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2020 FIFA Club World Cup – News – Watch LIVE: Official Draw for the FIFA Club World Cup | Instant News

  • The official draw for the Qatar 2020 FIFA Club World Cup takes place on 19 January
  • Former Switzerland goalkeeper Diego Benaglio will assist in the draw
  • Live streaming of the event will begin at 16:00 CET

Teams participating in the 2020 FIFA Club World Cup Qatar ™ will find their way to glory in the Middle East on Tuesday, 19 January with the official draw for the tournament being held at FIFA headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

The draw will be presented by Jessica Libertz and conducted by FIFA Competition Deputy Director Jaime Yarza, who will be assisted by former Swiss international goalkeeper Diego Benaglio. The draw will reveal the fixtures of the six teams participating in the tournament, who will compete from February 4 to 11 for the coveted trophy.

Fans of this gorgeous game can catch the live event from Zurich here on FIFA.com with the video above and above FIFA YouTube channel, starting at 16:00 CET.


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PHF’s official website was down for a week | Instant News

KARACHI: The official website of the Hockey Federation of Pakistan (PHF) was not operational for several days because it did not pay dues.

The company that operates the website closes the website.

During the social distancing period due to COVID 19, the official PHF website became the main source for information related to Pakistani hockey.

It was surprising because the payment that was due was only a few thousand rupiahs, but due to the lethargy of the PHF officers in Lahore up to three months the fee had not been paid.

PHF is planning a number of activities for Pakistan’s senior and junior teams as well as domestic competitions. The two teams’ training camp is expected to start this month. Due to the closure of the PHF website, the hockey fraternity remains unaware of these developments. No PHF official was available to comment.


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The tavern’s food permit was revoked by the Porter County Health Department due to a violation of the COVID-19 protocol, officials said Porter County News | Instant News

PORTER – A tavern closed after the Porter County Health Department revoked its annual meal permit on Friday, officials said.

The Porter County Health Department revoked the food permit from The Steel Barrel Tavern, at 212 Lincoln Street in Porter, said Maria Stamp, a Porter County health officer.

Stamp said it was the result of repeated breaches of coronavirus security protocols and previously issued shutdown orders. Health department officials did not provide further details on the nature of the offense.

However, the Porter County Department of Health has a process to consider restoring an annual meal permit by allowing business owners to appear at a health worker hearing to explain plans for future corrections to suspected violations.


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‘Democracy will win’: Jacinda Ardern condemns US Capitol violence by Trump supporters | Instant News

New Zealand|Political

US President Trump and President-elect Joe Biden address the protesters storming the Capitol Building. Video / AP

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has issued an official statement condemning the violent protests in the US Capitol today.

“Like many others, I have watched what is happening in the United States. I share my feelings with friends in the US – what happened was wrong. Democracy – people’s right to vote, have their votes heard and then the decision is upheld peacefully should not be canceled by the masses, “Ardern wrote on social media.

“Our thoughts are on everyone who is as devastated as seeing today’s events. I believe democracy will win.”

The New Zealand PM also posted the statement on Twitter, a social media platform he doesn’t use often.

In fact, prior to today, his last tweet was to congratulate Joe Biden on his win.

Minutes earlier, former US President Barack Obama issued his own statement, stating that today’s events did not surprise him.

Earlier today, New Zealand Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta condemned the unrest in the US Capitol, saying “violence has no place in thwarting democracy”.

“We regret what happened in Washington DC. Our thoughts are on the American people,” he said in a tweet.

“We look forward to a peaceful transition from political administration, which is a hallmark of democracy. Congratulations.”

His comments came after former Prime Minister Helen Clark also condemned the unrest.

“Never in one’s wildest imaginations would have imagined such a dangerous event involving mob violence that took place in Washington DC today,” Clark said on Twitter this morning.

“The invasion of democratic legislatures anywhere is an affront to democracy and the rule of law and should be condemned as such.”


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Officials hope the food program can continue | Local | Instant News

Officials with regional bodies focused on economic opportunities hope the additional dollars will be available for a successful broad-based food distribution effort by 2020.

From June to December last year, 14 food distribution events took place in International Falls, providing food boxes to people in need. Spearheaded by the Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency, or AEOA, and KOOTASCA Communicty Action Inc., this effort is funded by the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, or CFAP.

“We are not sure whether the program will continue,” Scott Zahorik, executive director of AEOA, told The Journal this week. “It may take a week or two before we know more.”

Looking back at the food distributed in 2020, Zahorik said the efforts started with what he described as random phone calls.

“We started hearing about (CFAP) and reaching out to the food distribution people mentioned,” he said. “We want to see if that is possible in that area … The first conversation is to get 250 boxes to make it happen.”

Although 250 boxes seemed like a lot, but doable, Zahorik soon learned that the agency needed to take the entire half price box of food to distribute.

“We really took a sip,” he said. “That’s 1,456 boxes of food.”

Still motivated to make it work, AEOA officials began reaching out to regional partners, such as KOOTASCA, to see if food could be more spread out. The stars align and the first food truck arrives at International Falls June 18.

The uncertainty in distributing the nearly 1,500 boxes of food was quickly reduced.

In International Falls alone, 14 distribution events provided 2,383 lunch boxes for community members. Combined, the boxes weigh nearly 60,000 pounds.

“(The effort) really produced a life of its own,” said Zahorik.

Zahorik praised Ginger Romosz, KOOTASCA and other staff for the role they played in distributing food to the residents of Borderland. He also expressed his appreciation to Rainy River Community College staff for using the parking lot during the distribution event.

Since the first phone call to the end of 2020, Zahorik said 40 small trucks containing 62,655 boxes of food had been distributed to 84 different communities in northeast Minnesota. Its total weight exceeds 1.3 million pounds of produce, meat, cheese, dairy and more.

“We are amateurs in the food game and that really turned into something,” said Zahorik.

Zahorik said he hopes the program can continue and noted that people are “used to this”.

“The need is enormous,” he said.

He commended volunteers from various organizations in their respective communities for helping with distribution efforts as well as for those who offered to volunteer to help with the continuation of the program.

To date, more than $ 24,000 has been raised to help expand this effort.

“It’s great to see people pulling in line for food and making donations to help this continue,” said Zahorik. “The value of these boxes is about $ 30 per box, making the value of food that comes to northeastern Minnesota nearly $ 2 million on its own.”

Zahorik said once again information about whether the program continues is available, he will contact partner agencies to resume spreading the word.


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