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The winning streak occurred in 11 matches for the WVU women | WVU SPORTS | Instant News

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – No. 19 West Virginia ended with 11 wins after Mountaineers suffered a 72-71 defeat at the hands of Oklahoma, at the WVU Coliseum in Morgantown.

West Virginia held a solid lead for most of the game, but couldn’t overcome the quicker offensive spark in the fourth quarter to knock out a win. OU beat Mountaineers 15-5 in the final frame for a disappointing win.

Kirsten Deans sped up WVU’s scoring effort, scoring 22 points and providing six assists.

Kysre Gondrezick (19) and Jasmine Carson (10) also scored double in the loss, while second-tier Esmery Martinez led with nine rebounds.

“I give Oklahoma credit,” WVU coach Mike Carey. “They shot, we didn’t do it. When we got Kari Niblack in big trouble they killed us in transition because nobody spoke at the time. We won’t be back. In the fourth quarter, we scored five points because I think we took 13 shots and no 3. We were 1-for-9. We do have a chance to win there and play the game.

“Esmery shot wide open and missed. Curry gets the rebound and kicks him. We look slow. We’re having a foul problem. Madisen has cramps in his calf. We don’t come back and play defensively. We don’t go to the foul line. (We have) too much turnover once again. (We) left our feet in the paint. Such things add to the disadvantages. “

The mountaineer controlled the end of the opening, but the Sooners were first on board with an easy layup.

Niblack quickly hit back with a short jumper to tie the game, followed by Gondrezick’s 3-point jumper. OU then hit a pair of three-pointer to go up 8-6 at the first media timeout.

Out of the break, the Sooners extended their lead with a two-point bucket, but Gondrezick went on for a layup, before Niblack added a pair in line.

West Virginia regained the lead after a steal from Gondrezick caused a layup that broke away from Deans, but Oklahoma dropped a triple to lead 13-12 with more than a minute remaining in the quarter.

To close the opening frame, Gondrezick hooked up the trey before Smith hit one of his when the bell rang to give WVU a 20-13 lead ahead of the second quarter.

To open the second frame, West Virginia jumped to a quick double-digit lead, with a back-to-back layup from Deans and Gondrezick, followed by a jumper from Ejiofor for a 10-point lead.

Carson drops the triple to raise WVU, 29-16, and forces the Sooners to ask for a time limit.

After the time limit, the Sooners continued on their own run, scoring seven unanswered points to cut Mountaineer’s lead to six.

As the last minutes of the first half mark the time, both teams swapped baskets back and forth, with WVU taking the slightest advantage, 40-36 into the dressing room.

Martinez opened the scoring for the second half for West Virginia, turning to the lane for a layup.

Mountaineers then jumped to an eight-point lead after a bucket trio of Gondrezick, Niblack and Martinez, but OU responded by forcing three WVU turnovers to cut Mountaineer’s lead to three.

West Virginia and Oklahoma continued to struggle back and forth throughout the third quarter, but the mountaineer ‘s spark started with a 3 – pointer from Deans before he gave Smith one for a quick layup.

West Virginia then jumped for a double-digit lead but led 66-57 into the final frame after OU tripled at the bell.

The Sooners used momentum from the final seconds of the third quarter to advance 13-0 and took the lead for the first time since 1:49 of the opening quarter.

West Virginia didn’t score in the fourth quarter until Deans put on a driving layup in the 1:53 minute, but Oklahoma held on to lead 72-68 with less than a minute to play.

With time winding down, Deans tripled to bring down WVU by just one point, before Gondrezick intercepted an Oklahoma inbounds pass to give Mountaineers the ball with 22 seconds remaining.

West Virginia got a pair of shots but could not convert, falling 72-71 at the hands of the visiting Sooners.

West Virginia is back on the streets on Wednesday, February 17, for its midweek bout against No. 7 Baylor in Waco, Texas. The Ferrell Center tipoff is set for 8pm and the contest will be broadcast on Big 12 Now on ESPN +.


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The COVID-19 variant common in Brazil found in Oklahoman with a related travel history, says state epidemiologist | Country and Regional News | Instant News

The answer seems to change depending on where patients receive their first dose.

A second dose appointment may be scheduled at the time of the first injection. No need to schedule booster doses via the portal. “Follow the instructions given when you get your first chance,” said Deputy OSH Commissioner Keith Reed.

A second dose appointment can also be made via the state portal, and users will be asked if they need a Pfizer or Moderna injection. Some clinics have problems scheduling the second dose, says Spohn, so officials are working to ensure the site doesn’t fill up with just the first dose appointment.

The Tulsa Health Department said: “You can go in for a second dose without an appt, as long as you arrive at the same time as your first dose. Must bring your vaccination card. “Director Bruce Dart said those who received the Pfizer vaccine through the Tulsa Health Department should try to return to the same location 21 days after the main dose; those receiving Moderna should return to the same site 28 days later.

In Wagoner County, a second dose appointment cannot be made until one week before the patient is scheduled for the booster injection.


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Northeastern Oklahoma Inaugurates Newly Renovated I-44 Travel Center | Local News | Instant News

MIAMI, Oklahoma. – The welcome mat for visitors to Oklahoma on Interstate 44 has reopened after a renovation costing more than $ 1 million. The center is located at mile marker 314 near the Miami exit. The $ 1-1.5 million used for renovations came when the state used CARES Act funds to help promote the tourism industry. The Northeast Oklahoma Tourist Information Center was renovated with money from the CARES Act. Globe | Roger Nomer “Our drop-in centers literally serve as the main stopping places at the crossroads of America,” said Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell. “Making sure they are safe and hygienic was a public health priority for my office.” Pinnell said the renovation project, designed in partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, included both COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 changes. Items such as signage were funded by the State Department. “This project will also help better promote our tourism industry in Oklahoma, the third largest industry in the state, employing more than 100,000 Oklahomans,” Pinnell said. “The tourism industry in this country is not in recession; it’s in a real depression. We’re excited that these centers are now much better marketing tools to help promote the tourism industry and our attractions across the state. Celebrating the renovations Officials from the Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau and the city staged a grand reopening last week. Amanda Davis, executive director of Visit Miami OK, said renovations began about 90 days ago. They include contactless entrances in the center, contactless entryways and fixtures in the washrooms, an expanded gift shop area to allow for social distancing, a dog park, and expanded signage to include a new mural on the legend. local baseball player Mickey Mantle. by the City of Miami through a contract with the State and the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority. In the days leading up to COVID-19, center staff saw more than 250,000 visitors each year. The Northeast Oklahoma Tourist Information Center was renovated with money from the CARES Act. Globe | Roger Nomer “The renovations are a plus for us because they have made the center so much more fun to drive,” said Davis. “It all depends on the visitor and their experience. We are delighted to be back in the building. Davis said she was particularly excited about one of the renovation features: a new plaza that includes Oklahoma and the scenery of Route 66, designed as a selfie station. The signage encourages people to use a variety of hashtags when uploading photos, including #MiamiOK, # Route66, #TravelOK, and #OKHereWeGo. “It’s a place where people can go out, stretch their legs a little bit,” Davis said. “We’re hoping to see a lot more activity on social media because of this.” The centre’s gift shop includes a variety of “Made in Oklahoma” items, or items unique to the state. Davis said staff keep an assortment of Oklahoma t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts or hoodies in stock. . She said the # 1 item people look for when people enter the state is a “local ATM” because they realize that money is needed to travel the toll highway. “We see it as planting seeds, as people plan and make their travel decisions,” Davis said. “I think in the next 60 to 90 days, as the weather improves and more people get the COVID vaccine, they will have more confidence to travel.” The center is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily, allowing staff to deep clean and disinfect the facility at the end of each day. A Facebook page, @travelNEOklahoma, promotes promotions and new products. .

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Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation Releases New Travel Guides | National and regional news | Instant News

With 12 ecoregions within its borders, Oklahoma “has the most diverse mile-by-mile terrain in the country, and this diversity can be seen on the cover of the travel guide,” the agency said. It features an image of a rock formation found in the Black Mesa area near Kenton, as well as smaller photos of other landscapes in the state. The Guide to Oklahoma State and Outdoor Parks 2021 offers more than 200 pages of information and photographs about Oklahoma State Parks and other popular outdoor destinations in the state, as well as directories for outdoor activities, cabins and lodges. lodges, and camper and RV locations in the state. The guide cover features an illustration of the great blue heron. The newly expanded Oklahoma Motorcycle Guide includes 14 rides across the state, including the Talimena National Scenic Route and Route 66 – plus additional destinations and events for cyclists. Travelers can order or download the new guides at travelok.com/brochures. Many other publications from the Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation, including the Oklahoma Route 66 Passport, the Oklahoma Route 66 Guide, and the Oklahoma Indian Country Guide, are also available. .

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Davis nonprofit gives free meals to people every Saturday in Murray County | Instant News

DAVIS, Okla. (KXII) – One Davis woman started a new non-profit community called CUP, The Community of Bringing People to Murray County residents by giving out free meals every Saturday.

“Do you want plates today?” said Tonia Riley as she greeted people who stopped at the corner of Main Street Davis.

Riley said the program was a response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, and he said its aim was to enlighten those who need help.

“I just want people to know that we need this, don’t be afraid to ask for help,” said Riley.

At one point in his life, Riley was in the same boat helping out. She said she was an adoptive parent who lost her job due to the pandemic.

Now he says he’s getting back on his feet and wants to give people the edge in life by giving away a free meal every Saturday on Main Street in Davis.

“I want to make our community great again, and this is how it got started, standing in the corner, meeting people and shaking hands so they know someone cares,” said Riley.

He said he had decided to eat free every weekend since December, and that all the food came from community donations.

Dinner and a hobo burger is on this week’s menu free for anyone living in Murray County.

“It makes me feel comfortable to wake up every Saturday and come down here no matter how stressed I am, I think not to finish it or if I will provide enough food, it never disappoints me,” said Riley.

Trophy’s Biggest message to people is to ask for help if you need it. The goal is to connect community members by filling in the gaps to improve their daily lives.

“We know a lot of people in the community. I just want to feed them and make them happy, ”said Riley.

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