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The local food bank looked at the empty shelves | Instant News

The shelf is running low at Central Utah Food Sharing.

Typically, food banks are able to organize food drives to refill food cabinets in an effort to contain hunger for Millard County residents.

Food insecurity is estimated to affect 50 million Americans, 17 million of whom are children, according to FeedingAmerica.org. In Millard County, the rate of food insecurity is around 12 percent. In 2020, food banks have taken a hit with COVID-19.

“This year has been completely different,” said Bonnie Bendixen, secretary of CUFS. “We haven’t been able to have a food drive yet, so we’re very dependent on donating money, but people are very good at carrying food bags here and there.”

The reduction in food is also part of the additional donation time. Usually, food banks only distribute food every two months; this year clients are served every month. Regular donations from long-term donors and assistance from other organizations are the lifeblood of food banks during a pandemic.

“We have asked Utah Farmers to Feed Utah donate corn. I don’t even remember how many pounds we gave to anyone and everyone, but we still have loyal givers, “said Bendixen. “That’s what really helps us go to the grocery store and buy what we have.”

In an effort to replace food drives, the Utah State University Extension’s Create Better Health program is holding an advent calendar-style drive. From December 1, certain foods can be packed in boxes through December 24 and then donated to both food bank locations. Each day has a specified item; However, if the participant is unable to provide a specific meal, an alternative is accepted.

“This is basically the stuff we’ve given you,” said Bendixen. “But whatever people have is very much appreciated. But it must not be damaged easily. I thought that was a great idea, it would be of great help to fill up our trash. “

Bendixen wants to emphasize that there is no pressure to follow the T’s Calendar of Giving Holidays; whatever citizens feel like giving is more than welcome.

Meat and butter are two indispensable items; most of the food bank supplies are donated through local farmers and ranchers. Canned fruit and vegetables, cereals, rice, pasta and others are also needed. A complete list can be found at any of the food bank locations.

The food bank also accepts certain foods that are past the expiration date; canned corn and beans, for example, are still good for five years after stamp dates. More acidic foods, such as tomatoes and pineapples, can only last for one year. Home-made canned food is unacceptable, says Bendixen.

Other non-food items, such as diapers and baby care, toiletries, and vitamins are also accepted.

“Toilet paper is also one of our biggest things,” said Bendixen. Dietary supplements, such as protein drinks are accepted, but not donated via monthly packages; the client must be at the food bank to receive it.

“We’ve served more people this year, and I think it’s a great thing because people are grateful,” said Bendixen. “But I know we plan to move into our early hours next year. But as long as we have food, we’ll provide it. “

“Our community is very good,” Bendixen said of donations. “Millard County is the best. Even during this difficult time, we recently received good donations from various places. “


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KU announces an online admission schedule based on the entrance test | Instant News

Karachi University announces online acceptance 2021, on an entrance test basis, in undergraduate and master’s programs in Doctor of Pharmacy, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Department of Visual Studies.

Professor Clerk of KU Dr Abdul Waheed on Monday said students could get admission details, online admission forms, prospectuses and submission guidelines from the varity web portal and submit the relevant documents along with fee vouchers payable through October 30.

He said KU offers test-based admission into Bachelor programs in the Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Applied Physics, Biotechnology, Business Administration, Chemical Engineering, Commerce, Computer Science, Education, Environmental Studies, Food Science and Technology, International Relations, Mass Communication. , Public Administration, Petroleum Technology, Special Education (BA Hons) and Teacher Education (BEd Hons) and Law Schools.

For the Masters program, Dr Waheed said that entrance test-based admission will be given in the departments of Business Administration, Commerce, Mass Communication, Public Administration and Pakistani Studies. He said, for the first time in history, KU would conduct an entrance test through the newly established KU Assessment and Testing Service.

He said students applying for undergraduate programs in the Department of Visual Studies must have a minimum score of 45 in the High School Certificate or equivalent exam. If they have completed their diploma then they must have at least

60 marks to appear in an aptitude test.

The clerk said that students planning to register on self-financing or reserved seats must show up and complete the entrance test otherwise they will not be considered for admission.


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Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday promises lots of Christmas offers for Australian buyers | Instant News

If you haven’t started thinking about your Christmas grocery list yet, the last weekend in November could be your savior.

Originally a post-Thanksgiving tradition in the US, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday have become Australia’s premier online retail events in recent years.

They have become so popular that many retailers have extended their discounts and offers up to a week around the sales event.

According to the Australia Post, international shopping events have grown in popularity in Australia in recent years as shoppers have become more comfortable shopping online.

Australia has welcomed international online sales events such as Black Friday.(ABC News: Stephanie Chalmers)

In 2018, Black Friday sales recorded growth of more than 30 percent year-on-year and this increased to more than 31 percent in 2019.

“Online shopping in Australia has experienced unprecedented growth in 2020, and this is a trend that will continue through the end of the year,” said Australia Post general manager of package and express services, Ben Franzi.

“The upcoming cyber weekend is expected to be the busiest online shopping period so far this year, with even the most conservative forecasts surpassing previous peaks.”

Brick and mortar retailers also tend to cash in on sales, with large department stores and large retailers lowering prices alongside their online competitors.

What is Black Friday? What is Cyber ​​Monday?

Black Friday started out as a sale in the US the equivalent of a Boxing Day sale.

The day after Thanksgiving, Americans would storm stores for bargains.

With the event spreading to international markets, the event is migrating online, but several brands in Australia also host Black Friday sales in their physical stores.

Although Black Friday has been around for decades, Cyber ​​Monday is a relatively new concept that started gaining traction about 15 years ago.

According to CNN, Cyber ​​Monday marks the official start of the holiday shopping season.

When will Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday occur this year?

This year, they will be held on November 27 and November 30, and depending on the retailer, all days in between as well.

Bunnings employees
Bunnings is one of the Australian retailers taking part in weekend online shopping.(AAP: Dave’s hunting)

Most of the big names will be taking part, so keep an eye on your social media accounts and store websites for offers.

Are there any downsides to selling online?

It only revolves around the risks associated with in-store shopping in a pandemic, but as retailers have seen all year round, online shopping is a physically much more distant alternative.

According to Australian Retailers Association boss Paul Zahra, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday have become “a very important part of the Australian retail calendar”.

“It’s a great opportunity for retailers to sell large quantities of stock in a short period of time and for consumers to get a lot,” he said.

“Every dollar is valuable and can help local retailers get back on their feet, supporting thousands of retail jobs in stores, in warehouses, making deliveries, or anywhere through the retail supply chain.

“We have a great opportunity to find great local stores on our own street or shopping center, and many local retailers have created or increased their online presence during this difficult year.

“We urge shoppers to maintain safety precautions – everyone must cooperate on precautions including social distancing, cleanliness and in-store restrictions – so that we can create a fun and safe Christmas shopping season for everyone.”

Will the purchases be delivered in time for Christmas?

Five Australian Post posties drive from the parking lot on their delivery bikes, with red mail trucks in the background.
Buyers are advised to get their orders in the next few weeks to ensure they arrive on time.(Provided: Australia Post)

Overall, the answer is yes.

Mr Franzi said Australia Post staff had been “providing this kind of Christmas for months now that the pandemic has brought with it an unprecedented package request”.

“Initially we moved quickly to bring additional facilities online, put more vehicles on the road, and flew 18 special planes, to help compensate for the significant reduction in domestic passenger fighting,” he said.

“We also recently had the largest hiring flash in our history, bringing in more than 5,000 staff by Christmas across processing, shipping, our customer contact centers and the Post Office Network.

“We are working hard to get mail and parcels as safe and fast as possible, but deliveries for Christmas will take longer this year as we manage the impact of COVID-19 and more packages than ever before.

“We will still ship items shipped after these dates as soon as possible, but it will be difficult to get to their destination before Christmas.”

A spokesman for courier company Pack & Send said the weekends of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday contributed to an 18 percent surge in e-commerce package shipments last November.

He said ordering international shipments from Canada, the US, UK and major European countries before December 11 would ensure packages arrived before Christmas.

For express courier deliveries, bookings can be made until December 16th.


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The deported Australians including Justin Bieber’s fake child sex predator were sent to NZ | Instant News

Kent Andrew Garrett, an IT professional, also known as Orson Kent, admitted 29 counts including accessing and requesting child abuse material in 2014. Photo / Provided

Some of New Zealand’s newest residents are deported Australians with experience in the lecherous online meth trafficking, violence and child sex offenses.

Despite continuing annoyance as Australia dumped its unwanted population across Tasman, a migration expert said there was not much New Zealand could do to stop the floods.

The ongoing deportations of New Zealand-born criminals, including some who have lived most of their lives in Australia, have disrupted bilateral relations several times in recent years.  Photo / ABF
The ongoing deportations of New Zealand-born criminals, including some who have lived most of their lives in Australia, have disrupted bilateral relations several times in recent years. Photo / ABF

More than two dozen criminals were evicted from Australia last week, nearly two weeks after the deportations of another 28 men, including two with links to motorcycle gangs.

One of the deportees was a pedophile who was jailed for posing as pop star Justin Bieber to trick 12-year-old girls into submitting sexually explicit images.

Based on News Corp., this is Kent Andrew Garrett, a Melbourne man in his late 40s.

Australian court documents show IT professional Garrett, also known as Orson Kent, admitted 29 charges including accessing and requesting child abuse material in 2014.

Professor Paul Spoonley of Massey University said the lopsided nature of the Trans-Tasman deportation was one reason "501s" stretch bilateral relations.  Photo / Doug Sherring
Professor Paul Spoonley of Massey University said the biased nature of the Trans-Tasman deportation was one of the reasons the “501” strained bilateral relations. Photo / Doug Sherring

He emigrated from New Zealand in 2007 to pursue opportunities in IT, previously reported The Age newspaper.

Most of the deportees were known as 501s, after their visas were canceled for failing a character test under section 501 of the Australian Migration Act.

The plane in Perth was used to carry 28 people.  Photo / ABF
The plane in Perth was used to carry 28 people. Photo / ABF

Migration expert Professor Paul Spoonley said deporting Kiwi-born criminals saved big money from Australian authorities.

But New Zealand society and human relations are paying the price.

New Zealanders who were deported were mostly booted from Australia on a character basis under the country's migration laws.  Photo / ABF
New Zealanders who were deported were mostly booted from Australia on the basis of character under the country’s migration laws. Photo / ABF

Spoonley, from Massey University, said 501 often lived in Australia for years and arrived in New Zealand without a support network.

Sometimes the only networks are criminal fraternities.

“Australia exports its criminals, but also its gangs to New Zealand,” said Spoonley.

“Then we get it the Comancheros and others starting to appear in New Zealand. “

“The New Zealand government with various beliefs has tried to persuade the Australian Government to take a different path, and has failed miserably.”

Prior to 2001, New Zealand citizens in Australia on special category visas were able to access social security and obtain Australian citizenship without becoming permanent residents.

“The different treatment of New Zealanders started in 2001 and then of course, 501 really added to the insult to injury,” said Spoonley.

“This is disappointing and a major threat to bilateral relations.”

But he said despite diplomacy or persuasion efforts, it was difficult to avoid the unwanted withdrawal of Australian prisoners.

“All countries have the right to deport other nationals if they commit a criminal offense – but the numbers here are significant.”

More than 1000 people were deported in the two years to March 2018 alone.

Deportations were halted without a pandemic, with some 501 flights landing in Auckland this year.

A spokesman for Managed Isolation and Quarantine said that since mid-July, flights of deportees arrived with deportees completing their two-week isolation at a special facility in downtown Auckland.

The agency will not say which location was used but about 501 are known to have stayed at the Ramada on Auckland Federal Street.

The agency said more than 75,000 returnees have passed through MIQ facilities and only a small number have been deported.

It was not immediately clear when the deportees’ next plane would land.

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“Grand Theft Auto Online” leak reveals the biggest heist in gaming history, known as Cayo Perico | Instant News

Finally, the recent “GTA Online” vulnerability has been confirmed! Fans of one of Rockstar Games’ best works are getting a brand new robbery, which is said to be bigger than any heist ever seen in the game.

“Grand Theft Online” leaks

Rockstar Games recently released Official announcement The biggest theft case about “Grand Theft Auto Online” is called Cayo Perico. When Rockstar Games announces the “biggest robbery”, fans will definitely keep their promise! Although the previous robberies are getting better every time, Rockstar Games has designed a new kind of robbery to surpass the previous robberies.

This kind of robbery surpasses the previous robbery, that is, this special robbery will happen on a private island, which means players need more complicated robbery to infiltrate what Rockstar Games calls the safest private island in the “whole world” one. It is said that this will be equipped with some fully armed security personnel, which will allow players to choose to neutralize with heavy force or escape in stealth.

“GTA Online”: Cayo Perico

Since this is “GTA”, the need to evade guards and bypass neutrality can be accomplished through carefully measured voices.Robbery was discovered recently and Trailer on YouTube A glimpse of a beautiful island with hidden surprises.

The robbery is scheduled to take place on December 15. Although this is the biggest robbery in Grand Theft Auto Online’s history, it can still be played fully in solo mode. Of course, just like other typical “GTA Online” robberies, you can still choose a team of three members.

Cayo Perico rewards

During a given robbery, the player will have to retrieve “as much” gold, art and drug money back as possible. Rockstar also mentioned that some “valuable evidence” was actually stolen. From this moment on, players must use their abilities to find out what this means.

Allegedly, the robbery base itself was not technically on the island, but actually at the high-tech submarine headquarters. Rockstar Games describes it as a very versatile, very large and well-equipped game. It also waits for the discovery of the game to bring many surprises.

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The biggest “GTA Online” robbery in history!

according to Story reported by NME, The robbery will also bring players new vehicles and tactical weapons. The new heist update will also allow a brand new radio station with more than a hundred new songs. For those who are more involved in the whole social aspect of the robbery, the upcoming high-security private island will bring a new social space.

Rockstar Games also mocked that it will include some world-class guest DJs in the game. There is no information on who these DJs are, but it is certain that the new “Grand Theft Auto Online” robbery Cayo Perico will be unforgettable.

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