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Germany to pay tribute to Turkish scientists | Instant News

(MENAFN) The German office stated that German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier would reward scientists Ugur Sahin and Ozlem Tureci with the country’s Order of Merit for their work.

Steinmeier will introduce the Great Cross of the Federal Republic with a Star to Sahin and Tureci at a ceremony that will take place at Bellevue Palace next month.

According to the presidential office, “Ozlem Tureci and Ugur Sahin have succeeded in translating their medical research into practice.”

“Thanks to their globally recognized competence in the field of mRNA technology and their tireless efforts, they have successfully developed a vaccine against COVID-19 and received authorization for its use in a very short time. They have made a decisive contribution to tackling the Coronavirus pandemic. “

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Nasir ordered KMC to identify land for the establishment of new gas stations | Instant News

As part of efforts to help increase Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) revenue, the Sindh local government minister has directed the city agency to identify land in the city for setting up new filling stations, as well as revising 71 market leases. and 274 Hawkesbay huts.

Syed Nasir Hussain Shah issued this directive to KMC Administrator Laeeq Ahmed on Wednesday during the first meeting of a committee set up to explore new avenues to generate revenue for municipal municipalities, according to a statement released by the provincial government.

Shah said any expressions of interest should be snubbed by a petroleum marketing company to run a filling station to be set up by KMC. He said that the KMC and district municipalities can solve the problem of paying pension and other employee contributions by increasing their income and using their assets properly.

He also said that legal barriers should be removed to increase the rental prices of 11 existing KMC filling stations, adding that two or three markets should be selected from 71 municipal agency markets to prepare public-private partnership proposals.

“KMC has valuable assets. They need to be used properly, “said the Minister of Finance. He ordered that a survey be carried out to find the exact number of shops and other properties of the city agency.

Shah said that proposals should also be prepared to establish a mall or large shopping square with a public-private partnership on the land near the Glass Tower where the 100 quarters are located and provide alternative accommodation for its residents.

He said that no new taxes would be levied and no increases would be made to existing taxes. “The tax collection system must be made transparent and it must be ensured that all income goes to the state treasury, not anyone’s pocket.”

He directed the Senior Member of Revenue Council Qazi Shahid Pervaiz to make the transfer of property in the city conditional with a city utility fee and tax permit, so that no property can be transferred without a permit certificate issued by the KMC.

He also ordered that municipal utility charges and commercial company taxes should be outsourced in the first phase to reach 100 percent of the collection target.

The minister asked for details of the litigation against the KMC, along with the suspension period, within three days and issued a suspension order for the municipal corporation’s legal director.

He suggested hiring a reputable law firm to end the litigation as KMC incurred billions of rupees in revenue losses. He said the law firm’s fees would be borne by the provincial government.

The meeting was also attended by LG Secretary Najam Ahmed Shah, Director General of Public-Private Partnerships Khalid Khan, City Commissioner Syed M Afzal Zaidi, Senior Director KMC Masood Alam and Sindh Building Control Authority DG Shamsuddin Soomro.


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SHC ordered the Karachi Police Chief to appoint an honest IO in the case of extrajudicial killings | Instant News

The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Monday expressed dissatisfaction with the police investigation into cases related to extrajudicial killings and directed the Karachi additional IG to appoint an honest officer to carry out the investigation into the case in a transparent manner.

Hearing of the case related to the alleged extrajudicial killings of Abdul Qadir, who had died in police custody at the Landhi and Steel Town police, one SHC bench chaired by Judge Omer Sial observed that the investigating officer of the case appeared to have taken action. a half-hearted and one-sided investigation which is a prima facie extrajudicial murder case.

The high court observed that investigating officers had provided clean information to all the police involved in Qadir’s arrest and subsequent death and no explanation was given as to the cause of his death.

Bangku observed that prima facie, the two investigating officers deliberately tried to cover up their colleague’s deviations. The high court took exception to the behavior of investigating officers and observed that IO ignored the medical reports of the deceased who were injured during police confinement.

SHC also observed that although police investigations have revealed fake case registrations against the deceased, the police officers involved in registering the fake cases still carry out their duties at the same police station.

The panel of judges directed the Karachi auxiliary IG to appoint a senior police officer to investigate the matter privately and conduct further investigations to determine the true facts of the case and ensure that the perpetrators are not free from punishment.

SHC observed that the additional IG might also determine whether the investigating officer concerned was sufficiently capable of handling the case and whether it was appropriate for officers who had confessed to filing a false case to continue working in the same position without being asked to serve. or at least face disciplinary proceedings

The bench directed the Karachi police chief to submit a preliminary report through the deputy prosecutor on 22 February. The plaintiff, Zeeshan, has alleged in the FIR that the City of Baja and the Landhi police illegally detained his brother Qadir on 15 October 2019, and then tortured him to death during his detention after engaging him in a bogus criminal case.


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Nasir Hussain Shah ordered the dismissal of Central, the municipal commissioner of Korangi | Instant News

The Sindh local government minister has ordered the immediate removal of the Central district city commissioner and Korangi Karachi from their posts due to their failure to resolve public complaints.

Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, who also holds an information portfolio, issued an order to fire them on Wednesday during a meeting he is chairing to review ongoing construction projects across the city.

Shah also issued a final warning to Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KWSB) Managing Director Asadullah Khan, telling him to immediately resolve public complaints regarding water utility services.

The minister said that the meeting was held at the direction of the chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to ensure that the complaints of the Karachi community are handled.

Shah said the Sindh government would do its best to ensure a timely completion of construction projects all over Karachi. He admitted that only the provincial government carried out development projects in the city.

He ordered KWSB to stop water and sewage leaks in the city to protect the road network from being damaged. He said that the ranks of agencies related to public services must hold meetings at the district level to resolve community problems on a priority basis.

Education and Manpower Minister Saeed Ghani said during the meeting that other political parties had been trying to gain political mileage based on development work being carried out by the provincial government.

He said that some political parties had tried to give the impression that the Karachi federal government development package was being used to run city affairs. He recalled that the Rs162 billion construction package announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan had not materialized, and that the Center had not provided the funds to complete the city building project.

Local leaders from the ruling PPP who attended the meeting expressed their lack of confidence in the functioning of the KWSB, saying that utility officials did not cooperate with them to help solve public problems.

The meeting was also attended by PPP Secretary General Sindh Waqar Mehdi, Karachi Secretary General Jawed Nagori, district president and general secretary, Sindh LG Secretary Najam Ahmed Shah, Karachi Laeeq Ahmed Administrator, and city administrators and commissioners of all district municipal companies.


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US Closes Agreement for Home Covid-19 Tests | Instant News

The Biden administration said it had reached a $ 230 million deal with Australian diagnostics firm Ellume USA LLC to produce an over-the-counter, home-based Covid-19 test.

Previous Food and Drug Administration certify the test. So far, the FDA has removed three Covid-19 tests that can be processed entirely at home, but Ellume is the only test that does not require a prescription. None are currently widely available.

The company is expected to produce 19 million tests a month by the end of the year, Andy Slavitt, senior adviser to the White House’s Covid-19 response team, said Monday. Under the agreement, 8.5 million tests will be guaranteed to the US government.

For months, public health authorities have been calling for a quick and easy-to-use test for Covid-19 that can be done anywhere, both to allow people to quickly determine whether they have Covid-19 or not and to allow for broader screening. Home tests are expected to be less precise than those performed in a laboratory and will likely require further testing in certain situations.

Ellume shipped the first batch of 10,000 tests to the US in the week of January 18, the company said last week. Ellume originally aimed to deliver 100,000 tests a day starting in January.

“We are working hard with our supply chain partners to find the materials needed to achieve our goals, but we share the same global challenges other leaders face in terms of raw material shortages,” a company spokesman said Monday.

Ellume has now increased its manufacturing capacity in Australia to 100,000 tests per day and is on track to produce 200,000 tests daily during the quarter, the spokesman said.

The company is looking in Maryland, Virginia, California and other states for the location of its first US production facility, a spokesman said earlier.

The Ellume test is estimated to cost around $ 30 and requires a smartphone, the company said. This test is approved for use by people with and without symptoms. It can also be used in children as young as 2 years.

Mr Slavitt said Monday’s government announcement was a step towards mass production and lowering prices. “There is a chicken and egg problem, which we have resolved today,” he said at a briefing.


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Company received before $ 30 million from federal authorities as part of a Diagnostic Rapid Acceleration initiative run through the National Institutes of Health.

To run tests, someone takes a nasal swab and puts the sample into the analyzer. The test looks for bits of viral protein, called antigens.

The test results are then sent to the person’s phone via Bluetooth, where the person can choose to share the results with a healthcare provider. The results cannot be accessed without downloading the app, the company said.

The mobile application requires users to enter their ZIP Code and date of birth. Name and email address are optional. The information is sent to public health authorities.

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