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Country Practice actor Shane Withington confirmed David Bowie was a fan of Australian television classics | Instant News

The rumor is that the late David Bowie and United States punk rockers Iggy Pop is a fan of the classic Australian television show A Country Practice has been confirmed by an actor from the hit series.

Bowie and Iggy Pop were reportedly bound by their mutual affection for the show when they lived in Switzerland.

“We watch it all the time in Switzerland. David likes the show,” Iggy Pop was quoted as saying in MOJO Magazine in 2010.

Bowie was such a fan that he invited stars from the soap stage to various shows during the 1987 Australian Glass Spider tour, including actor Shane Withington, who played Brendan Jones.

“We know that David Bowie likes [A Country Practice] because he will have a copy of the event recorded and sent to him, “Withington said ABC Radio Brisbane.

“That’s news to me that Iggy Pop is great at that.”

Australian soap operas operate from 1981 to 1994.(Provided: JNP Productions)

At this time Withington has finished working on A Country Practice and is in Melbourne to shoot The Flying Doctors.

“True story; I was in a dressing room being made up, while other actors were there too, when my publicist who was breathing heavily in,” he said.

To this day, Withington remains proud of how cool he plays it.

“I said, ‘Oh, that’s typical David. No warning, nothing, just go off,’ said Withington.

He said the fact that he was as surprised as anyone and believed it was a mistake.

Naturally, he quickly became popular with fellow actors.

Backstage with Bowie

Withington said the concert was extraordinary and tense in the same size.

“We appeared on the Glass Spider tour and it was phenomenal, of course, because it was David Bowie,” he said.

“At the end of the night – all sparkling hearts and butterflies in the stomach – I was escorted back with perhaps the most beautiful people on Earth.

“The wealth and beauty of the band and the background singer was very cool, and I felt very thin.

“I don’t think I got it out of the water … I was just amazed, I guess.”

Two actors who act as a couple stand together in character.
Shane Withington plays the character Brendan Jones in A Country Practice.(Provided: JNP Productions)

Withington said the party that happened was “everything you hoped would be a rock and roll party in the 80s”.

But he is not the only actor from A Country Practice to get an invitation from Bowie.

The son of Shane Porteous, who plays Terrance Elliot in the soap opera, confirmed this to ABC Radio Brisbane.

“I can make sure that happens,” said Ben Porteous.

“I was there at the age of 14 or older.

Mr Porteous said he was not sure whether his retired father would talk about his experiences.


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Sex positions that ‘prevent’ the spread of the virus | Instant News

Call it corona silk.

Enthusiastic Swiss sex workers have devised several inventive ways for their colleagues to serve clients without spreading coronavirus – by doing “doggy style” and “reversing cowgirl”.

Opportunistic prostitutes drafted guidelines in the hope that Switzerland would lift a temporary ban on sex work imposed two months ago because of concerns about COVID-19, New York Post report.

Both sexual positions allow a safe distance between faces during a handkerchief, according to the advocacy group ProKoRe sex workers in Switzerland, where sex work is legal.

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Sex workers recommend ‘reversing cowgirl’ to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Image: iStock

They claim that butchers can reduce the likelihood of contracting or transmitting the virus through water droplets attached to the missionary style (face to face).

In March, New York City officials released guidelines for pandemic sex, claiming masturbation is the safest way to avoid the corona virus and denounce sex acts such as “job reams”.

Healthline warns against contacting strangers in a recent article about corona sex.

At present, there is no evidence that having sex in a “doggy style” or “reverse cowgirl” position can reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19, which can cover a distance of 4 meters. Other proposed steps to avoid COVID include airing the room for at least 15 minutes after each steamy session, washing the sheets at a temperature of at least 60 degrees and requiring sex workers to wear face masks while working.

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In March, New York City officials released guidelines for pandemic sex, stating masturbation was the safest way to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Image: Provided

In March, New York City officials released guidelines for pandemic sex, stating masturbation was the safest way to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Image: Provided

And if it’s not curly enough, the hook-up must be limited to 15 minutes, and the brothel must keep a record of customer contact information for a full month, according to the guidelines.

In the bill, ProKoRe called on Switzerland to raise the lock as an emergency issue, citing that the Swiss sex work hole is currently being filled by a secret whore ring, Watson reported.

Swiss leather traders are not the only ones who struggle to survive during the lock. Adult content creators claim that they get booted from the OnlyFans subscription platform as the site becomes more public.

Meanwhile, the closure of an insignificant business has forced an American sex worker to offer his services as a virtual girlfriend in exchange for groceries and Amazon gift cards.

This article originally appeared on the Internet New York Post and reproduced with permission

Originally published as Sex positions that ‘prevent’ the spread of the virus


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Coronavirus Crisis: New Zealand’s Locked Family Boogie is funny going viral | Instant News

You know what they say – families who play together, stay together. Or should it be a family that stays together, plays together …?

The fast-growing virus is the latest YouTube legend of the Buchanan family from Wellington, which records the choreographed dance challenge very well for their short song – Family Lockdown Boogie.

According to the lyrics, a family of five – mother, father, two adult children and their dog Maisie – decided the most productive way to spend time during a four-level New Zealand coronavirus locking was by: “locking the door, hitting the floor – that’s the family lockdown boogie. Imprisoned, blood related – family lockdown boogie dancing queen with quarantine – family lockdown boogie.

This video has been watched more than 1.7 million times since it was posted to YouTube on April 2 by Jack Buchanan who asked his sister and parents to join the routine, with the help of choreography provided remotely by friend Anna Robertson.



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Smart toilets will recognize users with their ‘anal print’ | Instant News

“Smart toilets” that recognize users by the shape of their bottoms have been developed in the US.

Researchers at Stanford University have added cameras and motion sensors to the toilet to analyze urine and feces as they pass.

The hope is that the camera will identify various markers of disease in the stool problem.

This process involves a normal toilet equipped with a gadget to do the test and has a companion application to analyze data and display the results.

The researchers who developed it hoped it would be part of the average home bathroom.

Sanjiv Gambhir, who is the Professor behind the idea, said that the technology was based on our unique “print”.

“We know this sounds strange, but apparently, your anal results are unique. Our concept has been around for 15 years, “he said.

“When I talk about it, people will laugh because it seems like an interesting idea, but it’s also a bit strange.

“What’s important about smart toilets is that, unlike wearables, you can’t take them off.

“Everyone uses the bathroom – absolutely can’t avoid it – and that increases its value as a disease detection tool.”


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