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The PTI prepares for upheaval in the Sindh Senate poll | Instant News

KARACHI: PTI Sindh is gearing up for upheaval in tomorrow’s Senate elections as at least six of its MPs are unlikely to vote for party candidates in the Upper House elections.

According to PTI insiders, three more MPAs, including members of parliament elected from minority seats, are not linked to the PTI leadership and are likely to announce not to vote for candidates from that party. In addition, three PTI MPAs, including Karim Bux Gabol, Shahryar Khan Shar and Aslam Abro, have announced that they will not vote for the PTI candidate in the Senate elections. Concerned over the development, the PTI has directed all of its MPs to gather at a local hotel on Tuesday from where they will be brought together to vote in the Sindh Assembly to avoid ‘robbery of votes’.

Earlier on Monday, three PTI MPAs announced that they would not vote along party lines in the Upper House of Parliament, amid accusations from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf that the Pakistan People’s Party was pressuring the MPA to change loyalties in the Senate. opinion poll. Just two days before the Senate elections, PTI leaders, including former opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly Firdous Shamim Naqvi and president Karachi Khurram Sher Zaman, announced that three of their MPA parties were kidnapped on Sunday night and alleged that the PPP-led province government suppressed three ” The missing MPA “to change loyalty in Senate polls. However, in their video statement, PTI MPA, Karim Bux Gabol, Shahryar Khan Shar and Aslam Abro, on Monday when denying the kidnapping reports, announced that they would not vote for the PTI Senate candidate. Furthermore, they criticized the PTI central leadership for giving tickets to Senate candidates in exchange for money. Gabol, who is the PTI MPA from East Karachi District, said he could not support the candidate who had “bought” the ticket. “I am a PTI worker and will remain with the party, but cannot vote for its candidate in the Senate elections because the party has given tickets to candidates in exchange for money,” Gabol said in a video message available with The News. He also criticized the federal government led by the PTI for “stepmother treatment” of Sindh and said the party had failed to live up to popular expectations.

Shar, a PTI MPA from Ghotki, alleged that the party gave Senate election tickets to candidates from Sindh without consulting the MPA. Shar has supported a PPP resolution in October challenging a presidential regulation that paved the way for the federal government to take over provincial islands. “I raised the Sindh issue in front of the prime minister and governor, but they didn’t pay attention,” Shar said. [PTI government] have no programs for Sindh. “

Shar announced that he and the others would not select the candidate chosen by the prime minister. Abro, another PTI MPA from the Jacobabad district, also announced not to vote for the PTI candidate in the Senate poll.

Meanwhile, a PTI leader told The News that three more MPAs, including a member of parliament elected from a minority seat, would also announce not to vote for a candidate from the party. Announcing the new development, Naqvi and Sherzaman told a press conference that the three more party MPAs were not in touch with them and their phones remained switched off.

Naqvi and Sherzaman alleged that the PPP used pressure tactics through the Sindh Police, including baseless case registrations, against the PTI MPA to force them to vote for PPP candidates in the province. Naqvi accused Gabol of giving the video statement under great pressure. “On Sunday, I spoke with Gabol who convinced me he was backing the party candidate in the Senate poll. If someone follows Gabol’s previous statements, he always criticizes PPP for bad governance and corruption, holding him responsible for the destruction of the province, ”said Naqvi. He said that three of the PTI KKP, including Gabol, had been missing since Sunday evening and warned that if anything happened to them, the Sindh government would be held responsible for it.

He demanded the Pakistan Election Commission to take action against the PPP horse trade in Sindh province for the Senate elections.

Naqvi said the joint opposition in Sindh had only nominated five candidates – three in the general seat, one technocrat and one for the women’s seat given its collective strength of 65 in the provincial assembly. The joint opposition in Sindh consisted of the PTI, MQM-P and GDA. “We have proven our good intentions in Sindh by not demoting one more candidate than the number of seats we have. Those with bad intentions have submitted additional candidates, ”he said. PTI president Karachi Khurram Sherzaman said the police had also registered an unsubstantiated case against MPA Raja Azhar and were pressuring him to shift allegiance in the Senate elections. He said that cases had also been registered against the Korangi party president and other workers.

Sherzaman said that the manipulation of the Senate poll began with the arrest of Opposition Leader Haleem Adil Sheikh. “Since then, PTI members have been regularly intimidated and threatened,” he accused.


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Khattak accused PDM of trading horses in KP, Balochistan | Instant News

NOWSHERA: Federal Defense Minister Pervez Khattak alleged on Sunday that component parties of the opposition Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) had launched a horse trade for the upcoming Senate elections.

He said this while speaking as the main guest at the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) workers convention in the Tangi Khattak area of ​​Nowshera district. The chair of the National Assembly Standing Committee for Power and Energy Dr Imran Khattak, Ishaq Khattak, Mian Umar Kakakhel, Shaukat Ali Khattak and Yasir Khan Khattak spoke at the occasion.

Pervez Khattak alleged that a group of dishonest people were busy buying and selling assemblymen in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan for the upper house parliament elections.

The defense minister said the Democracy Charter calls for an open vote on Senate elections. “The parties whose leadership signed the charter are now against open voting,” he said, accusing them of obstructing constitutional amendments to do so.

Pervez Khattak said Prime Minister Imran Khan had revealed the true face of opposition to the country’s people. “I am sure the members of the PTI DPRD will thwart all conspiracies,” he added.

Continuing his scolding against the PDM, he alleges that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and other parties in the PDM used money during the recent by-election on PK-63 in Nowshera and conspired against the PTI in alliance with returning officers. and other voting staff.

The federal minister renewed his claim that PK-63 by-poll had been stolen from PTI through improper practices. He accused that there was a difference of 6,000 votes on forms 45 and 46. He claimed there was a difference of 700 to 1,500 votes in several polling stations, while a difference of 50 to 100 votes was seen in almost all polling stations.

Pervez Khattak alleged that a woman chairperson clearly noted on Form 46 that more than the actual number of votes surveyed at her polling station. He said the ruling party had submitted evidence of alleged fraud with a petition filed with the General Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) whose trial is expected to start on Monday. The Defense Minister said PTI had asked the ECP to hold a re-vote on seats PK-63 and withhold notification of victory from PML-N Candidate, Ikhtiar Wali Khan. He felt the PTI vote bank had risen and that the opposition movement against the government was doomed to fail.


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The Democratic Panel swept the KUJ Dastoor poll | Instant News

Rashid Aziz and Moosa Kaleem were elected president and general secretary of the Karachi Union of Journalists (KUJ) Dastoor respectively for the years 2021-22 following elections held at the Karachi Press Club. According to the results announced by the electoral committee, the KUJ Democratic Panel pocketed all the seats.

Aslam Khan and Wakeelur Rehman were elected vice presidents, while Syed Nabeel Akhtar and Adil Zafar Khan have been declared successful unopposed as joint secretaries. Mohammad Bilal Tahir was elected as treasurer, while Hammad Hussain was elected as secretary of information.

Nine members of the governing body – Asim Bhatti, Abdul Qadir Mangrio, Jamal Khurshid, Atif Khan, Fehmida Yousfi, Syed Fareed Alam, Mansoor Ahmed Khan, Mohsin Ahmed and Khalid Khan – were elected to the executive board. Polls in the press club have seen 366 voters cast their votes.

Minister of Information Sindh Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, Minister of Education Saeed Ghani, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Karachi President Khurrum Sher Zaman and Pakistan

Muslim League-Functional MPA Nusrat Sehar Abbasi

congratulate the newly elected KUJ Dastoor agency and ensure their cooperation in solving journalist problems.


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PTI reiterates support for Vawda, Abro for the Senate poll | Instant News

President Tehreek-e-Insaf Karachi Pakistan and MPA Khurram Sherzaman said on Saturday that disagreement was found in democratic parties, and all members of the PTI Sindh Assembly stood by Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision and supported the candidate nominated in the Senate elections.

Together with PTI Senate candidates, Saifullah Abro, MPA PTI Karachi gave a speech at a press conference at the Karachi Press Club.

Sherzaman said the PTI MPA would support Abro and Faisal Vawda of Sindh, and, by showing unity, would thwart the “dirty business of buying and selling” the vote of the Pakistan People’s Party.

The PPP government in Sindh has taken revenge on PTI and put pressure on the MPA mainly because they did not sell their votes, he said.

Meanwhile, PTI center leader and National Assembly Member Aftab Siddiqui asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to discuss the political situation in the country and Karachi’s Transformation Plan.

At a meeting held at the Prime Minister’s Secretariat, Siddiqui also briefed Prime Minister Imran Khan in detail on the ongoing development work in his state-funded NA-247 constituency, including the Sindh government’s poor performance.

Siddiqui said Prime Minister Khan had a special focus on developing Karachi. Other important issues were discussed with the PM, he added.

He thanked the prime minister for the steps being taken by the federal government for the development of Karachi.

The nominations of the two PTI Senate candidates from Sindh have been challenged in court.

After Abro’s nomination documents were approved by the returning officer, the appeals court disqualified him. However, the Sindh High Court (SHC) on Thursday returned the order of the returning officer in connection with the receipt of Abro’s nomination letter and directed the Election Commission to include the name of the PTI candidate on Sindh’s final list of Senate poll candidates on technocrats. chair.

Vawda’s candidacy was also challenged. The SHC on Friday issued a notification to the Election Commission and Vawda of an appeal against acceptance of its nomination documents for the upcoming Senate elections.

Petitioner Qadir Khan Mandokhel conveyed in the petition that the receipt of Vawda’s nomination letter was legally bad and had been endorsed by a returning officer without proper appreciation of the facts and the law.


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PTI to call for re-vote as Opposition ‘cries out loud over’ Daska by-election: PM Imran Khan | Instant News

Prime Minister Imran Khan. News / via Geo.tv/Files
  • PM Imran Khan directs PTI candidates from NA-75 “to call for re-vote” at 20 polling stations Opposition cry hoarsely
  • Two people died, two were injured when clashes broke out between PTI and PML-N workers in the NA-75 constituency of Sialkot.
  • Saying it is because “we want transparency so we are working on an open vote for the Senate elections”

ISLAMABAD: The ruling PTI candidate from the NA-75 constituency of Sialkot has been asked to request a re-vote in the Daska by-election by Prime Minister Imran Khan because the Opposition parties have “cried hoarsely”.

The Daska failure that made headlines last week left at least two people dead and two injured when clashes broke out between workers from the ruling PTI and PML-N, leading to a shooting incident in which three people were initially injured.

Two of them died from wounds on the way to the hospital.

“Always fight for fair & free elections,” PM Imran Khan said on Twitter on Monday, saying he did “even though there is no legal compulsion to do so before the ECP announces the results”.

“Because we want transparency, we are working on an open vote for the Senate elections.

The prime minister vowed to “always seek to strengthen a fair and free electoral process” and criticized those who obstructed such efforts.

“Unfortunately the others don’t have this commitment. When we wanted 4 constituencies to open after the 2013 election, it took us more than two years,” added Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Last week, voting was suspended at 15 sensitive polling stations out of a total of 360 in constituencies when violence erupted.


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