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FDA Approves Corona Health Tests at Baptist Homes – NBC 6 South Florida | Instant News

The Food and Drug Administration has granted emergency permission to a South Florida hospital to conduct a COVID-19 swab test in its own laboratory.

Baptist Health South Florida is the first organization in Florida – and one of 12 in the country – to receive emergency authorization.

Officials with Baptist say the Miami Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory Hospital will be able to carry out 40 to 80 tests at home every day – with results received within 24 hours.

“Having this test allows us to expand our testing capabilities at our home, enabling us to make treatment decisions faster and quarantine patients precisely,” said Edwin Gould, M.D., head of pathology, the Miami Cancer Institute. “We are fortunate to have all the very sophisticated equipment and expertise needed at home – enabling the transition in a short period of time.”

Home testing allows hospitals to slowly wean by relying
private laboratory for test results, which can take days.

Other hospital laboratories that have received emergency authorization
including Stanford
Health Care, Northwestern Medicine, Yale New Haven Medicine and Children
Philadelphia Hospital.


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COVID-19 Kills 7 More People in Dallas County, Cloth Coverings Needed in Public Starting Saturday – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth | Instant News

Seven elderly people died in Dallas County after contracting COVID-19, according to regional officials who also confirmed 80 other positive cases on Thursday.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins also said that people who visit important businesses, work in important businesses or those who drive public transportation will be required to have a piece of cloth covering their mouths and noses.

“We must limit all unnecessary trips. Each trip carries risks for you, your family and the wider community. To better protect you and our frontline heroes, we require all visitors to important businesses, key business employees, and drivers public transportation to wear cloth cover starts Saturday, “Jenkins said in a prepared statement. “There are more cars on the road this week. That’s a problem. If some of us are lazy to make good personal responsibility decisions we will not only endanger public health but extend this to ourselves and everyone.”

Changed shelters in the district said violations of the order, which included face covering, could be punished with fines of up to $ 1,000 and / or jail time.

“Because an infected person can transmit the COVID-19 virus to others before showing any symptoms, a person’s nose and mouth cover is needed to help slow the spread of the virus. Effective at 11:59 a.m. on April 17, 2020, as far as possible all people aged in “two (2) must wear a kind of nose and mouth cover, such as a homemade mask, scarf, bandana or handkerchief, when holding an Essential Business or using public transportation,” the order said.

The penalties are consistent with those in other Texas cities and counties that require face covering, including Travis County (Austin) and cities Laredo where both residents were warned about a possible $ 1,000 fine for non-compliance.

Of the last seven victims, the county said six were Dallas residents and one was Garland residents. Three of the victims were residents of long-term care facilities. All victims have been critically ill even though it is unknown whether they suffer from underlying health conditions. The ages of the victims range from the 60s to the 80s. No further information about the victims was released.

Regional officials did not provide details about the location of 80 new cases – that information will be released in the aggregate report on Friday. The total number of confirmed cases in Dallas County is now 2,066.

Jenkins has called 4 things. a press conference where he was expected to discuss the district’s fight against the pandemic, strengthen the message of compliance and increase testing for infections. A live video from the press conference will appear at the top of this article.

* Location maps are approximate, central locations for cities and are not intended to show where the infected person actually lives.

** The total counties below cover 32 states of North Texas, not only Collin, Dallas, Denton, and Tarrant.


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BBB Reports Drastic Increase in Complaints Travel Trip Refunds – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth | Instant News

Pandemic has hit the travel industry hard.

And if you have already booked a summer vacation, you are
might feel the pain too.

The Better Business Bureau gets a big increase in
complaints about travel companies and their refund policy. We were told
hundreds have been filed in North Texas alone.

The misery of travel is very difficult at school and
parents who have planned an educational trip for students at the end of school

For example, Texas International Leadership, charter
a school with many locations throughout Texas, has so many students who are excited to travel
next month to places like New York, Washington, D.C. and Costa Rica for 7,
Students in grades 8 and 11.

But the pandemic destroyed the plans and parents found out how to get their money back or guaranteed that their money could be used for future school trips with the travel company, EF Educational Tours. Those who want a full refund will be able to get all their money back, minus $ 1,000 for cancellation fees.

“I don’t know anyone who has an extra thousand dollars
in their back pocket they can throw. I know of course not, and
we are a family of five, “said the parents, who did not want to reveal their names
but talked to NBC 5 about his experience. “I haven’t received anything for what
I already paid. ”

He is just one of hundreds of local parents who feel that right now. He said that he paid nearly $ 3,000 in advance for the EF Educational Tours company trip for his son’s high school trip to Costa Rica and also bought travel insurance but found a good print, legally excluding pandemic.

“I feel like I have to jump through a circle, I feel that way
even though it’s not an easy and easy process, “he said.” I feel like us
punished. Such a punishment. I have something else to do, I have
kids at home that I’m homeschooling. ”

Parents have several other options if they want to keep it
their investment in the whole trip, including getting the travel voucher
lasts two and a half years, transferring vouchers to other children for other children
travel, or transfer vouchers to other families.

However, for parents who have children to graduate later
years or who do not have other children who are eligible for travel in the next two years
over the years, the voucher might not be worth it. Vouchers are also taken into account
non-educational travel if the whole family wants to use it, but some say
Financial pressures in the economy and job loss may not be the best
option now.

Fortunately, schools say they have sought more solutions
with the company and able to cut cancellation fees by more than half.

What can travelers
To do?

The Better Business Bureau said this experience highlights the big problems facing the travel industry today.

“That is a challenge. What we say to people is to be patient and try hard to work with those companies specifically. Everyone knows that when this ends, the company will still need customers, “said Phylissia Clark, VP Public Relations for BBB Serving North Central Texas. “Be careful with the fact that businesses take this balancing act and try to do their best to make consumers happy. But it can be very, very difficult if they want the lights to remain on their doors open,” Clark said. .

Be persistent. It might take a lot of negotiation but
The company makes adjustments to respect the return of money when the situation develops.

“They might want to bend whatever the contract says
try and fix a customer service dispute, “Clark said.

If that doesn’t work, dispute the fee to your bank.

“They must give you detailed receipts for everything
that you’ve spent money if they try to charge you, “Clark said.” Worth it
ask the company to give you all the documents and have all the evidence
things have been spent. And persistently, continue to dialogue
with those companies. ”

And if all else fails, submit a complaint to the BBB or the Prosecutor’s Office
General Office.

“Tell us that this company does not respect the return of their money
policy or not work with you, “Clark said.” Because in some ways it is
can be a deceptive means. ”

When it comes to travel insurance, Clark explains why many
the policy does not cover cancellations and claims are denied.

“The real problem is that it’s usually in those contracts
there is something called force majeure. It says if there is
some kind of disaster – which usually means a storm or tornado or
some weather events that will stop something happening – usually it is
will trigger that clause and you will get a refund because everyone understands
it’s out of people’s control, “Clark said.” But the difficulty is now
whether a global pandemic is one of those situations. Because
no one will write a ‘global pandemic’ orally or into terms and conditions
contract conditions are therefore not a priority for anyone. Oh, I see
debated now, legally, whether the cabinet was triggered or not. ”

In the end, Clark said that everyone struggled
across the board.

“Types of companies that provide existing services
financially canceled. In many cases this is very
reputable companies that want to work with you, but they maintain a balance
payroll for their employees, trying not to lay off people and deal
with their expenses, “he said.

EF Educational Tours says cancellation fees exist because travel companies book flight tickets, hotel and tour costs in large quantities in advance, an investment that comes with a set of own costs.

The company issued the following statement to NBC 5 with information they share with parents from school trips and other travelers at this time.

The health and safety of our travelers and staff have been our top priority for more than 55 years. We are closely monitoring the situation of COVID-19, continuing to communicate with our offices throughout the world, and actively following the guidance of all relevant authorities.

The long-term impact of the COVID-19 virus on global travel is unclear, and the situation is changing and changing every day. Given these circumstances, we now offer our tour groups with travel plans until May 31 cash refunds (less than $ 1,000 per person) as an alternative to transferable travel vouchers, which, of course, also remain an option.

We also continue to adjust our Peace of Mind program and flexible re-order options, our voucher program, and our cancellation policy by instituting a freeze on fees and an extended schedule to cancel or re-order the tour.

Specifically, we now offer our tourists the expanded options below. You can see more details about how travel vouchers work here. We also have general FAQs and special vouchers here and here.

All travelers with trips until May 31 will automatically receive travel vouchers that can be transferred in full amount paid (including all payments that are normally non-refundable) until 30 September 2022.

Travel vouchers can be used by individual travelers for EF products including tours for adults and young adults, language travel programs, and new tour packages that we have designed specifically for senior graduates.

The full amount of the travel voucher can also be transferred to other people in the family or school traveler community.

Individuals or groups can also exchange their vouchers for a cash refund of less than $ 1,000 per person. The $ 1,000 fee allows us to partially cover costs related to non-refundable payments to suppliers and staff, while funding flexible reorder options in our Peace of Mind program.

For travelers departing June 1 or newer, know that all tours remain scheduled according to plan. Depending on how the current situation develops, we are committed to offering similar options. We advise individuals and groups who have expressed interest to travel before the end of the year to postpone the cancellation for now.


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Shooting incident kills one during distribution of rations in Karachi | Instant News



One man was killed, while three others were injured after four people opened fire on the distribution of rations in Surjani City on Tuesday.

The deceased was identified as Javed, 35 years old, son of Muhammad. Those injured included Saleem’s dead brother, 40 years old, and 18-year-old Adnan, Raheem’s son, and 22-year-old Azeem, Abdul Aziz’s son.

The injured were immediately taken to the Abbas Shaheed Hospital, where the injured were said to be in stable condition.

The body of the deceased was handed over to the family after completion of medico-legal formalities.

The police identified the suspects as Mudassir, Abdullah Shah, Shamu and Din.

“According to local residents, staff of the welfare organization had arrived in the area to distribute rations a day ago, where clashes occurred with an unknown man over the formation of a queue,” police shared. The dispute was then resolved.

However, the four suspects returned the next day and began firing on staff who had arrived in the area to continue their rations.

The police claimed that all the suspects were Surjani City residents, and raids were carried out for their arrest.


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Mario Isola: Pirelli F1 boss who volunteers in the coronavirus fight | Instant News

In conversations with Super Mario, F1 as Pirelli’s head of conversation works at the forefront of the Italian COVID-19 battle, the 2020 season and more

By Craig Slater

Last Updated: 11/04/20 13:26


Pirelli F1 head Mario Isola speaks exclusively to Craig Sports from Sky Sports News about volunteers as ambulance drivers, the 2020 season and more

Pirelli F1 head Mario Isola speaks exclusively to Craig Sports from Sky Sports News about volunteers as ambulance drivers, the 2020 season and more

Mario Isola is an unusual F1 hero. The fact is he’s a more fictional superhero: responsible work; costume changes and special missions at night. Only he is real. F1 chief Pirelli first volunteered as a paramedic at the age of 18 and had served for 30 years in Milan’s ambulance.

After two weeks of alienation on his return to Italy (a Pirelli employee who worked in Melbourne tested positive for the corona virus), he quickly returned to the front lines when the epidemic in his native land reached its peak.

“Last week I did the night shift and it started at 7 pm,” he told me. “We never returned until five o’clock in the morning. We had one mission after another and after such a night it was quite difficult. I returned home and I needed to rest because it had a big impact.

“As a driver, I am isolated in front of a van trying to avoid contact with the people behind, but if necessary I have to support others, then I have to use extra protection.

“Weird. You can’t bring relatives of patients. It’s quite difficult on the psychological side, because any relative, any friend can be a big supporter. Instead they have to go alone to the hospital. Sometimes we talk about parents and because of that family don’t know whether they will see that relative again. “

If you watch the video, you can hear the fatigue in his voice. A lot has changed in a short amount of time. In July 2019, Mario held lunch with several journalists including myself and Ben Hunt, who reminded me of his other work through good article last week.

In the sunny Chelsea beer garden (remember that) Mario explains how voluntary work is mostly at night, giving him a perspective on life amid the luxury and sensation of F1. At that time he almost did not expect this. Even six weeks ago anyone in F1 expected this?

“I’m sure that compared to Melbourne and compared to [winter testing in] Barcelona there is a difference in perception of the problem. If you remember when we were in Barcelona for the first week everyone was 100 percent sure it was only a Chinese problem. “Ah, that’s not our problem. That is China. We will postpone the race. It does not matter. We will find a solution and we will be fine. ‘

“Then in seconds [test] Their session said the problem was in Italy. “Still, no problem.” Then in Melbourne everyone realized it was a world problem and not in one country. “

Pirelli F1 head Mario Isola speaks exclusively to Craig Sports from Sky Sports News about volunteers as ambulance drivers, the 2020 season and more

Pirelli F1 head Mario Isola speaks exclusively to Craig Sports from Sky Sports News about volunteers as ambulance drivers, the 2020 season and more

Daily work requires regular conferences with F1 teams and government agencies when embryonic plans for a revised calendar are formed. Beginning in July, with three weekends, one weekend holiday schedule depends on any tire supply.

“Eighteen races in six months is really a lot. We have produced tires for Bahrain, Vietnam and China so that all the tires are available. They are in containers that return to England. We have started production for several races and it is clear as soon as calendar draft appears we will work on a plan to produce the required tires.

“For events abroad, this is a little more difficult, not only for tires but also equipment because we have a number of kits that travel the world. If we start having triple headers, it will be difficult to cover all different countries. But I am sure they will create a situation that makes sense for us to supply tires. “

If the season can start again, can it also be stopped again? What if there is a second round infection? The Pirelli tested positive for corona virus after Melbourne recovered fully, but is the tire supplier in a very vulnerable position?

“Pirelli is on all teams. In Melbourne, we decided to avoid engineers visiting the installation area. We divided the workers into two shifts to reduce the number of people to have more room to avoid close contact.”

“In hospitality we separate offices, to avoid close contact. The Italians and British are separated to avoid spreading the virus to different countries. The craftsmen and engineers have contact with the team, so if anyone has contact with the Pirelli people then they spread the virus throughout Formula 1, so that’s not good.That is why we made many plans to reduce – I can’t say avoid – but reduce this possibility after we restarted.

“I hope that from this negative situation we can learn. We can learn how lucky we are in many different aspects of our lives. I think we have spoken in the past about this and I tell you that this type of voluntary activity has given me feedback how lucky I am in my normal life, but every day, the same nurses and doctors are far more exposed than we are, I am grateful for the people who sacrificed their lives. Suppose in Italy we have more than 80 doctors who died. risk their lives. “

Own risk borne lightly. He is one of the F1 heroes in all this – super Mario in real life.


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