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The CCP attacks the Karachi APCMA office for a cartelization investigation | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Business Competition Commission (CCP) on Thursday raided the office of the board of the All Pakistan Cement Producers Association (APCMA) in Karachi for gathering evidence of alleged cartelization through price fixing and quota allocation among APCMA members. Using its powers under Section 34 of the Competition Act 2010, the PKT, as part of an investigation launched in May 2020 to investigate possible anti-competitive activity by cement producers, conducted a search and inspection of the offices of its chairman and deputy. APCMA chairperson is located in Karachi on Thursday. Two different teams came in and searched the offices of the chairman and vice chairman and confiscated relevant records. Azam Farooq is the Chair of APCMA. Syed Noman Hassan, Vice President of APCMA, and these two offices were raided by a CCP team simultaneously to gather evidence of suspected cartelization.

Based on the CCP announcement, investigations into the cement sector were initiated based on information gathered through various media reports, and the concerns and complaints raised regarding the concurrent increase in cement prices, particularly during April 2020. The report indicates an increase in the Rs45-Rs55 range per bag of cement it was apparently decided together at a cement manufacturing meeting under the umbrella of APCMA.

On 24 September 2020, CCP conducted a search and inspection at the main office of APCMA and the office of the senior vice chairman of the APCMA executive committee, a senior employee of a large cement company in Lahore.

In addition, the confiscated records, including WhatsApp messages and emails, warrant a search and inspection of the southern zone and to obtain evidence of anti-competitive practices. Evidence suggests possible cartel / collusive arrangements between cement producers.

It is important to mention that various factors including, lower cement demand in the first two quarters of 2020, and almost parallel increases in cement prices and data collected from Pakistan’s Bureau of Statistics and cement companies form the basis of the CCP’s and previous investigations. Search.

Cement producers’ sudden price increases at a time when demand is low relative to the producer’s installed capacity and given the cost of input fuels (coal and oil), transportation and declining interest rates raises suspicion of a collective price hike. by a cement company.

Previously, in 2012, KPPU conducted an investigation into a cement company. However, the same could not be continued and ended because of the stay order given to the cement company by the Lahore High Court (LHC). The current investigation begins in 2020.


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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is trapped by the corona | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The coronavirus has hit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on a large scale as Pakistan’s Ambassador to Afghanistan Mansoor Ahmad Khan, Additional Foreign Minister for America Syed Faisal Niaz Tirmizi, three directors general and four directors have so far tested positive for the coronavirus.

They have relinquished their duties and are living in their place under strict quarantine. The second wave of corona has swept through several government offices in federal capitals, but the Foreign Ministry, which was not experiencing major problems during the first wave, has caught up this time. The recent incident of being infected at the office has sent a wave of panic among staff and government officials evenly. A well-placed diplomatic source told The News here on Monday that Pakistan’s envoy to Afghanistan Mansoor Ahmad Khan, who had come here for consultations after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s planned visit to Afghanistan, was involved in the Foreign Office with top brass behind. . -to-back meetings. He visited some of the grand offices earlier this month too. Mansoor suddenly experienced serious physical pain and related problems. After testing, he turned out to be corona positive. Like Syed Faisal Tirmizi, he chose not to move to the hospital even though the doctor advised him to get treatment at the hospital, but the two additional secretary officers chose to stay in their respective homes because they were undergoing treatment in quarantine.

Syed Faisal Niaz Tirmizi was seen as a noble officer among his comrades. He told this clerk that he had followed all the SOPs and even so, he had fallen victim to that terrible disease. She had difficulty speaking and asked people to be careful and asked for prayers for her. The director general, Afghanistan Section, and director, Afghanistan, from the same table also tested positive for the coronavirus. Mansoor Ahmad Khan interacted with the two for consultations, the sources said.

European Director General Aamir Shouket tested positive for the coronavirus earlier. The foreign minister and foreign minister cannot be reached until Monday evening. Interestingly, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi tested positive for the coronavirus in early July, but he recovered within ten days of experiencing severe physical pain. He also lives at his residence in Multan.

The source indicated that the prime minister’s scheduled visit to Afghanistan was in progress and that the Pakistani ambassador would not be available to receive him in Kabul. Deputy head of the Pakistan mission Muhammad Hasan Wazir will assist the visiting delegation from Pakistan if the envoy is not available, the source said.

Meanwhile, sources point out that the authorities concerned failed to carry out a massive coronavirus test on government officials by visiting them at the office not only during the previous wave of the pandemic but this time also ignoring them out of heed. requirements because the government keeps offices in federal capitals under prescribed SOPs to fight the virus.


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The staff was sent back to the country, as more work stoppages, the impact of the COVID-19 case in the Valpo court expanded crime and the court | Instant News

German said that he must keep the office open, but always needs to wear a mask. Now, he only makes appointments over the phone, and is working on a plan for as many employees as possible to work from home.

When talking about the latter job, he said: “According to today’s (Wednesday) news, our actions will be much faster than I originally thought.”

Chief Porter County Probation Officer Melanie Golumbeck could not be contacted immediately to see how the COVID-19 outbreak in the court affected her office and employees.

The Porter County Sheriff’s Department stated that security personnel in the building were not restricted in any way.

Two courts in the Portage North County Annex reported that they are continuing to operate normally.

The chaos happened less than a week before, and it was ready for the busy election day on Tuesday.

Bailey is a member of the Porter County Election and Registration Committee and a clerk, playing a key role in local elections.

DeBoer and Chidester are voting and hope to stick to it.

Republican De Boer faces an electoral challenge from Democrat Mitch Peters.

The Democrat Kidster was challenged by the Republican Christopher Buckley.


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Racing: That copy sends a bold signal to New Zealand’s Cup rivals | Instant News


It only took 75 years but Pukekohe coach Ray Green had a New Zealand Cup starter, and is now a favorite.

The popular north coach had one of his greatest days in office yesterday when Copy That knocked out his opponents at the Ashburton Flying Stakes just an hour after American Dealer beat the southerners in the heat of the Sires’ Stakes.

The latest win was Green’s 400th training success in New Zealand but the 401 victory was all the more meaningful as Copy That raced through one of the fastest last 400m sections ever recorded in this part of the world.

After working for the lead by a mile from the 2400m stand, Flying Stakes started to leave, Copy That unleashed the final 400m 25.2 seconds, not much slower than any decent race would have raced for the same piece.

That meant the previous NZ Cup favorite Self Assured couldn’t make the ground after sitting in the park while Spankem, who was sitting on the sole clawing his way to third.

The fact that the three favorites settled in the last three places and still dominated suggests one of them should win the $ 540,000 Cup in Addington on November 10, which now Copy That and Self Assured share $ 2.80 of favoritism.

The copy was so fast that, if he could achieve another Cup lead, it would take something better than what we saw yesterday to beat him, with Green not worried about the extra 800m of the Cup even though the Copy was just a four year old who didn’t. ever race for the last ride.

“I don’t think it will bother him, not the way he will stop after this,” said Green.

“You won’t even know he’s been racing, he’s just jogging.

So I think he’s going to tackle the 3200m and I’ll take him to the Cup trials (Addington next week) now just to keep it ticking.

Green has accomplished much in his harness racing career, training and riding horses in Wales and Ireland and has had consistent group-level success with horses such as Sir Lincoln and King Of Swing since taking over as trainer for Lincoln Farms.

But he never even started in the New Zealand Cup, a race every New Zealand rope coach wants to win.

“It’s a tough race to get a horse, let alone win. So I think I’ll be really excited over the next week or two as we get closer,” said Green, who was usually curt.

While the All Stars stables tend to hold a grip on New Zealand Cup favoritism and punters’ hearts, Copy That suggested yesterday if he could take the lead in the Cup he would take an awful lot of run down, especially since this Cup may not have many good enough horses to attack, or hold him to take the lead in this.

So, the draw of the barrier on Wednesday next week will be of great importance, especially as Self Assured looks set to start off on a roll and therefore could give The Copy a great start if the latter draws the front lines.

Green also expects a useful draw and marker run on Cup Day for American Dealers, who beat It’s All About Faith and Krug in the Heat Stakes Sires.

Against the marker, whether leading or trailing, the American dealer can beat the south star but if a horse like Krug, who was brave third after sitting parked yesterday, is in front of him the Sires bet may be over.

However, Green’s brace yesterday revived the Day Cup, which has so dominated the South Island over the past decade.

Another feature of Sunday also goes to another leader in Majestic Man, who used gate speed and high cruising tempo to escape the Flying Mile Trotter at 1: 54.1, just outside of Marcoola’s national mile record.

There’s some good runs behind it but not much that will scare Sundees’ favorite Dominion for what’s ahead in the iconic trot in Addington in two weeks.


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Protests outside Hasan Nawaz’s office were canceled | Instant News

LONDON: Tariq Mahmood has announced to cancel a protest outside Hasan Nawaz Sharif’s office across from Hyde Park which was scheduled for today (Friday) for disagreeing with the parallel protests organized by Advisor to Prime Minister Imran Khan and UK and European Trade spokesman Sahibzada Jahangir.

Tariq Mahmood, who runs a group called the Patriotic Front of Pakistan, initially gave a call for protests outside Hasan Nawaz’s office where former prime minister Nawaz Sharif will address the Gujranwala public demonstration by the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). After his announcement, Sahibzada Jahangir also announced a protest outside Hasan Nawaz’s house. Jahangir in a message said he was directed by Imran Khan to organize protests against Nawaz Sharif.


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