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Action is being taken against 17 sugar factories, not only against Tareen: FM Qureshi – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in April 10, 2021 12:16

FM Qureshi says PM Imran Khan will not be blackmailed.

MULTAN (Dunya News) – Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said Saturday that action was being taken against seventeen sugar factories and not just Jahangir Tareen.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi spoke to the media in Multan and said the court was independent, arguments had to be presented before them. The individual candidates had already submitted their testimonies and did not advance to block, he said.

The foreign minister stressed that Prime Minister Imran Khan would not be blackmailed with such tactics, those who wish to join the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) or the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) can resign.

He said if it was inappropriate for PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz to bring political power with him at trial, it would also suit Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). The PM has no intention of taking political revenge against anyone and stands firm on his ideology, the Foreign Minister added.


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Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins announces engagement during a tour of New Zealand | Instant News

The Wiggles star has announced his engagement in the middle of a tour of New Zealand. Photo / Provided

Yellow Wiggle’s Emma Watkins recently announced that she is engaged in the middle of a New Zealand tour with fellow Wiggles.

The 31-year-old confirmed the news on Instagram on Monday evening, posting a picture next to musician and Wiggles bandmate Oliver Brian showing off his engagement ring.

“When life is getting more sparkling,” he wrote in the caption.

Watkins confirmed his romance with Brian, who plays the banjo for the group, in December 2019, telling Stellar magazine: “Yes, I’m in love and I feel really excited to tell you.”

Watkins revealed that he and his new lover had worked together for four years before he asked her out to dinner, describing him as her “opponent”.

“He is a very calm and wise person and I am always interested in his thoughts and views on life, and his morals. He likes to talk about the environment and food production.”

The engagement came three years after she split from Purple Wiggle Lachlan Gillespie.

Watkins and his highly publicized co-star Gillespie made dominated headlines in August 2018, but the two have remained close friends and co-stars since their marriage broke up.

At the time, Gillespie said that they were best friends – “we always were, that’s how it started”.

She said they were like any other couple and had just realized they had reached a dead end in their seemingly perfect relationship.

“To be able to realize as a couple that we are going different paths and to stay close to us is clear evidence, I think, for both of us,” he told the publication.

“I love him now more than anything and he loves me more than anything.”

Watkins told Australian Story that year that there was a growing realization between him and Gillespie that “romantically, our friendship doesn’t work that way”.

Gillespie himself replied to Watkins’ post on Monday night with a row of purple love hearts and wrote: “Love you guys”.


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Golf: Lydia Ko’s record-breaking final round wasn’t enough to claim a third major at ANA Inspiration | Instant News


New Zealand golfer Lydia Ko has put herself in line to claim this year’s first golf course on the LPGA Tour after a record-breaking final at ANA Inspiration. Video / @LPGA

New Zealand golfer Lydia Ko missed her third major golf title after breaking a record for finals at ANA Inspiration.

Towards the final day, Ko sat eight shots behind leader Patty Tavatanakit of Thailand. However, he hit five birdies and an eagle on his way to seven under nine ahead on the Rancho Mirage pitch to light up the tournament finish.

Her nine-hole front 29 set ANA’s record nine-hole score, and tied for the lowest nine-hole score of any major championship.

Ko then made two more birdies to restart nine birdies before logging another on the 15th to finish 10-under for his round – tying a field record – to make a thrilling finish to the first major of the year on the LPGA Tour.

Ko relied on 21-year-old Tavatanakit to fail in his bid for his maiden major title, but he remained calm under the pressure and scored par on his last six holes to close out the final round with 68, two shots ahead of Ko.

The Kiwi star finished well in front of the four players who are tied for third place on the leaderboard.

Lydia Ko celebrates birdies during her final round at ANA Inspiration.  Photo / Getty Images
Lydia Ko celebrates birdies during her final round at ANA Inspiration. Photo / Getty Images

Previously in the tournament, Ko had had three solid but unspectacular rounds of two-bottom, three-bottom and one-bottom, so this burst of form came out of the blue.

Ko has started his 2021 season the same way he ended last year: consistent and persistent in the title race, but not quite capable of breaking his nearly three-year winning streak.

After three consecutive top 10 finishes on the LPGA Tour, Ko struggled last week at the Kia Classic where he drew for 26th place following a poor start to the tournament.

ANA’s inspiration holds a special place in Ko’s heart, following his victory in 2016 in which he became the youngest two-time title champion.


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Bridgerton: Heartthrob Rege-Jean Page opened up about leaving the show | Instant News

Bridgerton Trailer. Video / Netflix

Rege-Jean Page always knew he would only be at Bridgerton for one season.

The 31-year-old actor – who played the Duke of Hastings in the Netflix period drama – insisted he would always leave the show after its first series, but was thrilled to see the show “roll” into the future.

Speaking of the show, he said: “It’s a season one arc. It’s going to have a beginning, middle, end – give us a year. [I thought] ‘That’s interesting,’ because it feels like a limited series. I can come in, I can contribute a little bit and then the ‘Bridgerton’ family rolls in … One of the different things about this [romance] The genre is that the audience knows the bow is over. They come knowing that, so you can tie people up in an emotional bond because they have the assurance that … we will have a marriage and a baby, “she said.

The actor insisted that he had “nothing but excitement” for the comeback.

Although he will still live in the fictional world of the show, Rege-Jean Page will not be returning for a second season from Bridgerton.  Photo / Provided
Although he will still live in the fictional world of the show, Rege-Jean Page will not be returning for a second season from Bridgerton. Photo / Provided

He added to Variety of the future: “I have nothing but joy that ‘Bridgerton’ continues to steam train and conquer the world. But there is also value in completing this bow and surviving the landing.”

Meanwhile, it was previously confirmed that Rege-Jean would not return for the second installment of the popular Netflix show, which disappointed many fans.

In a statement, the show’s producers said: “Dear readers, while all eyes are on Lord Anthony Bridgerton’s quest to find the Viscountess, we bid farewell to Rege-Jean Page, who triumphantly plays the Duke of Hastings.

The pair became an instant fan favorite during season one.  Photo / Provided
The pair became an instant fan favorite during season one. Photo / Provided

“We will miss Simon’s on-screen presence, but he will always be a part of the Bridgerton family. Daphne will remain a devoted wife and sister, helping her brother through the upcoming social season and what it has to offer – more intrigue and more. romance than my readers could possibly stand. “


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Auckland male job search: 3000 applications, 158 interviews, still no job available | Instant News

Auckland-based man Michael Oliver faces persistent hurdles in his epic job hunt. Photo / Provided

Michael Oliver just wants to work.

The 41-year-old was fired nearly 18 months ago amid structural changes in the government agency where he worked.

The arrival of Covid-19 and its lockdown has not deterred Oliver and since the start of last year he has applied for more than 3100 jobs. She took 158 interviews – in person, zoom, on the conference phone, on the phone, and gave four presentations to potential employers.

He also underwent 48 personality tests.

She makes her own applications but also uses three different recruitment agencies to issue her CV – for eight applications each day of the year.

There have been some successes – he’s been offered the role four times – but all of them have been scrapped as the country has gone into a yo-yo lockdown and unemployment has risen.

“All I want is to pay my bills, provide for my son, and buy little luxury items like coffee or ice cream,” Oliver told the Herald on Sunday.

“I just want to work, whatever it is to help pay the bills.”

Oliver, who lives in Auckland North Shore, began his job search in sales and account management, where he has over 20 years of experience.

But facing brick wall after brick wall, she has been looking for any job to help pay the bills – counting on the support of friends to help her through tough times.

“I’ve applied for supermarket shelf packing, bus driving, fruit picking, cafe work, garbage collection, retail. You name it – I’ve applied,” he said.

Oliver was turned down from some of these roles and told he was too qualified.

“All of this requires hours of input, research, testing, dedication, effort.

“It weighs on your stress levels, mental health when there is no effort from the recruiter and no excuses are given when it doesn’t work.”

Oliver, who is the single father of a 7-year-old boy, says after his spare money dries up, he will have to dive into his home savings to keep him afloat – that means giving up the dream of owning a home.

“The benefits barely cover my rent and child support. Not enough to survive let alone pay routine bills like gas and food. It doesn’t cover the basics of life.”

The latest figures show New Zealand’s unemployment rate at 4.9 percent in the December quarter – down from 5.3 percent in the previous quarter.

But economists also warn that data could be noisy because of the conflicting repercussions of Covid-19 such as closed borders restricting immigration.

“We have seen a sharp decline in the number of people who are losing their jobs, or wanting more hours worked … today’s report is absolutely incredible,” said Kiwibank chief economist Jarrod Kerr when the figures were released in March.

Oliver said he received a lot of help from family and friends, but he also became isolated.

“Stress levels have reached their peak – it is a significant strain on mental health with persistent concerns about the cost of living, unstable accommodation, and the need to move without having funds.”


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