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Switzerland – Border guards recorded 700 cases of travelers who violated Covid testing rules | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) Border checks over the past two months have found about 700 people entering Switzerland without the necessary negative Covid-19 tests, the customs administration has confirmed.

This content is published April 3, 2021 – 17:32 April 3, 2021 – 17:32 Keystone-SDA / dos

According to figures published in the Schweiz am Wochenende newspaper on Saturday, of these 700 cases, about a fifth were forced to pay a fine of CHF200 ($ 212).

People who can provide reliable information about where they are traveling, and why, are generally not subject to fines when stopping at the border, the Swiss Federal Customs Administration (FCA) told the Keystone-SDA news agency.

Regarding the relatively low number detected overall, the FCA said it did not systematically check people entering by car, bus or train – it carried out ‘risk-based and sporadic’ checks.

The FCA also has no plans to increase its presence at the border: thanks to the general decline in border traffic, they have set priorities elsewhere, he said.

At the airport, meanwhile, where every incoming traveler is screened, the numbers are even lower: only about a dozen cases have been detected at Zurich airport of people landing without negative PCRs or rapid tests. This is explained by the fact that people are generally not allowed to board an airplane without showing such a test.


List of risks

Since 8 February this year, travelers arriving in Switzerland via any mode of transport from a ‘high risk’ country or region must show evidence of a negative PCR test conducted within the last 72 hours; Travelers entering by plane from any country, including those without risk, must also test negative. The exceptions to this are children under 12 years of age.

All travelers entering Switzerland from anywhere that is not a region directly bordering the country must also complete the online registration form available here External link.

A list of countries currently deemed not at high risk by the State Secretariat for Migration can be found here External link.




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Nier Replicant started to develop really slowly | Instant News

I think it would be better for the protagonist to replace the father instead of the brother to serve Nier Replicant, but he is still as boring as dry paint.

I think the protagonist will replace the father as the brother Neil Reprand Better, but he is still as boring as dry paint.
Screenshot: Square Enix

After playing Completely destroyed Neil: Automata,I’m curious Neil: The copy side ver.1.22474487139… “Version upgrade” of the original version (due to the developer’s statement, it is not a reprint or remake) negative Will inspire similar emotional destruction. My memory of the first game is still fresh. I remember the dad of the sick little girl and the quiet sadness. However, the only compelling moment I remember was the opening, in which a lady threatened the apparently sentimental book with a series of colorful curses.

Fortunately, this wonderful conversation is back Neil: The copy side ver.1.22474487139… (Yes, the ellipsis is part of the name) played by the prolific Laura Bailey, who also used the 2010 version. So far, the only way for me to continue to invest in this game is to learn the context of the opening remarks.

PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC will be available on April 23, Replicator Fighting is similar to Automata, Contains the same combo and dodge mechanism, but with far fewer options for customizing add-ons. Grimoire Weiss, the love letter mentioned earlier, is your cunning combat partner, he hovering near your head, similar to Automata, And can perform various magic attacks from bullets, spears to magic fists with big ass. You can upgrade your weapons in a dedicated shop and use the “text” obtained from defeated enemies to enhance the magic of the weapon and Grimoire Weiss, which is the shadow.

not clear

Kane is my favorite character so far. Someone told her that high-waisted underwear was back in fashion so that she could keep the sand out of her butt.
Screenshot: Square Enix

I imagine there will be many people skipping like me or hardly remembering OG negative, Played and loved Automata And is trying Replicator See if they missed anything. Honestly, I don’t know yet. Nine hours later, the story is still very general. JRPG action boy seeks to protect/save his sick little sister-there is no broken mold here. I met Kainé, a woman with bad breath, and she caused a controversy in the ending show.She is so refreshing that I wish she was the protagonist and not the boy, even though I was a little confused about it Her dress choice. Open panties? Girl, do you want to get dust in the cracks in your butt? Because that’s how you build up dirt in your butt crack.

The protagonist is not completely boring.I really like his sincerity and clichés, which was not fully realized when he was reorganized as a father instead of a brother of OG negative. Grimoire Weiss’ exaggerated self-meaning is gratifying, and I will never tire of hearing this voice.

But I can’t help feeling like I’m still waiting ReplicatorThe story really began. I like this story very much, but nothing significant has happened yet.Some exciting little moments that have happened have made me very interested, but if I didn’t participate in the competition AutomataAnd I don’t know what I have seen so far Replicator Enough for me to move on.

Neil: Automata Spanking my ass every day for a week, I like it.Nine hours later, two bosses and dozens of small tasks, I’m still waiting Neil: The Duplicator Become worthy AutomataThe brilliance, but this is because I am willing to continue to wait.


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Covid 19 coronavirus: Fake foreign virus test results highlight a shortage of pre-departure testing, experts say | Instant News

New Zealanders have reportedly been offered a false negative Covid-19 test result certificate in an attempt to comply with the Government’s pre-departure testing regime.

And the regime is being questioned by experts, who agree that it is not functioning the way it should.

Health Director General Dr Ashley Bloomfield said officials were checking the system, as more people tested positive for Covid-19 on their first day in managed isolation, even though it had produced negative results abroad.

Although the overhaul of the system may prove difficult, as it relies on the Covid-19 testing capabilities of other countries, this is “the most important measure for New Zealand,” according to one expert.


This was when University of Auckland microbiologist Dr Siouxsie Wiles revealed that he had been notified of someone being offered a false negative pre-departure test certificate for a fee.

This led him and epidemiologist Dr Michael Baker to raise questions about the effectiveness of the pre-departure testing system.

The pre-departure rules, which came into effect in late January, aim to “better protect New Zealand from Covid-19,” said Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins at the time.

The rules mean a returnee must show a negative Covid-19 test certificate to come to New Zealand.

They were announced at the same time as the expansion of the managed isolation testing regime, under which nearly all returnees will receive a 0/1 day test.

According to Ministry of Health data, a large number of people who returned positive results for Covid-19 upon returning to New Zealand did so on day 0/1.

According to Wiles, this data tells two stories.

The first is that the Government is right to introduce the 0/1 day test rule.

“It’s clear from the number of positive 0/1 day tests we got that their introduction is a good idea,” said Wiles.

But the data also show that the pre-departure testing regime is not working as expected.

“For those who test negative, it just tells us they were negative at the time of testing,” said Wiles.

“That doesn’t mean they aren’t incubating the virus or won’t be infected in the time between their tests and arriving in New Zealand.”

And there’s another problem: fake test results.

“I’m sure unscrupulous people will also offer false negative pre-departure test certificates for a fee.

“Someone contacted me to inform me that their relative had been offered in France but was turned down.”

Baker said the government needed to do more work to improve the pre-departure system, given how important it was to New Zealand’s Covid-19 defense.

“Finding ways to manage this risk is perhaps the most important action for New Zealand, in terms of managing Covid.”

There are several ways that can be done, he said.

University of Auckland microbiologist Dr Siouxsie Wiles revealed that he had been notified of someone being offered a false negative pre-departure test certificate for a fee.  Photos / Files
University of Auckland microbiologist Dr Siouxsie Wiles revealed that he had been notified of someone being offered a false negative pre-departure test certificate for a fee. Photos / Files

For example, returnees could be asked to sign a statement saying that they had been in isolation for a week prior to their departure and that they had regularly worn a mask.

In announcing his policy of pre-departure testing, Hipkins said: “It is important to remember that this will not stop Covid-19 from entering New Zealand.

“We will still see people show up at the border who later test positive – our goal is to reduce the number of people arriving with Covid-19.”

Nonetheless, Bloomfield told reporters on Friday that the Government was examining a pre-departure testing regime.

Although “very few” people return to New Zealand without evidence of pre-departure testing, he said the nature and reliability of the tests vary around the world.

But it’s something that’s always assumed and, therefore, that’s why the 0/1 day test rule was enforced.

He said the Government did not specifically look at one country’s pre-departure testing regime because officials did not have all the information on different testing approaches.

“But we’re really taking, at face value, a valid certification from the fact that someone is undergoing a pre-departure test, which does require fairly specific information.”

Testing data shows some countries clearly have significantly worse pre-departure testing regimes than others.

India, for example, has a particularly poor track record with around 40 people testing positive for Covid-19 on day 0/1 upon their return to New Zealand since the pre-departure rules came into effect.

The figure was even higher when the 3rd day test was taken into account.

Unfortunately, there appears to be little New Zealand that can do about the flawed pre-departure system, said Wiles.

“In an ideal world, we would watch where people get tested so we know the results are reliable, and we have the facilities to isolate people before they board the plane to minimize the chance of getting infected in transit.”

But it is effectively moving the MIQ system offshore, Wiles said.

“We know how difficult it is to run the system here in New Zealand so the idea that we can outsource overseas is completely impractical.”


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The government will respond to negative political tactics with public services: CM – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in March 28, 2021 16:15

The government will respond to negative political tactics with a public service: CM

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar said Pakistan’s dream of progress was being realized under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

In a statement, he said those who create obstacles on the way to progress and prosperity will get nothing.

The Chief Minister said that the government will respond to negative political tactics with public services.


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PDM’s negative politics fulfills its logical goal: Dr Firdous | Instant News

LAHORE – Special Assistant to the Chief Minister of Punjab Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said that the election of the Chairman and Deputy Chair of the Senate had revealed that the negative politics of the PDM had met a logical end.

In a statement on Saturday, he said the unnatural alliance of opposition parties was fast moving towards an end and the time had come for ‘Prince Sindh, fake Princess and Maulana’ to split. He accused PPP and PML-N of stabbing each other in the back. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan through his wisdom had brought their cheap politics to the ground.

He said famous goons had been insulted from every place in the country and would meet the same fate in future too. He added that those who beat the drums until yesterday are now mourning their defeat. Dr Firdous said PDM leaders had now withdrawn from Punjab after facing defeat in the Center. He said Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar was Prime Minister Imran Khan’s army and the PM had great confidence in him.

He said the Chief Minister took a serious and swift decision to control the recent Covid-19 wave in the province.

He said 1,239 new coronavirus patients had been reported in the province over the past 24 hours and the number of active cases had reached 9,106.

He said 34 coronavirus patients died in Punjab during 24 hours bringing the total death to 5731. He said during the 24 hours 16,377 tests were carried out in the province bringing the total tests so far to 34.97,102.

He said the new lockdown restrictions were put in place in places where the number of coronavirus patients reached 5 percent of the population, and aimed to prevent people from this epidemic. He appealed to the public to support the government in its efforts to fight the corona virus.


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