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Luigi is really in Super Mario 64, fans are very excited | Instant News

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For nearly two and a half years, Nintendo fans have been trying to verify whether Mario’s brother Luigi is somehow hidden in the files of the Nintendo 64 Classic Edition. Super Mario 64. Thank you This weekend The so-called “Gigaleaks”, Luigi Mario 64 The documents have been verified and finally proved one of the longest running game myths. how do you feel?

Judging from the reaction of Internet fans, it is very good.

Mario 64 It should have been a multiplayer game. Mario and Luigi run together in three dimensions It should have been one thing, but as Mr. Mr. Iwata palacemoto discussed in 2009, Nintendo was unable to withdraw it.

but HWithout Luigi, would there be a modern 3D Mario game? It is this problem that drives countless fans to pursueAmber is taller, greener brother Mario 64 these years. Their enthusiasm for Mario’s Player 2 and a strange statue in the game may Read “L is Real 2401”, Fans tried everything they came up with to unlock Luigi.

Where decades of searches failed, Gigaleaks this weekend succeeded. Luigi’s files and textures were discovered in a Nintendo 64 vulnerability this weekend. Fans skimmed through the leaking texture, and they found the green L, which was placed on the hat of the good brother, and there were special images representing Luigi’s mustache and side corners. He was penniless, but the fans rebuilt him. They have the technology.

He is beautiful, isn’t he? This is a shot of the brother next to him. Of course, there is not much difference. The main thing is to stretch the body, change the color, and replace the scallop-shaped beard with something neater.

Therefore, after nearly 25 years, L is real. CuckyDev on YouTube Luigi’s video lingers on Mario 64 as if he owns the game and everything.

Luigi fans around the world celebrated this wonderful revelation on Twitter.

Some people are shocked that good things have actually happened in 2020.

But in the past two days, I have also seen spectacular new fan art.

I have read speculative comics. (It may not happen this way, but we can’t say it’s not.)

Then we weighed the beauty contest that only Luigi participated in.

Others celebrated with dance magic.

Some even took Luigi to camp.

For loyal fans of Nintendo, this is indeed a time to celebrate. They always think that L is real. he is.

I haven’t found anyone celebrating with an exquisite Luigi cake, but of course it is only a matter of time.


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Nintendo Gigaleak reveals the “controversy” in classic games that has never been seen before | Instant News

If you have ever wondered how Nintendo’s classic game developed before it hits the shelves, you might have a great opportunity to learn about it. according to VGCA “huge leak” of Nintendo’s art materials and source code from the mid-1990s has appeared on the Internet, showing a demonstration of the game’s appearance and behavior completely different from the final product.

(Photo: Pixabay)

What is leaking?

An anonymous user on the Internet bulletin board 4chan started uploading files aimed at viewing source code and software archives more than ten Classic Nintendo games, including “Super Mario World” and the cancelled “Zelda 2” remake, “Super Mario 64” and “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”. Since then, fans have been browsing files and populating social media with various previously unpublished content. These include some games that we are familiar with and love, as well as praise from some early game versions.

Tons are divided into two chunks. One is for Super NES games and the other is for Nintendo 64 games. But as far as the average person might be interested, the leak seems to contain the source code of the following Super Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Pastwith Yoshi Island. This means that people can view the original code that makes up these games. Generally, these are files that the public cannot access and will never see. The playable content is completely different from the content that developers use to make games.

is this real?

Two well-known Nintendo data miners stated that the amount of data released points to legitimate code.

“People think this is true because of the large number of files, things like secret IDs that are impossible to crack,” he said. Okastra, Speedrunner, who has been sharing important achievements, found it from leaks.

“It will be equally difficult to destroy,” he said Mr Chez, The famous Nintendo hacker. He added that to make up for this, someone needs to create “all these games” from scratch. This would mean thousands of files, which is almost impossible.

I think the most accurate and convincing argument is that at least one former Nintendo employee confirmed some of the contents of the report.

Dylan Cuthbert, the lead developer of the four Star Fox games, reposted the leaked screenshot, which he created for Star Fox 2 30 years ago. He wants to know how hackers can get all this “obscure data” from it.

How are these documents obtained?

Since they are released secretly, it is impossible to know exactly what happened. However, by 2020, various source code versions related to Nintendo will appear, mainly related to the earlier “Pokémon” games. Mr. Cheeze believes that the operating theory is that everything comes from a specific specific violation of knowledge, but we are not sure.

What did they find?

It is difficult to keep track of the vast amount of knowledge flowing from the aptly called “Gigaleak”. However, some of the most critical observations apply to unused types, sprites, stages, etc. For example, “Super Mario World” clearly contains assets that Luigi tends to give players the middle finger.

There are many characters that have never been seen before, including Yoshi the Bearded. We also have more evidence that Mario still Finally kicked Yoshi Lengthen his tongue.

Folk show off Early levels of Super Mario 64, Including the castle stage where Nintendo is testing Mario’s skills.

The latest 3D versions of famous characters still exist, such as Link (link) Since July 1994.

Now we may still know the earliest room currently provided by Nintendo Designed for Ocarina of Time.

Apparently, an abandoned “Legend of Zelda” game First level.

Folk is Dig for high-quality screenshots And the artifacts that can show in more depth the best games we have ever played.

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Why is it controversial?

Although players are happy to learn more about their favorite games, people should pay attention to some key points. It seems that someone has broken the law at some point, after all, this is all sensitive knowledge.

However, none of these things should be used more compassionately. Imagine, if you can, you are some kind of producer. We are just talking about a scribe. Then, one day you need to log in and post all the rudimentary sketches and suggestions on the Internet. Terrible, have you lost control of your work?

According to reports, in order to push this issue into an area that is morally questionable, Gigaleak includes Personal record, Including diaries and schedules, as well as private conversations between developers and developers. For example, a document tells you a painful experience Involving Mr. Potato Head’s childhood trauma.

Given the kind of information found in the vulnerability, others have expressed doubts about what is happening, especially despite its virality. Some game manufacturers and critics worry that the computer game industry will be more confidential than it is now to prevent such potential leaks.

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Viz Media will launch the Bittersweet Ask Iwata book in spring 2021 | Instant News

Localized books will be available in digital and print form

Viz Media will release the English version Toyichi Iwata Mountain – Books about the late Nintendo president Iwata SatoshiMiyamoto Shigeru Ito Shigerato – Spring 2021

Localized book Ask Iwata: The words of wisdom from the legendary Nintendo CEO, Will be available in digital and print versions, but the publisher has not yet opened a pre-order or mentioned pricing details.

Ask Iwata “Invite you to learn more about our presidents, game developers and gamers who will change the video game industry forever.” Looking forward to finding an interview, dialogueAnd tears.

We have seen the clips and clips translated by fans from the original material in 2019-and Hobonichi owns “Many inquiries and requests“Regarding official localization-so it is only a matter of time.

For many of us, this will be a must-read, simple and clear.

@VIZMedia [Twitter]

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Quiz: In what year were these classic Nintendo games released? | Instant News

After decades of development in the home game console business, Nintendo’s beloved game library is engraved in the memory of players around the world. Most of us will never forget the first time we inserted that shiny new Super Mario World Boxed in a Super Nintendo slot machine, or a magical holiday when we first stepped into the Kokiri forest in Japan The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Well, we hope you remember, because this is the subject of this quiz! Below we have collected 15 classic Nintendo games and a variety of choices about their first release year. Reasonable warning: Read the question carefully! We have switched some territories to maintain the spiciness. You don’t want it to be too simple, do you?

So, do you remember when these Nintendo games made their debut?

In what year were these classic Nintendo games released?

You scored X Outside 15.

  • 0-5: Look, I’m not even half born yet, okay?
  • 6-10: Not bad, not bad…
  • 11-15: Wow, you are a real timekeeper!

So, how did you do it? Almost a mistake?

If you like yourself as a test master, why not try our Other weekly quizzes, Contains:


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The latest adventures of the famous plumber | Instant News

When the flat version of everyone’s favorite plumber grows an origami concertina player, grabs the boss made of rubber bands, yanks and detects his enemies across the stage, it’s hard not to be paper Mario’s charm shrouded.

Since its role-playing debut in 2000, Nintendo’s most unusual interpretation of its famous mascot (like many Japanese giants’ games) has become accustomed to reinventing itself every new outing. role playing game Perform side scrolling Paper Mario Always seeking to break the boundaries, find inspiration from its gorgeous handmade environment through raid art boxes. The coin is made of thick cardboard, the water tears like blue paper, and the game usually finds unique twists with stickers, paint and pencil marks.

As the name suggests, this time it is origami. The nominal king is the villain of this game, descending on the paper “Mushroom Kingdom”, the purpose is to make everyone crazy. Turned idiots and shy guys into obedient “breakers”, even folded Princess Peach, and brushed her and her castle away on the tangled ribbon. With the help of the king’s lovely sister Olivia, Mario chases after her.

Its adventure is a puzzling, unusual mixture of action role-playing and Zelda-style dungeon adventures. Mario travels around every corner of the world, trying to untie the five ribbons that will return to Peach and her castle. You will rush out of the void in the world (delightfully revealing the wire frame structure below) in the confetti collected from the battle, and rustle from the tree and peel off the four corners of the dog’s ears to uncover The secret entrance.


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Nintendo registers new “Mario Sports” trademark | Instant News

According to reports, Nintendo has registered a new “Mario Sport” trademark in Europe and Australia.

These two lists-seen Here with Here -It was registered in May 2020 and will expire in May 2030 ten years later. In both cases, the trademark is simply referred to as “Mario Sports” and can be used in the following areas:

Electronic game programs; downloadable electronic game programs; electronic game programs; downloadable video game programs; video game cassettes; memory cards for video game machines; smart phone cases; smart phone cases; computer game software, downloadable; records Computer game software; recorded computer program; computer program, downloadable; CD-ROM [audio-video]; Downloadable image files; Downloadable music files; Electronic publications, downloadable.

This is a European trademark

Previously, the Mario Sports series provided us with Mario Sports Mix In Wii and Mario Sports Superstar On 3DS. Although the new trademark does not confirm whether there are new and upcoming entries, it is not surprising to see such games appear on the Switch one day. More than one million copies were sold in just a few months after the Wii title was issued.

It has been three years since the last time we hosted the game under the name Mario Sports. Do you want to see a new entry on Switch? Let us know in the comments below.


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Television: Time to watch a few games … Finally | Weekend | Instant News

After a four-month drought, professional sports returned to television this week with live play, because the Phillies, Flyers and 76ers all competed in exhibition games as they got ready because of their delays in an interrupted season.

The Phillies made their TV debut Sunday against the Baltimore Orioles. Monday they appear at 6 pm on NBC Sports Philadelphia for the match against the New York Yankees.

The way Major League Baseball will work for the abbreviated 2020 season is for teams to play only in their regional divisions, but against both leagues. This means the Phillies will face every Eastern Division team in the National League and America. In order to stay competitive, they will play twice as many against NL East rivals – Washington Nationals, Atlanta Braves, New York Mets, and Miami Marlins – as they do against their navy counterparts from Boston, Tampa Bay, Toronto, Baltimore, and New York.

The Sixers act on NBCSP at 3:30 pm Friday against the Memphis Grizzlies. The contest was joined by two more, at 12 noon Sunday against the Oklahoma City Thunder and at 8:30 pm on July 28, against the Dallas Mavericks, both matches airing on NBCSP +.

Flyers face off at 4 pm on July 28, against one of their storied rivals, Pittsburgh Penguins, on NBCSP +.

Television will be the main way to see this game because social precautions will prevent fans from entering the stadium to attend directly. (It would be nice if the team could design a kind of gift mask as a souvenir from this strange season.) It would be interesting to see how we respond to the absence of cheers and other crowd responses.

Besides television, all games are available for streaming in the MyTeam application and by visiting www.nbcsportsphiladelphia.com.

The local NBC Sports channel must be happy to continue the new game as fans have it. I have talked to many people who say they will have an easier time to quarantine if a sports franchise is there to entertain them. Reviving drive banners, Super Bowl wins, or key games have its benefits, but the glory of sport is witnessing skill, teamwork, momentum, or ordinary fate.

Phillies, Sixers, and Flyers, have been answered. Maybe it’s a mental antidote for COVID confinement to get it back.

The parade continues … virtually

Sports programming is not alone affected by coronavirus and wise steps to reduce its spread.

Philadelphia announced last week that all public activities – except for demonstrations!?! – will be suspended until February.

It blocks out some of the big events seen by many people on television, but especially the annual 6ABC Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is produced and broadcast on Channel 6, and the Mummer Parade, the New Year’s main broadcast on Channel 17.

None of the presenting stations picked up lying news.

Neither Channel 6 nor Channel 17 stated their respective demonstrations.

Both of them saved the celebration from sad reality by wearing a virtual parade that was married to the documentary section, and from Channel 17, some new material.

In a statement acknowledging the safety of the players, fans, occupants and employees of the station, Channel 17 general manager Vince Giannini, said Channel 17 was committed to delivering in 2021 with the Mummer program. At present, that means a mix of highlights from last year’s New Year parade and new material that will be produced over the next five months.

Channel 6 is not specific but indicates that it will broadcast a Thanksgiving Day program which includes highlights from 35 years of Turkish Trots since the station saved the Philadelphia Thanksgiving extravaganza from oblivion.

Philadelphia is not alone in taking reasonable steps to limit COVID transmission. The annual Rose Bowl Parade has been canceled in Pasadena, and there will be no Macy march on Broadway in New York.

Neal Zoren’s television column appears every Monday.


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Super Mario Sunshine is 18 years old | Instant News

Nintendo life

18 years ago on July 19, 2002, Nintendo released Super Mario Sunshine On GameCube in Japan. It was then released in North America in August and in Europe in October. If this game is a person, it is now an adult in many countries.

In the tropical-themed work, Mario went to Isle Delfino to clean up the graffiti wreckage made by the villain known as “Shadow Mario”-with the help of hydraulic equipment FLUDD Help, this is still one of the most unique 3D Mario games to date.

Super Mario Sunshine (Super Mario Sunshine) continues to be one of the best-selling GameCube games-more than 5 million copies have been transferred worldwide, and it is easy to become one of the highlights of this generation of products. Although, sales It is said At that time, Nintendo’s expectations were not met.

Earlier this week, Sunshine artwork was found in Exclusive Super Mario Celebration Edition Gift Box -It happens to be Link to rumors about Nintendo’s possibility to remake Mario’s back catalog (Including sunshine) 35th anniversary.

What do you think? Is it time for Nintendo to re-release the game? Have you ever recalled this title? Tell us below.


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After strong opposition, Gamer Girl Trailer withdrew from YouTube | Instant News

After strong opposition, developers Wales Wales Interactive and PlayStation Pulled Player girl, Which was revealed yesterday personal computer, PS4, Nintendo Switchwith Xbox One. And soon after it was made public, it was swallowed up by controversy. Despite being a smaller version released by a smaller developer, Player girl As the Internet slammed and criticized FMV games, it quickly became popular on Twitter.

For those who do not know: Player girl It is a choice-based FMV adventure game in which you play the host of a “rising” female live broadcaster who is being threatened by an anonymous predator hidden in a live chat room.

The official propaganda of the competition wrote: “Become the host of the streamer “Abicake99” which was re-launched after the mysterious disappearance of host “Becky”.” “With multi-branch narrative and live chat simulation function, you as the host The role is to control the flow, improve mod permissions, guide Abi’s choice and discover the threats faced by anonymous predators hidden in the flow chat.

As you might expect, although some people are attracted to the game’s unconventional premises, others quickly point out its problems, including that it is actually selling trauma.

At the time of launch, the game was originally scheduled to be released globally in September this year, but since the trailer has been removed from YouTube, it is not surprising to hear the cancellation in the next few days. At present, the latest statement from Welsh Interactive is as follows:

Player girl It is about the impact of user comments and behaviors on the mental health of streamers. The reason why FMV Future creates games is to cause problems with toxic environments, which usually occurs online after the user name is anonymous. Player girl Co-edited by starring impromptu actor Alexandra Burton, he improvised the entire script. Research on streaming media content Player girl After spending 4 years, the FMV Future development team interviewed dozens of female presenters, most of whom experienced various abuses online-some even shared their experiences in interviews in the game. Players start the game with one of her trusted Abi friends. This is their job, not only to make the channel a success, but also to guide the information flow so that Abi can maintain a positive attitude. Online abuse does exist and is still happening every day – Player girl Seek to raise awareness on this issue. “

Disclosure: ComicBook is owned by CBS Interactive, a subsidiary of ViacomCBS.


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“Origami King” close to the original | Instant News

After the first two Paper Mario games were released in the early 2000s, each subsequent release was plagued with a question: “Does it play like the first two?”

Since 2007, the answer for each game Super Paper Mario By the 2020s Paper Mario: Origami King, Disappointingly simple: no.

just now, Paper Mario: Origami King Not bad. It improved all the excellent writing, humor and creative design of the series from the beginning and distinguished it from the other two role-playing games. with Mario game. By turning combat into a problem, it uses a novel method to conduct turn-based RPG combat. It is full of amazing surprises and hidden collectibles.

still, Origami King It did not meet the lofty expectations set in the first two games. Early paper Mario fans have been looking for two things: one is to gain experience points from the battle to upgrade Mario and make it stronger with time; the other is the loyal companion you met on the journey, They will stay in Mario and help him in battle. These are missing again.

Origami King Just making fun of those ideas. Mario can buy some ornaments that can improve combat power from the seller, making the battle easier. Special heart items found around the world can improve Mario’s health and strength. There are also some temporary believers scattered around, sometimes Provide help in battle. These are just not enough to satisfy the desire for a sequel, actually feel Just like the first two Paper Mario games.

Ongoing adventure

The concept of the Mario series on paper is based on: everything is made of paper-characters, buildings, environment. in Origami King, The evil origami king Olly came to the Mushroom Kingdom, destroyed it, folded the character into an unconscious origami servant, and princessed Princess Pitch’s castle from the foundation of the castle (together with Pitch himself) ) Tear off the huge ribbon and put it on the top of the volcano, above the trailer.

Mario must travel the world with his friendly new origami friend Olivia (looks like a friendly version of Oli) to find out where the king’s ribbon came from, destroy it, and save the peach, using paper Chips and confetti repair holes in the world. Dozens of toads were folded in Olly’s origami fascism.

Use confetti to repair holes to find paths and items.

This is the classic Mario fare, but this time Bowser is not a villain at all. He and his running dog maintain a friendly relationship with Mario and the company. The only enemies are those who are folded into evil origami versions by themselves. In fact, Bowser would not pose a threat to him if he wanted to-he was folded into a square and bound into nails, but like other enemies, he was not a blind slave.

Mario stands beside Olivia, traversing lush green hills, permanently in autumn mountains, a feudal Japanese shogun general theme park, a sunny desert, the vast blue sea As well as a winged toad. Every area is full of secrets and collectibles, making exploration consistent.

The adventurous side Origami King It is a constantly rolling spectacle, and there are only a few places that are really boring or unimaginative (I am looking at you, Akiyama). However, these slower parts will not overwhelm the really important moments-the lively drama production of the Shogun Studio, the grand excavations of the ancient temples, the surprising number of dances in the game, and some exciting storylines to attract The wind flew from my sail for a few minutes.

That is a beautiful world.

That is a beautiful world.

At the end of each part of the game, there is the end of one of the 5 malicious streamers guarded by the big boss. But before destroying each one, Mario must pair with the so-called Vellumental one-on-one, which is a combination of the two words “vellum” and “elemental” that are constantly quoted throughout the game. Every Vellumentals is related to natural forces, such as soil and water. Once defeated, they gave Olivia the power to fold themselves into that Vellumental form for world progress, confusion, and fighting when the game allowed.

Once the Vellumental was defeated, the battle for the greater leaders of the region followed. The bosses are making handmade decorations, such as colored pencil boxes or tape cutters, which were brought by King Olly and are now terrifying the locals.

These lethal office supplies always emit interesting dramas, which always pose a threat and threat to Mario, for example: “When you are a skater, you will be better, man…” – really show Their personality and unforgettable.

Jean-Pierre Color Pencil No. 12 on behalf of the Static Army is such a creative boss.

Jean-Pierre Color Pencil No. 12 on behalf of the Static Army is such a creative boss.

This is a sense of humor full of humor. There are meta jokes and puns everywhere, and almost every character has a humorous side. Every opportunity gathering in the journey is a joyous opportunity.

Well, unless it is an enemy. Then comes the fighting time.

A new way of fighting

Combat system Origami King Place enemies on a circular grid to turn turn-based combat into a puzzle. Players must slide and rotate the circular grid to place Gumba, Cooper and others when dropping four columns or 2×2 groups (four columns) The enemy lined up to hurt.

Arrange the enemy to get the most advantage.

Arrange the enemy to get the most advantage.

Your spins are very limited, usually only two or three, and you have a very limited time to determine the lineup. If the time runs out, the battle will continue, and the advantage of the enemy will not give you an advantage. Jump attacks can hit four enemies in a row, and the hammer will hit 2×2 square inches of enemies, so if there is no queue, they will not be hurt. If you put them all together, Mario can also get 1.5 times the damage bonus, usually you can take out everything in one round.

Boss fights have similar appearances and ideas, but they are implemented in completely different ways. Mario is outside the arena and must use a grid to create a path for himself. The grid is now covered by arrows, directing his movement to a position that allows him to perform actions. If you don’t take a good path, Mario will have no chance to cause harm.

The boss fights confuse them.

The boss fights confuse them.

There are other nuances in these boss battles, which also make them more important than other battles. Sometimes, you need to have Mario end his movement on an action movie behind the enemy to hit a specific, more vulnerable part of his body, or you need to trigger a specific origami action to cause devastating damage.

By switching battles for the boss, these battles really stand out and feel more ambitious than the dozens of small battles the game has played against you during the adventure.

Because this is the first time I have seen such a problem, I often don’t know what to do. I will try to shift and spin a few times, only to find that the enemy is spreading more at the beginning, which makes me frustrated. Confusion will only become more difficult later in the game. In the end, I often rely on the game’s built-in help (see below) to properly arrange the lineup.

I never really found my foothold.

Origami King Provide two means of assisting combat. Increase the time to the clock for the first time. By holding down the plus button, Mario can spend coins to increase the time, 10 coins per second. The second one takes the toad out of the stands and transfers the arena for you, bringing you closer to solving the puzzle, which also costs coins.

Fortunately, coins are abundant in this game. Separate battles can earn you hundreds of coins each, while bags containing a thousand coins throw litter around the world. Coins can also be used to purchase accessories, these accessories can enhance Mario’s health in battle, reduce the damage he suffered in the successful block and increase the time.

When the number of coins reaches tens, hundreds and thousands, it is easy to accumulate a lot of wealth.

When the number of coins reaches tens, hundreds and thousands, it is easy to accumulate a lot of wealth.

As the game progresses and the enemy becomes tougher, increasing the damage to the attack becomes more necessary. To this end, Mario can use “weapons” to enhance his jumping and hammer attacks. Items such as shiny iron boots will cause additional damage and protect Mario’s feet from sharp enemies, or flashy hammers will cause additional damage. These items will wear out and break after repeated use, but like coins, the world is full of stuff, so I never found myself needing to buy anything from the store.

When engaged Origami KingBattles based on puzzles make me feel that I can never find my foothold. I thought I would master these puzzles by the end of the year, but as they became more and more difficult, I found myself paying 999 gold coins to the Toad audience at the beginning of most battles to make me play better . It feels like cheating, but I just can’t solve some problems, so I did what I had to do.

At the end of the game, without giving up any spoilers, Origami King Putting more new mechanics into battle made me even more unable to extricate myself. The boss fight in the final game is usually a way for the game to test the skills the player has learned in the past few hours (about 25 in this example). Instead, I was thrown into a lot of cheap large bends. Even annoying.

It gives me the feeling that I can never really find my foothold in the battle of this game, and the game has never really found my foothold.

Too much luggage

Origami King There are many highlights throughout the adventure, from interesting puns (such as “fax travel”, a way to travel fast with a fax machine) to rich envelope tones, such as the mysterious abandoned and damaged Mario must look for Cruise ship on the sea. Even if it is fighting, although sometimes frustrating, this novelty has not really made it popular.

“Paper Mario: Origami King” is full of surprises.

But the game brings a history of establishing certain expectations. It has been more than 15 years since we got the completely satisfactory Paper Mario sequel. The core of the first two games has been absent for so long.

You think I will overcome it. You think my expectations will change after three games disrupt this formula. Do not. I still hope for the fourth time Origami King.

Do i like it I do this most of the time. I also like to split Paper Mario: Sticker Star On Nintendo 3DS. However, these games are still somewhat empty. If they reach those very critical levels and partner elements, they may be more satisfied and involved Paper Mario with Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Let me stay alone for a minute.

Let me stay alone for a minute.

This is not easy. in case Origami King Without these features, it is good enough by itself, and I am happy to admit it. It’s very close, but not very far.

Paper Mario: Origami King It is now available on Nintendo Switch.


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