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More than 20 Sindh officials were trained in int’l HR reporting | Instant News

KARACHI: More than 20 government officials received a two-day training on the “Pakistan International Human Rights Reporting Obligation” organized by the EU-funded ‘Promotion of Human Rights in Pakistan (Huqooq-e-Pakistan)’ Project. The training was held at the Sindh Scout Headquarters, Karachi.

The training session was opened by the Secretary for Human Rights Sindh Parvez Ahmed Seehar and aims to increase the technical and operational capacity of the officials of the Sindh Human Rights Department and the Sindh Treaty Implementation Cell in reporting and implementing Pakistan’s international human rights commitments. Training modules and manuals were designed and delivered under the leadership of Executive Director HeP Ali Dayan Hasan.

Sindh HR Secretary Seehar praised the efforts made by the Huqooq-e-Pakistan project in developing a leading human rights training and capacity building program for Pakistan. He stated that this training would assist in equipping the department with the necessary prerequisite information in fulfilling their mandate with regard to international human rights reporting.

Seehar also announced that the Sindh Government, with its leading department, would develop the first provincial human rights policy of Sindh in collaboration with the HeP. HeP Executive Director Ali Dayan Hasan stated that the training program will ensure that the training reflects Pakistani realities and perspectives, including differences in the provincial context.


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Football officials will likely band together against a committee installed by FIFA | Instant News

KARACHI: Football stakeholders in the country are preparing to forge a union to pressure the FIFA-installed PFF Normalization Committee to hold PFF elections instead of focusing on overseas events and tours.

Sources in various provincial and district associations said that Haroon Malik’s NC did not treat them fairly.

“Football at association level has been damaged and we cannot tolerate further delays in the PFF election,” a source told ‘The News’.

Former PFF president Syed Ashfaq Hussain Shah a few days ago held a marathon meeting with stakeholders in Karachi and other Sindh cities. It is hoped that a high-level stakeholder meeting will be held in Islamabad within days to decide on future action plans against the bizarre approach of Haroon’s PFF NC which is supposed to hold elections on 30 June this year.

Sources say it is likely Ashfaq’s former PFF will regain administrative control from the NC. In 2018 Ashfaq was elected chairman of the PFF in an election held based on a decision by the highest court.

However, the same body submitted a claim to the NC which FIFA posted in September 2019 on the condition that the NC would conduct fair and transparent elections.

Sources say Haroon is interested in taking on a mandate from FIFA to revise the PFF statute which is not the duty of NC.

Sources say there is no international sports law, an individual can change the law. Sources say Congress or a public body can do that. Even the International Olympic Committee (IOC) declared the general council of its association as the highest authority for making constitutional amendments.

Sources say FIFA should know that Pakistan is a very complex country and the texture of its football is also very complicated. The full involvement of stakeholders in conflict resolution is required.

Sources say the way the National Women’s Football Championship is organized reflects how little football knowledge the NC PFF has.

Sources said that every stakeholder who had a meeting with Haroon Malik was dissatisfied with his (Haroon) body language.

Haroon the other day told reporters here at KPT Stadium that the PFF election roadmap will be announced in the first or second week of April.

Sources said the roadmap is ready and could be launched by the end of this month, stressing NC’s main objective is to reveal it by the time Ramadan is about to start and stakeholders also don’t have time to react quickly and effectively.

Sources said without the consent of stakeholders, NC and FIFA should not take any steps that could be disastrous for Pakistani football.

Sources also emphasize that NC will be responsible for every penny spent on unnecessary events.

Sources said the NC training program for the preparation of the national senior team for the SAFF Cup which will be held in Bangladesh in September this year also has several gaps.

FIFA in September 2019 installed NC under Humza Khan, giving him a nine-month mandate to hold PFF elections until June 2020. However, it failed to meet the deadline. Its mandate was extended to 31 December 2020, and again NC could do nothing. After Humza’s resignation, FIFA brought in Haroon who is a Canadian citizen.

Sources said stakeholders would not tolerate any more delay tactics on the part of the NC.

Sources say only the elected body can work on football development as it not only has a full four-year mandate but also has provincial associations that contribute to the development of football.


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1 Pakistani ranger was killed, 10 injured in an explosion in Karachi | Instant News

March 15, 2021 22:26 I S

Islamabad [Pakistan], March 15 (ANI): A Pakistani Rangers official attended killed and several others suffered wounds in a explosion in Karachi’s Orangi City on Monday night.
West Superintendent of Police (SSP) Suhai Aziz said the attack appeared to have been directed at Rangers personnel who were passing through the area in vehicles when the bomb – mounted on a parked motorcycle – exploded, Dawn reported.
As a result, three Rangers personnel and seven others were injured, he added. They were transferred to various hospitals in the city. A Rangers official died of his wounds, SSP said.

SHO Mominabad Gul Mohammed Awan also confirmed that the bomb was installed on a motorbike parked in Orangi Town-5.
An officer from the Karachi Traffic Police and a policeman from the Anti-Vehicle Lifting Cell were passing through the area at the time explosion also occurred among the wounded, he added.
Meanwhile, a bomb disposal squad is called into the area. (ANI)


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Two officials from the anti-corruption dept were suspended | Instant News

KARACHI: Two officers of the Sindh Investigation and Anti-Corruption Establishment (E & ACE) have been suspended for initiating investigations against two officers of the Southern City District Corporation (DMC), Karachi.

According to official correspondence from copies of the Department available with The News, two assistant directors of the Sindh Anti-Corruption Department, Allah Bux Korejo and Saddam Wassan, have been directed to report to the Department of Services, Public Administration and Coordination (SGA & CD), Sindh.

Korejo, stationed in the office of the E & ACE chairman, followed the direction of the chairman who issued a notification to City Commissioner Akhtar Shaikh Selatan to bring a record of construction work being carried out under his supervision. Later, Korejo was forced to retract his notification. Apart from the suspension, investigations have also been carried out against him.

Saddam’s Investigative Officer has started an investigation into the supervising engineer of the Southern District Municipal Corporation (DMC). According to a Sindh Anti-Corruption source DMC South allocated Rs1.35 billion for development in the Southern district, Rs3.33 billion for employee salaries, Rs309.3 million for contingencies and Rs442.8 million for repairs and maintenance; both the investigating officer issued a notification to the city commissioner and the SE asked for details of the amount mentioned and submitted a note.

This journalist approached the Minister of Investigation and Anti-Corruption Establishment Jam Ikram Dharejo, Head of Anti-Corruption Investigation and Formation Iqbal Memon, E & ACE Spokesperson Moeendin and Minister’s Personal Secretary Zafar Lahbar; called their official and then the cell number and sent them a detailed text message on the subject and waited seven days for the version but until the submission of this story, all avoided responding.


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The Sindh government repatriated 32 Karachi DMC officials to the parent department | Instant News

KARACHI: In accordance with the decision of the Supreme Court (SC) Pakistan, the Sindh Local Government Department repatriated around 32 officials from lower levels working at the top level illegally at the West District Municipal Corporation (DMC), Karachi, to their former positions to their parents department.

These employees were illegally promoted to the upper class against the top service laws and court orders, and without approval from the administration department of the Sindh Local Government Department.

The officials mentioned above, originally computer operators, drivers, teacher assistants, clerks, guards, coolies, class assistants 1 to 11, were illegally promoted as director, deputy director, purchasing officer, supervisor, administrative officer and deputy classroom district education officer 16, 17 and 18. The Sindh Local Government Department Authority directs the city administrators and commissioners of the West District City Corporation (DMC), Karachi to return them to their former positions to their parent department, not to relinquish their salaries and benefits from these employees.

According to official correspondence, a copy is available with The News, M. Javed Qamar, originally a Class 11 computer operator of the Department of Rural Development, was transferred and later promoted to Class 18 Director at DMC West. Muhammad Khaliq, originally a driver from the DMC Class 5 Central Education Department, was transferred and then illegally promoted as an education officer in class 18 in the West DMC. Zahid Iqbal, originally an 11th grade employee of the South DMC, was illegally transferred to DMC, West and then promoted to director in the 18th grade. Sanjeeda Khatoon, formerly Assistant Teacher for Class 1, was promoted to director of 18th grade education. Muneer Ahmad, originally an 11th grader, was promoted to assistant town officer in grade 16.

Faheem Jamal, originally a class 5 pump driver, was promoted to deputy city officer class 17. Naik Muhammad, originally a grade 5 driver was promoted to deputy director of Class 17 Computer Education.Shakeel Ahmed, originally a class 5 driver, was promoted to Librarian in grade 17 , Muhammad Rashid, originally a grade 7 teacher from the Ministry of Education, was absorbed in the DMC, West and was promoted to Deputy Town Officer (DTO) in grade 17 and others were promoted illegally and against the rules of service and without the approval of the Administration Department, Sindh Regional Government Department .


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