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Letter to Editor: Best regards to Effingham from Germany | Letter To Editor | Instant News

As a foreign currency exchange student at EHS 1976-77 I ​​spent a full year of experience, getting to know American hospitality, recognition of personality by teachers and even a little bit of early settlement enthusiasm by people from various countries including Germany.

I then came to Illinois several times to visit friends, only those traveling outside of Illinois, so Effingham is to me a mirror of American life. Of course the intersection of opportunities is always changing; I realized, for example, that dairy farming was almost extinct in the county.

Is the stance of the 1977 Stamp “Speak your truth calmly and clearly … Avoid loud and aggressive people” still being followed at Effingham?

Greetings from Germany.

Ralf Eyssen, Luckenwalde, Germany

PS Anyone in Effingham who has the opportunity to visit Germany is very welcome at our home near Berlin.


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There is no chance of reconciliation between KP CM, Atif Khan | Instant News

PESHAWAR: There is little chance of reconciliation between Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan and former senior minister Mohammad Atif Khan at this stage due to their distrust.

Sources close to the top minister told The News that there are no plans to reinstall Atif Khan, Pakistan’s ruling Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) senior leader, in the cabinet. “Not all!” The source said when asked if Atif Khan could be appointed minister again after being fired some nine months ago. They say the chief minister has long tolerated Atif Khan’s critical comments and maneuvers while he was in the cabinet and got him fired by filing a complaint with Prime Minister Imran Khan as a last resort.

On the other hand, Atif Khan made it clear that he didn’t want to return to the cabinet. “I have been a minister for seven years, so it wasn’t something I wanted to do. I will agree to become a minister again if Imran Khan asks me, ”he argued when approached by this writer.

According to Atif Khan, certain PTI figures wanted him to reconcile with the chief minister and rejoin the cabinet to help the government fulfill its promises and improve governance. However, he felt that the chief minister did not want him to enter the cabinet, even though he was also not interested in becoming a minister in such a situation. “I serve PTI to the best of my ability. I have no corruption charges against me, ”he stressed, adding that he can now devote more time to his business activities and spend two days each week in the Mardan constituency keeping in touch with his supporters.

The sources mentioned above said there was also no chance of reinstating Shakeel Ahmad, a member of the PTI parliament from Malakand district who was minister of revenue when he was removed from the cabinet along with Atif Khan and Shahram Khan Tarakai in January this year on disciplinary grounds. They claim the sacked ministers have tried to use their contacts to return to the cabinet, but the top ministers have been empowered to decide their fate after being empowered by the Prime Minister.

Shahram Tarakai, who comes from a wealthy and influential political family from Swabi, was finally reinstated in the cabinet in September. His father, Liaqat Tarakai is a Senator, his uncle Usman Tarakai is a foreigner while another uncle Mohammad Ali Tarakai is an MPA. The PTI government cannot ignore Tarakai, which has four members of parliament and played a key role in defeating Swabi’s Awami National Party (ANP) in all of its recent elections.

However, Shahram Tarakai had to wait weeks before being awarded a portfolio and that was not his choice either. He reportedly wants health, a portfolio he held before his dismissal, or local government he managed previously. Instead, he was appointed minister of primary and secondary education, which was not insignificant.

Atif Khan, Shahram Tarakai and Shakeel Ahmad were escorted to the door after being accused of conspiring against the chief minister and setting up their own group in PTI. The three of them denied the accusation. It came as a surprise that Atif Khan was considered close to Imran Khan and was even considered the next chief minister after the spectacular PTI victory in the July 2018 general election that shocked everyone because voters in the province never returned. vote for any ruling party in the past.

Atif Khan and Shahram Tarakai in their media appearances at the time stated that they were concerned about the allegations of corruption and bad governance being made against the provincial government and wanted the chief minister to take steps to improve the situation. Later, they were invited by the prime minister to attend what was called a reconciliation effort amid media reports that the two former ministers could be reinstated. This did not happen when Mahmood Khan stepped in and made it clear with the backing of the prime minister that he would only reinstall dismissed ministers on his terms and share their portfolios as he wished.


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Through two matches, TU’s defense bore fruit: ‘They fly around towards football’ | TU Sports Extra | Instant News

In Year 3 of its defense system, Tulsa University is on track for a record-setting season.

The Hurricane averaged dozens of tackles due to missing yards, well above the record total of 7.9 per game set by the 2012 team.

“We have guys with experience who have been playing in this defense now for a little bit longer and are looking for opportunities to really be aggressive and attacking,” said TU coach Philip Montgomery. “I think a lot of that goes back to actually doing a good job of dealing.

“Our guys really got into football and we’ve created some pressure and chances to get the tackle for defeat by being aggressive.”

The sample size is small – TU has played two games over six weeks and will be out of open dates – but the defense is impressive. Twelve players have contributed to the total TFL, led by 7½ of defender Zaven Collins.

“They fly around to watch the ball,” said Montgomery. “We handled as well as I’ve seen us do and we did a really good job of putting pressure on the offense.”

The hurricane allowed 369.5 yards per game, having played two elite offenses: Oklahoma State and Central Florida. After losing to the Cowboys at No. 11 on September 19, TU bounced back two weeks later with a thrilling comeback at No. 11 UCF.


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Latest: German virus cases increase by over 2,500 | World | Instant News

The Slovak Ministry of Health said the day-to-day increase was 552 on Friday.

Slovakia is still less hit than most other European countries. The country has a total of 8,600 people infected, with 44 deaths.

Prime Minister Igor Matovic said his government was ready to impose new restrictive measures to curb Monday’s surge. It should include restrictions on public gatherings such as weddings, both indoors and outdoors, officials said.

NEW DELHI – India reported 85,362 new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours with infections slowing this month.

The Health Ministry raised the country’s confirmed number to more than 5.9 million on Saturday. It said more than 1,089 people died in the past 24 hours, for a total of 93,379.

The authorities have decided to hold the first legislative elections in Bihar state since the pandemic. Nearly 72 million people are eligible to vote for three days starting late October with social distancing restrictions.

India’s average new cases have fallen by about 7,000 each day in the past week, after hitting a record 97,894 on September 16. However, authorities are preparing for a major religious festival season starting next month that is usually attended by large congregations in temples and shopping districts.


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East-West all-star game canceled for 2020, virtual training clinic planned News | Instant News

Hibantsen’s Avery Keller was among the regional players invited to participate for the Western team in the men’s basketball match, with Justin Kuthan from East Lincoln also selected. Sonny Scholfield from Statesville will be the coach for the West.

Izzi Wood Hickory will play for Western troops in a women’s soccer match, and he will join Kasey Hahn and Ayden Yates from Lake Norman Charter and Lily Suyao from Watauga. Hibriten’s Shea Bridges was chosen to train for the West.

In the men’s soccer match, Jon Joplin from Newton-Conover will play for the Western team with East Lincoln twins Chase Gilley and Logan Gilley.

As for soccer participants, they include Hibriten’s Jacob Clark and Alexander Central Steven Montgomery, along with Joe Elberti from Lincoln North and Jake Soorus, as members of the Western squad. St Stephens’ Wayne Hicks was chosen to serve Western coaching staff.

The match is scheduled to be held July 20-22 in Greensboro in conjunction with the annual NCCA Coach Clinic. The contest featured several high school seniors from the western part of the N.C. against their eastern counterparts.

Phil Weaver, executive director of NCCA, said the organization had e-mailed all players who had received invitations to play at the annual all-star match, as well as their parents, and offered them the opportunity to return next year and be introduced at halftime. In addition, he said the players this year would receive medals received by each player at the East-West party, T-shirts and copies of this year’s program.


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