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New Zealand: Associated with a virus | Instant News

Edward Hall encourages people to stay home during confinement.

A trip to visit family for Blythedale at Edward Hall now sees him trapped in locked Auckland, New Zealand.

The 55-year-old man told the Courier that the lockdown was now valid for four weeks, but he, his family, and the Kiwis were in good condition.

His plan to explore the country was put on hold by strict locking regulations.

“I am fortunate to live with my family and we are allowed to go shopping at supermarkets, chemists and fuel stations,” he said, adding that limited exercise is permitted, distant social rules need to be followed.

Asked whether the New Zealand government had provided him assistance, Hall said it would be fair to assume that citizens themselves would enjoy government priorities.

“I stand to be corrected, but last I heard there were nearly 200,000 Kiwis trapped all over the world. The government has indeed extended their visas to September 2020 and relaxed work regulations for certain groups of visa holders, “he said. The South African High Commission has made contact with him and appears to be preparing for repatriation.

Although Hall said that he would be happy to return home now, he was impressed with how New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern dealt with this situation.

“This inspires confidence that they control the situation with a clear plan of action. I think and hope that the infection rate will peak next weekend and from there on up. Only time will answer and the government will respond from there. A friend said that I chose a good place to overcome the storm (Auckland), I tend to agree with it. “

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