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Ministers prepare for border restrictions as Britain concludes another lockdown | Instant News

Topline In an effort to control the spread of the most infectious variant of the coronavirus which is causing another wave of Covid-19 cases across the country, UK ministers are preparing to announce new restrictions on international travel on Tuesday to supplement measures lockdowns that prohibit everything but essential activities and travel for the foreseeable future. The UK will announce tighter border restrictions on Tuesday in a bid to control a recent outbreak of … [+] coronavirus case. Getty Images Key Facts Cabinet Minister Michael Gove said the government will release new border restriction plans on Tuesday, which is the first day of the third Covid-19 lockdown in England. “The message is very, very clear to British citizens that they should not travel,” the minister told Sky News. It’s unclear what the new restrictions will entail, although it is possible they will include Covid-19 testing on new arrivals – which ministers have long ruled out – as well as stricter quarantines and a travel ban abroad. When the lockdown was first announced on Monday, travel agency ABTA urged the government to support the struggling sector which it said has not received personalized government support. “It is true, of course, that the government is taking action to control the spread of the virus,” the group said, “but it must be accompanied by the right measures to support travel companies that have little or no means. to work.” Key Context In an effort to control an upsurge in Covid-19 cases across the country, British nations have imposed strict lockdowns restricting individual freedoms. Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday imposed a new lockdown in England, banning all activities except essential activities outside the home, including the closure of schools and universities. Scotland has issued similar stay-at-home orders, Wales has closed schools and Northern Ireland is expected to finalize tougher restrictions on Tuesday. It’s unclear when many of these restrictions will end, although politicians have said they will likely be in place until at least mid-February. Much of the new wave of Covid-19 is being driven by a contagious new variant, B.1.1.7., Which was discovered in south-eastern England and London in December. While the new variant isn’t considered vaccine resistant – manufacturers are testing it to make sure – or causing more serious illness, it is more infectious. This makes the virus harder to control and can overwhelm hospitals with an influx of cases. Further Reading New Variant Of Covid-19 Has Appeared In England – Here’s What It Could Mean For The Pandemic And Vaccines (Forbes) Here’s What You Need To Know About The New Variant Of Covid-19 In England (Forbes) England to enter nationwide lockdown Amid Covid-19 Surge (Forbes) UK to tighten COVID-19 border controls soon – Gove (Reuters) Full coverage and live updates on coronavirus.

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Ireland to replace UK travel ban with stricter tests – Minister | Instant News

DUBLIN, Jan.1 (Reuters) – Ireland plans to end the ban on travel to the country from Britain on Jan.6 and replace it with stricter COVID-19 testing measures, as it seeks to stop the spread of a new, highly infectious variant of the Foreign Secretary Simon Coveney reportedly said on Friday that Ireland had banned passenger flights and ferries on December 21. Some 30,000 people had traveled to Ireland from Britain in the previous two weeks, during which time the new variant was spreading rapidly in places Passengers traveling on non-essential business from Britain after 6 January will need to produce a negative test taken three days before their flight, Coveney told the Irish Independent newspaper. They will also be asked to restrict their movements for at least five days. days after their arrival and can only move around freely if they then receive a second negative test. “We plan to end the travel ban with the UK on January 6 but from the UK and Ireland,” he said. We are eager to move away from a travel ban, which we don’t think is realistic, and travel between Great Britain and Ireland needs to be made easier for a number of reasons. “COVID-19 is spreading rapidly in Ireland again and health officials said they found seven cases of the new variant from 77 positive tests which then underwent genomic sequencing. (Report by Padraic Halpin edited by Frances Kerry ).

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