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Nordstrom ad for a $ 740 dress derided as a ‘murder dress’ by fashion critics | National | Instant News

(FOX NEWS) – Murder, he’s wearing.

Fashionistas scoffed at the dresses on offer at Nordstrom, matching their color to the medical gowns and noting that the red leather gloves attached looked more suitable for surgery. Because of this, some critics even dubbed it the “murder outfit”.

“Gloved Double Satin Bolero,” by designer Meryll Rogge, features an A-line baby blue satin dress with large puff sleeves, interspersed with a bright red robe complemented by sheepskin gloves. And if those looks aren’t exactly criminal, a $ 740 price tag might just be, at least according to some buyers.

Nordstrom’s website describes the display as evoking the “golden age of Hollywood,” but some fashion critics say it’s pure horror.

“What’s with @Nordstrom’s $ 740 killer dress? Ad targeting is weird, ”one user tweeted.

Others noted that the “killer style” resembled an actual serial killer.

“Today Nordstrom recommended this. For $ 740, I could look like … Dexter? In a fancy dress?”

Other critics refer to the “Rocky Horror Image Show” after seeing advertisements for the dress.

“Is it just me or does the model in this Nordstrom commercial look like she’s just been a man in seven days and she’s ready to flaunt it at a Transylvanian convention.[?]User quipped.

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50 Early Cyber ​​Monday 2020 Fashion and Beauty Sales | Instant News

Every product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the included link, we may earn a commission.

Cyber ​​Monday is still two days away, but many retailers have blessed us with sales. Rather than rushing to make a purchase on an actual internet holiday, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the extra time this weekend to sort out your offers and plan your purchases. And to make the experience a little easier, we rounded up the top 50 early Cyber ​​Monday fashion and beauty sales happening now.

Apart from these convenience stores, we recommend checking out Madewell, where you can get the best-selling styles, like this one new cotton-merino turtleneck, up to a discount of up to 50 percent. You can also get discounts of up to 55 percent at Outdoor Sound sales, which includes CloudKnit All Day Hoodie for $ 44. And there’s never been a better time to shop Spanx, because this brand offers a sitewide 20 percent discount, which includes everyone’s favorites faux leather leggings.

For shoes, we recommend checking Dear Frances, where you can get a 25 percent sitewide discount with a code BF25 at checkout. For delicate gold jewelery, visit Missoma, where everything is 25 percent discount. Trainer is the place to go if you want to get a 30 percent discount on a full-price item code THANK YOU 30 at checkout.

These are just some of the not-to-miss early Cyber ​​Monday sales happening right now. Keep scrolling to see our other fashion and beauty options.


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7 Best Winter Fashion Items for Women Over 50 | Instant News

Susie Wright always filled with best style idea. After all, this 55-year-old Portland-based man has a pretty well-known fashion career as an ex Nordstrom current buyers and stylists influence. And although her real age has nothing to do with what she should or shouldn’t wear, it’s her more experienced fashion perspective that is always attractive. On that note, we thought we’d knock on it for some fresh style suggestions. He actually just shared with us five items she wore to make her clothes look more expensive, and furthermore, we think there might be some interest in learning about a particular winter outfit she wants to wear this season.

Below you’ll find seven items that Wright is already wearing or can’t wait to wear more of. While the pieces run the gamut, they are all very versatile and can really work with a variety of ensembles. We’re talking about items like pretty shackets, pretty dresses, and so on. Keep scrolling to see Wright’s desired winter purchases, complete with visual inspiration and shopping.


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One of the best-selling fashion illustrators in NYC is from Mercer Island | Instant News

High fashion. This is a world of luxury and glamor, flashbulb, runways and couture dresses. Many will never have the chance to wear designers like Gucci and Valentino, but fashion illustrations give people the opportunity to appreciate, maybe even worship, different ways.

“This allows people who don’t need to have access to high-end fashion brands to invite high fashion styles to their homes,” he explained Blair Breitenstein, which is one of the best-selling fashion illustrators in New York City. “That gives me a reason to have this fantasy world in my life because I normally wouldn’t use this designer.”

Breitenstein has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Chanel, Prada and Sak’s Fifth Avenue – his artwork has graced the pages of major magazines and he has garnered many followers in social media. But his passion for fashion and art began to grow on Mercer Island, and spent time with his grandfather, an abstract painter, and grandmother, a serious fashionista, who might be Breitenstein’s biggest fan.

“The way my grandmother dresses – she still dresses like this to get a letter, she wears full clothes. She makes her hair every weekend with jewelery full of beehives, clothes all the time. So I think I’m really only inspired by her love of fashion,” he said .

As a child, Blair often flipped the pages of his grandmother’s W Magazine, Vogue or Town and Country magazine. He also collected … shopping bags.

“Nordstrom shopping bags at Christmas when we grow up, they have illustrations on it,” Breitenstein said. “When I was 7 years old I would keep every bag and every gift card from Nordstrom that has illustrations on it.”

Breitenstein initially did not pursue art as a career. He holds a communications degree from Washington State University and works at an advertising agency in Seattle. Then he began to share his illustrations on the internet.

“Etsy is a platform that made me realize that people are interested in paying money for my art because people buy my prints. They are $ 25 and I will make it at Kinko,” he said. “It made me realize people want what I make. From Etsy, I started using Instagram. Instagram is where I start marking brands, magazines and creative directors. With Instagram you can see when you are tagged in something, so I only caught the attention of a few important people. “

One of the key people was an executive at Oscar de la Renta, who invited him to New York to sketch backstage and from the audience during their fashion show.

“I remember actually crying on my desk when I received the e-mail because at that time I had begun to get a little professional job. So, I began to think ‘This will be a dream to go to a fashion show’. When that happens, only words can I think about it [to describe it] it’s real. I cried literally because it was one of my dreams that came true, “he said.

Working with de la Renta opens the door. He traveled to Europe for two fashion week seasons with MAC Cosmetics and designed international packaging for the Fresh cosmetics brand, among many other impressive projects. But it was Blair’s approach, his style – that distinguished his work. It’s abstract, fun and often spontaneous.

“Sometimes a picture will take ten minutes for me and I don’t think that means it’s less than a work of art,” Breitenstein said. “I think it just adds to the pleasant dynamics of my work quickly and makes you see small mistakes such as water droplets. I think that makes them unique and fun and not too serious.”

His works often focus on the eyes of the subject and include a vintage vibe, something that continues to resonate with fans and big brands, including those close to home.

“I did a Nordstrom gift card a few years ago. It was a kind of full circle,” Breitenstein said. “Nordstrom gift cards and bags are what triggered my desire for fashion illustration, so that being able to do Nordstrom gift cards is really cool. I’m glad I can donate some work to Seattle, the Seattle brand.”

So, what’s next for Blair? With a fashion show on the pause, he found new inspiration in the world around him such as household goods, food or just the view from his roof.

“I think part of my future will try new things and different subjects and I’m very excited about that.”


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How New York Retailers – From Bergdorf’s To Bloomingdales | Instant News

Autumn 2020 is designed to be a season of metal cloth and rhinestone shoes. But COVID-19 has changed the whole world of fashion. Retailers all over the world suddenly closed their stores and the designers canceled runway shows. When quarantine restrictions were lifted, upper-class Manhattan retailers have begun to open their doors and welcome returning buyers and clients, even though the returns are far from normal.

A number of designers have turned to the internet to present their upcoming collections. However, some of the most famous names in the fashion world, such as Dior, Gucci, Saint Laurent, have leaving their traditional calendar autumn and winter and only look forward to 2021.

Many high-end Manhattan retailers have reopened, at least in some capacity, but they remain tight-lipped about store performance and current inventory offerings. Customer and employee safety has become paramount in designer clothing. The current health crisis and the demand for fashion products have not proven to be the best business equation.

This year’s situation is very different from the Great Recession of 2008 to 2009. Despite the financial world collapse and the retail section suffered double digit sales decline, community events are not canceled. The world is not limited to its home.

In late June 2020, retailers from Lexington Avenue to Herald Square reopened their stores and implemented trading patterns determined by the CDC and city health guidelines. Some of these businesses remain closed to public search and have sought ways to meet customer needs.

One of the typical New York fashion retailers for a while remained closed by pedestrian traffic. Bergdorf Goodman, the iconic Fifth Avenue department store, reopened on June 24 only for personal appointments. Bergdorf’s has launched several service options, such as roadside pickup, same-day delivery in Manhattan and free same-day service to Hamptons.

Kim Choroco, Head of Marketing and Communication at Bergdorf Goodman said that they are willing to serve their clients “wherever and however they want to shop and engage with us. Our partners will also continue to connect with our clients virtually to provide channelless sales throughout the digital and physical environment. “Retailers do not have a reopening date for the general public.

Bloomingdales reopened the Lexington Avenue and Soho locations to in-store shoppers on June 22. High-end department stores emphasize various safety measures that meet or exceed the CDC protocol. Bloomingdales offers contact-free pick-up from the road and “shop with an appointment service.” Shop colleagues are subject to a mandatory daily health check and face mask.

Unlike other fashion retailers, Bloomingdales offers a full line of standard department store offers. A company spokeswoman recently stated that as a public company, stores cannot comment on sales or store traffic. But the retailer reported that the home and luxury skin care department “continues to perform well.”

The situation at the Hudson Yards Neiman Marcus store is somewhat different. Correspondents say that the company, in a bankruptcy upheaval, will not reopen the Manhattan location, which is already a year old. “Any discussion regarding landlords is confidential,” said Amber Seikaly, Vice President of Corporate Communications. Regardless of the report, Hudson Yards shop Neiman Marcus currently offers roadside pickup. The Neiman Marcus Group also operates the Bergdorf Goodman store.

“At present, more than 90 percent [Neiman Marcus] the fleet of shops is open to a certain level – either curbside pickup, private agreements, or full shopping, or a combination of these. All of our stores are scheduled to reopen in the coming weeks because local and state mandates allow and because we feel safe to do so, “Seikaly said. The legendary downtown Dallas also remains closed but, like the Hudson Yards location, offers curbside pickup.

The long-awaited Nordstrom in Manhattan only opened for four months before the pandemic closed its new location. The seven-storey store is designed to rejuvenate Manhattan’s retail landscape and its seven restaurants turn Manhattan Nordstrom into a shopping, culinary and social destination.

But closing COVID-19 stopped the atmosphere of Nordstrom’s celebrations. The mainstay location of Manhattan has recently reopened its doors and touts its security measures such as health checks, face masks for employees and customers, restrictions on high-touch services, and removal of in-store events. Seven in-store restaurants, the signature component for store identity, are only open for take-out orders.

Nordstrom stated that its popular anniversary sales will continue on schedule for mid-August. John Bailey, Nordstrom’s Senior Manager, Brand PR, ensures that sales will feature new merchandise from some of the most popular brands.

Saks Fifth Avenue, which is located opposite the Rockefeller Center, was reopened for business on June 24. The Fifth Avenue location mandates facial masks, limited elevator occupancy limits, and frequent escalator handrails. cleaned with ultraviolet light.

The return of Saks, especially in relation to high profile locations, helped bring a sense of normalcy back to New York. The store signature display window displays the words “NYC. WELCOME BACK: WE MISSED YOU “in capital letters.

LVMH, a Paris-based fashion company and owner of several brands from Louis Vuitton to Dior, Givenchy and Fendi, operates many boutiques in New York City and around the world. A company spokesman reported that his sales representative “did not lose contact with our customers during confinement.” LVMH also assures its clients, “regarding the upcoming holiday season, we will have the inventory needed to satisfy all our customers.”

Despite closing the Fifth Avenue flagship in early January 2019, Lord & Taylor maintained its presence on the outskirts of New York and in many cities on the East Coast. But stores have struggled to gain a financial footing since ownership changed last November.

Lord & Taylor reports that “generally pleased with the response of our community and loyal customers so far; especially in our community-based stores and the doors of our main malls along the northeast. “The retailer, which is operated by the Le Tote clothing rental company, stated that in initial observation” customers shopped for a specific purpose. ” Lord & Taylor also said that a significant percentage of 38 stores remained closed without the company reopening date.

It is not clear where the leading fashion retail direction is. Even though they are back in business, most retailers experience low traffic on their sales floor. Sales of designer clothing are driven by personal service and special equipment. Roadside pickup service is not glamorous.

When cultural institutions have announced their closure and cancellation until the end of 2020, there was little or no event posted on the New York terraced community calendar. There may be little demand for fashion purchases in the future, especially as designers hold back their collections. High-end fashion is not designed for home use.


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