NOPD: The Uber driver drove the wrong way, fought with the passengers before pulling out the gun and opening fire

NEW ORLEANS – The NOPD arrested an Uber driver who they said drove two passengers in the wrong direction, collided with them, then pulled out a gun and opened fire.

The situation started when two people ordered an Uber around midnight on February 16th. Fifty-three Ahmad Ahmad collected the couple and agreed to take them to their destination, which was located in Kenner.

Instead, Ahmad started driving across the Mississippi River. Passengers began to question his guide and a discussion began, according to the NOPD.

Ahmad stopped the car and the police were called. One of the passengers ordered another Uber. The two people got into that vehicle when he arrived, but Ahmad entered.

Ahmad reportedly opened Uber’s second passenger door, reached the cabin and removed the keys from the ignition. At that point, Ahmad had a physical confrontation with one of the passengers.

Ahmad returned to his vehicle, took a gun and opened fire on the two passengers. The victims fled the scene on foot and Ahmad moved away, according to the NOPD.

Some time later, Ahmad returned to the scene, where he was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a firearm, theft and illegal use of weapons.

Anyone with information on this incident is encouraged to contact Fourth District detectives at (504) 658-6040.


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‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ runs to the best opening ever for a video game movie

The Paramount film about Sega’s iconic video character brought home $ 57 million for its opening weekend. That number exceeded the film’s expectations approaching $ 40 million.

The inauguration gave the film, which features Jim Carrey, the first place at the box office and is the highest grossing opening ever for a video game film. So far “Sonic” has earned $ 100 million globally.

“Sonic” had several obstacles to clear to win the weekend for Paramount.

For starters, video game-based movies usually they are not very popular with the public. Even a 1993 Super Mario based movie, probably one of the most recognizable brands in video game history, did not do well.
“Sonic” had mixed reviews. Some critics appreciated the silly nature of the film, but others liked it they weren’t fans.

The film scores 63% on the Rotten Tomatoes review site, but audiences seem to have enjoyed the film by giving it an “A” on CinemaScore.

The $ 85 million film sparked a huge negative reaction on social media when it debuted its first trailer last May. The movie trailer featured a realistic version of the video game character, which included a set of human teeth.

The online reaction of derision and horror prompted the filmmakers to delay the film and fix the appearance of the character. The film was originally due to debut in November, but was rejected due to the redesign.

The big “Sonic” weekend gave a boost to the overall national box office, which increased by about 9.5% over last year, according to comscore (SCOR).


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The weak opening of ‘Birds of Prey’ gives a boost to the push for R-rated superhero films

For those who anticipate a golden age for that genre after the success of “Joker”, the disappointing debut of “Birds of Prey” is a bit of a wake-up call, if not a severe blow to the head.

The film, with Margot Robbie as the sadistic Joker aide Harley Quinn, only recorded $ 33 million in North America, well below expectations. For those who think of Joaquin Phoenix’s one-two punch win an Oscar Sunday and another grand opening would have knocked down the doors – especially at DC Entertainment, positioning it as a alternative with harder edges Marvel – well, not so fast.

The recall of the rate for R-rated superheroes has always come with potential compromises.

The smash hit “Joker” – which made over $ 1 billion worldwide and earned an Oscar nomination for Best Picture – appears to have spurred those efforts. Like so many other things, however, reality appears more complicated and more difficult to predict.

Despite the strong “Joker” results, there have been recent high profile failures, including a “Hellboy” revival which has fallen sadly flat. The same fate fell upon “Brightburn”, a horror-superhero mash-up, which essentially posed the provocative question what would have happened if that strange visitor to Krypton had become evil as he reached puberty?
David K. Harbor in & # 39; Hellboy & # 39;

Marvel, in particular, addresses its problems, with the Disney parent who absorbed 20th Century Fox’s entertainment activities, including the famous films “Deadpool” and X-Men, which gave rise to the R-rated “Logan”. . The studio has expressed openness to continue shooting those films in an equally irreverent way, but it seems in no hurry to incorporate them into its existing cinematic universe.

Obviously, the distinction between R-rated superheroes and the lesser PG-13 designation isn’t a huge gap, but says something about both creative and commercial aspirations – in the first case by sacrificing part of the younger audience that fueled Wonder.

For Disney, in particular, this is a demography that is not easily expendable, given that Marvel machines (and not by the way, “Star Wars”) feed an assortment of profitable revenue streams, including theme parks and merchandising such as toys and games.

Even Marvel wasn’t completely untouched, as evidenced by the spirited series – a la “Daredevil”, “Jessica Jones” and “Luke Cage” – that the company produced for Netflix, which surely appealed to a crowd of adults.

Joaquin Phoenix in & # 39; Joker. & # 39;

The main pitfall for R-class superheroes are the large budgets that many of these films entail, which makes closing a modest part of the audience a risky proposition.

Ultimately, the answer would seem to lie in treating the characters in the best way to serve the material, but also adjust budgets and expectations accordingly. The Punisher, for example, has always been seen as a worse product – and therefore not conducive to blockbuster mode – while another vigilante, Batman, can still reasonably aspire to a wider footprint.

Other than that, it’s worth noting that Harley Quinn has recently been turned into a bloody animated series on the DC Universe streaming site, which reflects the various ways that studios can now cater for niche crowds via such services, as Warner Bros. actually did with its animated DC films. (Both DC and the studio that distributes its films, Warner Bros., are WarnerMedia units, such as CNN.)

All this seems clear: whatever the enthusiasm that “Birds of Prey” has aroused in the circles of fans, it has not translated beyond them in a way that would have produced a total of more “imaginative” box offices.

This does not mean that there is no request for multiple heroes classified as R. But for those who collect wish lists of aching titles for such treatment, nor does this alone answer the riddle that made Joker laugh until the bank.


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“Saturday Night Live” compares Democratic presidential candidates to J. Lo and Shakira in a cold opening

“Senator Warren isn’t the only reasonable candidate in front of you, you’re looking at the other half of the New York Times support,” said guest star Rachel Dratch’s Amy Klobuchar, referring to the recent approval of the document of both candidates.

Guests Larry David also returned on Saturday as Bernie Sanders, Jason Sudeikis as Joe Biden and Bowen Yang as Andrew Yang.

Yang also added that to win the black vote, he would continue to do what he has done since high school: give “them” $ 1,000.

Buttigieg, played by Colin Jost, said “ah man” when asked about the black vote and then referred to the voters who called him “Mayo Pete”.

“I’m not that spicy,” said Jost’s Buttigieg.

SNL was hosted by RuPaul, with a mustachioed Justin Bieber as a musical guest.


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If Modi makes a mistake in attacking Pakistan, he will face an adequate response from his armed forces, the prime minister warns.

  • The prime minister says that when curfew is lifted in occupied Kashmir, its consequences will be disastrous for India.
  • Modi made the biggest mistake in suppressing the rights of the people of Kashmir six months ago and will have to pay the price of his fascist perception: Imran.
  • Imran says that Modi won the RSS voting bank on the principles of hatred against Muslims, but his measures will lead to destruction.

(Karachi) Prime Minister Imran Khan warned Narendra Modi that if he tried to attack Pakistan, he would face an adequate response from his armed forces and his people.

He said this as he addressed the demonstration of Kashmir Solidarity in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, on Thursday.

He said Narendra Modi’s statements of invading Pakistan in 11 days is a “dumb” statement. Imran Khan mentioned: “Hitler and his allies also boasted that they would conquer Russia in a few weeks, but faced a historic defeat in the war.”

He added that Modi made the biggest mistake in suppressing the rights of the people of Kashmir six months ago and will have to pay the price of his fascist perception. He added that when curfew is lifted in occupied Kashmir, its consequences will be disastrous for India.

Imran said that all Pakistan is with the people of Jammu Kashmir. “Eight million cashmere are going through difficult times.”

He commented: “I am here, not as prime minister, but as envoy of Kashmir.”

Imran said the world had forgotten Kashmir’s problem before the closure of the region of India on August 5, 2019. “Kashmir will achieve independence as a result of the mistakes made by the Indian government.

He said Modi won the RSS voting bank on the principles of hatred against Muslims, but his measures will lead to destruction. “Modi thought that the Kashmir blockade will help him occupy the valley, but his illegal steps failed miserably while the entire world witnessed the brutality of Indian troops.”

He said that in an attempt to resolve the issues peacefully, Pakistan handed over the captured Indian pilot to India, but made no effort to sit at the table for negotiations.

The prime minister mentioned that Pakistan informed world leaders, including Russia, France, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and others about the atrocities in the occupied valley. “Our efforts proved fruitful as the world knew about the illegal measures of India and the illegal detentions in Jammu Kashmir.”

He noted: “Pakistan is a peaceful country and is making efforts for reconciliation among Muslim states.”


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Sephora is opening 100 new stores in its largest expansion ever

The make-up chain has announced that this year it will open 100 new stores in 75 cities in North America, marking its largest one-year expansion in the region. Sephora stores will mainly be in neighborhoods or strip centers, a shift from its previous strategy of opening stores in shopping centers or which includes a small part of some JCPenney (JCP) positions.
Sephora said in a press release that bricks and mortar continue to be a “great opportunity” for the brand in addition to its online sales. Louis Vuitton parent company, LVMH (LVMHF), who owns the brand, said in his most recent earnings report that the makeup retailer “is experiencing strong growth and continues to gain market share”.

Today it is a rarity in brick and mortar retail. Many competitors are closing their stores.

The new stores will be slightly smaller than the mall’s counterparts, recording at 4,000 square feet. Hair and skin care products will be featured at the front of the store, along with new beauty studios. There will also be a greater emphasis on events and lessons.

The interior of a new smaller Sephora.

New stores will open soon in areas where Sephora does not have a large presence, including North Carolina and Tennessee. In total, Sephora will have approximately 600 locations in North America once expansion is complete.

Sephora is facing increasing competition from both e-commerce competitors, such as Glossier and Amazon (AMZN)and retail competitors. Ulta (ULTA)for example, it also builds stores outside of shopping centers and has satisfied investors with a new partnership sell Kylie Jenner’s makeup.


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