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Bills announces no fans at home games for future | Buffalo Bills News | NFL | Instant News

On Monday, Erie Region Executive Mark Poloncarz said he would lobby the state to allow up to 7,000 fans to be allowed to attend the Bills’ home games. The Bills initially lobbied 17,000 fans to be allowed in, then lowered the number to 9,000, Poloncarz said. But district officials said they thought 7,000 was the safer number, based on the size of the concourse, public spaces and toilets.

With the positive test rate declining for Covid-19, regional leaders are expected to speak with Governor’s Office officials on Tuesday and make the case that fans should be allowed to attend matches at the Bills Stadium.

Poloncarz said the bill was ready to take extra precautions to ensure against large crowds entering or exiting stadiums. One step, he said, is timed entry tickets and timed exit tickets. When the match ends, the fans will be disbanded in sections.

Practicing squad protection

The Bills have protected the offensive linemen Jordan Devey and Jonotthan Harrison, cornerback Dane Jackson, tackle Justin Zimmer’s defense in their training squad this week.


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Tennessee Titans COVID-19 Outbreak – What do we know about the positive coronavirus test; will NFL games be postponed? | Instant News

The NFL is experiencing its first team COVID-19 outbreak. At least nine members Tennessee Titans has produced test results that were confirmed positive in the past four days, a rash of coronavirus infection that could potentially spread during Sunday’s match against Minnesota Vikings at the US Bank Stadium.

The Titans have closed their training facilities until at least Saturday, while the Vikings are closing their facilities until they get further test results. The decision regarding the teams’ Week 4 matches is being postponed.

This is what we know today, in the proper context. We will continue to update as the news progresses.

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Schedule to return to the facility
Can the game be postponed?

So it starts with the Titans?

Yes. On Saturday, Titans linebacker coach Shane Bowen returns a confirmed positive test. The Titans received the results before they left Nashville for Minneapolis, and Bowen was arrested for the trip.

Were eight other Titans employees infected with Bowen?

We don’t know. What we do know is that the entire Titans traveling party was put to the test on a Saturday, as usual. The Titans got their results Sunday morning. Everything is negative, meaning every coach, player and staff member is eligible for Sunday’s match.

The Titans stayed Saturday night at the JW Marriott, adjacent to the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, according to ESPN’s Courtney Cronin. League Protocol requires all members of the traveling party to have their own room and also prohibits them from “gathering, visiting, or associating with individuals outside of the Travel Party once they arrive in game city.”

On Sunday, they beat 31-30 Vikings. The team flies home after the game ends.

So nobody tested Sunday?

Right. The protocol calls for daily testing on any day except match day. Neither the league nor the NFL Players’ Association (NFLPA) explain explicitly why, but timing is likely an important part of the answer. Results for the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, which is done on the morning of the match with a nasal swab, may not be returned in time for kickoff.

Point of care (POC) tests have faster results – PCR tests are usually returned overnight, whereas POC tests can be returned the same day, and even before kickoff after the morning test – but are not nearly as accurate. Currently, the POC test is only used to help confirm an initial positive test, and the NFL does not yet trust the test itself. And the NFL doesn’t seem to want to rule out players or coaches based solely on the POC test.

When are they next tested?

All Tier 1 and Tier 2 employees of Titans and Vikings, including players and coaches, were tested on Monday morning. Of the eight Titans who returned testing positive, three were players and five were employees. They have not been identified. Neither one is showing symptoms, according to ESPN’s Dan Graziano. No Viking member has tested positive.

What about the officials working on the Titans-Viking game on Sundays?

Most of the officials returned home on match night or the following morning. As per their protocol, they are tested twice a week – once in their hometown and once on the day before the match. The referee crew Clete Blakeman worked on the game, and it was not immediately known if any of them were affected.

Does that mean that the plague can be contained?

Not. General guidelines from public health officials suggest that it can take up to five to seven days for an infection to register in the test. That’s why the Titans facility is closed at least until Saturday. The NFL / NFLPA protocol calls for increased monitoring for eight days for anyone who has close contact with someone who returns a confirmed positive test result.

How do they determine close contact?

The protocol follows CDC guidelines: within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes from an infected individual. The league identified 48 close contacts to monitor, based on contact tracing of eight confirmed positive individuals, according to Graziano. It was unclear whether they were all Titans, or some of the Vikings.

That includes contact during the match as well as data recorded by mandatory proximity devices worn by all team employees before and after the match. As per protocol, “Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 2M and Tier 3 individuals will also be required to wear the Kinexon Proximity Recording tracking device at all times while engaged in team activities (including at Club facilities, during training and during team trips)). “



Dianna Russini explains the possible origins of the Titans coronavirus outbreak and why she doesn’t anticipate Tennessee playing the Week 4 game against Pittsburgh.

So has the virus found a single hole in the protocol?

If the Titans passed the infection on to the Vikings, then yes. The game is one point in NFL week where social distancing is impossible, and a period when it’s likely that an infected person will inhale someone else. That’s part of the reason the NFL insists on coaches and other non-players wearing masks on the sidelines.

The absence of match day testing also increases the risk. The POC test on Sunday morning may have caught at least some of the positive results the Titans finally recorded on Monday.

Well. But it looks like the NFL protocol is working.

They. As of Tuesday morning, there were only four players on the NFL’s COVID-19 list. Only seven players, and 29 other non-players, gave positive results over the four testing periods from August 12 to September 19.

But as Zachary Binney, an epidemiologist at Oxford College of Emory University, said earlier this month: “An outbreak could really happen at any time.” It’s fair to wonder if this will prompt a shift to game day testing.

When will the Vikings and Titans return to their training facilities?

We know Titan won’t be back before Saturday at the earliest. The return of the Vikings depends on whether they receive a confirmed positive result.

How long have infected players and staff members been kept away from the team?

Complicated. Here is flow chart for symptomatic and asymptomatic positive tests.

How about their Week 4 game?

Currently, both of them are still scheduled to play Sunday. However, that could change in the coming hours and days. One possibility, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, is to move Sunday’s Titans game against Nashville Pittsburgh Steelers from Sunday to Monday. Titans games could also easily be moved to Week 7, if the NFL moved the Steelers’ Week 7 game against Baltimore Ravens to Week 8, when the two split. The possibility of rescheduling the game Viking on Houston Texans unclear.

The NFL established an independent committee composed of former unaffiliated league officials to advise commissioner Roger Goodell on equity and fairness in these situations. One immediate question is whether it would be fair for the Titans to play the Steelers on Sunday if they are far from their team facilities, and thus unable to train, all week.


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Green Bay Packers LB Christian Kirksey was out at least one game out, sources said | Instant News

GREEN BAY, Wis. – The The packer would be without Christian Kirksey for at least one game and possibly longer, sources told ESPN after the starting midfielder suffered a shoulder injury in Sunday’s win over New Orleans Saints.

A source said the injury was not considered the end of the season, and although Kirksey was awaiting a second opinion, surgery was likely to be avoided.

The best-case scenario is that Kirksey will miss the following Monday night’s game against Atlanta and then return after the Packers’ Week 5 bye to play in Tampa Bay on October 18th.

However, injury reserves are a possibility, meaning Kirksey won’t be available for at least three weeks.

The Packers signed the first Cleveland Browns started a two-year contract worth $ 13 million in March to be reimbursed Blake Martinez, who signed with New York Giants in free agency. Kirksey played every snap in the first two games and until he was injured in the 17th game against the Saints.

Kirksey missed all but the first two games of last season with a broken collarbone and played just seven games in 2018, while sidelined with hamstring, ankle and shoulder injuries.

The injury means the Packers will be without the two starters of their choice in the deep linebacker. They lost to fifth round rookie pick Kamal Martin, projected starter, due to a knee injury in training camp. Martin is expected to be out for at least the first six weeks of the season. Rookie that hasn’t been assembled Cross Barnes, from UCLA, has replaced Martin, but Kirksey’s shoes may be more difficult to fill as he’s the defensive caller.

Second year pro Ty Summers, who didn’t play hard in defense before Sunday, took over for Kirksey against the Saints and played the final 44 shots. He wears a loudspeaker helmet, takes a game call from defense coordinator Mike Pettine and delivers it in a chat. The Speedy Summers, a seventh round pick in 2019 that only played in the specials in its first season-plus, led the Packers by nine tackles. The team reported no communication problems with Summers in charge.

“Ty stepped in,” said the Packers defensively Kingsley Keke, who has two sacks against the Saints. “In training you could tell he was on call, he was locked up. I know he prepared well in training, you know, it will be in the game. Kirksey came down and Ty stepped in and made some key play for us. So it’s all about trust each other and keep building. “


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Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul did not comment on fans attending the Bills | Local News | Instant News

Bills fans are not allowed to attend the team’s first two home matches.

Archive photo of Harry Scull Jr./News

When will fans be allowed back inside the Bills Stadium to watch the game?

Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul did not commit to the question Monday, saying she understood fans’ desire to return inside, but pointed to ongoing public health concerns.

“It’s frustrating, but we are still in a pandemic,” he said during a visit to the Harvest House in Buffalo.

At the start of the NFL season, it was announced that no fans would be allowed into the Bills Stadium for at least the first two home games, in line with state guidelines on mass gatherings in the middle. Covid-19 pandemic.

The Bills are preparing to host their third home game of the year, on October 15 against the Kansas City Chiefs. That has raised questions about whether the policy will be changed, to allow some fans to attend.

“This is something I want to see, but I am also very much aware of the fact that we have worked very hard to have an infection rate of 1% (Covid-19) in this area,” said Hochul. “Not long ago it was close to 2%, and we were worried about that – not just us, but the whole state. And we don’t want to be like the 21 other states that have increased infections.”


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Kansas City Chiefs fans should watch these three games at NFL Week 3 | Instant News

As the Kansas City Chiefs prepare to take on the Baltimore Ravens on “Monday Night Football,” every player will be prepared to play in the spotlight. The hope is that it will be one of the best and most watched games of the season, featuring two of the most explosive teams in the NFL.

Kansas City is going to need a few players to get up and do great. They can barely afford to appear as stagnant as they did in Week 2.Here are four of the Chiefs players, including one from each phase of the game, to keep …


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