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Club Room: Dylan Cleaver – The next big thing in New Zealand cricket | Instant News

Finn Allen of Wellington Firebirds. Photos / Photosport


Club room
Club room

Winners and Losers
Winners and Losers


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Never having missed an opportunity to make a point, Jimmy Neesham was at his best when asked on New Zealand’s favorite cricket specialty podcast, The


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Goldie’s painting stolen during the Waikato heist was worth ‘over $ 1 million’ | Instant News

New Zealand artist CF Goldie’s Sleep ’tis a Gentle Thing’ was stolen along with many other unique works of art and antiques. Photo / NZ Police

A major seller of Goldie’s paintings in the country said a piece depicting a late Māori rangatira reportedly stolen today would be worth more than a million dollars.

The Waikato police are looking for information regarding the robbery, including a painting titled Sleep ’tis a Gentle Thing, by Ngāti Maru and chief Ngāti Paoa Hori Pokai, by New Zealand artist Charles Frederick Goldie.

Police believe it occurred in the Hamilton East area between 27 December 2020 and 3 January 2021.

Other artwork and antiques were stolen, including Koch & Bergfeld’s tableware.

Goldie’s most expensive piece, A Noble Relic of a Noble Race, from chief Ngāti Manawa Wharekauri Tahuna, sold for $ 1,337,687 at an International Arts Center auction in Auckland in 2016.

Director Richard Thomson said he sold another version of the stolen painting in 2008 for a record price of $ 454,000.

“So that’s a million dollars plus artwork that’s on the market today. I’ve sold dozens of Goldies, and it’s a really good example of his work, it has all the advantages.

“I’m quite annoyed [the burglary]. This is a very important national treasure. The owner is the keeper, but the country owns it, really. “

The stolen painting was most likely done between 1933 and 1938, when Goldie was in his sixties.

While Goldie’s previous work tends to fetch the highest price, Thomson says the 2016 record was set in 1941.

Despite his high ratings, Thomson said he thought it would be “worthless” in the hands of the thief.

“There is absolutely no market for it now in the wrong hands. It’s a stupid thing to do and all they’ll get is bad karma.

“My advice is to come back as quickly and safely as possible.”

Webb auction house art chief Charles Ninow said another version of the painting was sold, at a different auction house, in 2012 for $ 280,000.

He believes in today’s market it will be worth “easily over $ 500,000”.

“I remember selling it at a higher than average price, but the market has since been wild for Goldie. His art is just one of those things whose value goes up every year.”

New Zealand artist CF Goldie's Sleep 'tis a Gentle Thing' was stolen along with many other unique works of art and antiques.  Photo / NZ Police
New Zealand artist CF Goldie’s Sleep ’tis a Gentle Thing’ was stolen along with many other unique works of art and antiques. Photo / NZ Police

Ninow said he thought it would be rated a little lower than the previous work because of Goldie’s age at the time.

“When he was younger in his career he was in a better mental state, and did this very detailed painting. As they get older they become a little more poetic, looser, and that can affect grades.”

Having such a painting stolen would be of great concern not only to the owner, but also to Māori, who regarded the depiction of tūpuna, the ancestor, as “embodying vairua, soul, nurturer”.

“So, stealing it and not knowing it exists is a huge loss for Aotearoa, for our culture and our nation.”

The painting is entitled "The Woman in the Red Hat" also stolen from Hamilton's address.  Photo / NZ Police
A painting entitled “Lady With Red Hat” was also stolen from Hamilton’s address. Photo / NZ Police

Ninow said the thieves likely knew what they were doing.

“His works were instantly recognizable, he was very famous, like Colin McCahon. Everyone knows them, and very much sought after. If you’ve seen him in person, it’s very different to you.”

But Ninow believes that it is “impossible” to sell underground.

“The New Zealand art market is bigger than most people think, but it’s still small, and unlikely to be sold through traditional channels. Once it is known that a work has dubious origins, no one will touch it.

“With the stolen works, we often never know what happened to them. They move through these underground channels and we never see them again, but I really hope that doesn’t happen and we can see them again.”

Another painting was stolen.  Photo / NZ Police
Another painting was stolen. Photo / NZ Police

The police asked members of the public for information or possible sightings of the stolen items.

“This is definitely a very special legacy and we want to return it to its owner as quickly as possible,” said Constable Ben Monk of Hamilton’s Tactical Crime Unit.

“If you have information, please call the police on 105 and excerpt file 210103/2961.

“Alternatively, you can call Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.”


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Bob from New Zealand – Introduction | Instant News

Greetings to all users who keep the internet alive and share things.

I had gotten into programming years ago, coming out when object-oriented languages ​​made their debut. I already have a large library of specialized software for work purposes.

I want to reclaim my sleep. Lol.

In recent years I’ve heard of Puppy Linux which seems to be a great tool for dial up without any updates causing traffic poles.

I love Puppy, so I stick with it for several years and multiple versions, as my main tool. I have a separate LT with the W10 for malicious websites that get written for M $ frequently.

I’ve been in the tooth for a long time so haven’t started a new career in coding after retiring in over 20 years. Yes, I am old but not stupid and too busy to be too busy writing code at night than helping others share information from around the world.

I thank you in advance for the help provided with some simple questions I will ask.

Season greetings.



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PPP strongly objects to call KP police ‘Sheru’ | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani People’s Party Senator (PPP) Bahramand Tangi strongly condemned the notification to call Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as ‘Sheru’.

“Sheru ‘and’ tiger ‘are the names of dogs owned by Prime Minister Imran Khan and that is an insult to the proud provincial police, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where people live for their pride,” he said while commenting on a notice from KP police. Senator Bahramand Tangi said that the KP police officer was not Imran Khan’s personal servant and that the KP police’s name was unacceptable. Meanwhile, in reaction to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech after the National Coordinating Committee (NCC) meeting, Deputy PPP Information Secretary Palwasha Khan said that at COVID-19, the prime minister was mentally hampered and opposed to locking from day one.

Palwasha Khan said that Imran Khan repeated his first speech and asked people to fight COVID-19 himself which showed that the government had surrendered before COVID-19.


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Tacos El Gordo Offers Free Meals for All Health Care Workers – NBC 7 San Diego | Instant News

The Tacos El Gordo restaurant chain offers free food
for all health workers at its locations in San Diego and Las Vegas.

The only thing needed to claim several restaurants
Delicious tacos are to show employees some kind of identification that shows
You are a health care worker.

Restaurant location in Palm Avenue, Charleston
Boulevard and Losee Road offer promotions from 11:00 to

Health care workers can claim taco or french fries and drinks and promotions will be offered until May, the chain announced on Facebook.


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