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AMSA banned Barkly Pearl from Australian waters for 24 months | Instant News

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) issued the most severe ban to date on Marshall Islands-flagged livestock carrier Barkly Pearl last night.

The Barkly Pearl was originally seen on the 3rdrd November 2020 travels through northern Australian waters with a large hole in the hull.

Due to concerns over the structural integrity of ships, the potential threat of pollution to the marine environment and an immediate risk to the safety of seafarers, AMSA issued an intervention directive instructing ships to the nearest safe port at Geraldton.

Over the past two months, AMSA has worked with its ship inspectors and ship owners and operators to develop appropriate repair solutions and yesterday, 7th January 2021, Barkly Pearl is loaded onto the MV Falcon, a semi-submersible Heavy Load Carrier for safe departure from Australian waters.

Before it could leave Australian waters, Barkly Pearl was issued with a denial of notification of direction of access, under section 246 of the 2012 Navigation Act.

AMSA General Manger Operation, Allan Schwartz, said this meant Barkly Pearl was barred from entering or using Australian ports for 24 months.

‘This is an important decision from AMSA. This is the first time a ship has been barred from entering an Australian port during this period and will certainly affect the vessel’s commercial operations.

‘The Australian public has the expectation that any ship operating or traveling through Australian waters is fit for sailing and when a vessel is found to be poorly maintained AMSA will not hesitate to use the array of forces available to it.

Barkly Pearl owners and operators neglect to maintain their vessels, endangering the lives of seafarers and posing an immediate threat to Australia’s marine environment.

“The appropriate course of action is for AMSA to ban Mutiara Barkly for two years.”

AMSA would like to thank the Western Australian authorities, Mid West Ports and the residents of Geraldton for their patience during the two months detention of Mutiara Barkly.

The MV Barkly Pearl vision drawn from the AMSA Challenger search and rescue jet is available for

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Yahoo Style: The warning sign you have COVID-19, according to Dr. Fauci | Instant News

Anthony Fauci, MD, country topic infectious disease expert and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, discusses the main symptoms of COVID-19, which can help individuals differentiate from signs of a pandemic or rather flu or something else. Fauci’s discussion of COVID-19 was reported by Yahoo Style and included a description of symptoms such as loss of smell and taste. Research by Ahmad Sedaghat, MD, PhD, professor at the UC Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and a UC Health physician, quoted by Yahoo Style.

A study written by Sedaghat of 103 patients in Aarau, Switzerland who were diagnosed with COVID-19 over a six-week period were asked how many days they had COVID-19 symptoms and to describe the timing and severity of loss or reduction in their sense of smell along with other symptoms. At least 61 percent of patients report a reduced or lost sense of smell. The mean onset for decreased or lost sense of smell was 3.4 days.

Read the full story from Yahoo Style.

Learn more about the recently published Sedaghat research study April, Maybe and July.

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Two climbers were rescued after a landslide in Aoraki Mount Cook National Park | Instant News

A husband and wife have been rescued after being trapped in a high rock slide in Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park. Photo / Tim Robins, a member of the Greymouth Rescue Helicopter crew

Two hikers caught in a high rock slide in Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park have been rescued in a dramatic rescue operation.

The well-equipped couple in their 50s activated the danger warning function of their InReach device last night at 5:30 p.m. after a rock slide at an altitude of 1800m on Mount D’Archiac in the Southern Alps.

A male climber broke his arm badly in two places, a concussion and a badly injured leg while his female companion escaped unscathed, said Neville Blakemore of the NZ New Zealand Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (RCCNZ) which coordinated the rescue.

The woman managed to tie the injured hiker to a steep slope – about 50 km northeast of Aoraki-Mount Cook – to prevent her from falling and suffering further injuries, said the coordinator of the Blakemore search mission.

The rescue complex was hampered by thick clouds.  Photo / Tim Robins, a member of the Greymouth Rescue Helicopter crew
The rescue complex was hampered by thick clouds. Photo / Tim Robins, a member of the Greymouth Rescue Helicopter crew

He believes that by activating their device may have saved the injured hiker’s life.

After trouble came last night, the RCCNZ commissioned a Helicopter Line helicopter to fly from Mount Cook with an alpine cliff rescue team from the Department of Conservation aboard.

However, they couldn’t get to the site of the rock slide due to the thick clouds.

Instead, they landed a rescue team at Godley Hut to wait the night, keep an eye on the weather and stay in touch with the RCCNZ.

Blakemore said the RCCNZ had helicopters with night flying equipment on standby in Christchurch and Greymouth.

Low clouds prevented Christchurch helicopters from flying but at 3 a.m., during a lull in the clouds in the mountains, a Greymouth Rescue Helicopter was able to fly over the scene and take down an alpine cliff rescue team.

At 7.30am they flew the two climbers to Greymouth Hospital.

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Mafia operating in Karachi with official backing, said the SC | Instant News

KARACHI: The Supreme Court on Tuesday observed that gangs and land-grabbing mafias operating in the city with the support of government officials in addition to illegal permits from the Sindh Building Control Authority for a number of high-rise buildings would then turn the city into a cemetery.

Hearing the petition against illegal encroachment on public parks and amenity fields in Karachi, three SC council members, led by Supreme Court Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed, directed the chief minister of Sindh to hand over steps being taken to improve the situation in Karachi.

At the start of the trial process, the chief judge asked the additional advocate general about compliance with the SC directive given to CM Sindh to improve Karachi’s situation due to the complete collapse of the civilian bodies in Karachi. Additional advocate general, Sindh, said that the secretaries of the relevant departments had submitted their respective reports. At that time, the court took exception to comments not filed by CM and directed the legal officer to ask CM to appear before the court and explain what action had been taken to comply with the court order. The bench observed that CM was specifically instructed to take appropriate action to improve Karachi after observing that no civilian institution appeared to be working or even interested in working. They observed that the additional advocate general was unable to answer court questions about compliance with the 9 May 2019 order.

Following this, Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah appeared in the court’s notice and submitted an apology for not complying with the court’s directive and said a number of measures had been taken to comply. The CM told the court he had a meeting with civilian bodies but was unable to submit the requested report. CM seeks two weeks to submit a compliance report.

However, he disagrees with former Karachi Mayor Waseem Akhtar’s statement that the KMC is not given powers under the Regional Government Law. He said the Sindh government was building University Street, Tariq Street and restoring waterways and sewers in addition to starting the Rs.26 billion Malir Toll Road project to deal with traffic jams. The court asked what steps were taken for the poor because there was no proper infrastructure in the city. The court gave CM Sindh one month to file compliance.

The court also requested statements from Local Government Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah regarding the approval of multi-storey buildings in residential areas where only land plus 1 or 2 constructions are allowed. The Minister assures the relevant legal courts and court orders will be obeyed.

The court took seriously the steering wheel and affairs of the Sindh Building Control Authority and observed that an unchecked permit for illegal construction in the city would then turn the city into a cemetery. The court observed that illegitimate multi-storey buildings could be seen all over the city as land grabbers and building mafia operate in the city with impunity with the approval of high-ranking SBCA officials, who have fled the country after making money. The court questioned the SBCA’s ability to eliminate illegal construction and observed that unofficial construction was fully supported by corrupt officials. The court expressed serious concern that millions of citizens could lose their lives due to the poorly planned high-rise construction if a high-magnitude earthquake struck the city.

The DG Sindh Building Control Authority said that they were taking action against illegal high buildings and no building would be allowed to violate statutory regulations. He complained that the SBCA faces a shortage of staff to take action against illegal construction. The court requested information from the SBCA Directorate General whether it had permitted the construction of multi-storey buildings in DHA Phase 9 and Kota Bahria. The court observed that the former SBCA official has now settled overseas after making money from illegal construction supported by land mafia and builders.

The court observed that permits for illegal construction were not possible if a government warrant was made in the city. The court observed that all playgrounds and parks had been encroached on and that no space was left for residents and their rights had been compromised.

Justice Gulzar dubbed the SBCA department an ‘exploiter’ and observed that all of the biggest gangs were operating together to build unofficial buildings in Karachi. The court observed that there were several plaintiffs for a plot of land in Karachi who were given fake papers by the department.

Regarding the operation of the Circular Railways, the court ordered the railway secretary to remove all disturbance from the railway grounds and ensure the KCR is operated according to the railroad schedule. The court also asked why encroachment on the railway land from Keamari and Kalapul was not eliminated and the land was reclaimed. The railway proposed by the secretary could not be implemented due to resistance from the encroachers and asking the police and forest guards for help to clear them. He said the Border Works Organization had been awarded a contract for the subway for the Karachi Circular Railway and the FWO was doing the work. He claims that 75% of the work on the KCR has been completed and part of it is remaining, which was completed in coordination with the Sindh government. The Court observed that the operational schedule for the KCR had not yet been fulfilled and directed the railways and the Sindh government to ensure completion of the KCR was according to the schedule given. The court also warned against action against officials for not complying with court orders. While directing the railway secretary and deputy supervisor to ensure the elimination of encroachment from his land, the SC directed the police and Rangers to provide assistance to the railways.

The court also ordered the Karachi commissioner to take ownership of the Tejori Heights high-rise residential and commercial project, allegedly built on the railroad ground in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, and confiscate all construction on the land. The court was told by the railroad advisor that the land belonged to the railway which was illegally given to private persons and that now a multi-storey building project has been started by a private builder Kamran Tessori.

The advisor to the private builder, Raza Rabbani, strongly opposed the plea and said that the land had nothing to do with railroads and was in fact part of government land with survey number 653. The SC bench observed contradictions and serious flaws in the documents that relating to the location of a particular land. The bench observed that the builder’s advisor had admitted that the builder had no land ownership in Survey 190 and took a stand before the court that they had a power of attorney for the plot of land located in Survey number 653, which is an integral part of Survey 188 of the railway landings . The Court observed that there were claims that improvements had been made to the land records but prima facie no interest rights had been made. The court ordered the Karachi commissioner to confiscate all construction on the subject’s property and ordered that no third party interest be created until further orders.

Taking the Hyatt Regency case, the court directed the railway secretary to submit a report on the restoration of the railroad land that was provided to Hyatt Regency in the 80s within one month. The railway secretary informed the court that Hyatt Regency matters had to be filed before a cabinet meeting to return them to the railroad for their own purposes. The court questioned how trillions of rupees worth of railroads could be given to private parties for just Rs. 46 million.

The court also asked the KMC commissioner for information about the elimination of encroachment from public parks and asked whether the 4,050 square meter land had been taken from builders who violated the boundary for a multi-storey building project. The KMC commissioner proposed that the subject plots be consolidated by the city district council at the time. The court observed that the city government previously sold land to private builders but the land still belonged to KMC and directed the KMC commissioner to take the land and submit a compliance report.

Regarding encroachment at Kidney Hill Park, KMC officials filed before the court that 80,000 tillers were planted there and that more would be planted. He proposed that Kidney Hill Park would open to the public in June 2021.

Regarding the implementation of the Green Line Bus Project by the Karachi Infrastructure Development Company (KIDC), the court directed the company to have the bus project operational by June 2021. The court has been informed by the KIDC COO that the buses are expected to arrive in March and the project will operate in June 2021. He said the project was completed without any foreign bank loans. The court observed that the city’s road infrastructure was destroyed by making a green lane project in the middle of the main road. The court observed that each project was launched with offshore loans including the installation of drains and sewers and indicated that billions of rupees were wasted on the Reverse Osmosis water project in the province. The court observed that the bus project was expected to be operational by June 2021 and made clear that no more time would be given to the company.

The court issued a notice to the Sindh government of an application against the ease of use of land to build a KIDC bus station near Numaish (Old Exhibition) and ordered the advocate general of Sindh to send a reply at the next hearing.

Regarding the non-compliance of various court directives by the Karachi commissioner, the judge warned the Karachi commissioner that he could be sent to prison for disobeying court orders. The court observed that the commissioner’s office had done nothing for the residents and even though two years had passed it had not eliminated encroachment from the city. The court will continue its proceedings on Wednesday (today).


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Unequivocal notification of info about India’s false flag operation: FO | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan said Thursday a strong notification had taken over information about India’s preparations for a false flag operation in Pakistan.

Pakistan also reiterated that there is no change in its principle position on the Palestinian question. For a just, comprehensive and lasting peace, Pakistan will continue to support a two-state solution in accordance with relevant United Nations and OIC resolutions and international law, with borders before 1967 and Al-Quds Al-Sharif as the nation’s capital. Palestine.

Spokesmen for some of the inquiries demanded from India were reminded once again of its obligations and urged to carry out a comprehensive investigation into the tragic incident in which 11 Pakistani Hindus died and inform developments.

For inquiries about Mrs. Karima Baloch’s death, the spokesperson said as soon as she learned about the matter, the Pakistani Consulate General in Toronto asked the Toronto Police to share information and details of the cause of her death.

“According to Toronto Police, the situation has been investigated and officers have designated this a non-criminal death and no fraud has been suspected. The family has been renewed, “he added.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister’s Special Assistant for Religious Harmony in the Middle East and the Muslim State Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi visited the Palestinian Embassy and during the meeting the Palestinian Ambassador handed over a letter from Palestinian President Mehmood Abbas. During the press conference, the Palestinian envoy read out messages from Palestinian President Mehmood Abbas to the people and Prime Minister Imran Khan.

In his letter, the Palestinian President appreciated the brave and courageous stance of Pakistan and Prime Minister Imran Khan on the Palestinian issue and stated that this was an honor and pride for the Palestinian people and the Palestinian government. Ahmed Rabaie said that Palestinians and the Palestinian government are very grateful to Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa for Pakistan’s courageous stance on the Palestinian issue.


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