”said Joseph Seamon, from San Fransico. As Thanksgiving approaches, that could mean some holiday plans will be put on hold. “This was going to be our first vacation together, and we can’t. I love my family and that’s why I won’t take any chances that anything may happen to them, said Shelli Barkley, traveler. Officials say they discussed an element of law enforcement, but ultimately opted for an opinion. Hoping that the public will recognize the gravity of the situation and take it seriously. “We have the advice and the guidance for a reason. we believe these are the strategies to keep us and the community safe. It is sobering when people find loved ones infected with serious consequences and even when loved ones die, ”Dr Ghaly added. But some wonder if people will comply. “I don’t think a lot of people will listen to it, but I think it makes sense to have it there for people who need to travel,” said Janine Aspey, Traveler. And at the Palm Springs airport, travelers leaving the Coachella Valley shared their experience. “I think it was pretty safe on the plane, everyone did what they were supposed to do,” said Jon Char, from Bend, Oregon. “You just have to be very vigilant during these times,” Seamon added. .

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Local Travel Medicine Clinic Closes After 30 Years – NBC Palm Springs – News, Weather, Traffic, Latest News | Instant News

A local business closes after 30 years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Rancho Mirage Travel Medicine Clinic has been providing vaccinations to residents for decades. The man behind the clinic, in a last act of kindness, will donate medical equipment to be used in future humanitarian missions. Edward Lister is a registered nurse who has been providing vaccinations to the people of Coachella Valley for 30 years. His company, Travel Medicine Clinic, offers people who are considering more involved trips, vaccinations against exotic diseases. “He actually stopped suddenly, just didn’t see any international travelers, nor do I see him in the near future. I guess I have to act on my age and start to retire, “said Lister At 75, Lister says he was not thinking of shutting down, but Covid-19 changed that very quickly. He said he is proud to have served the community and is sad to say goodbye. “When I see them, it’s like a family, I spend about an hour with them, advising them to stay safe while traveling. I think they are afraid that they will no longer receive care, “added Lister.” Over the years, I have received vaccines against cholera, typhoid, yellow fever and meningitis. I don’t really know exactly where I’ll be going at this point. I know there is a clinic in Loma Linda, but that is a problem, ”said Jeff Crider, director of communications at IMA Helps. Jeff Crider has been a Lister patient for years, worried where the community won’t go as the clinic closes. Before closing, Lister will donate medical equipment from the clinic to assist in future medical humanitarian missions. “IMA Helps is a non-profit organization which organizes medical humanitarian missions mainly in Central and South America. The material that Edward provides to us will be material that we, in turn, can donate to some of those hospitals where we work overseas that need this type of material because they don’t have it, which ‘They are missing,’ said Crider. Lister says he will miss his patients and has been given some farewell advice to tackle this pandemic. “My patients or travelers, many of them are like family and it’s hard to say goodbye. it’s hard to say, but I think when we get a vaccine, things will look up, we have to wear a mask and stay away and that sort of thing. everyone has to do it so that we can get back to what we used to do, “said Lister. Lister tells NBC Palm Springs that there are other travel clinics hooked up there, you can find them by visiting the International Society of Travel website here: https://www.istm.org/.

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