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The PTI appointed Haleem Adil as the opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly to replace the Naqvi | Instant News

After the senior Pakistani leader Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Firdous Shamim Naqvi submitted his resignation as opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly, the PTI central leadership appointed Haleem Adil Shaikh to the post.

Syekh, who is also PTI’s central vice president, is no longer chairman of the PTI parliament in the Sindh Assembly, as he had before being nominated as leader of the opposition in the provincial assembly.

Bilal Ghaffar, an MPA from Karachi, has been appointed leader of the party parliament in the Sindh Assembly. Naqvi will officially resign from his post today (Monday) and submit his resignation to the chairman of the Sindh Assembly.

The PTI has also approached the Muttahida Qaumi-Pakistan Movement and the Supreme Democratic Alliance – the two main opposition parties in the provincial assembly and their allies in the Center – to gain their support for its candidate.

News has learned that PTI plans to give an important position to Naqvi. Party sources said that a group of PTI MPAs had filed complaints with the party’s central leaders, in particular Prime Minister Imran Khan, against the Naqvi for their tough stance against them.

“A group of party MPAs have complained to Prime Minister Khan that it is difficult for them to work under the Naqvi leadership in the provincial assembly,” an MPA told The News. Some analysts attributed the replacement of the opposition leader in the provincial assembly to a Naqvi statement in September, in which he criticized the federal government for not having a role in solving the city’s ongoing electricity and gas crisis.

Naqvi was quoted as saying that “he will ensure Prime Minister Imran Khan, Energy Minister Omar Ayub and assistant oil prime minister, Nadeem Babar, feel ’embarrassed’ that Karachi is facing a gas shortage crisis.”

But later that same night, he posted an apology via his Twitter account. “I want to apologize to everyone Insaf. My point is to say I will take the minister of energy and SSGC to the PM. Hearing the words recorded doesn’t really convey that. I apologize to my leader. Who is the most committed & honest man I have ever met, ”he tweeted.


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There were no early elections, the governor told the opposition | Instant News

LAHORE: Punjab governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar said that April will come after March and nothing will happen. Elections will be held only after the government has completed its term of office. There is no consensus among the PDM parties but there are clear differences of opinion.

Even the opponents could not show Prime Minister Imran Khan’s honesty. The government is currently implementing policies that fully comply with transparency and performance.

This view was expressed by the governor of Punjab while speaking with party and media workers at the residence of Zafar Sindhu, a central member of the PTI, on Sunday.

Chaudhry Sarwar said that the opposition party should give up hopes of holding elections earlier because elections will be held only after the end of the term of government. People will decide with the power of their vote who they want to vote for and bring to power in the future. People stand by government policy, not with opposition parties and the government is taking steps to provide assistance to the people in all fields even in difficult times, he said.

The governor said transferring power to lower levels is the government’s top priority and as soon as we tackle the coronavirus, local government elections will be held in Punjab and there is no doubt that public matters will be handled through local bodies. He further said that because of the successful economic policies of the government under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s leadership, Pakistan was successful in the economic field. Pakistan’s exports to the UK exceeded Rs1 billion for the first time and exports to Britain increased 47% in December. Pakistan will get its rightful place in the world in the economic field.

Chaudhry Sarwar said that a revolution is taking place in the industrial sector in Punjab as government policies and new job opportunities are also available for the people. The government also addresses business community issues based on priorities, he added.


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Change is an ongoing practice: PM Imran | Instant News


Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Sunday that bringing change is an ongoing struggle that can make a person retire only at death.

Speaking to digital media representatives in Islamabad, the prime minister said ‘change’ is not a switch that can be activated at will.

The prime minister said that out of 220 million people entered Pakistan only 3,000 paid 70 percent tax.

“Half of our taxes [the government] collect go in debt for settlement of loans taken by the previous government, “repeated the PM.

“My life will be much easier if I give the opposition the National Reconciliation Law (NRO), but it will be a disaster for Pakistan,” he said.

PM Imran added that the country is at a turning point. “Our exports are growing, the construction industry is flourishing,” he said, adding that the service industry is still experiencing a worldwide crisis.

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“When you cut spending, you lowered demand,” he said.

The prime minister further stated that the sole aim of the Indian government led by Narendra Modim is to spread chaos in Pakistan.

On January 5 reported that income tax return (ITR) filings have increased significantly over the 2020 tax year, according to a statement issued by the Federal Revenue Council (FBR).

“Around 1,768 million taxpayers submitted their SPT before the deadline, namely December 8, 2020, while the income received by FBR reached Rs22 billion as of this date,” he said.

“The number of reporters has increased further to 2,316 million while tax collection increased to Rs43.6 billion through January 4, 2021, compared to 2.181 million reporting and collection of Rs28 billion during the same period the previous year, representing a 55% increase in tax collection in the current year. . “

It is important to mention that the number of tax returns filed after the deadline of 8 December 2020 reached 0.547 million and the total tax collection reached Rs22 billion.


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The opposition was asked not to politicize the Machh incident | Instant News

LAHORE: Punjab Agriculture Minister Syed Hussain Jahania Gardezi said the opposition should refrain from doing politics over the Machh incident.

In a statement issued on Friday, he said that opposition parties should not use innocent people for their political motives. He said that Mr Soldiers, police and law enforcement officers would bring terrorists to the books.

The country’s enemies cannot see Pakistan growing under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s leadership, he added.

upgrade schemes: The Punjab Provincial Development Work Party (PDWP) has approved five development schemes from various sectors with an estimated cost of Rs 4.592 billion. The scheme was approved at the 19th PDWP meeting for the 2020-21 fiscal year, chaired by the Chairman of the Planning & Development Agency Hamed Yaqoob Sheikh. All members of the P&D Council, relevant provincial secretaries, Senior (Coordination) Chief Javed Latif, Assistant Head (Coordination) Shahid Idrees and other representatives from relevant departments also attended the meeting, according to a spokesman for the Punjab P&D Department here on Friday.

The spokesperson said that the approved development scheme included the construction of a double traffic line from Faisalabad Dry Port to Sahianwala via Chak Jhumra (19.27 km), Faisalabad district (revised) at a cost of Rs 1,138,488 million; a feasibility study of a water supply mega scheme for the city of East Ahmadpur, Bahawalpur district (PC-II) at a cost of Rs 12.383 million; construction of Lalu Daira Shah, Dera Ghazi Khan district, at a cost of Rs 1,106,719 million; feasibility study for renovation of the BRBD link canal to meet the shortfall in the Lahore & Kasur division (PC-II) at a cost of Rs 118,006 million and a Qanungoi level Land Registration Service (revised) at a cost of Rs 2,216,691 million


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Treasury, the opposition to trading barbs in the Senate | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan told the Senate Friday that the federal cabinet had advised Prime Minister Imran Khan to visit Quetta and he would go there any time.

Ending the discussion on the opposition agenda regarding the unprecedented crackdown on political workers, the minister argued that the opposition might speak in Parliament about civilian differences or civil-military imbalances but why talk like ‘cutting the necks of soldiers and generals’.

Some opposition leaders have asked why the foreign funding case has not progressed even though six years have passed.

Ali Muhammad said JUI-F chairman Fazlur Rehman was patriotic but voices like that were raised in his party which must have been silenced there and then but unfortunately it was not done. He said a former prime minister and a “ferari” from the Panama case were sitting in a foreign country asking people to become a barrier to the armed forces, who risk their lives every day. When the former PM called out the commander’s name and criticized him, he slandered his own country’s armed forces, he said.

“You are defaming the armed forces. If you have enough courage you will not give him an extension and launch a movement and agitation here, ”he said referring to Nawaz Sharif. “When we attack each other in this way, we further widen the fault line where the enemy is already working under fifth generation warfare,” he stressed.

He emphasized that Parliament is the right forum for political and electoral reforms and invited the opposition to be part of the process.

PkMAP Senator Usman Kakar called for the release of political workers and the withdrawal of what he called the sham cases against them, saying that exercising one’s democratic and political rights is a fundamental right.

Referring to the PDM meeting and the government’s steps in this connection, he said there are laws of the jungle in the country and nobody cares about them, who take guns in their hands and force peaceful political workers to be forced. This, he said, brought a bad name to Pakistan and the Parliament.

Attaur Rehman from JUI-F said the chosen ‘prime minister’ would not go to Quetta because he was not given the signal, because he himself was a puppet. He urged the Hazara community to bury the martyrs.

DPR Leader Dr. Shahzad Waseem said criticizing the government and engaging in agitation were the right of the opposition, but there were certain red lines with respect to the state and its institutions, which needed to be respected, because these violations could weaken the state.

He said an unprecedented crackdown was carried out by them, which introduced the Dalai camp and founded the FSF and wrote the black chapter of the Model Town shootings when even women were shot in their faces and elderly people were dragged on the streets and beaten black and blue.

Opposition leader Raja Muhammad Zafarul Haq said hundreds of workers faced cases and arrests were also made. He said a few days before the PDM meeting, lists were shared with the police station and arrests were made and violence was used against political workers.

He claimed that the contradictions of the government every day cost the country and went on to say that if Hitler had adopted this approach, he would not fail.

He alleges that accountability is one-sided and against the opposition while the foreign funding case has not progressed in six years.

“The negative attitude of the head of government should be condemned, because every time a natural disaster occurs in Balochistan, the government and government are indifferent and this is evident from the Machh tragedy,” said Tahir Bizenjo of the National Party.


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