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Domestic game FAU-G launched in the Google Play store | Instant News

New Delhi: FAU-G: Fearless and Joint Guard, widely regarded as a popular local alternative PUBG mobile phone, Released on the Google Play Store on Tuesday. The company said it expects to launch an iOS version soon. The game was listed on the Google Play store in December, requires pre-registration, and has received more than 5 million clicks.

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar announced in September that the game caused quite a stir due to its patriotic colors and Indian origin-it was developed by a company based in Bangalore gambling Start Studio nCore. The announcement also coincided with India’s ban on PUBG Mobile.

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FAU-G can be downloaded for free with in-app purchases and optional ads. It has a built-in store where players can buy weapons such as clubs, axes, pipes, and use the in-game tokens to recruit trained commandos in their teams. They can make money in the game or use real Money to buy.

The ban on PUBG Mobile created a vacuum in India’s Royal War and mobile e-sports. When many gamers turned to Garena Free Fire, PUBG Corporation, PUBG Mobile’s Korean creators have been trying to relaunch the game in India with a modification for India and a new name PUBG Mobile India. PUBG has also severed its relationship with Tencent Games, the Chinese publisher of Indian games.

At present, FAU-G has released the “Story of Galwan Valley” with the single-player campaign as the main campaign. It was based on a skirmish between Indian and Chinese forces that occurred at the LAC (Line of Actual Control) in the Galvan Valley from May to June, which resulted in the death of 20 Indian army personnel. The movement has narration and narration in Hindi.

The game also has two other modes, called “Team Deathmatch” and “Free for All”. Both will be multiplayer modes. The former is likely to function like CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive), while the latter is expected to follow the royal battle mode of PUBG Mobile and other similar games (including Garena Free Fire).

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The New York Times worries about children playing video games too much during the pandemic | Instant News

An illustration titled

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yesterday, New York Times It tells a story about how children spent too much time playing video games and using mobile phones during the covid-19 pandemic. Today, this story is on the front page of the newspaper.It seems strange considering how the world is disintegrating and democracy is disappearing before our eyes, but, yes, let us consider that the children may be playing too much Rob Rox.

article, Runs on January 16Some experts were quoted and many “scary” figures about the show time were put forward. But this also obscures the fact that video games and the Internet have helped many people (children and adults) stay in touch and stay sane during this terrible time.

The entire post was strangely booked by a small random family currently struggling in the pandemic. Their son plays a lot of video games to connect with friends. His father and mother were worried about how much time he spent in front of the screen, but he also knew that this was one of several ways he had to socialize safely while covid-19 was running wild around the world. I think this is a difficult situation, and I think many parents around the world are experiencing this situation. But only highlighting children and how much screen time they use, it ignores that all of us, not just children and teenagers, are dealing with the increase in screen time and the lack of real human interaction. Instead, this article continues to explore how unhealthy and dangerous all this screen time is for children. How do children need to disconnect more.Kids play too much Rob Rox.

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image: Rob Rox

“When you are married and under pressure, what are you going to do? Tell your wife, do you need to play Xbox?” This is a sentence from the mother’s story, because the son explained that after their dog died on New Year’s Eve, he Use games to get rid of sadness. Presented as negative. But when I and others use video games to relieve stress or get out of a bad day, I can list countless times. This is not my attempt to throw this mother under the bus. I can understand the frustration she and many others are experiencing.

The real question is why this frustration needs to be placed on the first page of the ad New York TimesAppeared in an article that views video games and the Internet as dangerous, addictive things that are destroying our children and restraining them. Literally, the beginning of this article quoted his father saying that he felt he had “failed” his son because he played video games and used a mobile phone. As I saw in some local news broadcasts in the 90s, the background is a clip of NES children.

This is not the first time we see Larger and older stores are only for kids who play games And try to use scary information and scary numbers to construct a narrative that completely ignores reality.

Is there any reason to worry about how much time we all spend online? probably. Spending 12 hours on Twitter, destined to be involved in the latest tragedy, probably hurt me in a way that I don’t fully understand. However, things are different now. The world is fighting a global pandemic that kills thousands every day. Many of us are trapped inside, dealing with all the stress and boredom. Through all this, we continue to work, go to school, raise children and deal with hundreds of other issues. I don’t have to tell you how difficult life has been for many of us in the past year (check calendar)? (damn it…)

So if you or your child need to escape and want to play some my world Maybe you will end up playing a few more hours than usual, don’t worry. We all rely on digital apps and services to stay connected and happy. Binge some Netflix. Have a Zoom hangout meeting with family and friends.Or play some Call of Duty Theater And your long-distance brothers and sisters.

Life is already very difficult now. Don’t beat yourself for taking care of yourself or letting children play with friends.


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Microsoft Flight Simulator sees more than 2 million pilots flying on PCs, and VR support is coming this week | Instant News

Microsoft Flight Simulator It will get its highly anticipated VR update this week, and provide support for all headsets and VR settings in time before the holiday. Based on our reviews, we noticed that games/simulation games are a platform, and this experience will grow and develop over the years. In the middle of next year, Xbox Series X This version will be released soon, and more content updates will also be made to improve the entertainment of its already shocking planet.

And it is this aspect of Flight Sim that makes more than 2 million players count as something worth highlighting, especially when it gets some really fascinating statistics.

As mentioned above, even with 2 million players, only 72% of the earth can be seen in the game. This means that nearly 30% of all of us living on this planet, as well as all the crazy satellites and rendering technologies in the game, are still unknown. Very cool. Statistics elsewhere indicate that pilots have conducted more than 50 million flights, a distance equivalent to 19 round trips from the earth to the sun.

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“As we have said time and time again, the 2020 release is just the beginning of our journey with Microsoft Flight Simulator,” write Jorg Neumann, head of Microsoft Flight Simulator. “We are very happy to bring this momentum into 2021 – we will launch it on Xbox Series X|S in the summer, and we plan to make 3 major updates to the simulation, and will update the world 4-5 through other world updates. Times (as well as some other surprises we planned).”


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Meta score for each entry in the series since 2000 | Instant News

EA has released another series for its FIFA edition- FIFA 21 On October 6, it is equipped with the best graphics and optimized for the next-generation game consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

EA Sports FIFA game is by far the most famous football game known to mankind. But is the new FIFA 21 good enough?

As there are many complaints about bugs, malfunctions, and overall game performance, please check the Metacritic scores of each entry in the FIFA series on the PlayStation platform since 2000 to understand how the criticized FIFA 21 maintains its predecessor status.

21. FIFA 21-72 / 0.7

The current version has a low score of 72, with a full score of 0.7/10.

20. FIFA 20-79 / 1.2

FIFA 20 scored 79 points, ranking second in the list with less than 80 points.

19. FIFA 06-80 / 7.8

It is the most favorite among fans, but critics did not see their instincts. It scored 80 points, which is close to second from the bottom.

18. FIFA 08-81 / 7.1

Parallel to the score, the lower number in the user score part will drop it slightly to 18th.

17. FIFA 05-81 / 7.5

At No. 17, users score higher. FIFA 05 points to FIFA 08.

16. FIFA 16-82 / 4.4

FIFA 16’s slow-paced game resulted in a poor user rating of 4.4. Ironically, it is in 16th place.

15. FIFA 15-82 / 5.6

A higher user score also places FIFA 15 in 15th place. The best feature of this game is the soundtrack.

14. FIFA 02-82 / 6.1

FIFA games with average scores are one of the most enjoyable games, which is not fair. But FIFA 02 can have more advantages than other more modern similar products.

13. FIFA 07-82 / 7.8

Critics are not full of praise for this version, which is loved by many people. Players all over the world like the peak era of manager mode.

12. FIFA 19-83 / 1.9

Another modern entry was disliked by users due to errors and synthetic games, but critics disagreed, and FIFA 19 scored 83 points.

11. FIFA 01-83 / 7.3

The oldest game in the list is ranked 11th. The score for this edition is quite impressive.

10. FIFA 18-84 / 3.4

With an excellent 3.4 user rating, FIFA 18 entered the top 10 with a huge gap. In addition to the World Cup mode, this game was disappointing.

9. FIFA 04-84 / 6.4

FIFA 4 has a 9th higher user score on FIFA 18.

8. FIFA 17-85 / 4.9

Another modern FIFA entry shocked by the low user ratings-FIFA 17-truly shows how these games have gone down in recent years.

7. FIFA 14-87 / 6.3

Critics have left a deep impression on FIFA 14-FIFA 14 is the first generation of games released on modern consoles. However, the players thought it failed to reach the height it could have reached.

6. FIFA 09-87 / 7.5

The first game in the series featuring the ultimate team-FIFA 09-was well received by critics and fans and is still regarded as a classic today.

5. FIFA 13-88 / 6.7

Since the release of FIFA 13, things have definitely decreased. This is the last time FIFA and user scores exceeded 6.5.

4. FIFA 03-88 / 6.6

Just like its predecessor FIFA 02, this version has a classic and nostalgic feel. But surprisingly, it has the lowest user score in the top 10.

3. FIFA 11-89 / 8.1

It can be said to be the best FIFA version of this century. FIFA 11, with the highest user rating, dates back to the fun days of Ultimate Team.

2. FIFA 12-90 / 7.2

Not as loved as FIFA 11, but still a good entry. Skills turn rich emojis and Emile Heskey into memes in the game-the situation is definitely different.

1. FIFA 10-91 / 7.6

An amazing game, well deserved. The FIFA 10 version seems to be perfect for all game modes. So far, it provides players with the most balanced and interesting experience among all modes.


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