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Bilawal Bhutto will not get an NRO: Shibli Faraz – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when July 30, 2020 9:58 a.m.

Shibli Faraz said that PM Imran Khan and his family worked hard to build assets

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz said Thursday that the opposition is pressing the government but Prime Minister Imran Khan will not compromise at any cost.

Speaking at a press conference in Islamabad on Thursday, he said that the FATF law was for Pakistan but the opposition linked it to the NAB Act, adding that people would laugh if they read [opposition] amendment.

“The basic objective of amending the opposition to NAB law is to get an NRO,” Faraz said, adding that they wanted to make the law in their own eyes.

The minister said that Chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto lived in a greenhouse and threw stones at other people’s homes, adding that he [Bilawal] criticizing the prime minister, he is either stupid or lies knowing everything.

Shibli Faraz went on to say that PM Imran Khan and his family worked hard to build assets, adding that they did not have assets like the PPP chairman.

He said Imran Khan was a role model for our generation because he worked hard for the welfare of the country socially and economically. He said Prime Minister Imran had given a trace of money in court and the court declared him as Sadiq and Amin.

The Information Minister said the Pakistanis had chosen Imran Khan as Prime Minister to play a role for the welfare of the country.

He urged countries to closely observe preventive measures and follow SOPs during the Eid-ul-Fitr days to overcome the corona pandemic. He said the nation’s cooperation in this matter was very important to completely eliminate this global epidemic.


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There is no NRO in return for FATF laws: Imran Khan – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when July 30, 2020 4:37 p.m.

There is no NRO in return for the law on FATF: Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken a firm stand and clarified that laws relating to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) are needed for Pakistan and that no NRO will be awarded in return for laws in the national interest.

According to the details, a meeting of the parliamentary party was held under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan where he told the members about the importance of legislation in Parliament.

Speaking to members, he said that we corrected past mistakes while the opposition used Parliamentary forums to save its politics.

Imran Khan said that the opposition had tried to block every law. The opposition must support the law in the national interest.

The Prime Minister directs MPs to give a hard time to the opposition and says that they will not be blackmailed. The opposition demanded that the NRO not be given at any cost. PTI will not back down from its manifesto. “If we do that, it will be a disaster,” he added.


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Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | Instant News

Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | RiverBender.com


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Without water, electricity in Karachi: Mustafa Kamal – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when July 27, 2020 14:10

Syed Mustafa Kamal called on authorities to pity Karachi.

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Party leader Pak Sarzameen (PSP), Syed Mustafa Kamal, on Monday, asked authorities to pity Karachi and said there was no water or electricity in the metropolitan city, Dunya News reported.

The head of the PSP spoke with the media and said his party had a solution to the Karachi problem while stressing that the Sindh distribution would not be permitted. Karachi was destroyed by “democratic terrorism,” he said.

“The protocol was given to those who carried out the killings and the people of Karachi have been ruled out. The Mayor of Karachi holds sufficient authority to clean the city.

“The existing authorities must be included in the exit control list (ECL). We oppose the division of Sindh but the Sindh government divided Karachi. Six districts have been created in metropolitan cities and more are added by regime bias. ”


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No great struggle has succeeded without ups and downs: Asad Umar – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when July 25, 2020 4:46 p.m.

There was no great struggle that succeeded without ups and downs: Asad Umar

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Minister of Planning, Development and Special Initiative Asad Umar said on Saturday that like the first 22 years of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s struggle, the last two years have also seen remarkable achievements and disappointments.

“There is no great struggle that succeeds without ups and downs,” Asad Umar said in his tweet recalling the day (July 25), when Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf won the general election, 2018, with a majority seat in the National Assembly.

He said two years ago today, people helped 22 years of Imran Khan’s struggle to bring improvements in the country, to enter a new phase.

Naya Pakistan’s journey will not only continue but will also speed up in the coming days.

He also promised to strengthen PTI’s struggle to make Pakistan stronger socially and economically and a prosperous country.


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The word corruption cannot be written without PTI now: Murtaza Wahab – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when July 23, 2020 18:56

He said that it was impossible to export sugar without Prime Minister Imran Khan’s approval

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Sindh Barrister government spokesman Murtaza Wahab said on Thursday that the word corruption cannot be written without governing Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) now.

Speaking to media in Karachi on Thursday, he said that sugar exports would not be possible without Prime Minister Imran Khan’s approval and asked who would reduce billions of rupees in losses.

The spokesman said that the prime minister had not fulfilled his promise to Sindh, adding that the prime minister did not need to pay attention to matters, but rather he had to take action.

He said sugar was sold at Rs 80 before the prime minister paid attention, adding that due to government policy, today sugar was sold at Rs 90 and Rs 92 per kg.

“When will you respond to losses due to the scandal over the price of wheat, sugar and oil,” he said, adding that the embezzlement of money and the PTI government went hand in hand.

“Every time the PM notices something that just disappears,” he added.


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Extension of travel restrictions adds to woes of border merchants | Instant News

Traders hope to attract more locals to downtown El Paso, since Mexican buyers can’t get visas by: Julian Resendiz Posted: Jul 16, 2020 / 4:59 p.m. GMT-0600 / Updated: 16 Jul 2020 / 04:59 GMT-0600 EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) – Luis Urias leaned against the wall of an empty downtown building, looking toward the neighboring Mexican border crossing. “We have family there with (visas) and they can’t cross, any more than the tourists. I don’t agree with that, “said the resident of the El Paso center when he learned that the United States is extending travel restrictions at non-essential borders until August 20. Only US citizens and legal permanent residents are allowed to come from Mexico. Foreigners with a visa are refused entry unless their travel is deemed essential. Mexico has also banned tourism and “cultural” travel. The rules supposed to prevent COVID-19 from crossing the border separate not only residents of the United States, their relatives in Mexico, and vice versa, but also the merchants of downtown El Paso. “Last year, we had 100 to 200 customers a day. Now we’re down to 50, sometimes less, “said the manager of a Korean clothing store on South El Paso Street. She refused to give her name. “It’s difficult because the people of El Paso don’t shop here. […] maybe just a few Latinos. Our customers are from Mexico and at the moment they cannot come, ”said the trader. A handful of El Paso residents were seen window shopping Thursday in downtown El Paso. The area, which relies on customers from Mexico, has been almost empty since US-Mexican travel restrictions began on March 21. (Photo by Julian Resendiz / Border Report) Yet she and others have mixed feelings about asking the US government to fully reopen the border. “It’s scary,” she said of the possibility of even higher levels of COVID-19 spread. El Paso reported 14 deaths from coronavirus on Thursday – the highest number to date. The city has recorded 10,638 cases and 173 deaths since the start of the pandemic. The COVID-19 assessment is even greater in Juarez, with 599 deaths and 3,478 cases. The number of infections is likely much higher – at least three to four times higher – admit Juarez health officials, due to the limited number of tests. “Before, it was full, but not more. If they continue, things will get worse. I don’t know when they will reopen, “said” Tony “, an attendant at a women’s clothing store. Another trader told Border Report that he noticed “pasadores”, American residents who buy goods in bulk on behalf of Juarez. “They start coming here more often. People become (desperate) because they cannot fall, “said the merchant. El Paso Central Business Association officials said earlier that business had fallen 90% after travel restrictions began on March 21. encourage El Pasoans to rediscover their city center. Visit the BorderReport.com homepage for the latest exclusive stories and the latest on issues along the border between the United States and Mexico. .

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NID students can apply for work permits in Germany now | Instant News

National Institutes of Design (NID) students will be able to easily apply for a work permit at German now because the center has been put in Europe The country’s Anabin database, the trade and industry ministry said Wednesday.

It said Germany had opened a Central Office for Overseas Education (ZAB) which acted as the sole authority for evaluating foreign qualifications there. As part of their services, they maintain a database called Anabin which lists foreign degrees and higher education qualifications in connection with German diplomas and degrees.

Recognition of qualifications at a foreign university level in Germany is often an important prerequisite for obtaining a German Work Visa, Job Seeker Visa or German Blue Card.

It is said that the success of visa applications often depends on evidence that university-level qualifications obtained outside Germany are considered equivalent to equivalent German qualifications.

“Ahmedabad NID was added to Anabin’s list in 2015 and other new NIDs have also been included in this database recently. Now that all NIDs are part of this list, students will be able to easily apply for work permits in Germany to work in relevant fields. with their education, “he said.

The Department of Industrial Promotion and Internal Trade (DPIIT), under the ministry, has formed five National Institutes of Design (NID) in India to provide world-class design education.

While NID Ahmedabad (with campuses in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Bengaluru) began its activities in 1961, four new NIDs in Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Assam, and Madhya Pradesh appeared in recent years.

This NID is declared a National Institution of Interest based on the actions of Parliament and is the main internationally recognized design agency.

While graduates from NID work in various fields in India, many of them also choose challenging opportunities in various countries outside India, he added.

This story has been published from a wire agent feed without modification to the text.

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Mexico asks US to extend border travel restrictions until August 21 | Instant News

Five of the six Mexican states bordering America are on high alert due to spikes in coronavirus by: Julian Resendiz Posted: Jul 14, 2020 / 3:58 PM MDT / Updated: Jul 14, 2020 / 04:10 PM MDT A pedestrian crosses the pedestrian bridge leading to the United States Customs and Border Protection – San Ysidro March 21, 2020 in San Diego, California. The United States and Mexico have announced a temporary ban on non-essential and leisure travel across the US-Mexico border, but both countries have stressed that business activity will not be affected. (Photo by Sean M. Haffey / Getty Images) EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) – Faced with its own COVID-19 case spike, Mexico calls on US government to extend non-essential travel restrictions until August 21 . After considering the evolution of the spread of COVID-19, Mexico has proposed to the United States that it extend the restrictions on non-essential land movement along its shared border for another 30 days, “said the Ambassador to Mexico Martha Barcena on Twitter. She said the restrictions would remain as described when they were implemented on March 21. The non-essential travel rule has since been extended monthly. Tras revisar el desarrollo de la propagación de COVID-19, ?? planteó a ?? la extensión, por 30 días más, de las restricciones al tránsito terrestrial no esencial en su frontera común.— Relaciones Exteriores (@SRE_mx) July 14, 2020 On June 1, Mexico began a gradual economic reopening, which has backfired in many regions. All but one of the states bordering the United States remain under the threat of “red” coronavirus threat. This means that only essential businesses are expected to be open since compliance has been an issue south of the border. Mexico had 304,435 confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday morning and 35,491 resulting deaths. Border health experts fear the numbers may actually be higher due to limited testing in Mexico. In Juarez on Monday, health officials said they experienced peaks of COVID-19 after consecutive holidays in the United States: Father’s Day and July 4. All but one of the states bordering the United States of Mexico remain under the maximum “red” coronavirus threat designation. (graphic courtesy of the Mexican Ministry of Health) “The two countries will continue to seek to coordinate health actions in the border region,” said Barcena. The US government has yet to decide whether to extend travel restrictions to the Mexican border. “Restrictions on non-essential travel at US land borders will remain in effect until July 21, 2020, unless they are changed or canceled,” said a US border and customs protection spokesperson. Travel restrictions have hit businesses on the US side of the border hard, which depend on Mexican buyers. The restrictions mean that only U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents can come from Mexico unless their travel is deemed essential under the guidelines. Visit the BorderReport.com homepage for the latest exclusive stories and the latest on issues along the border between the United States and Mexico. .

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No one is as tall as Imran Khan in all of Pakistan: Fawad Chaudhry – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when July 12, 2020 9:08 a.m.

There is no one as tall as Imran Khan in all of Pakistan: Fawad Chaudhry

JHELUM (Dunya News) – Criticizing the opposition, Federal Minister Fawad Chaudhry said that opposition parties must not interfere in efforts to advance Pakistan.

Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry expressed this view when talking to the media. He said that if no one in the party was listening to supporters of the Pakistan Nawaz Muslim League (PML-N) at this time, then who would listen outside. In the current political situation, the leadership of the opposition parties is fragmented.

Criticizing the opposition parties, Fawad Chaudhry said that let alone Imran Khan, who was the first to decide who should carry out the opposition. It has not been decided at PML-N and the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) who their leaders are.

He said that first finding their own leader and then talking about the resignation of Imran Khan. There are no people as tall as Imran Khan in all of Pakistan.

He said that no one has a problem, the government will solve 5 years, like it or not. Pakistan will be better off with Imran Khan, and the PM is currently addressing important issues such as Coronavirus.

The Federal Minister said that the government was addressing the problem for economic improvement.

Fawad Chaudhry further said that the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) report had made important revelations regarding the PPP leadership.

He said that former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had left the country in the Panama case.


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