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Robbers opened 42 bank lockers in Karachi | Instant News

KARACHI: A day after a group of muggers opened three and a half dozen lockers at a private bank branch in the Sakhi Hassan neighborhood of Karachi during an eight-hour theft, police registered an FIR against an unidentified suspect on Monday.

The case was registered on the complaint of a bank manager, Denmark, at the Taimuria police station. The complainant said he received information about the robbery at 6am on Sunday. He said he found the locker open when he reached the bank and also found the security guard, Inam, tied with a rope. The guard informed the manager that he was back at the bank at 9:30 pm on the Saturday after dinner.

According to the bank security guard’s statement to the police, the security guard from the security company had twice arrived at the branch during the robbery but did nothing, the suspect used a white car in the robbery. Investigators are trying to get CCTV camera footage from around the bank to track and arrest them.

Police said 42 bank lockers had been opened, adding that they were not insured. They said the branch’s DVR system was not connected to headquarters, adding that they would easily get the suspect’s footage if the system had been connected to headquarters.

Officials said a day earlier that a group of four suspects broke into the bank, held the security guard hostage at gunpoint, tied him with rope and then opened the locker inside.

They said the robbers broke into the bank at 9 p.m. on Saturday and stayed inside until 5 a.m. on Sunday, at which time they were carrying millions of rupees worth of valuables. Police said they had detained two bank guards to help with the investigation, because they believed a friend of one of the guards was involved in the robbery.

Officials said the guard Inam told them that he and his friend had left for dinner Saturday night, and on returning to the bank, he found four men there. He said he was held hostage at gunpoint and taken to a bank. Police said the security alarm went off when the locker was broken into, but security company staff visited the bank only from outside and returned. The official said the guards did not put up a fight, adding that police were notified of the theft one hour after the robbers left the bank because the guards were tied with ropes before the lockers were broken.

They said the robbers opened 34 lockers during their eight-hour operation and then brought in jewelery, cash, bonds and other items worth millions of rupees. Police said the robbers had taken the gas cutters and two cylinders with them, adding that the suspect also took the DVR while running away.

SSP Haider Raza of the Criminal Investigation Agency told the media that the robbers were well prepared, as they were aware of the ongoing construction work at the bank. He said the suspects even knew what time the security guards used to go out for dinner.

Officials said security company staff had arrived outside the bank again at 5 a.m. and saw the two suspects there, adding that a commotion had prompted the other two to leave the bank, after which they all fled.

Inam said the robbers had worn the shalwar kameez and chatted in Pashto. Apart from detaining Inam and other security guards, the police are also looking for Inam’s friends who accompany her to dinner. Inam has been a security guard at the bank for nine years.

This is Karachi’s second major bank robbery in less than a month, indicating that robbery has increased in the city and law enforcement agencies continue to fail to curb this threat as well as street crimes.

On March 17, four men had robbed a bank branch at Do Minute Chowrangi in New Karachi. They had grossed over Rs1 million before injuring two bank security guards.

Clad in shalwar kameez, the suspects entered the bank and held staff members, customers and security guards hostage at gunpoint. Witnesses said the robbers had fired at least two warning shots upon entering, after which they took everyone hostage and also injured two guards by beating them with guns.

In addition to this bank robbery, on April 5, prize bonds worth Rs30 million were also looted from a deliveryman on Jamshed Road, considered to be the biggest robbery of the year.


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Bridgerton: Heartthrob Rege-Jean Page opened up about leaving the show | Instant News

Bridgerton Trailer. Video / Netflix

Rege-Jean Page always knew he would only be at Bridgerton for one season.

The 31-year-old actor – who played the Duke of Hastings in the Netflix period drama – insisted he would always leave the show after its first series, but was thrilled to see the show “roll” into the future.

Speaking of the show, he said: “It’s a season one arc. It’s going to have a beginning, middle, end – give us a year. [I thought] ‘That’s interesting,’ because it feels like a limited series. I can come in, I can contribute a little bit and then the ‘Bridgerton’ family rolls in … One of the different things about this [romance] The genre is that the audience knows the bow is over. They come knowing that, so you can tie people up in an emotional bond because they have the assurance that … we will have a marriage and a baby, “she said.

The actor insisted that he had “nothing but excitement” for the comeback.

Although he will still live in the fictional world of the show, Rege-Jean Page will not be returning for a second season from Bridgerton.  Photo / Provided
Although he will still live in the fictional world of the show, Rege-Jean Page will not be returning for a second season from Bridgerton. Photo / Provided

He added to Variety of the future: “I have nothing but joy that ‘Bridgerton’ continues to steam train and conquer the world. But there is also value in completing this bow and surviving the landing.”

Meanwhile, it was previously confirmed that Rege-Jean would not return for the second installment of the popular Netflix show, which disappointed many fans.

In a statement, the show’s producers said: “Dear readers, while all eyes are on Lord Anthony Bridgerton’s quest to find the Viscountess, we bid farewell to Rege-Jean Page, who triumphantly plays the Duke of Hastings.

The pair became an instant fan favorite during season one.  Photo / Provided
The pair became an instant fan favorite during season one. Photo / Provided

“We will miss Simon’s on-screen presence, but he will always be a part of the Bridgerton family. Daphne will remain a devoted wife and sister, helping her brother through the upcoming social season and what it has to offer – more intrigue and more. romance than my readers could possibly stand. “


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The housing boom in New Zealand is threatened by loans, tax changes. Will Australia follow? | Instant News

IT professional Brendon Miszka and his wife Gauri are inspecting a house in Sydney’s northwest suburb.

They wanted to buy their first home but, despite the good work and decent deposit, they found it difficult.

“I think we are competing with a lot of people who would prefer to take more risks,” Brendon told me.

Property consultant Edwin Almeida has worked on both sides of the fence, buying and selling for clients.(



“There’s a general attitude that you go to the bank and see what the maximum amount the bank is willing to lend me and then go out and try to spend all that money on a property and everything will be fine.”

Edwin Almeida is their buying agent – he’s a property consultant with 25 years of real estate experience in both buying and selling.

“I’ve never really seen anything this hot,” he said.

While real estate agents are often known for their tendency to exaggerate, CoreLogic’s latest March data on house prices supports his observations.

“Over the month, Australia’s occupancy rate was 2.8 percent,” said Eliza Owen, head of Australian research CoreLogic.

A woman in company clothes.
Eliza Owen said a shortage of homes for sale in the market and strong buyer demand triggered soaring prices.(

ABC News: John Gunn


“That’s the highest growth rate we’ve seen since October 1988 and it’s pushing values ​​6.2 percent higher throughout the year.”

Changes in house prices March 2021
Capital city house price growth outstripped regional areas in March.(

ABC News: Alistair Kroie


Kiwi leads the way

But if you think the Australian property market is hot, try crossing it.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit a year ago, prices in New Zealand have risen by more than 20 percent, and about 25 percent in its largest city, Auckland.

“The economy was improving in its last place, only with lower interest rates, so the housing market massively exceeded expectations,” explained Sharon Zollner, ANZ chief economist for New Zealand.

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Will regulators step in to curb soaring property prices?(Michael Widow)

Like Australians, New Zealanders were already managing record mortgage debt before the last boom.

Unlike Australia, regulators are already starting to do something.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has had a cap on low deposits, or a high loan-to-appraisal (LVR) ratio, of loans since late 2013.

Limit it Australia did some a year later.

Australia removed these restrictions a few years ago, after the country’s largest housing markets – Sydney and Melbourne – saw prices fall by 10 percent or more.

But New Zealand held it back, only temporarily dropping it during the pandemic.

“The Reserve Bank suspended the LVR limitation for 12 months but, in the end, they reimposed it earlier than they expected,” Zollner said.

“The banks themselves were running it up front and putting it back even earlier than that.”

Ardern’s controversial tax change

But that’s not enough for the Ardern government, which was first selected on a platform to increase housing affordability.

Jacinda Ardern stands at the pulpit in front of the New Zealand flag
Jacinda Ardern was first elected on the basis of increased housing affordability, which has since deteriorated in New Zealand.(

AP: Mark Mitchell


First, he asked the Reserve Bank to consider house prices in its interest rate policy, a move the RBNZ rejected, which resulted in watered down terms.

“If the Reserve Bank does have to take housing prices into account to the extent that they take both inflation and employment into account, we will at some point have to swap jobs for homes,” said Brad Olsen, senior economist at Infometrics.

So now the Labor government has taken action on its own, with sweeping changes to New Zealand’s property tax.

“In the past, capital gains in New Zealand were generally not taxed on housing,” said Mr Olsen.

“Now the rules are very strict that anyone who sells a house, who was previously in five years, now anyone in 10 years, has to pay taxes on those capital gains.”

More controversially, the New Zealand government has removed a tax deduction on mortgage interest costs for property investors.

“Now investors cannot claim their interest payments to lower their overall tax burden,” explained Mr Olsen.

Ardern’s change of government was far more dramatic than the proposal that the Australian Labor Party submitted to the last federal election.

New Zealand has effectively hedged off claims for reduced interest on property income only – what the Australian Labor Party proposed, effectively removing negative gearing.

Now investors cannot withhold mortgage interest payment tax at all, even against their rental income.

Mr Olsen said that means the property is selected from nearly all businesses and other investment activities.

The changes are already in effect for new investments, and there is a four year transition for existing investors.

‘Now is the time’ to limit interest deductions

Some analysts had predicted that would shift New Zealand property prices from a 20 percent increase to a 10 percent decline.

But Brad Olsen disagrees.

“This will put some of the higher leveraged people out of the market and will likely see house price growth slow down significantly,” he forecasts.

“But in our forecast we don’t expect house prices to fall any time soon, as there is still a significant housing shortage in New Zealand.”

He said there were other factors currently softening the blow.

“Now is the time where there will be less impact on a lot of investors with low interest rates and the payments they are making are not as big as they were before.”

Will Australia follow again?

But what does all this mean for Australia?

ANZ economists on this side of the trench see us on the same trajectory as New Zealand, only months behind.

“Australia is rapidly catching up and so are our expectations by the end of the year – house prices are up about 17 percent – we will be in the same position as in New Zealand now,” said Felicity Emmett, senior economist with ANZ in Australia.

The prospect of an imminent property tax change seems minimal, with the Morrison government having campaigned hard against them in the last election and Labor yet to recommit to them.

A woman in corporate attire in an office stares out the window
ANZ senior economist Felicity Emmett expects APRA to introduce at least some home loan restrictions later this year. (

ABC News: Daniel Irvine


However, Emmett is part of a growing chorus of analysts who now see it as almost inevitable that bank regulator, APRA, will again limit home lending later this year to cool the housing frenzy.

“Previously, they had introduced limits on investor lending and interest-only loans, so that’s a possibility,” he told me.

At the AFR Banking Summit earlier this week, the chair of APRA recognized the chorus, but suggestion is vague that the so-called macroprudential lending limit is complete.

By contrast, Wayne Byres played down the recent increase in low-deposit and mortgage loans that were at least seven or eight times the borrower’s annual income.

“It appears to be highly correlated with what is a significant increase in the share of first-home buyers who have been on the market to date,” he told the assembled bankers.

Prospective first home buyer Brendon Miszka may disagree with him.

“The size of the loan is a bit intimidating compared to income and figuring out how long it will take to pay off all that,” he told me.

a man and woman hug in front of a sign for sale in a house
Brendon and Gauri Miszka have been frustrated in finding their first home, with many properties selling well above the agency’s “price guide”.(

ABC News: Daniel Irvine


“When you look at a list that’s probably $ 1.2 million in price and the house ends up selling for $ 1.9 million – whenever something like that happens you wonder, ‘I’d better think about increasing the budget, should I try and borrow more’. “

But he and his wife didn’t want to be pushed into a lifelong debt trap to buy a house.


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Taiwan, Palau to open ‘travel bubble’ without quarantine | Instant News

TAIPEI – Taiwan will open its first non-quarantine “travel bubble” next week, allowing tour groups to travel to and from the small, peaceful nation of Palau, one of Taipei’s 15 remaining diplomatic allies. Palau President Surangel Whipps Jr. will return home with a group of Taiwanese tourists on the bubble’s first flight on Sunday. Tour groups will be able to visit both sites for up to eight days. Taiwan and Palau have been successful in preventing the spread of COVID-19, but have largely been closed to international visitors since March of last year. – a half-hour flight from Palau, an archipelago in the western Pacific Ocean home to about 18,000 people, clear waters and coral reefs Taiwanese officials said they were in discussions about possible more travel bubbles with Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam. Taiwan is also working on a “sports bubble” for athletes who will compete in a Tokyo Olympics baseball qualifying game in Taichung in June. This could allow foreign players to quarantine themselves for five days in lieu of the usual 14.Whipps visit, his first overseas trip since taking office in January, aims to show strong relationships in the face of the Chinese pressure. territory, and has persuaded seven countries to abandon Taipei in favor of Beijing since 2016 by pledging billions of dollars in aid. The last two to pass recognition to China were also from Pacific island nations Kiribati and the Solomon Islands in September 2019. In an interview with the Taiwan Central News Agency earlier this week, Whipps said ‘he said in Beijing that Palau values ​​their relationship with Taiwan, “and no one should tell us that the relationship needs to be broken.” Whipps will meet with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and attend various events hosted by Tsai, Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang and Foreign Minister Joseph Wu. He will also visit the shipbuilding and aquaculture industries in the South Taiwan and attend a tourism exhibition promoting Palau. [and] … try to promote Palau as a safe destination for Taiwanese tourists and visitors from other parts of East Asia, and seek further cooperation and assistance from Taiwan, which most likely will be granted. “In welcoming President Whipps’ visit, Taipei will ideally send Beijing a message that` `Taiwan will no longer lose diplomatic allies in the Pacific Islands, ” said Bozzato, a senior researcher at the Pacific Islands Research Institute. the ocean policies of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation in Tokyo. Palau was originally from China, although Beijing banned Chinese tourists from visiting the island in 2017 as part of its attempt to get Palau to abandon Taiwan as a diplomatic ally. their peak of 2015 – followed by 19,637 from Japan and 14,065 from Taiwan, according to Palau government data. “The tourism industry in Palau, which has been on its knees due to the first China tourism embargo The COVID-19 pandemic will finally receive some oxygen from Taiwan,” Bozzato said. Initially, there will be two flights per week between Taiwan and Palau operated by Taiwan’s China Airlines, each limited to 110 passengers. travelers, a host of precautions have been put in place for those visiting Palau. Anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past three months is not permitted to travel. In addition, tourists to Palau must not have left Taiwan in the past six months, be quarantined or self-isolated. Travelers on a five-day vacation will have to pay up to NT 90,000. (3200 USD). and go through some onerous requirements, including arriving at the airport more than five hours before their flight for a PCR test. They must also undergo at least five days of “improved self-health management” upon their return to Taiwan, which means they must isolate themselves in a separate room at home and not use public transportation. or visit crowded areas if they go out. When they are in Palau, they can really feel in a bubble; they should stay with their tour groups at all times, eat in separate dining rooms, and avoid crowds and local residents. .

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The Sindh school remains open as scheduled, said Saeed Ghani | Instant News

KARACHI: Education Minister Sindh Saeed Ghani announced Wednesday that schools in the province will remain open as scheduled.

The provincial education minister spoke to Geo News when he said all public and private schools would remain open in Sindh because the coronavirus situation was “under control”.

During the meeting it was decided that schools in nine districts of Punjab would remain closed until April 11, 2021.

Ghani, on the other hand, denied that such a measure would be implemented in Sindh. “Situation [of the coronavirus] in Sindh and Balochistan it is under control, “said the PPP leader.

“I cannot speak for Balochistan but in Sindh, schools will remain open on schedule,” he said.

The minister said even in Punjab, schools apart from the nine districts would remain open. He said the coronavirus situation in Punjab was worrying, compared to Sindh and Balochistan.

He said the positive ratio for the coronavirus in Sindh on Tuesday was 2.6%, which is not high.

However, the education minister said schools in Sindh where large numbers of coronavirus cases were reported were closed. “We have closed 154 schools [in Sindh] over the past two to three months – for different time periods – in which large numbers of coronavirus cases were reported, “he added.

Ghani said if the provincial government would impose a smart lockdown, schools would also be closed in the area.


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