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New Zealand ranks the best place to be during the Covid-19 pandemic | 1 NEWS | Instant News

The decisive and swift action against Covid-19 has ranked New Zealand the best place in the world during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Woman wearing face mask in Auckland (image file). Source: istock.com

This places New Zealand above 53 other countries with an economic score of more than $ 200 billion on 10 key metrics based on how the pandemic has affected each country.

“New Zealanders live essentially in a world without COVID-19,” said the report, attributing the success to the New Zealand government’s swift response.

“The small island nation was closed on March 26 before one Covid-related death occurred, closing its borders even though the economy is heavily dependent on tourism.

“The nation has had only a few infections in the community in recent months, and live music and large-scale social events are back.”

It said although New Zealand’s tourism industry was suffering, the country was in a good position for a vaccine with two supply deals.

Japan and Taiwan also emerged as top performers.

Japan ranks second with only 331 serious cases of Covid-19 out of a population of more than 120 million people.

According to a Bloomberg report, Japan has been praised for avoiding death and for having the world’s oldest population, as well as for reaching four vaccine deals.

In third place is Taiwan which has passed more than 200 days without any locally transmitted cases.

“Like New Zealand, life has largely returned to normal, although borders remain closed.”

Taiwan has been praised for implementing tracking apps where people with Covid-19 have visited and provided information on where to get face masks.


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Air New Zealand cabin crew tests positive for Covid-19 in China | 1 NEWS | Instant News

An Air New Zealand worker tested positive for Covid-19 in Shanghai, China.

File image of an Air New Zealand aircraft on the tarmac at Auckland Airport. Source: Luke Appleby / 1 News

The airline today notified 1 NEWS that a cabin crew member had tested negative for the coronavirus in New Zealand on November 18 in accordance with border surveillance requirements.

However, upon arriving in Shanghai on November 22 they returned a positive test result as part of a routine arrival check by the Chinese authorities.

“The crew members are well and have no symptoms of Covid-19. All the rest of the crew have given negative results,” said Air New Zealand.

“The crew of operations that stop in China enter managed isolation hotels as standard procedure. The crew will remain in isolation while we work with the Chinese authorities, the New Zealand Ministry of Health, and the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to make arrangements for them to return home with us. congrats.

“Upon arrival back in New Zealand, the crew will follow Health Ministry directives around isolation and further testing.”

The Health Ministry told 1 NEWS that they were aware of the case.

“In relation to the company, the ministry will continue to investigate this possible case,” the Health Ministry said in a statement.

Covid-19 Minister Chris Hipkins has been contacted for comment.

New Zealand Water Workers are excluded from this count.


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A behind the scenes look at the New Zealand team building the Copa America | 1 NEWS | Instant News

America’s Cup fever is only just starting to rise across the country as Team New Zealand have used the last months to prepare their defense for the cup at Auckland’s Hauraki Bay.

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For four years, Team New Zealand has been a bulwark, with most of its operations off limits to the media. Source: Sunday

Preparations, however, have been long in progress, starting soon after Auld Mug was appointed in Bermuda four years ago.

The sailing world is a complex mix of spying, lawsuits and funding dilemmas but for seasonal sailing enthusiasts, much of the drama filled the opening is forgotten once the boat takes to the water.

Much of Team New Zealand’s preparations for America’s 36th Cup have been shrouded in secrecy with opposing teams looking to extract possible intelligence to gain a tactical advantage.

However, with a fully staffed shipload of staff and many moving parts, managing such an organization can be an interesting sight.

Rebecca Wright on Sunday got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the top-secret Team New Zealand camp as they look to extend their tenure as America’s Cup holders in a long, must-watch feature report above.


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‘We are building houses for the rich’ – Economists say NZ is building the wrong type of property 1 NEWS | Instant News

One economist said that while construction rates are increasing, New Zealand is not building the right type of housing to deal with its housing crisis effectively.

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Despite rising building prices, the country is not supplying the housing that is in high demand, said Shamubeel Eaqub. Source: Q + A

Speaking at the Q + A panel this morning, Shamubeel Eaqub said there are two main areas that need to change if the new Government is to make inroads on this issue.

The first is to stop lending money to investors. Eaqub said the Minister of Finance must signal to the Reserve Bank that access to credit must be fair.

He said it would not interfere with the independence of the Reserve Bank because the bank had a mandate to maintain financial stability, and controlling where credit went was part of that.

The second is to build more communities and rental housing, because it’s okay for New Zealand to build quickly if there isn’t a targeted effort to build where it’s needed most, Eaqub said.

“We are building houses for the rich. We have to build homes for New Zealand’s bottom half that is lagging behind. “

Eaqub said that in some suburbs, houses with more than five bedrooms are common.

“His requests are from the poor and households with one to two bedrooms.”

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Judith Collins wants to put the brakes on loans that ‘keep raising house prices’

Property Board CEO Leonie Freeman, who joined Eaqub on the panel, said it was a common misconception that the country just needed to increase its “housing” stock, and took that as one thing.

Freeman said housing is a continuum, with transitional, emergency and social housing on the one hand, and market housing on the other.

He said an adequate supply should be available at all points of the continuum.

“A lot of that supply is in that housing market.”

Part of the problem is that those trying to solve the housing crisis are often operating behind closed doors, Freeman said.

He said that a “collective impact” approach was needed, which would bring together iwi, communities, private developers, and central and local governments to work towards a single target.

The target must then be mutually agreed upon, he said.

“The question for me with this target is not ‘Can we get there?’ It is ‘How do we get there because we have to?’ That’s the difference. “

But, there is no silver bullet solution, he added.

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Nick Goodall at CoreLogic said buyers took advantage of the low interest rates. Source: Breakfast

Eaqub said people can become “very violent with failure” when the government tries to set targets.

But he said he was happy the conversation had continued and there was now broad agreement that there was a housing crisis, rather than debating whether there was.

Should house prices come down?

Freeman says building more affordable housing doesn’t mean “saying crash the market”, because it’s about making different types of homes available to people.

He said he didn’t want to see house prices fall as it would be bad for the economy and homeowners.

Regarding the capital gains tax, which Labor has ruled out, Eaqub said: “The purpose of the capital gains tax – it will make it a fairer tax system. It will not solve our housing crisis. So, this is a different conversation. “

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Opposition parties faced the government, and even the former finance minister of Labor intervened. Source: 1 NEWS

He said it was better to focus on gaining policy advantages elsewhere that the Government did not rule out.

“We have to stop focusing on price and focus on the results we want to achieve.

“It’s about giving people safe and healthy shelter. We failed at that. This is a fundamental human right, and we lick it. “

This means the Government needs to focus on policies that help people’s homes, rather than looking at it from the lens of house prices, he said.


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Lake Ohau fire one of the most expensive in New Zealand history | 1 NEWS | Instant News

1 NEWS can reveal that the fire that destroyed about half of Lake Ohau village last month was one of the most expensive in New Zealand history.

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A massive insurance bill sparked a warning about where to build a home. Source: 1 NEWS

The hefty insurance bill has sparked a warning about where to build a home.

Nearly 50 mansions by the lake were destroyed when the flames broke out.

Now the cost of damages is nearly $ 35 million.

In comparison, the 2017 Port Hills fires in Christchurch cost insurance companies $ 18 million and the Tasman fires last year nearly $ 4 million.

“It’s really big,” said Tim Grafton of the Insurance Council.

“We have 150 home and contents claims, 24 car claims, and business claims too, and lots of homes, only total losses as well.”

Country Fire Scientist Grant Pearce of Scion has studied the behavior of wildfires for nearly 30 years and says he has never seen a fire like this.

“This will be the worst wildfires in terms of the impact I’ve experienced in that time … perhaps on a scale we haven’t seen in New Zealand for nearly a century.”

Pearce said, “most homes are relatively new, so 20 years or less in terms of construction, we would have thought that they would probably do quite well in wildfires compared to those with older properties but that’s not the case. “

He is concerned about the frequency of wildfires in New Zealand and said we need to rethink consent and focus very much on preparedness.

“It is through a better planning process that better risk assessments around the site of forest fires will increase in the future and … control of buildings on whether housing is built in those areas or not,” he said.

Fire and Emergency NZ notifies 1 NEWS that an investigation into the cause of the Lake Ohau blaze is ongoing.

While many Kiwis will be chilling out this summer, authorities are urging people to have fire preparedness in front of mind, especially with La Nina’s scheduled weather patterns.

That includes keeping gutters clean, lawn mowing low and having a clean zone around your home.

MetService’s Lewis Ferris said “prolonged hot and dry periods are what will cause these fires … People have to be more careful, even with their household chores. Mowing grass can start fires in very dry conditions.”

Here are some more useful fire safety tips from Fire and Emergency:

• do not store flammable materials under or on top of your house or deck – for example, coverings for outdoor furniture or firewood.

• Has a non-flammable mat.

• keep gutters and areas that collect debris clean during the summer months so that embers cannot enter.

• use stones, cement, tiles and green grass to create a ‘clear zone’ around your house so that surface fires cannot reach your home.

• keep the grass watered and green during the hot summer months.

• Remove all trees, long grass, shrubs and logs, twigs and needles within 10 meters of your house, as they are fuel for the fire.

• Make sure your driveway is wide enough to accommodate emergency vehicles (at least 4 x 4 meters).

• make sure your home number is easily found by emergency services.


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