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Imran, Nisar was in contact during the long march of 2014 | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Former Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan made constant contact with Imran Khan in August 2014 when he entered the federal capital by leading the long march and occupying the D-Chowk Red Zone to sit. The protest participants sat storming the Prime Minister’s Building, the Parliament Building, the Pakistan Secretariat and the PTV headquarters, blocking the way to the Supreme Court, acting shamefully and attacking police officers. Well-placed political sources told The News / Jang here Tuesday that it was unfair to blame Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan for his actions. It is common knowledge that Nisar and PTI Chairman Imran Khan are close friends because they are classmates at Aitcheson College and are members of the college cricket team. Chaudhry is a close political associate of former prime minister and Quaid of PML-N Nawaz Sharif, but he does not like Khan’s political approach. He was offered to join the PTI several times, but at every opportunity, he flatly refused. The sources reminded that it was Nisar who brought Nawaz Sharif to the Banigala residence after being elected prime minister for the third time. The sources reminded that Imran Khan announced a long march against the Nawaz Sharif government after several weeks of reference to allegations of rigging the election and that shocked the government. Nisar established contact with Khan and tried to ascertain the reasons behind Khan’s sudden decision to destroy the government. Nisar was given freedom by the prime minister to handle the situation, but he gave direction to the prime minister on a regular basis. Nisar went to his seat to visit security personnel during the days when it was peak and no participants objected to his presence among them. At a time when Nisar was severely criticized in the party for his act / inaction about sitting down, he offered to stop but Nawaz Sharif asked him to continue because he had

trust him. There are reports that Nisar has more than one-on-one meetings with Imran during his sitting days. Nisar never confirmed that. Once again, after the sacking of Nawaz Sharif from the government, Nisar was part of the lobby who insisted that Nawaz Sharif should not proceed to Lahore from Islamabad on GT Road instead of taking Motorways.


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NAB reopened the case against Nisar Khuhro, minister of Taimur Talpur | Instant News

KARACHI: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has reopened two cases of alleged corruption by the leader of the Pakistan People’s Party, Nisar Khuhro, president of the Sindh party chapter, and adviser to the Chief Minister of Sindh, and Nawab Taimur Talpur, minister of Sindh province.

NAB Sukkur has summoned Nisar Khuhro on Wednesday (today) in an investigation into alleged corruption in the Sindh Food Department. Likewise, the revenue authority of the Umerkot district, the home district of the provincial minister of Talpur, has also been summoned on Wednesday in six complaints of counterfeiting of land against Minister Taimur Talpur with the Karachi NAB.

On the other hand, the Sindh Food Department has decided to send a Rs10 billion mega wheat scandal to NAB for further investigation.

According to a food department source, large amounts of Rs10 billion worth of Sindh government wheat, which were stored when it descended from 15 different districts in the province, were lost. After the initial investigation, the food department, under the direction of the competent authority, has officially asked NAB to conduct a comprehensive investigation.

According to the NAB correspondence, a copy available with The News, Provincial Minister Nawab Taimur Talpur has been summoned on alleged forgery in the land record in his favor and other family members with the collaboration of the Umerkot district revenue officer, in addition to the alleged corruption being the work of developing the Sindh Education Work Department, Public Health and others.

Karachi NAB Deputy Director Syeda Rumla Naqvi has written a letter to the Deputy Commissioner of the Umerkot District to provide a note to Minister Nawab Taimur Talpur in the case of asset acquisition outside a known source of income.

The accusation against the minister was based on complaints from Mola Bux and several others who had filed serious allegations of corruption. Minister Nawab Taimur Talpur told The News that all NAB charges were false and his investigation would not find fault with him like a previous investigation similar to that of several years ago by the Karachi NAB, which he also challenged in the Sindh High Court. Talpur said that four months ago, the NAB submitted a written statement at the desk of the Sindh High Court division, led by Sindh High Court Chief Justice Ahmed Ali Sheikh, acquitted him of all charges and declared him innocent in all questions but now they were once again submitting notifications another, which clearly proves NAB’s political victimization and bad intentions. He said he would challenge him in court.


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