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Munich assures Germany that Oktoberfest will not move to Dubai | | Instant News

The organizers Oktoberfest, Munich’s heralded and bustling annual beer festival is trying to convince desperate Germans by dismissing rumors that the event is moving to Dubai.

Local media reported that plans are being drawn up to move this year’s event to the city of the United Arab Emirates, amid high rates of Covid-19 cases across Europe.

The report shocked the Germans, who reacted angrily to the prospect on social media.

But organizers said they were not involved with any plans to relocate the festival, known locally as Wiesn, and insisted it would remain in Bavaria.

“Recently, the media in German speaking countries have been reporting intensively on someone’s plans to hold an Oktoberfest in Dubai,” the organizer wrote on their website. “The headlines linguistically suggest that Munich Oktoberfest is actually moving to Dubai, moving there, or is taking place in the desert this year due to the possibility of a cancellation.

“Oktoberfest is native to Munich and takes place exclusively in Munich,” a spokesman for the Munich City Department of Labor and Economic Affairs, which organizes the event, said in a statement. a statement.

“The now known plans were not pursued by event organizers in Dubai either on behalf of or with the approval of the City of Munich.”

The plans were reported in German newspapers including picture, who wrote that German businessmen had been behind the plans since last year.

Under the plan, dozens of tents, live music and portable breweries will be set up in Dubai, while celebrities will be flown in as main guests, Bild reported.

Oktoberfest was canceled last year due to the pandemic, and this year’s event is still in jeopardy as European countries struggle to contain a third wave of the coronavirus.

The organizers have set a date September 18th as the start of the two-week festival. But Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter said “a decision on whether Wiesn can take place this year or should be canceled for the second time in a row has not been made.”


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Local jewelry, fashion businesses combine strength for promotion | Instant News

Businesses in downtown Los Altos have joined forces to help one another as public health restrictions, though easing, continue to limit customer visits.

Stylist and personal Abby Young have arranged collaborations recently among several downtown businesses. The most recent, held on April 9, involved clothing boutique Alys Grace on Main Street; Los Altos models Lisa Pattisson and Leigh-Taylor Sigfusson, owners of Bespoke Gifting Studio; Lara Geronimo, local hair and makeup artist; and hairdresser Macey Morgan of the Pursuit Salon in Los Altos.

“Models start with their hair and make-up done at the Pursuit Salon by Macey and Lara,” says Young. “Then they met Lisa Whalen and me at Alys Grace, where I styled them in three complete head-to-toe looks from Alys Grace – tops, jackets, dresses, jeans, shoes and jewelry.”

Models participated in the photo shoot, using the downtown locale as a backdrop, including the brick walls on Third Street and Plaza S, the side of the Enchanté Boutique Hotel, the main Los Altos library and the sidewalk outside Casa Lupe. Participating businesses then post pictures on Instagram, giving each social media exposure.

Young’s first downtown collaboration, which took place in early February, brought together long-established jewelery shop Smythe & Cross and Los Altos-based new jewelery shop Ji Hwang. Khatchig Jingirian from Smythe & Cross currently features Hwang’s industrial jewelery collection that reflects the designer’s life journey as he lives urban, industrial and rural life. Young brought in local fashion photographer Ángel Ramírez and makeup artist Sonam from Makeup Elegant by Sonam to showcase some of Hwang’s work.

The second collaboration involved local fashion and lifestyle photographer Lisa Whalen and local clothing store Alys Grace. Whalen photographed women in Alys Grace outfits around town, promoting her photography and Alys Grace merchandise in the process.

The collaboration also benefits Young, who started her personal styling business downtown last June.

“I think it is very important to emphasize the business collaboration that we have had – which we hold dear during these difficult times,” said Young.

For more information about products and images, visit the participants’ Instagram accounts: Lisa Whalen, @lisawhalenphotography; Abby Young, @abbyyoungstyling; Lisa Pattisson,
@lisa_semarang; Leigh-Taylor Sigfusson, @bespokegiftingstudio; Lara Geronimo, @_laraslooks; Macey Morgan, @manesbymacey; Pursuit Salon, @pursuit_salon; and Alys Grace,


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Germany condemns Gaza rocket fire, clashes in Jerusalem | Instant News

Germany on Sunday “strongly condemned” the latest round of rocket fire from Gaza and the violent clashes that took place in Jerusalem.

“The German government strongly condemns the latest missile attacks from Gaza against the Israeli civilian population; they cannot be justified in any way and must be stopped immediately,” said an official statement.

“We are also watching with concern the violent clashes in Jerusalem. Level-headed thinking and efforts to de-escalate should be a priority now. All parties must do their part to defuse the situation and not leave the field open to those who use or call for violence. Only solutions politics for a conflict that will enable all Israelis and Palestinians to live in lasting peace and security. “


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Germany’s Bild Newspaper will launch a television channel | Instant News

BERLIN (AP) – Germany’s best-selling daily newspaper, Bild, plans to launch a television channel that will air before the country’s elections in late September, its publisher said Monday.

Publisher Axel Springer says that at the heart of Bild’s new channel schedule is up to six hours of live broadcasts each day starting in the morning.

It said in a statement that “the focus is on topics of politics, sports, celebrities, crime and service,” and the program could be interrupted at any time for the latest news.

Springer already owns Welt, one of Germany’s two major news TV channels, previously named N24 and renamed in 2018 to bear the name of the company’s daily newspaper. Bild is more tabloid.

The company said it plans to broadcast its new Bild channel freely via cable, satellite and online.


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The Poussin painting stolen by the Nazis found in Italy, returned to its Jewish owners | Instant News

A painting by French master Nicolas Poussin, stolen by Nazi soldiers from French Jewish owners in 1944, has been found in Italy and returned to its rightful owner, Italian police said on Thursday.

An oil painting of the 17th century Baroque painter, entitled “Lot with his two daughters serving him drinks”, was confiscated from the home of an antiques dealer near Padua.

Measuring 120 by 150 cm (47 by 59 inches), it was stolen during World War II when German soldiers occupied the house of a Jewish owner at Poitiers in western France, Italian police specializing in cultural heritage said in a press release.

The owners began searching for their stolen property after the war in 1946.

The work was listed in 1947 in the “Directory of property plundered in France during the war 1939-1945” published by the French restitution bureau.

The investigation was launched again last year when the heirs, a 98-year-old Swiss woman and a 65-year-old American man, filed a complaint through their Italian lawyer.

The whereabouts of the painting were not known until 2017 when it was brought to Italy from France by an Italian antiques dealer, who sent it to Belgium for display, police said.

Two years later, another antiques dealer from Milan, whom the police say is the original owner, sent the work to an international art exhibition in Maastricht in the Netherlands.

There, a Dutch art expert recognized him from an official list of French art stolen during the war.

The painting was found inside the dealer house and returned to its rightful owner, police said.

Artwork plundered by Nazi invaders during the war continues to be found around the world, often causing protracted court battles to return the work to its rightful owner.


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