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Google Searches About Moving to New Zealand Skyrocket After Debate | Instant News

After being left unimpressed by recent US presidential debates, desperate Americans have reportedly looked to other English-speaking countries to put their hats down.

The first direct debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden left a lot to be desired, and many Americans are starting to look to other world leaders for some hope and inspiration.

One of the leaders who have proven hugely popular in recent times is Jacinda Ardern, with the New Zealand prime minister having demonstrated strong and commendable leadership during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Data analysis was carried out by a New Zealand media outlet Newshub found that Google searches for the phrase ‘how to move to New Zealand’ skyrocketed on the evening of Tuesday, September 29, right after the presidential candidate took the stage.

Just before 3 p.m. – an hour in an often chaotic debate – the search was carried out on 75 out of 100, and by 3:30 pm, it hit 100.

Other related searches that saw a significant jump included, ‘can I move to New Zealand’, ‘move to New Zealand from the US’ and ‘move to New Zealand’.

Corresponding Forbes, there was also an increase noted in Americans looking to move to Ireland, Britain and Australia on the eve of the debate, although this was to a lesser extent.

Unfortunately for Americans hoping to start a new life for themselves Down Under, it won’t be as simple as getting on a plane. In most circumstances, US residents are still currently barred from entering New Zealand due to America’s high rates of coronavirus infection.

As reported The New York Times, at least 41,983 new cases and 974 deaths from coronavirus were recorded in the US as of September 30.

Over the past week, the US has seen an average of 43,258 cases each day, representing an 11% increase from the average recorded the previous two weeks.

As of Thursday morning, October 1, more than 7,262,600 people in the US have been infected with the coronavirus and there have been at least 206,800 deaths.

By comparison, as of October 1, New Zealand has seen 1,492 confirmed coronavirus cases and 25 deaths, as per statistics from Minister of Health website.

According to World Health Organization (WHO)New Zealand currently has one of the highest testing rates on Earth, and one of the lowest coronavirus-related death rates.


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Travel the world with your ears | Way of life | Instant News

At this point in the summer – and the pandemic – the desire to escape to a faraway place could be overwhelming. Even with so many borders closed, podcasts can transport you elsewhere, making it a good alternative to real trips out of the house. Here’s a collection of immersive audio experiences that are almost as immersive as exploring the big world. If a place on a map could give a TED talk, what would that look like? That’s what host Saleem Reshamwala seeks to find out in every episode of TED’s latest podcast, “Pindrop.” Join him on his global expedition for surprising and hyperlocal stories, like a deep dive into Bangkok’s radio station that serves as a nearby emergency line, notice board, and lost and found items. Or meet Mexico City’s masked vigilante who protects his fellow citizens from road accidents. Stop at a hardware store in Mantua Township, New Jersey, where paleontologists dig up dinosaur bones and protect the earth from development.The show is a different kind of travel podcast – it features people from all over the world who work creatively to improve their communities .Rough Translation This NPR podcast promises to “take you anywhere,” and since its debut in 2017, that’s exactly what it delivers. Each episode shows listeners how the same topic is viewed in different parts of the world, like a cultural kaleidoscope of current events. Take the refusal of some US residents to wear masks. In the episode “From Niqab to N95”, host Gregory Warner looks at the unfolding of this debate in France, where, before the coronavirus made masks a public health necessity, the discussion on covering the face in public was highly politicized and tinged with Islamophobia.Ochenta Stories From the studio that creates the multilingual immigrant storytelling podcast “Mija” comes another beautiful podcast that features both fictional and non-fiction stories from around the world. whole. “Ochenta Stories” is a global show that brings together shipments from a quarantined planet. Each episode is a different audio creator’s response to this question: “What do you want to hear after this pandemic is over?” And those who enjoy immersive language learning will love the way every story is told in each episode, but in a different language. Listeners meet an 11-year-old girl in Asheville, NC, who is considering her first day back to school (told in English and Spanish); a Londoner fantasizing about getting lost in the crowd again (narrated in English and French); and a couple in Milan who can’t believe how much quarantine time was spent washing their own dishes (Italian and English). Ends After months of staring at your own four walls, you might feel the urge to get away from it all in the place. farthest in the world, quickly. Enter “Extremities,” a podcast that takes you on an odyssey to some of the most remote regions on Earth. Season 1 is a six-part trip to Pitcairn Island, a point in the South Pacific Ocean between Chile and Australia. Season 2 takes place in the Svalbard Archipelago between mainland Norway and the North Pole. The most recent season chronicles a stay on the island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic.Visit with host Sam Denby to learn the local stories and legends of each territory and even dine with residents, all at through your headphones Trekking Nepal: Your adventure guide among us will never climb the highest mountains in the world. But if you’re curious how you would go about it if you could, consider this show, an audio diary hosted by a married couple as they travel to and through Nepal and the Himalayas. In 16 episodes, Jason Moore and Anne Dorthe take you through every step and every step of their adventure, which took place in 2014. Join them on their treks and during their visit to Kathmandu and the Tibetan Buddhist villages. With both tribulations and transcendent moments, Moore and Dorthe give you access to a journey of a lifetime. .

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The word corruption cannot be written without PTI now: Murtaza Wahab – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when July 23, 2020 18:56

He said that it was impossible to export sugar without Prime Minister Imran Khan’s approval

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Sindh Barrister government spokesman Murtaza Wahab said on Thursday that the word corruption cannot be written without governing Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) now.

Speaking to media in Karachi on Thursday, he said that sugar exports would not be possible without Prime Minister Imran Khan’s approval and asked who would reduce billions of rupees in losses.

The spokesman said that the prime minister had not fulfilled his promise to Sindh, adding that the prime minister did not need to pay attention to matters, but rather he had to take action.

He said sugar was sold at Rs 80 before the prime minister paid attention, adding that due to government policy, today sugar was sold at Rs 90 and Rs 92 per kg.

“When will you respond to losses due to the scandal over the price of wheat, sugar and oil,” he said, adding that the embezzlement of money and the PTI government went hand in hand.

“Every time the PM notices something that just disappears,” he added.


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In the photo: How Switzerland is adapting to a pandemic – SWI swissinfo.ch | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) Switzerland has been adapting to life in the shadows of Covid-19 for weeks now. These images capture a very unusual time in the history of the nation.

SWI swissinfo.ch, swissinfo.ch/sm See other languages: 1

For anyone who doesn’t follow international virus news so closely, the cancellation of the carnival celebrations in late February in the canton of Ticino – which borders Italy – is a clear sign that coronavirus will also be a Swiss problem.

Also that month, the hockey team started playing at the empty stadium and the Geneva Motor Show – which had already been prepared – was suddenly canceled.

By March, testing had been increased and the number of confirmed cases began to rise rapidly – with hundreds of new cases per day between mid-March and late April.

The locking action announced by the Federal Council on March 16 brought an unnatural silence and anxiety that underlies anxiety.

Is it safe to go to the supermarket or take a bus? Should we wear a mask? How will the business be forced to close? Is it just allergic or am I sick? What does that have to do with children?


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Team SoloMid To Win 50,000 $T1 ‘Valorant’ Showdown | Instant News

Now removed, the owners of T1 in the finals of the $ 50,000 T1 Valorant Showdown to become the Champions of the first North American event in the riot of supported games in the series plugs.

TSM roster former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive prosshowed the world that they mean business when it comes to Valorantone of the most dominant performances we’ve seen in any Valorant until the tournament.

They started the competition in group B, along with the immortal, the place, and the selection of Charlotte to Phoenix. Unfortunately for other teams, TSM was in the form from the first minute, destroying the Immortal 13-3 13-6, in the opening match of the group.

As things continued they took place and no 13-11 13-3, before go to Charlotte Austin, who was surprisingly similar, but still ended in favor of TSM with no 13-11 13-9 and won don’t. This meant that they topped their group with an impressive +35 round difference, and booked their place in the double elimination knockout bracket.

In the upper bracket quarter-finals TSM collided with another qualified team, together we are well, who impressively took Cloud9 in the group stage. A little surprising together we wonderfully became the first team in the competition to take the card from TSM, winning the rise of 13-5. But the other two cards in the series in favor of TSM, even winning 13-4 and 13-5 Split.

In this semi-final match against fluttering of the clan, who had just knocked Very popular 100 thieves list. However, they were unable to do the same with TSM, falling 2-0, in the end, the winners with a 13-7 13-9 and losses.

TSM then it would have to face off with the masters tournament T1 for the first time in the competition in the upper bracket final. T1, which many consider to have the best players in the Western scene, to put up a decent fight against TSM, taking the cards 13-7 before falling 13-5 and 13-9 on the next card.

The two teams will again face off in the finals after T1 to beat Immortal in the bottom grid. TSM made the finals with one game advantage, thanks to the success of the bracket of the winner, but in the end it seems that it would not matter if it is not there.

TSM destroyed T1 in quick fashion to take the win without taking the rise 13-4 and 13-9. Matthew “WARDELL” s to put on an impressive show in the final of the map, completely destroying T1 several times.

The victory gives TSM $25,000 and of course bragging rights as the best team in North America. However, you can be sure that T1 will be looking to challenge them for the crown in the coming weeks.


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