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Racing: That copy sends a bold signal to New Zealand’s Cup rivals | Instant News


It only took 75 years but Pukekohe coach Ray Green had a New Zealand Cup starter, and is now a favorite.

The popular north coach had one of his greatest days in office yesterday when Copy That knocked out his opponents at the Ashburton Flying Stakes just an hour after American Dealer beat the southerners in the heat of the Sires’ Stakes.

The latest win was Green’s 400th training success in New Zealand but the 401 victory was all the more meaningful as Copy That raced through one of the fastest last 400m sections ever recorded in this part of the world.

After working for the lead by a mile from the 2400m stand, Flying Stakes started to leave, Copy That unleashed the final 400m 25.2 seconds, not much slower than any decent race would have raced for the same piece.

That meant the previous NZ Cup favorite Self Assured couldn’t make the ground after sitting in the park while Spankem, who was sitting on the sole clawing his way to third.

The fact that the three favorites settled in the last three places and still dominated suggests one of them should win the $ 540,000 Cup in Addington on November 10, which now Copy That and Self Assured share $ 2.80 of favoritism.

The copy was so fast that, if he could achieve another Cup lead, it would take something better than what we saw yesterday to beat him, with Green not worried about the extra 800m of the Cup even though the Copy was just a four year old who didn’t. ever race for the last ride.

“I don’t think it will bother him, not the way he will stop after this,” said Green.

“You won’t even know he’s been racing, he’s just jogging.

So I think he’s going to tackle the 3200m and I’ll take him to the Cup trials (Addington next week) now just to keep it ticking.

Green has accomplished much in his harness racing career, training and riding horses in Wales and Ireland and has had consistent group-level success with horses such as Sir Lincoln and King Of Swing since taking over as trainer for Lincoln Farms.

But he never even started in the New Zealand Cup, a race every New Zealand rope coach wants to win.

“It’s a tough race to get a horse, let alone win. So I think I’ll be really excited over the next week or two as we get closer,” said Green, who was usually curt.

While the All Stars stables tend to hold a grip on New Zealand Cup favoritism and punters’ hearts, Copy That suggested yesterday if he could take the lead in the Cup he would take an awful lot of run down, especially since this Cup may not have many good enough horses to attack, or hold him to take the lead in this.

So, the draw of the barrier on Wednesday next week will be of great importance, especially as Self Assured looks set to start off on a roll and therefore could give The Copy a great start if the latter draws the front lines.

Green also expects a useful draw and marker run on Cup Day for American Dealers, who beat It’s All About Faith and Krug in the Heat Stakes Sires.

Against the marker, whether leading or trailing, the American dealer can beat the south star but if a horse like Krug, who was brave third after sitting parked yesterday, is in front of him the Sires bet may be over.

However, Green’s brace yesterday revived the Day Cup, which has so dominated the South Island over the past decade.

Another feature of Sunday also goes to another leader in Majestic Man, who used gate speed and high cruising tempo to escape the Flying Mile Trotter at 1: 54.1, just outside of Marcoola’s national mile record.

There’s some good runs behind it but not much that will scare Sundees’ favorite Dominion for what’s ahead in the iconic trot in Addington in two weeks.


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Covid 19 coronavirus: No new community cases today, only one in managed isolation | Instant News


WHO announced that China and South Korea have now joined COVAX, with the aim of promoting equitable distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine globally. Video / AP

There are no new community cases of Covid-19 to report today and only one in managed isolation.

The Health Ministry said the number of daily Covid Tracer scans had more than doubled since last Wednesday and called the level of testing over the long weekend “enjoyable”.

The case in managed isolation was under investigation yesterday and has now been classified as a confirmed case – but the person has recovered.

Three other people have also recovered, meaning the number of active cases in New Zealand is 70.

The Health Ministry said six days of testing of the crew of an international fishing vessel at a border hotel in Christchurch had also been completed and there were no new cases to report.

The total number of confirmed cases in New Zealand is 1579.


There were 5396 tests processed yesterday, and the Health Ministry said these were “strong weekend numbers”.

“Testing was also fun in the Auckland area, with the metropolitan DHB reporting steady demand at seven community testing centers in the area, where 633 people were wiped out yesterday.”

There are seven community testing centers open over the long weekend at:

• Northcote Community Testing Center.
• Accident and Medical Northcare, Whānau House in Henderson.
• Western Springs Community Testing Center.
• Whānau Ora Community Clinic in Wiri.
• Otara Community Testing Center.
• Parking for North Harbor stadium in Albany.

Testing is also available throughout metropolitan Auckland at a number of emergency care clinics and general practices over the long weekend.

All tests are free.

The Health Ministry said anyone could contact Healthline 24/7 for advice and information on testing sites. Covid’s special number is 0800 358 5453.

“We would also like to thank the primary care team conducting the testing today, laboratory staff, public health teams, hospital staff and other healthcare professionals who worked during this long weekend to support our pandemic response.”

Covid Tracer

The Health Ministry said the number of poster scans was nearly double compared to the number reported last Wednesday and that was “encouraging”.

“The more we scan, the safer we are. The faster we respond, the sooner we stop it.”

If you can’t or don’t want to use the app, the ministry encourages people to use the written sign-in process that should be available at businesses. For your own records, you should also use other methods that work for you, such as the NZ Covid Tracer booklet, which can be downloaded from the ministry’s website.


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Pak’s business school canceled lectures with renowned economist Atif Mian after threats from extremists-ANI | Instant News

Karachi [Pakistan], 23 October (ANI): A Pakistan-based business school was forced to cancel an online seminar with renowned economist Dr Atif Mian following pressure from extremist groups.
Dr Mian, who comes from the Ahmadiyya community, is scheduled to speak on “Why is economic growth in Pakistan lagging?” at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) in Karachi. However, the seminar was canceled due to threats from extremists.
“Lecture by Dr Atif R. Mian” Why is economic growth lagging behind in Pakistan? “The ones scheduled for November 5, 2020 have been canceled. The inconvenience is regrettable,” tweeted IBA Karachi.
Dr Mian also confirmed the news about the seminar.
“Sorry to report that my zoom economics seminar at IBA Karachi has been canceled due to threats facing the university administration from extremists. My best wishes and prayers are with IBA students,” tweeted Mian.
Back in September 2018, Atif Mian was asked to step down from Imran Khan’s Economic Advisory Council within days of his appointment as a member of the Ahmadiyya community, reports Dawn.
So many of Imran Khan’s claims to protect the Pakistani minority. He could do nothing about the smear campaign launched on social media to demand that Mian be removed for his Ahmadi beliefs.
Following Dr Mian’s announcement of the IBA seminar, Wendy Gilmour, Canada’s high commissioner to Pakistan expressed regret for the development.
“I am very sorry to hear this. Opportunities were lost for students and the wider community,” Gilmour tweeted.
The news comes after the UK-based All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has revealed details about the discrimination facing the Ahmadi community in Pakistan.
In August, a report entitled “Suffocation of the Faithful – the persecution of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan and the rise of International Extremism” said that persecution of the peace-loving community has intensified following the separation of the Indian subcontinent and the creation of Pakistan. (ANI)

Rejection: The views expressed in the above articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publisher. Unless otherwise noted, the author writes in his personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be considered to represent the ideas, attitudes or official policies of any agency or agency.


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Crystal meth officers at Auckland Airport: Air New Zealand baggage handlers apply a fee | Instant News

Baggage guards for Air New Zealand have been charged with helping drug smugglers smuggle 20kg of methamphetamine through border security checks. Photo / Brett Phibbs

EXCLUSIVE: The red flag was raised when the 25-year-old rapper from Auckland flew to the United States shortly after New Zealand emerged from level 4 lockdown and returned just five days later. Customs officer found


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Ethereum Competitor | Crypto-News.net | Instant News

Ethereum started the DApp revolution with innovative blockchain technology and features. As DeFi gained traction, Ethereum naturally became the de facto platform of choice for its various tools and projects. But it continues to weaken due to DeFi’s unprecedented continued growth and its own inability to scale up linearly. Ethereum’s plans to address this problem by moving from Proof-of-Work to a much more scalable Proof-of-Stake have also been put on hold. This creates opportunities for new blockchain platforms to support growing demand.

Some projects show so much potential in attracting DeFi apps and projects that experts naturally wonder who the “Ethereum Killer” will be. But as exciting as it may sound, proving to be one by eliminating the giants is another ball game.

Instead of going over all the technical intricacies of such a project, this article will focus on their general view. This will give a clearer picture of the current DeFi space. Let’s examine the current status of a few projects that deserve the Ethereum Killer badge – two early competitors and two current competitors.

EOS – The ‘Near’ Ethereum Killer

Blockchain projects are launched with high hopes of directly challenging Ethereum on the smart contracts and DApps front. But since then, the initial gas has faded away, and the current status doesn’t inspire confidence. Many developers, including the EOS tribe, one of the significant EOS block producers, have decided to leave the platform due to an alleged lack of proper decentralization. In November 2019, EOS downgraded the once-notorious bandwidth to a few degrees due to network spam connected to EIDOS token mining.

Defiprime data shows that the EOS platform claims 22 of the 214 DeFi projects registered there. But not all of them attract a large number of users. The popular website DappRadar reports that only four major EOS-based DApps are attracting a sizeable amount of traffic.

  • Equilibrium –Universal operable DeFi hub
  • Vigor Protocol – P2P lending platform
  • Chintai – Token rental platform
  • EOS Microloan – Platform offering micro-loans

However, tracking data over the past 30 days reveals that the following EOS DeFi apps are gaining huge volumes –

  • Defibox – One stop DeFi application platform
  • Dmd.Finance – The first EOS-based yield farming platform
  • DeFis Network – An open financial network that integrates several DeFi protocols

B2B FinTech is another exciting project with potential. It is a service provider for issuing, managing, and trading secondary securities.


The DeFi world may have found the real Ethereum killer on Tron – it looks like it at least, thanks to the aggressive marketing skills of its founder and CEO, Justin Sun. He encouraged Tron to become a market leader following DeFi’s current direction.

However, it has been clear for some time that the project is an excellent example of marketing that goes far beyond its technological achievements.

Tron’s major milestone so far has been the release of more than two billion highly liquid USDT stablecoins of the TRC-20 standard on its network. Another move that is widely welcomed from a user’s point of view is a free USDT transfer between the largest and most medium-sized exchanges – an action that may not be in the best business interests of the business.

The Tron DappRadar-based project list shows about three important DeFi projects –

  • ONLY – Financial ecosystem offering asset lending and management arrangements. The JUST token IEO was held by Poloneix in February this year.
  • Zethyr Finance –. A lending platform that offers TRX and other TRC-20 token-based coins for loans. This is the first DeFi on Tron.
  • Oikos.cash – Synthetic asset platforms such as Synthetix based on Ethereum

Several new projects such as Sun, Unifi Protocol, or SharkTron have generated substantial volumes in the last 30 days.

The Kava Project

On the other hand, Kava is a recent DeFi project and has shown a lot of potential. Built on the Cosmos SDK, it’s a cross-chain platform for DeFi. It uses Tendermint’s Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism to bring linear scalability features to the project. Kava launched its mainnet on June 10, 2020.

Kava’s core functionality is similar to MakerDAO – releasing USDX stablecoins by locking assets as collateral. However, it can add various crypto coins from independent networks like Binance via the Cosmos zone. In particular, Binance Coin (BNB) is a reasonable choice, as Binance and Kava use the Cosmos SDK which allows for easy integration. This multi-coin asset collateral enables interoperability. In addition, Kava plans to use XRP, BTC, and ATOM as collateral assets. For network governance, it uses a token called Kava.

Like Ethereum, Kava places an emphasis on composability. It aims to be the DeFi hub for Cosmos hub and zone models. Thanks to the Kava architecture, developers can easily move Ethereum-based DeFi projects like Augur and Compound to the Cosmos blockchain.


Algorand is another blockchain 3.0 project that is making its presence felt in the DeFi space. It is an asset publishing and management platform focused on developing enterprise-level infrastructure and ecosystems.

It uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm to deliver high scalability, speed and security. Algorand has intelligently implemented most of the essential features such as ASA, smart contracts, Atomic swaps on layer-1 – going further in the race to become the Ethereum killer for DeFi. Periodic upgrades are Algorand’s forte, as evidenced by adding smart contracts with state status to its stateless version.

In 2020, Tether and Circle launched their stablecoins (USDT and USDC) on the Algorand platform. IDEX also added Algorand to develop next-generation DEX services. Some of the other notable DeFi partnerships are as follows –

  • CBDC Marshall Islands – Algorand is the infrastructure platform of choice for developing the country’s Central Bank Digital Currency
  • IBMR.io – Using Algorand’s strong tokenization system, it created a microfinance system for the urban working class in South Asia.
  • Reports – Offers stablecoins more Australia gold assets through tokenization.
  • Republic – Offers digital securities on the platform.

The increasing presence of DeFi collaborations in the long list of partnership projects shows Algorand’s growing popularity.


As interesting as it sounds, being an Ethereum killer is difficult (but not impossible), especially since Etherem had significant beginnings. So, for now, the term implies challenging Ethereum on an equal footing. While previous projects may fail to live up to the hype (for now), several new projects with real potential have emerged. But one thing is confirmed – developing a DeFi application will eventually create a blockchain 3.0 project centered on DeFi.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article and contains positive statements about the future. Make sure to do your own research! Crypto-News.Net is not responsible for any losses that may arise from your interaction with this content.


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