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The BAP will issue a show cause notification to its senators | Instant News

KARACHI: Balochistan’s Interior Minister Mir Ziaullah Langau Monday said the executive committee of the Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) would issue a rationale notification for its senators to have voted for the Pakistan People’s Party in Senate elections.

He expressed this view during a visit to the Karachi Press Club. KPC President Fazil Jamil, Secretary Rizwan Bhatti, and other officials accompanied him. Langau said the main aim of forming the BAP was to solve the problem of Balochistan by staying in the province, not going to Lahore or Larkana for that. “The Pemprov led by BAP is committed to solving provincial problems,” he said.

“Good governance and provincial development are the main vision of the provincial government and practical steps are being taken to improve education, and the health sector in all Balochistan districts as priorities.”

“The solution to this problem lies in constant struggle. The government works day and night to provide basic facilities for the community, ”he said. “The law and order situation in Balochistan has improved. Some terrorism incidents must have occurred but the security forces have killed and arrested several terrorists, “he said.


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NAB tells Durrani, another PPP leader about university work | Instant News

KARACHI: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has summoned Sindh Agha Assembly Chair Siraj Durani and other Pakistan People’s Party leaders to issue a recommendation letter to Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Lyari University (BBSUL) Deputy Chancellor, Karachi, for the appointment of their favorite candidate at the University.

According to the official correspondence available with The News, NAB summons have been issued to Speaker Siraj Durrani, former Minister of Education Sindh Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq, Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, advisor to the Chief Minister of Sindh, former MNA Nabeel Gabol, former MPA Saniya Naz Baloch, former Sindh Jawaid Nagori minister, former MNA Shahjahan Baloch and former MPA Muhammad Saleem Hingoro in the investigation of Deputy Chancellor Akhtar Baloch for alleged illegal appointment at the university without tests, interviews and advertisements for the posts.

Verification of a complaint was authorized against the management of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Lyari University, Karachi, for the alleged illegal appointment of more than 100 employees at the university in 2016.

According to the official NAB statement, the decision to launch an investigation was taken at a meeting of the NAB Executive Board. A source close to NAB told this correspondent that NAB has received numerous complaints regarding alleged illegal appointments and other corruption issues at BBSUL, including dozens of appointments of close relatives of senior faculty members, including the vice chancellor.

They said that disclosures of “recommendations from the PPP leadership for appointments” had been made by VC Akhtar Baloch before the NAB and afterwards letters were issued to these politicians.


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The Supreme Court issued a notification to the chairman of NAB, who was another | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Wednesday issued a notification to the head of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Justice (retired) Javed Iqbal over a petition filed by former president Asif Ali Zardari demanding the transfer of a corruption case brought against him in the Islamabad accountability court to Karachi.

A three-member judge at the top court, presided over by Judge Umar Ata Bandial, while hearing the matter, also issued notices to others, including Faryal Talpur, Asif Ali Zardari’s sister.

Last year in December, Judge Umar Ata Bandial, while listening to matters in his Chamber, had admitted to regular hearings the former president’s plea and directed his office to resolve the matter after the winter holidays starting from December 21 and ending on January 3. , 2021.

On 24 November 2020, Judge Umar Ata Bandial, while listening to the appeal of former president Asif Ali Zardari in his Chamber, set aside the objections raised by the Registrar’s Office and directed to resolve the matter before an open court for trial within two weeks. .

The former president has asked the highest court through his adviser Farooq H Naek to transfer the corruption references filed by the NAB against him from the accountability court, Islamabad, to Karachi.

Attorney Asif Zardari argued in the petition that his client could not appear before the Accountability Court in the federal capital because he was suffering from multiple illnesses and was critically ill.

Likewise, Farooq H Naek has conveyed that the cases are being tried in the Islamabad court despite the fact that all the suspects, witnesses and documents are from Karachi. Therefore, he prayed to the top court to move cases from Islamabad to Karachi.

On Wednesday, at trial Farooq H Naek, while arguing before the court, said that according to the NAB law, a person can apply to transfer his case. Judge Umar Ata Bandial observed that the court should review the circumstances in which the top court has issued a directive to file a reference at the Accountability Court (Islamabad).

Justice Bandial cited a top court decision on January 7, 2009 in which the court had issued a directive to transfer all cases relating to fake accounts from Karachi to Islamabad. Farooq Naek, however, argues that a person’s legal rights cannot be revoked by court order. At this time, Judge Bandial observed that the court order listed several charges against the accused whose referrals were filed at the Accountability Court, Islamabad, and at the direction of the court as well.

Judge Bandial asked the scholar’s adviser whether any previous references were made to the defendant in Islamabad by Farooq Naek that his client had been cleared of all cases, adding that references were made to his clients in Rawalpindi and Lahore. The court adjourned the trial for a month.


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‘Federal government has issued new notices only to destroy three main Karachi hospitals’ | Instant News

Sindh Information Minister and Local Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah said that the provincial government has paid full attention to the three main government-run hospitals in Karachi, and as a result, the performance of this health care institution has improved a lot.

Speaking with media people here on Tuesday, he said new notices had been issued inappropriately to let the federal government take over administrative control of these public sector hospitals only to destroy them.

Shah said the inefficiencies of the federal government were known to everyone, because the “unqualified ruler” had failed in every sector. “The recent nationwide blackout is just one more example as several cities in the country have already had power cuts even though two days have passed.”

The Information Minister noted that hundreds of thousands of patients received health care services from the three main government-run hospitals in Karachi – Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC), the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) and the National Institute of Children’s Health (NICH).

He said people not only from Sindh but from all over the country and even from abroad came to the health facility to get free treatment.

The Sindh government has appealed in court to retain control of the hospital, but the federal government has not even complied with the court’s directive, he said, adding that one of the court directives clearly stated that the provincial government should be replaced. costs incurred by him at this hospital, but the directive has not been implemented.

Shah said the PTI federal government’s actions in this regard were simply an attempt to deceive the public. He said the federal government had not made allocations in its budget that otherwise could be used to run the hospital for only a month.

He said that investigations and actions should be taken if irregularities had been carried out in NICVD affairs, but that the real cause was unduly defaming this health facility to make it controversial.

Responding to the request, he said a judicial investigation should be carried out to find out the true facts behind the recent nationwide blackouts.

Shah said the most puzzling aspect of the recent blackout was that the fault at the Guddu Power Station had affected the entire country and plunged it into darkness instead of just affecting the surrounding areas.

He said the spokesman for the ruling PTI often issued false statements, but did not mention the fact that Sindh was the only province that had installed its own transmission lines as the Nooriabad power station had supplied 100 megawatts of electricity to Karachi.

He said the Sindh government’s good deeds were never appreciated by PTI; on the contrary, it caused discomfort to the ruling party in the province.

For a question, he said former president Asif Ali Zardari had been transferred to the hospital because he had been feeling unwell over the past few days. He said Pakistan People’s Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had clarified that the aim of the upcoming long march is Islamabad. “I am a political worker because I will drink tea, eat pizza, or even settle for daal rooti, ​​but I will line up in Islamabad whenever an order comes from us. [party’s] chairman, “he said.

What is PTI thinking

Pakistani leaders Tehreek-e-Insaf Sindh say the performance of the NICVD has been undermined due to allegations of massive corruption, mismanagement and nepotism, and the main culprit in this is the political appointments made by the Sindh government on health institutions.

The head of the PTI parliament at the Sindh Haleem Session Adil Shaikh, in a press conference outside the assembly building, accused the provincial government’s corruption of even gobbling up heart patient funds, as evidenced by the mega corruption and poor state of the NICVD.

“When the Sindh government was asked about its achievements, they mentioned the performance of the NICVD, but in reality, health facilities have become a hotbed of corruption and mismanagement,” said Sheikh who is also the vice president of the PTI center.

He said PPP supremo Bilawal Zardari delivered a fierce speech during the Pakistan Demcorac Movement sit-in, “but the provincial government of its own political party in Sindh did not even set aside the funds allocated to care for corruption and looting”.

The PTI leadership also accused the PPP-led Provincial Government of being involved in corruption through fake bank accounts, money laundering and fake appointments in several departments, including in the fields of education, health, local government and income. The PPP strongly rejects all these allegations without any basis.

“Forestry department land has been encroached on, while pension funds are corrupt,” he claimed. Sheikh said that the majority of the population in the province live below the poverty line and are forced to drink mixed sewage water.


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Notices issued to police, revenue officers | Instant News

KARACHI: District and Session Judge, Timur, Khalid Hussain Shahani, on Thursday issued a notification to East Deputy Commissioner (ADC), Karachi, Younis Dahiry, Mukhtiarkar Wazir Hussain, DSP Iqbal Shaikh from Karachi East, SHO Gulistan-e-Johar and another for destroying the home of senior lawyer Tufail Ahmad Mashori.

Mashori, through his lawyer, President of the Karachi Bar Association Naeem Qureshi, prayed to the court for the registration of a criminal case against income and police officials for illegally destroying his house under Section 22-A which was read with Section 25 of the Criminal Procedure Code. East Shahani’s trial judge, after hearing the arguments, issued a notification to the proposed suspect and fixed the matter for the trial on January 8, 2020 (today).

The Karachi Bar Association, while condemning the incident, has transferred a written complaint to the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Sindh, for an impartial investigation.

Mashori in his complaint has reported that he is the legal owner of his house which is located in the ‘Association of Architectural and Engineering Employees’ and despite having submitted original ownership documents with revenue authorities and police, his house was destroyed due to collusion with land. hands.

Mashori claims the local police support the “notorious land robbers” who are involved in a number of criminal cases. With the help of the local police, his private gangs were involved in bulldozing and destroying rental property belonging to the poor in the community.

Mashori claims that the Sindh High Court, vide its decision of 25 August 2020, in the constitutional petition number D-795 of 1993, has provided directions for holding community elections through an administrator.

However, the land mafia with the support of the local government penetrated and destroyed the homes of the poor.


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