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Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | Instant News

Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | RiverBender.com


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Baseball Academy in Okara, which will be opened on August 9 | Instant News


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The training center managed by PSB in Karachi is likely to open after Eid | Instant News


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Bodybuilding Association urges the government to open a fitness center | Instant News


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Tourists from the European Union, Britain and Canada will now be able to visit Costa Rica, the US continues to be excluded | Instant News

(MENAFN – Costa Rica News)

Costa Rica will open its air border for tourists from the European Union, Britain and Canada, starting this August 1. This was reported by the new Minister of Tourism, Gustavo Segura, in an official announcement which also stated the continued exclusion of travelers from the United States, the main source of tourists for our country, but currently suffering from the biggest onslaught of the Coronavirus novel in the World.

According to the Minister, the reopening will be ‘gradual’ and, in practice, that means restarting operations with five flights per week, by taking reference requests made by airlines to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC).

Segura asserted that the country would take steps ‘very gradually and highly analyzed’ to revitalize the tourism sector, but stressed that any decision taken would be very careful, so as not to further jeopardize the country’s difficult health situation. ‘As you can see, it is a very dim hole, very shy, but it allows us to practice it all the protocol . These are only a few tourists per week, but this is a step in the right direction, ‘he said.

Segura pointed out that the first reopening announcement was only a ‘drop of hope’ for more than 600,000 Costa Rican citizens who depend directly or indirectly on tourism, amid a context that calls for a wider reopening of the border in ‘the coming months’. On improving the permitted routes in the following weeks, he only commented that it would depend on ‘permanent and coordinated analysis, which depends on many factors.’

Segura made no secret that the decision to reopen operations was complicated during the pandemic; However, he stressed that this was a well-planned learning process amid extraordinary and unusual contexts.

“This decision is not simple, they are coordinated between various institutions, and analyze various factors. We all learn to manage Pandemic because this is new

for everyone, public and private administrators, because you have to make very careful decisions. ‘

Costa Rica will open its air border after more than four and a half months. This country has been closed since March 16, when President Carlos Alvarado issued a national ‘state of emergency’, due to the first recorded infection from SARS-CoV-2.

On July 20, the Minister of Health, Daniel Salas, has indicated that the reopening date is scheduled for August 1, although he stressed that any decision made to raise or lower the relevant limits will depend on the national situation and of each country considered. as a provider of tourists who is likely to avoid more infections and medical requirements.

“We know that giving permission when there is a total lack of control over the Virus, and with the increasing number of cases, requires great attention to avoid the possibility of more people becoming ill,” Segura said.

President Carlos Alvarado promised that the country would conduct an orderly reopening, following the strictest protocol possible. “The recovery of the tourism sector will be achieved with caution and with strict sanitation protocols, always with the highest confidence to ensure the health and lives of all people.”

Need proof

To enter the country, each traveler must undergo a test for the Coronavirus novel at least 48 hours before arriving in the country. And that should give negative results. Likewise, tourists must have completed the form of digital epidemiology issued by Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), which will be activated in various languages, visitors must also purchase travel insurance that includes accommodation in the case of quarantine and possible medical costs for acute illness.

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The government plans to open wedding halls after EID, dad said | Instant News

Lahore:law Minister Punjab Raja Basharat on Tuesday told the Punjab Assembly that the government is considering the possibility of opening a wedding hall after Eidul Azha.

An officer of the law stated this, responding to PML-N MPA from Okara Muneeb-ul-Haq, who on a point of order, the meeting considered the question that the owners of the hall have suffered massively in Covid-19.

PML-N MPA said that the suffering of the people was on the rise, and it was difficult for them to survive. He appealed to the government to give the exact opening date of the marriage hall. He said that thousands of people were associated with that business and the government should therefore address this issue, he said.

Raja Basharat on the occasion told the house that the Minister for industries MIAN Aslam Iqbal had been in contact with representatives of the Association of the marriage hall and the government plans to open a wedding hall under the SOPS after EID.

In addition, on the point of order, PML-N Liaqat MPA Kanwal said that the government had issued a notification to capture those mosques, which would not install surveillance cameras and hire security personnel. She said it would lead to anarchy, if the mosque were closed. Responding to this, Raja Basharat gave to understand that the mosque will not be closed by the government.

Hour session the question of the Department of food were transferred from-for absence of the Secretary of the food. During the PA session, which was chaired by Deputy speaker Mir Dost Muhammad Mazari and later Chairman of the group of MIAN Muhammad Shafi, the opposition elder Khalil Tahir Sindhu grill the government for its failure to ensure the presence of the Secretary of state in the house. He added that it seemed that the government helplessness in front of bureaucracy. Minister Abdul Alim Khan on the occasion said that the Minister was busy preparing the meetings of the national security Council, the Secretary of food products, the Prime Minister convened at5 PM. The Minister apologized to Khalil Tahir Sindhu and the house in the absence of the Secretary. At his request, hour session the question was postponed.

The house, which day private members, adopted a resolution which called on the government to establish centers for psychology and classes in educational institutions for the education of children on mental health. Upon completion of the agenda, the hearing was adjourned till Wednesday (today).


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HEC prohibits the Karachi IBA from opening admission tickets in journalism | Instant News

KARACHI: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has banned the Karachi Institute of Business Administration (IBA) from receiving the title Master of Science in Journalism.

It was learned that HEC had banned IBA’s Center of Excellence Journalism (CEJ) from pursuing a Master of Science degree in Journalism due to a lack of PhD teachers and directed them to pursue PhD degrees. Do not give admission until you have a PhD faculty after IBA has stopped the admission process in journalism.

A spokesman for the Karachi Institute of Business Administration Malahat confirmed that the Karachi Center for Business Administration Center for Excellence in Journalism (CEJ) had stopped the admission of teachers due to the lack of PhD teachers under the instructions of the Higher Education Commission.

However, services from one PhD teacher have been obtained while another PhD teacher service will be obtained within one to two months after the conditions of the Higher Education Commission will be met and admissions will be opened.

He said that the teaching process would continue for students who were already registered with the Masters. It should be noted that the Center for Excellence in Journalism (CEJ) was established during the tenure of former director Dr. Ishrat Hussain with a US grant to provide professional training to Pakistani journalists.


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Amendments to the 18th Amand must be discussed with an open heart: Asad | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Minister of Planning Asad Umar said several gaps had arisen related to coordination between the Center and the provinces after the 18th Amendment scenario so that bringing about changes should be discussed with open hearts.

Leaving aside the possibility of minus-one formula, the minister said PTI could be overthrown through minus-one but in the presence of a majority of PTI, no one could topple Imran Khan with a minus formula because of his 99 vote banks.

“The 18th Amendment and NFC Award must reflect each other because responsibility must be given in accordance with the distribution of resources. Both the 18th Amendment and NFC Award must be discussed at the national level with an open heart, “Asad Umar said in an exclusive interview with The News.

The Minister said that the gap existed in coordination and that was realized after the NCOC meeting. He said if there was no proper coordination about the right health facilities then how planning could be done to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.

When asked about the minus-one formula, he said that he didn’t know where this came from. “How can you topple Imran Khan with a formula like that when 99 percent of his PTI vote bank,” he questioned? He said that he listened to minus one for the past 12 years when Asif Ali Zardari was president under the PPP regime, there was a minus one formula. The phenomenon continued when Nawaz Sharif came to power and now Imran Khan was in power and the same mantra continued.

Asad Umar said that there was a need to broadcast debates about Geo and other TV channels by candidates during the US primary election campaign so Pakistanis would know how they called and treated each other. “The same thing was done in Britain during their election campaign,” he said. The Minister said that in Pakistan the Parliament is functioning so there is nothing to worry about.

To the question why PTI ministers issued differences publicly, the minister said that everyone knew about Shahbaz and Nisar and Nisar’s relations with other PML-N ministers, but they did not openly oppose each other. He said the PTI was a democratic party where everyone talked about from the core of his heart. “All this is like a storm in a teacup, otherwise our government is much better than PML-N,” he said.

When asking him to mention the self-reformation introduced by PTI during his reign, he mentioned that the Pakistan Post Office experienced a lot of improvements and port operations were smooth. He said that this was the first time in the country’s history that three giant hydroelectric projects including the Dasu dam, Mohmand and Diamer-Bhasha were being built. He said the government was clearing land acquisition with more than Rs100 billion and now this dam will be completed in 2027.

For other questions about ongoing disputes between Gilgit-Baltistan and the KP government regarding land disputes where the Bhasha Dam power plant will be carried out so that land determination will resolve royalty rights, the minister said that he led the committee and had done his homework. However, he said, there would be elections due to the GB and when their new government would come to power a decision would be made on this issue.

When asked about the restructuring plan to the Planning Commission, the minister said that no restructuring plan was considered, but efforts were underway to build a good talented team.

He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan wanted to change the Planning Commission to the 60s model while working under Mehboobul Haq. After frequently obtaining IMF programs, he said that the Ministry of Finance was in control of policy making under the IMF program. He said that now the Ministry of Planning will be strengthened by developing a good team.

He said the government had decided to hire the chief economist for the Planning Commission and the chief statistician for the Statistics Bureau of Pakistan (PBS) on a special wage scale (SPS). It is relevant to mention here that these two key posts have been vacant for several years and cannot be filled in the last two years of PTI regulations.

The Minister was also asked about the money-bleeding power sector by asking how it would be improved, he replied that without putting in place a market-based mechanism, the problems of the power sector could not be fixed in a hurry. He said the best professionals must be employed at the Gencos and Disco level to bring efficiency.

However, the minister said that these two key positions will be filled in the first quarter of the current fiscal year.

To another question regarding the full recovery of economic activity in a post-COVID-19 pandemic situation, he said it would be difficult to predict, but it was the best strategy put in place by the Pakistani government as a country adopting an extreme lockout approach or one that had completely subsided, both facing problems , however, Pakistan is doing smart locking that is going very well. He said that it was the government’s conscious decision to open the export sector first because the government knew that the country was unable to bear the sharp decline in its export earnings.

Ministers said that they analyzed the IMF’s recent estimates and the IMF changed its estimate of Pakistan from negative to 1 percent positive for the current fiscal year. He said it all happened because of the policy to move forward with smart locking.

Asad Umar said Pakistan would not get relief in Net Present Value (NPV) because of the debt reduction from the international community because the loan repayment was delayed for a certain period of time but was not written off. He said Pakistan must stand on its own feet to revive its economy because this pandemic has hit everyone.

The Minister also said that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Planning used more than 80 percent of development funding, indicating that its utilization has remained more than the past six years.


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Shops in KP, Balochistan will remain open until 7:00 PM | Instant News

QUETTA / PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa (KP) and the Balochistan government have increased market business time two hours after the decision of the National Coordinating Committee (NCC) to ease restrictions on locks in the country.

When speaking in the media in Quetta, Balochistan government spokeswoman Liaquat Shahwani said that the period of intelligent locking in Balochistan had been extended by 15 days. He revealed that shops and business centers will open from 9 am to 7 pm throughout the province.

“Smart locking will feature six business days, however, Friday will be a holiday across the province,” Shahwani said.

Meanwhile, KP Minister Chief Mahmood Khan announced that the lockdown had been more relaxed in the province with markets and shops allowed to remain open until 7 pm. However, business activities will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

“The tourism department is also continuing operations with the adoption of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs),” the chief minister said, warning that sectors that do not comply with the issued SOPs will not be allowed to continue operations.

The Sindh government is reopening public transportation and online

Earlier in the day, the Sindh government gave a green signal to continue public and online transportation services throughout the province on Tuesday.

This was announced by the Minister of Transportation Sindh Awais after successful negotiations between the carrier and the Sindh government.

A monitoring and inspection team has been formed to ensure that social distance guidelines and SOPs are followed by carriers to stem the spread of the corona virus.

“Transportation will be allowed to continue inside the city from tomorrow,” Awais said, adding that all carriers must follow the government SOP.

“If the SOP is not followed, then public transportation will once again be banned,” the minister said. He has added that additional passengers will not be added to buses and other modes of transportation.

The Minister said that intracity transportation had been permitted but a decision had to be made regarding inter-city transportation. He thanked the transporters for patiently covering their losses over the past two and a half months for being locked up.


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The doctor said the fragile health system of the country affected by the pandemic | Instant News

LAHORE – The medical association has observed that a pandemic has exposed the country’s fragile health care system.

Addressing a press conference at the Lahore Press Club on Monday, Professor Muhammad Afzal Mian, President of the Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA), Dr. Ashraf Nizami, President (PMA) of Lahore, Dr. Tariq Mian, President of the Pakistan Academy of Family Physicians (PAFP) and Dr. Shoaib Khan Niazi, Senior Vice President of the Punjab Young Doctors Association (YDA), observed that all medical associations were very concerned about the increasing number of corona virus patients throughout the country.

They added that currently, the number of patients in Pakistan has reached 70,000 while the number of deaths has reached 1,500, while in the first Ramadan, the numbers were 12,500 and 269, respectively.

The existing health facilities in Pakistan are certainly not sufficient to deal with the rapid spread of corona, they said, adding, “It is important for the government to not only improve these facilities on an emergency basis but also to formulate a coherent and systematic strategy for long-term training. short technical staff to operate this facility effectively.

Regarding the current situation, the doctor’s association requests the following from the federal and provincial governments.

Because the facilities available for the treatment of coronavirus patients in government hospitals throughout the country are inadequate, there is a need to improve them on a war footing. In addition, effective measures must be taken in all hospitals to ensure the safety of doctors and paramedical staff in view of the increasing incidence of violence against health workers.

The bodies of people who die from corona can be turned over to their relatives after taking a number of precautions.

The Central Government and Punjab must play their role in this matter.

In light of the guidelines and suggestions for burial, the new SOP implemented in Sindh must be replicated throughout the country to reduce public unrest and anger over burial.

It can also prevent misunderstandings, misinformation and baseless information about corona.

The government must make public awareness campaigns more effective. Make mask use outside the home mandatory and hold representatives from each class and organization responsible for not implementing SOPs in their respective sectors and communities.

Due to lack of information and lack of proper guidance from the government, the burden of patients coming from small cities to big cities including Karachi and Lahore increased, which caused a lack of facilities. The government must provide the best health care facilities to patients in the closest place and require private hospitals to provide corona treatment facilities in cities where the patient burden is high. Hospitals, including the Al-Khidmat Hospital, where the government offered care to Corona patients, must also be used.

They show that with a rapidly developing disease; there has also been a sharp increase in hospital violence across the country. Doctors and paramedical staff work day and night to save patients’ lives at the risk of not only their own lives but also the lives of their families, so it is the government’s responsibility to ensure their safety in every possible way. The medical association, therefore, urges the federal government and all provinces not only to provide adequate safety equipment for all health care workers but also to deploy law enforcement agents to protect medical personnel in all hospitals that treat corona. Rioters in hospitals and perpetrators of violence against health workers must be prosecuted under the Terrorism Act and sentenced as soon as possible so that no one dares to do it again.

The doctor’s association demands that in the case of illness, all health workers must be given the best facilities in the hospital so that those who care for patients do not have to go from house to house for self-care. Announced financial incentives for all health workers must also be implemented.

The government must timely and effectively curb misleading propaganda circulating on social media, block all websites and social media posts that mislead the public and harass health care workers and consequently cause them mental and physical abuse. Also, everyone involved in spreading negative and misleading propaganda must be severely punished regardless of their class, group or institution.


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