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The ATC issued a written order in the case of Imran Khan’s release | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) issued a written order Tuesday regarding the release of Prime Minister Imran Khan in a case relating to the attack on the Parliament building and state TV during the 2014 protests. ATC Judge Raja Jawad Abbas, in his nine-page decree, stated that The FIR was registered on the second day of the incident even though the regional police station was only 2 km away. There is no good reason for the delay in registering the case. The decree stated that there were no charges of murder, terrorism and other crimes against Imran Khan, instead as chairman of a political party he was accused of only inciting protesters to attack government property.

Imran Khan was accused of provoking his party workers through his speech, but a transcript of his speech was made part of the case notes, he said. An additional challenge posed by the police has stated that PTI chief Imran Khan had prevented protesters from damaging government property during the sit-in. The court order stated that there was no evidence against Imran Khan related to his workers’ provocation to destroy public property.

It further said that according to the prosecution, the leadership of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) had ordered their 21,000 protesters to march towards the Prime Minister’s Building and Parliament.

However, only 131 people were registered with FIR for several reasons. The nature of cases against society is common. The ruling said that if Article 144 had come into force on that day, the cases should have been registered against the 21,000 people.

Why was large crowds allowed to enter Islamabad and the Red Zone to sit after Article 144 was enforced. The public prosecutor also told the court that it was only a politically fabricated case as no evidence was gathered that could support the stand of the prosecution.

The public prosecutor further told the court that it would be a waste of court time to proceed with the trial of Imran Khan.


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Coca-Cola withdraws from bottling in Australia as a bubble offering to sell shares | Instant News


soft drink Together.

KO -0.32%

agreed in principle to sell its stake in Australian bottling to one of its European affiliates, the latest move to reduce exposure to expensive bottling operations and focus on the more lucrative concentrate manufacturing business.

The deal between Atlanta-based Coke and

European partner of Coca-Cola

CCEP -1.14%

PLC, which bottles and distributes Coke products in Western Europe, valued Coke’s 31% stake in Australian bottlers at about $ 1.6 billion. Coca-Cola European Partners on Monday also offered to buy the remaining 69% of the Australian company,

Coca-Cola Amatil Ltd.

CCLAY -0.98%

Bottlers had lost their fizz in Coke for a while.

In 2017, Coke completed a series of deals in the US that shifted its bottling business there from a largely company-owned system to one run by local groups, some of which were family-owned, truck products to stores and operate production plants. A year later, Coke sold its Canadian bottling operations, including a distribution center and five soda manufacturers.

Getting rid of that asset-heavy operation means the number of Coke employees has fallen sharply in recent years, while helping to reduce its debt burden. However, Coke faced new challenges that were brought by the coronavirus crisis and have discontinued some brands, lay off some workers and change its marketing strategy.

On Monday, Coke said it would only sell its shares if the deal for Coca-Cola European Partners to acquire the remainder of Coca-Cola Amatil is implemented. Other Australian bottling shareholders, including investment funds and mom-and-pop investors, will need to vote to agree to the deal. The head of the Australian company said it plans to recommend a sale unless a winning bid emerges, adding that there is no guarantee the deal will work.

Coca-Cola European Partners is offering 12.75 Australian dollars, equivalent to $ 9.10, a share for Coca-Cola Amatil, about a 23% premium over the volume-weighted average price for the week. Australia-listed Coca-Cola Amatil rose about 16% in Monday trade, to A $ 12.50 per share.

Coke, however, agreed to sell its stake in Coca-Cola Amatil at a lower price – around A $ 10 per share. Coke may sell its shares to Coca-Cola European Partners in two or more stages over time, with several price variations.

In a statement, Coke said it supports the entire transaction, and it is in the best interests of the Coca-Cola system as a whole and shareholders in Australian and European companies. It said the deal would combine the strengths and capabilities of the two companies.

“We will open up further growth and value in their important market,” said Coke.

Coca-Cola European Partners, which says it is the world’s largest Coke bottler by revenue, said the deal would add geographic diversification and scale to the company’s footprint, which is currently focused exclusively on Western Europe. Coca-Cola Amatil sells Coke products in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and Indonesia – which has a population of 270 million and is touted as a growth opportunity for Coke products.

Analysts said Monday’s deal reflects Coke’s overall strategy to limit its involvement in bottling operations, even though Coke has made a one-time investment to accelerate sales in promising markets, including putting $ 500 million into Coca-Cola Amatil’s Indonesian subsidiary about five years ago. .

“There are multiple stages in the process of making concentrate and getting it into the hands of consumers, and bottling and distributing it are two of the most capital intensive parts of the process,” Adam Fleck, regional director of equity research in Australia at Morningstar, said Monday. “They have historically relied on their bottling partners to take that capital.”

Coke still has about 19% stake in Coca-Cola European Partners.

Coca-Cola Amatil has faced many of the same challenges as bottlers in other markets. Consumers in Australia, the largest market by income, have shifted away from sugary and carbonated drinks due to health concerns, earning revenue despite the company’s efforts to diversify into distribution of coffee, energy drinks and alcohol.

Recently, sales have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, particularly as people hoarded lower-margin products sold in grocery stores instead of higher-margin products in bars and restaurants, which were closed during the lockdown.

Stock brokerage firm Morgans said that Coca-Cola European Partners’ assessment of Coca-Cola Amatil was in line with other bottling deals, but it was not a “knock-out offer”. Coca-Cola Amatil could achieve higher margins in the future, mainly because it benefits from a cost-cutting program and easy lockdown for the coronavirus across the region, the company said.

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Fall break to Bridgeport | Instant News

Jolly Kone is located in Bridgeport, California along Highway 395 south of the Carson Valley.

It’s Columbus Day and we’re celebrating by driving to Bridgeport. Highway 338 at Smith Valley’s south portal places us right between piñon pine, juniper and the occasional sparkling green. Nature has found a way to conserve water by using underground flow networks. Many years ago, American Indians and settlers noticed this and prospered. Cows get fat on a rich diet. Man is God’s masterpiece, and he is never closer to his creator than when he realizes his dependence on nature, acting accordingly.

After driving on roads with more curves than Marilyn Monroe, nature surprises us with the Sweetwater Mountains. Switzerland is famous for its mountains as beautiful as this. The only difference between their house and ours is they have a chalet and make cheese with holes. I recommend that this route be converted into a toll road. Then people will respect them more and give them the respect they deserve.

After passing the dirt road that led to Hawthorn, we entered another valley. This one is more compact, more intimate than Sweetwater Valley. Here, ahead of us, was a meadow of tall grass. The grazing cow and the agile calf didn’t notice. The main attraction is the East Walker River, a snowy river. If you’re willing to abide by a handful of “catch and release rules,” it’s your privilege to throw the rope and, odds are you lucky, you’re sure to catch some fish.

Coincidentally, our road became straight and several cars screamed past us reproachfully. They wanted me to step aside so they could reach their goal as quickly as possible. My idea is to see as much as I can until I get there.

The thought of a Jolly Kone hamburger, french fries, and soda enters my mind and we’re almost there. In less than an hour we were on the verge of Sierras. We’re circling the Bridgeport Reservoir. (An ugly name for the jewel of a lake.) A home community claims majestic mountain, lake, and sky views. Right past Bridgeport airport, we turned the “secret” entrance to Bridgeport. A small church sends a tower of pride into space, and a prison which, in the past, was used for bandits and claim jumpers, is a legacy of the city, as is the Bridgeport Museum.

We stopped at the Jolly Kone parking lot. I walked to the window, ordered, and picked up a number. Everyone is fun and approachable. When I mentioned to a woman that we were near Smith Valley, she said they were on their way from Oakland, and I congratulated her on the ambition.

While waiting for our order, my mind wandered and I realized that for a moment, I had lost all thoughts of who was running for president. Life is simple. One contestant will win and one will lose. But from what I’ve heard, they both have very good retirement and should be fine. My order number was called. Ole!

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Shahbaz was arrested on the orders of Imran: Marriyum | Instant News

LAHORE: PML-N Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb said it was proven in court on Tuesday that Shahbaz Sharif was not arrested in any case investigation, but on orders from vengeful, shameless, incompetent, corrupt, elected and forced Prime Minister. , Imran Khan.

Speaking to the media outside the accountability court here, he said that all this time, Shahbaz was detained following his recent arrests. He was interrogated for less than 15 minutes.

This, he said, shows that there is no objective, legal or constitutional reason for Shahbaz Sharif’s arrest other than to sabotage the PDM movement by kidnapping the opposition leader. He said the NAB-Niazi alliance did not need to ask questions as Shahbaz had answered all the questions. He says NAB’s reference is based on information and answers provided by Shahbaz himself, but they caught him because Imran wanted him.

The former Information minister said the closure of the Saaf Pani project proved that Shahbaz was completely clean and all accusations in this area were politically motivated.

He said from power plants, road networks, metro to public transport to hospitals and schools, Shahbaz completed projects worth more than one trillion rupees. But even with all the government records of their exiles, the historic abuse of government institutions for political victimization, harassment, threats and kidnapping, the elected and enforced PTI government has yet to prove a cent of corruption against Shahbaz.

He says that Imran and the corrupt and incompetent thieves shamelessly officiate at the project designed by Shahbaz. He pointed out that the NAB-Niazi alliance itself did not close the case against Shahbaz. If this were really accountable, the perpetrators behind the mega corruption of the Peshawar metro, Malam Jabba, the Helicopter case, 23 secret illegal accounts, foreign funding and money laundering would be held accountable, he said.

“Pakistanis can see through this superficial, vengeful, personal agenda-driven joke of accountability. They don’t ask about Nawaz or Shahbaz’s case which is currently running in court. They want Imran to answer who stole their sugar, who stole their wheat and flour, who stole their medicine, who stole their fuel, who stole their jobs, who stole shelter over their heads after promising 5 million homes and which dragged them to humiliation. poverty and hunger with inflation, ”he argued. Who do you think are you threatening with your cheap language and gestures? Think twice before saying anything harsh because you will be paid back in the same coin. Pull yourself together, think about your language, and shut up your rented mouthpiece. From this moment on, it is an eye for an eye.

The whole country knows your superficial behavior, but at least learn to uphold the dignity of the prime ministerial position you have forced, ”Marriyum told Imran. He said threatening those who had proven their transparency in all legal and international forums only made Imran’s appearance worse.

Those who have dared to face the illegal kidnapping and imprisonment in death row with their daughters are not afraid of such threats by selfish, unqualified and insecure maniacs, he said, adding that the whole world was berating Pakistan. restrictions on opposition and media.

The arrest of Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman without evidence of corruption and blocking of parliament are the hallmarks of this fascist government, he said.

Marriyum said filing an FIR against PDM leaders through murderers, criminals and terrorists was meaningless because 220 million Pakistanis had filed an FIR against Imran Khan and his corrupt, incompetent and elected government.


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Shallwani ordered repair of the path as part of the road construction | Instant News

Karachi administrator Iftikhar Ali Shallwani has expressed dissatisfaction with the condition of the roads and trails, and ordered that the paths also be revamped as part of the road construction which is under construction.

Shallwani chaired a meeting of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) engineering department on Saturday. “The contractor will not be paid in full until the entire work is done,” he warned.

“The engineers concerned must update the department with drawings and dates. The work on pending projects must be accelerated and completed at the earliest, ”he said. Director General of Technical Services Iqtidar Ahmed, Senior Coordination Director of Masood Alam, all chief engineers and other officials were also present at the occasion. On-going projects were reviewed during the meeting, and the chief technician explained to everyone the speed of work in their respective jurisdictions. The administrator told the meeting he would personally visit each site to check the standards and materials used in road construction.

Publishing road development policy guidelines, he said, apart from road construction, the paths must also be fixed and also have to be installed with street lights, manhole covers and a name board bearing the name of the area. “A twelve foot long signage should be installed at every entry and exit point.”

Shallwani said the rubble had to be removed immediately after the work was completed so that the community would not experience difficulties. He directed the chief engineers to get the job done fastest. “The Sindh government will be asked to spend the funds needed for a timely settlement.”


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