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An unnecessary promotional email is responsible for 2 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually in the UK, says Cleanfox | Instant News

PARIS, 18 February 2021 / PRNewswire / – If the Internet were a country, it would be the 6th largest polluter in the world. Yet only 30% of the UK population has ever heard of digital pollution!

With 3.5 million emails being sent every second by 2020 and a carbon footprint of 10g per email, email plays an undeniable role in the pollution caused by the internet. Cleanfox, the app for cleaning your inbox and reducing your carbon footprint, conducts research on email pollution using exclusive data from its panel of 3,500,000 users.

Click here to download the study: https://we.tl/t-WLuxFobJi6

In 2020, an average UK resident received 4,250 promotional emails, 3357 of which were never opened …

By 2020, a bulletin received by a UK resident is responsible for 42kg of CO2 emissions, which is the equivalent of 350 km in a Mini. Only 21% of these emails were opened. Not only does this clutter up your inbox, it also creates a lot of pollution. In fact, unnecessary promotional emails have an annual carbon footprint of 33kg per person, which is the equivalent of 275 km in a car.

There are significant inequalities between generations and genders on this issue!

Generation X is the generation with the most polluted inboxes with 5155 unopened newsletters by 2020, which is equivalent to a carbon footprint of 430 km in a car.

On average, we noted that women were more targeted by newsletters because they received 1,476 more newsletters than men.

A problem that has become a real scourge for 10 years

The newsletter received by a resident of the UK in 2020 has a carbon footprint of 42 kg of CO2. If you don’t clean your inbox for 10 years, it will create a carbon footprint of 2.36 tonnes, which is more than just a round-trip flight London and Istanbul.

Fortunately, this specter is easy to get rid of

If all UK residents deleted unwanted email, it would prevent 2 million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. Which is equivalent to the pollution caused by a city of 370,000 inhabitants, such as Cardiff For example in one year.

There are many solutions to reduce your digital carbon footprint

Here’s a list of the easy things to do:

Limit the number of recipients for each email, clean your inbox with Cleanfox, reduce streaming quality.

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Anaïs Ould,
[email protected]

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Quad9’s public domain name service moves to Switzerland for maximum internet privacy protection | Instant News

Quad9 is the first DNS security solution to extend GDPR privacy protection for internet users around the world.

ZURICH, 17 February 2021 / PRNewswire / – Quad9, a global non-profit Domain Name System (DNS) security platform, today announced that it has moved its headquarters from California to Zürich, Switzerland supported by the Packet Clearing House and SWITCH.

Quad9 has distinguished itself from other DNS providers by voluntarily placing itself in a jurisdiction that strictly enforces privacy laws of the highest global standards. Considered a bastion of individual rights, Switzerland has a legal privacy regime that is aligned with European standard General Data Protection Regulations. It provides individuals with enforceable enforceable and effective remedies, giving Quad9 users worldwide the full protection of Swiss law. These and other important concessions and legal findings from the Swiss government guaranteeing the privacy and safety of Quad9 users, have made choosing Quad9 domicile a natural choice.

Quad9 is the only global DNS security provider that offers this universal privacy protection.

Privacy by law

Unlike commercial DNS operators, which benefit from the sale of users’ personal information and internet browsing history, Quad9 does not collect personal information. User inquiries and addresses are not collected or logged, and therefore no third party has access to them. Quad9 is a non-profit organization with transparent governance and finance, supported by donations, and dedicated exclusively to operating private and secure DNS services.

The privacy protection claims of a DNS security solution are meaningful only if they are legally bound and enforced by an empowered authority. Privacy policies that are not backed by law are empty promises, “he said John Todd, general manager of Quad9.

Quad9 is under the supervision of the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner and is subject to Swiss jurisdiction. The Swiss Data Protection Act does not contain any restrictions on the nationality or residence of individuals whose personal rights are protected by law. Using the Quad9, anyone in the world can receive the same protections, enforced in full law, as a Swiss citizen.

Domain Name System Privacy Risk

Every time a user uses the internet, they leave a digital footprint. A recursive DNS provider is a bottleneck through which all user actions go, and it is where personal information can be scrutinized, recorded and turned into documents for sale. Unlike other major DNS providers, which are domiciled at United States of America, a jurisdiction that protects them from user privacy claims and liability, Quad9 has placed itself under the legally binding authority of powerful privacy regulators. The power of Swiss law, combined with Quad9The mission and privacy practices are transparent, ensuring that personal data will never be collected, analyzed, or sold.

Protection Against Cyber ​​Crime

Independent tests show that Quad9 also prevents users’ devices from connecting to 97% of malicious websites. To achieve this level of success, Quad9 collects information from multiple cyber threat analysts, now including SWITCH, to form a complete database of unique malicious domains. When Quad9 users connect to the internet, Quad9 checks their destination in that database and blocks the connection if connecting to it would harm the user. Quad9 operates in more than 150 locations in ninety countries and protects internet users from more than sixty million malicious attacks every day.

Collaboration With SWITCH

Move Quad9 to Switzerland facilitated by SWITCH, one of them Switzerlandcompetency center for internet security. The foundation operates several critical infrastructures and has been committed to greater cybersecurity for decades to make the internet a safer place for its users. SWITCH takes place in Quad9foundation board and contribute to Quad9s governance.

In less than five years, Quad9 has built a global alternative to commercial DNS platforms that are focused on profiting from user data, “said Tom Kleiber, the managing director of SWITCH. We look forward to developing Quad9reach and impact to show internet users around the world that security can be increased without exploiting their privacy. ”

Using Quad9

Quad9 is free and available worldwide. Users can configure their computer’s DNS resolver to, and 2620: FE :: FE. For step-by-step guides or other advanced options, please visit https://quad9.net.

About Quad9

Quad9 is a recursive DNS service that provides cybersecurity protection against malware and phishing. As a non-profit organization, Quad9 does not collect or resell personal data and provides trusted services to individuals and organizations free of charge and without a contract. The organization was launched in 2017 and now operates in more than 150 locations in 90 countries. Quad9 exists to enhance the protection and privacy of end users around the world in addition to promoting internet stability and security.

Learn more at https://www.quad9.net


SWITCH is a trusted partner for digitalisation issues of concern to the education, research and innovation communities Switzerland. Independent foundations help universities and other partners take advantage of digitization possibilities within and outside the academic world. SWITCH has been the registry for .ch and .li domain names since the early days of the internet. As one of the Switzerland as a security competency center on the internet, SWITCH operates a multi-sector CERT providing services to universities, domain registration, banks, industry, logistics and the energy sector.

Learn more at https://www.switch.ch

Press conference, 17 February 2021 in 11am (CET): https://swit.ch/quad9


For Quad9

Vrge strategy, Adam Benson, [email protected]


SWITCH, Roland Eugster, [email protected]



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The WHO and Australian agreements raise hopes for the AstraZeneca vaccine | Instant News

The vaccine jointly developed by the drug company AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford has been approved by a growing number of regulators, paving the way for general use, especially in developing countries.

  • Australian drug regulators give temporary agreement for the AstraZeneca – Oxford COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday, ahead of the national vaccination campaign that kicks off next week.

  • The Canberra government says it has ordered a sufficient dose of vaccine, to be produced in Australia, to cover the country’s entire population.

  • World Health Organization on Monday approve the vaccine for emergency use, which should allow developing countries broad access to fire.

  • AstraZeneca

    has pledged not to profit from selling the vaccine, which is sold at the lowest price of any vaccine available – at € 1.80 ($ 2.20) per dose, as an example, in the European Union, according to the Belgian health minister, compared to € 18 a dose for Moderna

    vaccine and € 12 for Pfizer



  • UK-Swedish group chief executive Pascal Soriot received the same 3% salary increase as company staff for this year, bringing his base salary to £ 1.33 million ($ 1.9 million), The Financial Times wrote. But his bonuses and long-term incentive program can bring his pay package to over £ 15 million.

  • Even after French President Emmanuel Macron publicly voiced doubts about AstraZeneca’s shot in a media interview, his own health minister Olivier Véran remained take a photo take it, in an attempt to convince French public opinion of its efficacy and safety.

The prospects: AstraZeneca sees doubts about the efficacy of its vaccine in the age group 65 and over slowly disappearing, and its low price, together with ease of transport, storage and manipulation, over time could make it one of the most widely used worldwide.


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The future of startup cryptocurrency Ripple hangs on the SEC’s case | Instant News

Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s chief executive, last year publicly contemplated at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the initial public offering for the San Francisco startup.

The company recently raised about $ 200 million in a venture funding round led by Tetragon Financial Group, with a valuation of $ 10 billion. The value of its flagship product, a cryptocurrency called XRP, has fallen over the previous year. But Ripple is poised to rebuild the infrastructure for cross-border trade, said Garlinghouse, promising that its future is bright.

A year later, the IPO was canceled. Instead, Ripple’s future hinges on the judge’s decision in a civil suit filed in December by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Regardless of the outcome, this case is expected to set a major precedent for how US regulators create rules and laws covering cryptocurrencies. It also highlights a broader truth about most digital currencies: Beyond the two largest, bitcoin and ether, most of the hundreds of others have struggled to find utilitarian value beyond speculation.

At the heart of the SEC’s suit is the debate about XRP, a bitcoin-like digital asset created by the founder of Ripple that will grow to become the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency. It is designed to be part of a network that will help banks cut costs in cross-border transfers. The related software, however, never gained traction, the SEC accused, leaving XRP with no apparent purpose, other than to funnel sales to Ripple.


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The New Zealand team created the world’s first innovation in fighting the Coronavirus | Instant News

Auckland, New Zealand, January 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Datamine, a New Zealand AI based company, has been created ëlarm: personal early warning indicators for viral infections, incl Corona virus. The ëlarm system overcomes what is arguably our biggest obstacle – the spread of the virus by asymptomatic people didn’t know they were contagious. By developing a personal baseline of biometric data from smartphones and other wearables (such as the Fitbit, Apple Watch and Samsung), ëlarm detects changes in the corresponding individual baseline. The COVID-19 pattern – changes that occur when the body starts fighting viral infections.

“With ëlarm, you can tell you are sick before you feel sick,” said ëlarm CEO and founding director of Datamine, Paul O’Connor.

Operates on New Zealand since June 2020, the ëlarm system has been developed to detect Coronavirus case up to three days before people know they have the deadly virus. “Based on us New Zealand success and extensive data we collect from doctors around the world, ëlarm is an accurate predictor of viral symptoms, “Said Mr. O’Connor.

For more information: https://elarm.health/

Although ëlarm is not a test and does not provide medical advice, the system warns users about biometric changes that indicate viral infection and provides relevant World Health Organization and CDC guidelines. This allows people to proactively undergo testing and self-isolate before symptoms appear. This helps prevent the spread of viral infection to loved ones, communities and coworkers.

As opposed to developing technology based on certain smart watches, ëlarm is ‘device agnostic. ‘As a software service, ëlarm can use data from a growing list of wearables available worldwide.

“When Covid-19 emerged, we had created a vault where personal health data and wearables were stored and analyzed safely. We saw that we had the expertise and technology to make an important contribution in fighting the Coronavirus,” Mr O’Connor explained. . “With the new type of Corona virus and the possibility of further mutations, the urgency is slow down the spread of the virus through our global population until a vaccine becomes available. ”

Professor Michael Baker, one from New Zealand Leading epidemiologists say there are many useful applications for this technology. “That’s very encouraging New Zealand produced an exciting innovation of new surveillance tools to track people potentially infected by the Coronavirus and other infectious agents. ”

ëlarm is available via the Apple Store and Google Play at www.elarm.health

SOURCE Elarm New Zealand Limited

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