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‘I would love to eat tonight’s meal:’ Hundreds of families received free food at the Apopka Farm Sharing food prize | Instant News

APOPKA, Fla. – Hundreds of families struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic lined up at Apopka High School on Saturday morning to get free food.

The start of a rainy day can’t keep families away, like Jonnie Garrison. She beamed with gratitude.

“A blessing, a blessing, a blessing. I would love to eat tonight’s meal and sit at the table with my neighbors and have a good meal, ”said Garrison.

Senator Randolph Bracy and Apopka High School PTSA collaborated with Farm Share to organize the event. They distributed hundreds of pounds of food.

Charlean Gatlin, one of the event organizers, said they are helping 500 families.

“Every time we go out we see these lines stretching as far as you can for individuals who are just trying to get help or trying to get food for their families to put on their tables,” said Gatlin.

These needs are increasing every day as families struggle to make ends meet almost a year after the pandemic.

Tre Wade, president of PTSA Apopka High School, said that the community was injured.

“We have so many parents who unfortunately because of COVID-19 have lost their jobs, their income, if not both incomes, at least one income and our community really needs it,” said Wade.

Some help is on the way. This week President Biden took executive action aimed at providing financial assistance. The order does not provide direct assistance to food banks, but rather direct assistance to families in need.

The Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida said 829,000 Central Florida families who use SNAP food stamps are expected to see increased benefits.

“The need is enormous and it is extraordinary to see our community injured as they are today,” said Gatlin.

Families, such as Nalinie Sewpersaud, said they were grateful for the food.

“Every little thing counts because you don’t work, no money, no groceries at home, so everything is worth now. Whatever you have is very valuable, ”said Sewpersaud.

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Thousands of people walk through Orlando airport after vacation | Instant News

ORLANDO, Florida – As the vacation weekend draws to a close, many are packing their bags and heading home from vacations and family reunions, some right here in Florida. What You Need to Know Orlando Airport Expects 45,000 Passengers on Sunday Millions of Americans have traveled this holiday season, despite CDC warnings The OIA has seen an estimated 50% drop in air travel on Sunday is expected be the busiest travel day of the Orlando vacation season. International airport, with 45,000 passengers expected. Despite warnings from the CDC, millions of Americans have decided to travel this holiday season during the pandemic. These crowds created queues at the airport that travelers are not used to seeing. Getting up early and at the airport a few hours before her flight to Philadelphia, Yvette Thomas was greeted by long lines. “I’m so glad I got up and arrived early! Because if I had waited until the last minute, I would miss my flight, ”she said. It’s @ MCO’s busiest travel day of the holiday season – they estimate 45,000 will be leaving from here to Orlando today. It’s the crowds around 5:40 a.m. Sunday morning @ MyNews13 pic.twitter.com/pZds3INQjo – Rachael Krause (@RKrause_News) January 3, 2021 Despite an approximately 50% drop in air travel to the OIA, TSA says millions of Americans have chosen to pack a bag and visit family and friends for the holidays across the country – despite warnings from the CDC to stay home. Experts are now warning that spikes in cases are coming and we could face the impact and surges of vacation travel for weeks on end. “We could start in February with the Christmas events that still affect us, even with the release of this vaccine,” said Erin Bromage, associate professor of biology at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. Thomas said she has been taking precautions since her trip started at home before the holiday weekend. “We did a COVID test, we all did it, we made sure we were negative before we traveled. So no, I was not worried, ”explained Thomas. After her family vacation, she is ready to return to Philadelphia. If you’ve traveled on Christmas or New Years, the CDC recommends testing for COVID-19 three to five days after your trip and staying home for seven days.


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The shooter shoots a food truck vendor behind the Orange County strip club | Instant News

ORLANDO, Fla. – An 18-year-old man and a 37-year-old woman were shot Wednesday morning as they closed their food truck behind an Orange County strip club, deputies said.

The double shooting was reported around 4am in the Le Palace parking lot at 5526 S. Orange Blossom Trail.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said deputies were called in for the shooting and found the victims had suffered non-life-threatening gunshot wounds.

Deputies said the man and woman had closed shop when they were approached by a gunman who opened fire for unknown reasons.

The victims were taken to the Orlando Regional Medical Center.

The shooter is still at large.

No other details have been released.

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Orlando Airport sees second busiest day of vacation | Instant News

ORLANDO, Florida – December 27 is typically one of the busiest travel days of the year for Orlando International Airport. What you need to know December 27 has been projected to be the second busiest travel day of the holiday season Numbers are still falling due to pandemic January 3, 2021 is expected to be the busiest day of this season MCO holiday put airport security as a top priority This year, AGC officials predicted it would be the second busiest travel day during the holiday season, as they expected about 44,500 people arrive at the airport on Sunday. That’s about half of last year’s total that day. Sheresa Dekker, from Independence, Ky., Is a frequent traveler. She was one of the first to notice the quieter lobby and shorter lines. “We were actually here last year for Christmas in 2019, and the security lines were crazy,” Dekker said. Colorado Springs resident Tyler Fluke has flown for the first time since the pandemic began. “It seems strange to see so many people,” he said. “It’s not as crowded as Denver when I flew out, but it’s quite strange to see so many people at the airport right now.” During this holiday season, MCO officials are giving top priority to safety measures. They’re even testing a crowd density monitor that lets travelers know which areas of the airport are crowded. The coronavirus pandemic has canceled travel plans for many people throughout the year, so Fluke is happy he was not affected. “I’ve been anticipating this since the start of the year, before this pandemic happened,” Fluke said. “When the pandemic hit and everything blew up, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to come here and see my family. But it ended up working, and I feel very happy that I was able to come here and see my family for Christmas, ”he added. The days of travel are busier ahead. .

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Passengers flying to LAX have been told of COVID-19 exposure | Instant News

LOS ANGELES (CNS) – Los Angeles County health officials are warning passengers of a flight to Los Angeles that was disrupted when a man suffered what was initially considered a heart attack they could have been exposed to COVID-19. What You Need to Know United Flight 591 was en route to LAX from Orlando, Fla. On December 14 It was hijacked and landed in New Orleans due to the sick passenger Passengers on the flight have been contacted and notified that they could have been exposed to COVID -19 The flight carried 164 people United Flight 591 was en route to LAX from Orlando, Fla. on December 14. He was hijacked and landed in New Orleans due to the sick passenger, who was taken off the plane and pronounced dead in a hospital. . United Airlines confirmed on December 18 that it had been contacted by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about the man. “At the time of the hijacking, we were informed that he had suffered cardiac arrest, so passengers were given the option of catching a later flight or continuing with their travel plans,” according to the airline. “Now that the CDC has contacted us directly, we are sharing the requested information with the agency so that they can work with local health officials to conduct outreach to any client that the CDC considers to be at risk of. ‘exposure or infection. ” The deceased man was identified by the Los Angeles Times as Isaias Hernandez, 69, of Los Angeles. Another passenger on the flight performed CPR on Hernandez in an unsuccessful attempt to save his life. On Saturday, TMZ reported that the man who performed CPR, Tony Aldapa, was contacted by the Los Angeles Department of Public Health on Thursday and told him Hernandez had COVID-19. County health officials did not confirm this Saturday when contacted by City News Service, but said passengers on the flight had been contacted. “Due to privacy concerns, we cannot comment on anyone,” the ministry said. We are working with the CDC on this matter in an effort to educate passengers where appropriate. Public health continues to urge people to help stop the outbreak by avoiding travel, staying home as much as possible, avoiding gatherings, wearing a face mask outside, and maintaining social distancing. 1.80 meters, and washing your hands. “United Airlines officials have said passengers must certify before they are allowed to board planes that they do not have COVID-19 or symptoms.” The health and safety of our employees and customers is our top priority, which is why we have implemented various policies and procedures such as mask warrants and requiring customers to complete a “Ready to Fly” checklist before the flight, recognizing that they have not been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days and have no symptoms related to COVID, ”according to the airline. After the man was removed from the plane in New Orleans, the flight continued to LAX, believing that the passenger had suffered a heart attack. But the four flight attendants who worked on the flight were quarantined one after the plane arrived in Los Angeles, according to their union, the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA. “United flight attendants responded to an in-flight medical emergency that resulted in a hijacking on Monday,” union representative Taylor Garland said. “Upon arrival at LAX, the crew of four flight attendants were quarantined for 14 days as per written directions. Our union continues to provide support to the crew. We urge passengers to comply with the airline’s COVID policies and stay home if you are ill. The flight carried 164 people, according to the Times. .

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