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The zebra-striped Zubaz madness that takes over game day – The Athletic | Instant News

For nearly two decades, they accompanied Luke Adkins to his beloved Cincinnati Bengals. They were there as he celebrated victory and suffered defeat, too many of the last.

The years had taken their toll, stretched them and generated some commotion, but Adkins couldn’t give up on them. They’ve been through a lot together.

The zebra’s orange, white, and black striped Zubaz Bengals trousers have withstood nearly everything, from elements to tailgates to countless spin cycles. Everything except divorce. Adkins’ ex-wife has gotten rid of his first pair of Zubaz and his signed Vontaze Burfict jersey after they split.

“Losing pants is devastating. Do you know how many games and how many memories are in those pants? “said Adkins, 37, who lives north of Cincinnati.

“I go too far when it comes to Bengals and wearing Zubaz pants is part of that feeling …


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New York giants’ Aldrick Rosas is charged with 3 crimes in June crash | Instant News

New York Giants Kicker Aldrick Rosas was formally charged Wednesday with three misdemeanors stemming from a June 15 hit-and-run accident.

In Butte County, California, district attorney’s office elected to file charges for reckless driving on the highway, oblivious to the damage to property and driving while suspended/revoked for driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs.

In 2016, Rosas was convicted of driving with alcohol blood level over .08%, in Glenn County, California court records. The next hearing on this issue scheduled for September. 4.

The giants are scheduled to open training camp later this month.

Rosas was driving a black Chevrolet SUV one morning last month, when there was a T-bone collision. Witnesses saw the roses a traffic violation for double yellow lines and at a speed estimated at 100 miles per hour when he ran a red light and crashed into a Ford pickup, according to the police report.

Rosas, 25, allegedly tried to drive away from the scene of the accident until his car became disabled. He went out and fled from the scene on foot without shoes.

Officers went to the house of roses after the incident was cleared. 2018 Pro bowl Kicker doesn’t exist, but later stopped on the side of the road arms, legs and bare feet covered in blood. Roses in the end, was treated for minor injuries at the Medical center, Enloe, and later visited in prison Butte.

In the report, the police initially stated that the deterioration of alcohol was considered a factor. But there was no mention of any breathalyzer or blood test.

None of the accusations that were filed Wednesday reflected the alcohol involved.

Rosas is coming off a down season in which he made only 12 of 17 goal attempts (70.6%). He was re-signed as a free agent for $ 3.3 million in the offseason after the giants used a second round tender on him.

Roses accounted for 32 of the 33 shots (96.9%) last season and was named to the Pro bowl. The former undrafted southern Oregon Kicker worked his way on the active list of “giants” in 2017.


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DeAndre Baker of the Giants surrendered to the police on charges of armed robbery | Instant News

New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker had handed himself over to Broward County Prison on Saturday for four armed robbery charges and four counts of assault with firearms, according to his lawyer, Bradford Cohen.

Cohen confirmed that Baker turned himself in Saturday morning at an Instagram post.

“We believe our client is innocent of all charges,” Cohen said. “We urge people not to rush to judge. We have statements from several witnesses who released my client.”

Cohen said he had some written statements from witnesses who freed Baker from error in suspected crime. He said he planned to provide video evidence to the judge in a timely manner.

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar, who is wanted on four counts of armed robbery with firearms, has not surrendered, and there has been no decision when or whether he will do so, said his lawyer, Michael Grieco.

“Nobody ran away from this,” Grieco said. “My client is innocent. I don’t want him to do a minute in jail because of this. If we decide that he will surrender, then he will. But the Miramar Police Department is committed to this case because it has become public.”

Baker and Dunbar were sought by police over alleged incidents that occurred Wednesday night at a party. According to the arrest warrant, Baker and Dunbar were accused of stealing money and forcibly monitoring when armed with semi-automatic weapons. It was stated that Baker deliberately threatened the victims with firearms.

According to the arrest warrant, several witnesses said at one point during the incident that Baker ordered another suspect to wear a red mask to shoot someone who had just entered the party.

Grieco said he submitted five sworn oaths from witnesses who freed Dunbar from error to the state attorney’s office. Grieco said this was the same witness who gave the original statement in the police report which led to the arrest warrant.

Although the two lawyers said they had a statement cleansing their client, the Miramar Police Department insisted that they both surrender and welcomed witnesses to add or change anything to their statement if they wanted to do so. On Saturday morning, police said there were no victims or witnesses who told them their stories.

Grieco said police told him they would examine allegations of perjury to witnesses if they were found lying in their statements to the police. He also said he had made contact with Cohen but there were “different circumstances” with Baker than with his client.

The Miramar Police Department confirmed that they did not treat Baker or Dunbar differently from other suspects.


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Attorney – Certificate clears the Seahawks’ Quinton Dunbar of suspected robbery | Instant News

Michael Grieco, attorney for Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar, said he had “five sworn statements from witnesses” who said his client was not involved in the alleged armed robbery that took place in Miramar, Florida, on Wednesday.

The Miramar Police Department issued an arrest warrant for Dunbar and New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker on Thursday along with a 14 page written statement detailing the alleged crime committed by two NFL players.

Grieco said he gave this information about “star witnesses who withdrew within 48 hours” to the Miramar Police Department and advised the state attorney’s office, but authorities insisted that Dunbar still surrendered to the warrant.

The police said on Friday that the arrest warrant was still valid, there were no victims or witnesses who told their stories to them and there were no players who surrendered.

“We have recorded, swear statements from four victims and one witness. If they change their statements, we welcome them to come to our police department and give us a new statement,” police spokesman Miramar Tania Rues told Brady Henderson of ESPN.

Grieco said he was looking for another way so that his client was not arrested for what he called a “fake case.”

“I’m sure he was there but sure he didn’t commit a crime,” Grieco said of Dunbar. “He was targeted because of who he is.”

Grieco did not want to talk about Baker’s mistakes, which he said were represented by other lawyers and had different circumstances. He did note that the two players were not tight, despite being South Florida natives who knew each other, for reasons of a 5-year age difference.

The warrant for Baker’s arrest was for four counts of armed robbery with firearms and four counts of assault with firearms. Dunbar was wanted in four counts of armed robbery with firearms.

The alleged event happened Wednesday night at a party that began Wednesday night. According to the arrest warrant, Baker and Dunbar were accused of stealing money and forcibly monitoring when armed with semi-automatic firearms. It was stated that Baker deliberately threatened the victims with firearms.

According to the arrest warrant, several witnesses said at one point during the incident that Baker ordered another suspect wearing a red mask to shoot at someone who had just entered the party.

The statement contained conflicting statements from witnesses about whether Dunbar was armed, and some said they did not see his weapons.

Grieco cited this as an example of an unreliable witness and said he believed it was “ridiculous” that Dunbar was still expected to surrender.

“I assume this is because Miramar did their virtual touchdown on Twitter when they were talking about their arrest warrant. Now they are trying to resolve a joint case,” Grieco said. “I don’t know how they will do it.”

Rues refuted Grieco’s assumption that the department created a sensation in the story by announcing an arrest warrant.

“Our police department doesn’t hold press conferences, we haven’t appeared on camera even though I’ve got dozens of interview requests – we reject every single interview – we haven’t entered the radio, we haven’t given one interview on the radio, we issued tweets in response to bombing calls “The telephone number we received for requests for public records from the warrant and written statement,” said Rues.

Rues said Grieco’s actions were terrible and “only a distraction for what actually happened.”

Rues said there was no standard amount of time that an individual was expected to turn himself in once an arrest warrant was issued. This is on a case-by-case basis.

The NFL said late Thursday that it was aware of the issue and would not have further comments. The League will review the incident based on its personal behavior policy and share discipline if needed.

Baker, 22, was the choice of the Giants’ first round in 2019. The Seahawks acquired 27-year-old Dunbar in March trade with Washington Redskins. Both players are from Miami.

“We are aware of the situation. We have made contact with DeAndre. We have no further comments at this time,” Giants said in a statement Thursday.

The Seahawks said in a statement that the team “was aware of the situation involving Quinton Dunbar and was still gathering information. We will postpone all further comments to league investigators and local authorities.”

Information from Jordan Raanan ESPN is used in this report.


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Giant offense to take a cue from the Cowboys past for future success | Instant News

Times have changed. In such a way that New York Giants start quarterback Daniel Jones ask Tony Romo, one of the franchise’s old competitors, to ask for help. Ran back Saquon Barkley hope to reach out at this time Dallas Cowboys run back Ezekiel Elliott at some point too.

Jones has been in talks for the past few months with Romo, a former Cowboys midfielder and CBS analyst at this time. And Jones hopes there is more when he digs deeper into Jason Garrett’s new offense with the Giants.

Garrett was the offensive coordinator and head coach of the Cowboys from 2007-19. Father played in his offense until 2016.

“I’ve [talked with Romo] “A little, not a ton to be honest with you,” Jones said Wednesday on a conference call with reporters. I am sure I will as we begin. “

The Giants’ new offense is expected to have something in common with what Dallas ran for 13 seasons under Garrett. That would put Barkley in the roles of Elliott and Jones in the place of Father and Dak Prescott. This made the Giants excited about the possibility.

Jones has spent much of the past month consuming a new guidebook. There is much to learn. He noted that the terminology was the biggest difference.

“There will be some similarities with Daniel, but I would not say it was accumulated in the manner, form or form of the rookie year,” said Giants coach Joe Judge.

Jones spent his rookie season working on more West Coast hybrid offenses under former coach Pat Shurmur.

“This system has been successful,” Jones said of the former Cowboy system. “When you see it, people have succeeded in it. That is the biggest thing. We have a lot of players who can make games. We have players in every position that can make games. So I think you will see it in the system as you have ever see in the past. “

Father is a Pro Bowl quarterback four times under Garrett. Elliott has led the league in a hurry in two of his four professional seasons.

Barkley said that made him curious.

“I have not contacted Zeke, but that is something I plan to do,” Barkley said. “But I kind of want to dissect and make the system come down on its own and then go to Zeke and see what she’s doing here and what she’s doing there. It’s kind of like anything. There are some basic things you learn and some basics- you have to do the basics, but in the end there are some things you have to do as a soccer player to be great and use your creativity. And I will definitely use it to try to learn from him and see what he can do. “

This system is not the only change for Jones and the Giants. Jones claimed to feel the responsibility of being a leader this year. That was not necessarily the case last season as a beginner with Eli Manning in the quarterback room.

Jones called it “a little awkward” last season with him as a starter for most of the season and twice the Super Bowl MVP and franchise legend as a reserve. He still thinks it’s going well.

Jones enjoyed working with Manning and learned a lot from accomplished veterans. He saw the experience as a “big advantage” with Manning as his voice board.

Jones was in New Jersey at the beginning of the year working with several of his teammates. He even has several recipients (Sterling Shepard and Darius Slayton) get off at Duke for a throwing session.

But he’s already at his parents’ home in Charlotte now, with restrictions on the coronavirus, which has been shut down for New Jersey for months. He was there with his mother, father, and three siblings, exercising in a makeshift home gym and throwing at a small group of current and former college players in a local park while following North Carolina’s social distance guidelines.

Jones’s second season now begins by studying the new guidebook in the Zoom session in the quarterback room Alex Tanney, Cooper Rush, Colt McCoy and The Cookus Case.

“That would be different,” Jones said. “This will be an adjustment. Looking forward to this year and this team that we have.”


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