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Most cases of coronavirus are reported in Lahore, Rawalpindi: Rashid | Instant News

(Karachi) Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid said that the highest number of corona virus cases have been reported from Lahore and Rawalpindi in Punjab.

Speaking at a press conference in Lahore on Tuesday, he said that 119 corona patients in Lahore and 113 patients in Rawalpindi were in critical condition.

The health minister stated that if a patient tested positive for corona then another family member test would also be carried out.

Rashid said the data from the summary sent to the chief minister consisted of exploited figures.

He said, “We were told to take swab samples by a cabinet committee. The working group had experts from various universities and they did 31,000 samples, 21,000 of which were carried out in Lahore.”

“Pakistan cannot possibly have a prolonged lockdown,” he said.

He added that people must take precautions. “You don’t know who is suffering from Covid-19. The more precautions you can take, the better.”


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Ontario doctors call for public health measures to remain in place when the province begins to reopen | Instant News

The organization representing Ontario doctors calls on the government to maintain certain public health measures until a vaccine or treatment for COVID-19 is found.

When the province began the reopening process after months of locking due to the pandemic, the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) urged caution, saying that until vaccines were available, there would always be a risk of a surge in COVID-19 patients.

“When Ontario starts planning to reopen, consideration must be given to the fact that jobs and significant losses have brought us to this point of readiness and ongoing efforts and actions are needed for a safe transition to a ‘new normal’,” the OMA said in a report published on Friday.

“What we know from the experience of other countries and viral biology is that we must not be in a hurry. We cannot immediately return – by default – to normal before. Instead, we must make the transition to a “new normal” so that we can control our ability to lift and impose restrictions as needed and avoid potential spikes. “

Given the reopening, the OMA recommends that the following five public health steps remain until treatment for this disease is found.

The first recommendation is that people should continue to use “personal protection measures,” which include physical distance, washing hands and wearing masks in public. The association also recommends that the workplace take turns shifting and allowing employees to work with home if possible.

To reopen, the OMA said the province must also have a strong understanding of “the prevalence of COVID-19 in the population” through proper testing. This includes the capacity to provide and analyze tests for anyone with symptoms of the disease, as well as close contacts, important workers and vulnerable populations.

Temperature checks, OMA said, are not an adequate measure of COVID-19 status.

“The temperature check only shows those who have symptoms and especially symptoms of fever, thus ignoring those who are asymptomatic or have other symptoms,” the report said.

In addition to testing, OMA calls for continued contact tracking of all cases to find and isolate as many close contacts as possible positive patients. To do this, the association said the province might have to employ more trackers or use technology to help support interviews.

OMA wants a “nuanced approach” when it comes to the decision to reopen schools and child care centers. The report says that parents who choose not to return their children to school must be given alternatives.

“Although most children generally have a lower risk of developing severe viral symptoms, some children who have an underlying health condition, as well as some teachers and staff, may be at higher risk. Parents are also at high risk if their children are infected and bring the disease home. “

Schools and most childcare centers in Ontario were closed in mid-March. The decision whether they will reopen for the remainder of the academic year is expected early next week.

Finally, to ensure that everyone works together with public health measures, the OMA says that the government must provide “simple, timely, effective, evidence-based and transparent” communication with the public.

OMA represents more than 43,000 doctors, residents, medical students, and retired doctors.


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Switzerland – Organic farming is growing because the number of agriculture as a whole is decreasing | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) Organic farming is growing because the number of agriculture as a whole is decreasing

May 11, 2020 – 11:37

The number of agriculture and agricultural workers continues to shrink in Switzerland, as existing ownership is greater through mergers. Organic farming, on the other hand, is increasingly important. Over the past 20 years, almost a third of agriculture in Switzerland has disappeared. Last year, 50,038 businesses with an utilized agricultural area (UAA) covering 1.05 million hectares employed 150,100 people. This corresponds to a decline in agriculture and employees of 1.6% and 1.5% respectively compared to the previous year, the Federal Statistical Office said on Monday. The cantons of Bern (10,254), Lucerne (4,494), St. Gallen (3,904) and Zurich (3,258) still have the most agriculture, although 142 companies in Bern gave up last year. There were also decreases in Zurich (-88), Valais (-89) and Lucerne (-67). The statistical office said the proportion of agriculture with an area of ​​more than 20 hectares has increased to 43% over the past 20 years. In 1999, only a quarter of agriculture was this big. Organic More agriculture is turning organic. Last year 7,284 worked according to organic guidelines, 3.6% more than in 2018. Organic farming is now practiced on 16% of land. In 2019 the majority of agricultural area consists of natural grasslands and grasslands (605,700 hectares or 58% of the total area). Fertile agriculture is practiced in 38% of the area. In addition, 13,400 hectares are vineyards and 7,000 hectares are gardens. The number of dairy cows (-1.7%) and pigs (-4.1%) decreased, while the number of poultry increased (+ 2.5%). The stock of sheep and goats is practically unchanged.



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Rates of child sexual violence in Pakistan are better than in India | Instant News

LAHORE: While the official Indian crime record shows that as many as 109 children are sexually abused every day in this country during 2018, the level of child sexual abuse in Pakistan between January and June 2019 has been resting on seven children per day, research conducted by “Jang Group and Geo Television Network “shows.

But it’s not just India or Pakistan, where sexual offenders experience field days.

While these heinous crimes related to sex, especially in the case of children, pose daunting challenges for international political regimes, global police forces and other law enforcement agencies, they have recently left a number of gripping questions for governments around the world as rape and the killing of Soul tenders continues.

Child sexual abuse numbers in India:

Quoting the Indian National Criminal Records Bureau (NCRB), the “India Today” report on January 12, 2020 states: “According to the newly released NCRB data, 32,608 cases were reported in 2017 while 39,827 cases were reported in 2018 under the Protection of Children from Sexual Violations Act 21,605 child rapes were recorded in 2018 which included 21,401 rape girls and 204 boys, data showed. The highest number of child rapes was recorded in Maharashtra in 2,832 followed by Uttar Pradesh in 2023 and Tamil Nadu in 1457, the data showed. “

The famous Indian media building has added: “Crimes against children as a whole have increased sixfold in the decade 2008-2018, from 22,500 cases recorded in 2008 to 1.41,764 cases by 2018.”

Just a few days ago, a seven-year-old Indian girl was raped in the state of Madhya Pradesh and then her persecution continued to damage her eyes so that she could not identify him!

Imagine the suffering, sadness and helplessness of a poor child!

According to the French news agency “AFP,” Indian doctors had struggled a few days ago to save the poor child’s vision.

Headquartered in Paris, the world’s oldest news agency wrote: “Nearly 34,000 rapes were reported in India in 2018, according to official data. Madhya Pradesh has the highest number of any state with 6,500. But these figures are considered to be the top of the mountain ice, with more victims too afraid to advance. “

The Human Rights Watch report, February 2020, an international non-governmental organization, headquartered in New York City, revealed: “And despite strong laws, India’s official crime record shows that more than 100 children are sexually abused every day in 2018. Good government policy has been undermined by failure to enforce it South Asian leaders, instead of building a strong child protection system, reforming the criminal justice system, and ensuring that victims and their families receive legal and psychosocial support, seem to be satisfied with shouting so that the rapists will be hanged or executed. But the death penalty is proven not to deter. “

Child sexual abuse statistics in Pakistan:

Pakistan has even hung child rapists in the past, but even the death penalty cannot stop pedophiles from preying on children.

On October 17, 2018, a man was convicted of the rape and murder of six-year-old Zainab Amin at Kasur earlier that year, hanged to death in Lahore.

Zainab’s father regretted that the authorities did not allow the live broadcast of the hanging sentence of the prisoner Imran Ali.

Zainab’s rape and murder sparked outrage and protest throughout the country, following the recovery of the child’s body from a pile of rubbish a week after she disappeared.

However, Imran Ali’s pedophile sentence cannot prevent men from being sexually attracted to children, because the terrible news about the rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl, Madiha, in the Hangu Khyber Pakhtunkhwa District in February 2020, has again sent the entire country in shock .

However, it is worth reviewing history and bearing in mind that the general hanging of a murderer and rapist of a boy, Pappu, more than four decades ago has effectively worked as a deterrent during General Ziaul Haq’s tenure.

In 1981, a child named ‘Pappu’ was kidnapped from the Baghbanpura area in Lahore (near Shalamar Bagh) and a few days later; his body was found in a nearby Pakistan Railways pond.

Military trials during the General Ziaul Haq Martial Law regime sentenced kidnappers and killers to death. Within a week, the Pappu kidnappers and their killers were hung publicly to death in a place where the local Begumpura vegetable and fruit market is currently at.

The bodies of the perpetrators are kept hanging until sunset and this strict sentence has served as an effective deterrent because no children have been reported abducted or raped in the country for the next 19 years.

It was in March 2000 that the Additional Session Judge in Lahore had convicted a serial killer who allegedly Javed Iqbal, 38, died by hanging for sexual abuse and killed around 100 poor children between the ages of 6 and 16. The verdict said that he was for hung in a public park in front of parents whose children he was convicted of murder.

After he was strangled, Judge Allah Baksh Ranja added, Iqbal’s body “would then be cut into 100 parts and put into acid in the same way he killed children.”

But Javed was never hung.

After 18 months of sentence, he died under mysterious circumstances at the Kot Lakhpat prison. Both accomplices meet the same fate.

Although he surrendered to the law at Jang’s newspaper office in December 1999, he pleaded not guilty in court and appealed the verdict in the Shariat court.

The case itself surfaced in November 1999 when Javed conveyed the details of his crime to the authorities through a parcel filled with evidence and pictures of his victims. The self-proclaimed killer left two human skeletons in acid-filled containers at home where police found at least nine bags carrying the victims’ clothes and shoes.

In both cases discussed above, the judges appear to have applied the maximum moral and legal power they have – the death penalty – as if to appease public anger, but does this verdict make Pakistan safer for children?

In September 2019, according to a Pakistani NGO “Sahil,” the level of child sexual abuse in Pakistan between January and June 2019 had been resting with 7 children per day.

NGO data is based on cases of child sexual abuse reported in 84 national, regional and local daily newspapers.

And, by the way, this is just a reported case, because most victims and their families remain silent for fear of being humiliated and smeared.

Quoting the NGO “Sahil,” the Pakistani newspaper proposes: “The total number of cases reported over the past six months is 1,304 including men and women, while most cases are reported in the category of rape / sodomy and sexual abduction. However, we believe that these figures do not represent the total number of such incidents in Pakistan – bearing in mind that such incidents are frequently reported.Gender segregation analysis shows that women who report cases of Child Sexual Abuse are more numerous than men’s cases.From a total of 1,304 children who were sexually abused, 575 were boys and 729 were girls. “

With reference to child abuse in Pakistan, the “Human Rights Watch” report in February 2020 argued: “The authorities broke the ring of child pornography in the Kasur district in Pakistan in 2015, but without proper follow-up, the violations continue. has documented more than 3,800 cases of child sexual abuse throughout Pakistan, but the number is likely to be much higher because it is not reported. “

Global prevalence of child sexual abuse:

The threat of child abuse has been a common feature throughout the planet for centuries, and it is actually the culture of secrecy that drives this worst form of violence.

In the United States, according to an American NGO called Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), which claims to be the largest anti sexual violence organization in the country, a child is sexually abused every nine minutes. And this is only the number reported!

The American NGO correctly pointed out: “Sexual violence is notoriously difficult to measure, and there is no single data source that provides a complete picture of the crime.”

And as mentioned above, pedophiles everywhere on the planet continue to do what they want, and at least worry about the punishment for the crime.

Not long ago, on January 29, 2020, a registered lawbreaker was sentenced to 168 years in prison in the United States for the rape of two children.

According to American media, the Criminal Court jury in the city of Memphis in the State of Tennessee, has convicted 44-year-old Jerry Carter on 10 counts of crimes against two children under the age of 10, including three counts of rape of a child, three counts incest, three counts asking sexual exploitation of minors; and one charge of child abuse and neglect.

The main causes behind the sexual exploitation of children throughout the world:

Research shows that no country in the world is immune from individuals who attempt to sexually exploit children through child pornography.

Ironically, while the world’s leading psychologists, criminologists, sociologists, and lawmakers are still pondering whether internet pornography really has the corrosive power to trigger sex-related crimes; The United States Department of Justice has stated in 2016 that the expansion of the Internet has caused an explosion in the market for child pornography.

In his 2016 book “Criminology: Theories, patterns and typologies,” leading author Larry Siegel, has revealed:

Every second, around 28,258 American users watch pornography on the internet. And every second, a total of $ 3,075.64 is spent on pornography on the internet. This amount is equivalent to $ 184,500 per minute and $ 11 million per hour!

Around 40 million Americans regularly visit pornographic sites. Around 35 percent of all internet downloads are related to pornography.

Nearly 25 percent of all search engine requests are related to pornography, or around 68 million search requests a day.

One third of porn viewers are women.

The search engine gets 116,000 questions every day related to child pornography.

Around 34 percent of internet users have experienced exposure to unwanted pornographic content through advertisements, pop-up advertisements, misdirected links or emails. More than 2.5 billion emails sent or received every day contain porn.

Every 39 minutes, a new pornographic video is being made in the United States. Around 200,000.

The opinion of the Chief Justice of the British Supreme Court, Lord Thomas:

In January 2015, the Chief Justice of the British Supreme Court, Lord Thomas, had stopped directly linking the mistake of killing two young girls with pornography.

Lord Thomas has stated that extreme internet pornography causes rapists and murderers to commit crimes that are worse than before the time when “horrible” material was available online.

“The Daily Telegraph” has reported: “Lord Thomas, Chair of the Supreme Court, told the House of Commons justice election committee that he had handled two very disturbing criminal cases that had been influenced – and intensified – by shocking internet pornography. Told MPs that he has no doubt that in one case the perpetrator’s actions have been exacerbated by what he watched online. The first of the two cases has made me have no doubt that peddling pornography on the internet has an extraordinary effect on that individual. “

US Department of Justice views on this issue:

In 2017, the US Department of Justice has observed: “The expansion of the Internet and advanced digital technology is in line with the explosion of the child pornography market. Images of child pornography are available through almost every Internet technology, including social networking websites, file sharing sites, photo sharing sites , gaming devices, and even mobile applications. This online community has promoted communication and collaboration between child pornography offenders, thus fostering greater relationships based on mutual sexual interest in children. “

Gravity threat:

The gravity of this global threat can be measured by the fact that in March 2011, the European Police or Europol arrested 184 suspected members of the 670 identified, from an online pedophile ring and saved 230 children who are still considered the biggest cases. of its kind.

Police from several countries on a joint mission called “Rescue Operations,” have targeted an online network, whose servers are based in the Netherlands with nearly 70,000 members worldwide.

(Reference: CNN and NBC News)

American FBI opinion in this context:

On April 25, 2017, the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has noted that producers and consumers of child pornography operate in the shadows, and anonymous internet networks often allow them to carry out their illicit activities without fear of masking and being caught.

It is noteworthy that 56 FBI field offices investigated child abuse with assistance from the American Child Exploitation Task Force, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and around 400 law enforcement partner organizations.

The FBI has held: “It is rare for a week to pass in the United States that a child pornography is not charged or convicted of federal crimes related to the sexual exploitation of children.”

Interpol’s View:

On its official website, the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) based in France has seen several years ago that crimes against children were largely facilitated by the Internet.

The 94-year-old Interpol, which facilitates international police cooperation, has stated: “Violators can not only distribute and access child abuse material more easily, but they can also make direct contact with children – through chat rooms and social networking sites. . ” ex tourism “is a type of crime that involves the abuse of children in developing countries by people who travel there.”

Pakistan society and the dangers of the Internet:

For the people of Pakistan, an ocean of knowledge and danger comes together with the internet.

The January 2015 Google search trend for Pakistan has revealed that the country tops the list of countries searching for pornography, thereby painting a shameful picture of an Islamic society bound by religion, culture and tradition.

On June 15, 2013, “Daily Mail” reported that Pakistani internet users were also at the top of Google’s search for gay sex despite being one of the most homophobic countries in the world.

Therefore, it can be safely assumed that since the arrival of the Internet and its byproducts such as social media networking sites including Facebook and Twitter etc., no Pakistani regime has ever paid attention to the consequences and impacts on the wider community.


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Fifth Ontario private support worker died after contracting COVID-19 | Instant News

The fifth personal support worker in Ontario has died after contracting COVID-19 at work, a union representing thousands of Ontario health care workers said Thursday.

A spokesman for Unifor confirmed the death of 61-year-old Leonard Rodriquez who is an employee of Access Independent Living Services, which provides services for people with physical support needs.

The union said Rodriquez worked at Access Apartments in York Square, located near Keele Street and Eglinton Avenue West.

“I want to express my deepest sympathy to his family, and his brothers and sisters who work for Access Independent Living Services,” Jerry Dias, National President of Unifor, said in a statement. “Our members have worked for more than thirty years providing care for those in need. He will be truly missed, by his Unifor family and everyone who knows him. “

Rodriquez was sent home on April 6 after one of his coworkers tested positive for the virus, the union said.

While in isolation, Unifor said, the symptoms worsened. Rodriquez tested positive for the virus on April 26, the union said. He died ten days later.

Unifor, which represents 80 members at Access Independent Living Services, said five more members working in the same building and three clients had contracted the virus.

“I can confirm that one of our Independent Living Assistants died yesterday,” Michael Mathieson, executive director of Access Independent Living Services, said in a statement. “We are heartbroken. Our thoughts and condolences with the family during this difficult time.

“To comply with legislative privacy requirements and to respect individuals and their families, Access Independent Living Services will not provide further comment at this time.”

COVID-19 has now killed four personal support workers in the Greater Toronto Area. On May 1, 59-year-old Sharon Roberts who worked at Downsview Long Term Care for 24 years died from a virus. Arlene Reid, 51, who worked at the Victoria Order of Nurses in Peel and 54-year-old Christine Mandegarian who worked at Altamont Care Community also died of COVID-19.

The man is the seventh health care worker in Ontario who died of the virus.

Earlier on Thursday, a Ottawa personal support worker reportedly died due to COVID-19.

Sienna Senior Living, who operates the Madonna Care Community in Ottawa, confirmed the death of a staff member for CTV News.

“We are very sad to announce the death of a valuable team member in the Madonna Care Community in Orleans,” Sienna Senior Living said in a statement.

“He is a member of a team that is loved and respected and will be missed by his colleagues and residents he cared for.”

Long-term care homes continue to report more COVID-19 deaths on Thursday.

Orchard Villa, a long-term Pickering nursing home, recorded three more deaths, bringing the facility’s death toll to 63.

Hawthorne Place Care Center, a long-term care home near Jane Street and Finch Avenue West, reported three more deaths on Thursday.

Thirty-one residents at the North York facility have now died from the virus.

Orchard Villa and Hawthorne Place Care Center are some of the facilities that receive support from the Canadian Armed Forces.

Another death has been reported at Markhaven Home for Seniors in Markham. Mayor Frank Scarpitti confirmed the death of an 84-year-old man on Twitter late Thursday.

At least 18 residents in Markham’s long-term care home.

Ontario reported the COVID-19 outbreak in 174 long-term facilities on Thursday. There were 2,831 cases of COVID-19 among long-term care homes and 1,671 staff members tested positive for the virus.

More than 1,100 long-term nursing home residents have died from COVID-19.


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